Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is a self declared off day. Har har har. I reached home at 4pm yesterday and went to sleep at 5pm until 9am today.

Heee :D

But I received a call (which I didn't pick up) from boss an hour ago about work. Alamak. Nevermindlah, I'll do my work tonight. Hey it's the weekend tomorrow.

About the business was tiring only because I had to drive. Other than that, it was awesome. Duduk kat 5-star hotel, mana tak best. :D

Muka tahan berak.

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  1. kenapa mcm lawa pulak muka thn berak kau..
    tp aku rasa pic itu lg sesuai diberi caption..muka teran berak..haha..
    sebab kalau tahan..muka adalah ketakutan sambil peluh2..haha


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