Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Alia is aliveeeeee


Ok, not really. Bareeeelllyyyy alive!
Semalam rasa nak pitam. Sakit perut macam nak beranak 8. I had diarrhea and stomach cramp at the same time. Menggigil badan semalam. I had to take a sick day from work today. Kalau tak mahunya pengsan on the road.

There goes my clean record of straight work attendance at work since I started working.
I told my boss that I have not taken a single day off from work since I reported for duty, dia punya lah impressed sampai ckp unbelievable. I am (well, was) the only employee yang tak pernah amik cuti. Tapi sebab smlm tercirit cirit, muntah muntah, I had to break that record :(

 Anyway. How are you guys doing? Lama rasanya tak berborak dalam BM. I have so much to talk about, tapi as usual, bila depan keyboard, terus hilang idea.

It's fall season now. So temperature makin hari makin sejuk. I live in the south, so tak de la melampau drastic temperature. Sejuk lite lite gitu je.

Hari tu first time experienced state of emergency where they deployed National Guard during the Charlotte protest. My office is near the National Guard base, so hari tu keluarlah segala tanks, trucks, lori bagai. Usually the base is empty, not much activity, tapi sebab state of emergency, sumpah hectic. The mayor even put a curfew on uptown Charlotte and the major highway. So sesiapa yg masih berada in the city during that curfew hours, kena tangkap uols.

Rumah ahkak is about 40mins away from Charlotte, tapi opis kat Charlotte. Tapi nasib baik la my office bukan kat uptown. But untuk pergi keja, I have to use that major highway. Nasib ler they lifted the curfew pukul 6am. Just about time for us decent folks to make some honest living.

I was more concerned about idiots trashing my car.
Korang bukannya tak tau, criminals and thugs will use this opportunity to do stupid shit.

Did you guys see the videos during the protest? It was more like a riot than a protest. They were trashing the place, offices, fires, kejadian mobster. Please lah. Sebab tu I don't agree with this kind of protest. Dapat manusia bodoh macam tu, things get violent.

Anyway, for those yang bertanya (kalau tak tanya pun aku nak kasi tau jugak), I am fine. Duh. Obviously. LOL. But my family was worried sebab it was battle of skin color, whether they admit that or not. They said it wasn't, but we all know that it was. I mean I am brown, but I married a white man. So I was expected to choose a side? No thanks.

Anywaaaaaayyy, moving on to a lighter note, we recently went to a park somewhere here (about ~30mins from my house) sebab diorg ada art festival. There were music bands, tons of handicraft stores. I really had fun. But there were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people. Don and I even went for a short hike in the forest. This park is like kau nak jungle trekking, kau nak main paddle boat, kau nak main water pads? No problem.

Imma post some pictures because I know you guys are bored reading this already LOL

Jalan masuk park. If you don't want to walk, there are tractors that will carry your lazy fat ass to the entrance. LOL. Tapi oleh disebabkan ahkak ni masih gagah perkasa, kita jalan kaki ye nok.

 Punyalah ramai nya manusiaaaaa

 Aku perasan yg berkulit putih je suka benda benda gini. Yang berkulit gelap jarang betul nampak kat tempat tempat nature macam ni.

 Tetiba ada casket uols. Halloween decoration katanya.

 Khemah khemah kecil selling their handcrafted goods. Rasa macam gypsies pulak.

 Blacksmith in progress. Dunno what he was making. A sword? An iron plate? A cup?

 We met them here.

 Laki gua yang saikosis.

 We broke off from there. They went home. We went on our way. We had tons of exploring to do.

 Next stop: The lake.

 Sambil tu, kita selfie dulu.

 I wore the wrong shoes for trailing. I was wearing my sneakers instead of my sports shoes.

Girls, it is ALWAYS important that you wear according to the occasion. Jangan jadi macam ahkak.

Afterwards, perut lapar gilaaaa. Since we're both not familiar with the area (it was in Salisbury btw), so we've decided to go back to our favorite IHOP.

Mamat ni tengah berangan apa ntah.

Ok bai.

As usual, Alia punya entry tiada ending.

Nah, amik gambar kami berdua seketul.