Monday, March 29, 2010

Relationships are like rock candies. They are sweet and yet so hard. Tapi lama lama jadi lembik jugak. Haha!


This is my second post for today. It shows that I have no life. SWEET.

Ok tipu, I have a lot of work, but I just don't know how to do it sebab I'm still new and I haven't been fully introduced to my job yet.

Hence I am free... like for the whole fucking time.

HAHA. Syiok.

I can tell this is going to be one emo post, cause fikiran aku dah meracau.

Ok so, I hardly reveal how HARD it is to sustain a LDR. Post post lain yang aku tulis semua nya mesti ada happy happy positive sentimental values.

But the truth is, it's so fucking hard. Aku agak terkejut on my own strength and capability to maintain this relationship. I think I deserve a big round of applause!!

Don is my first love, tho I've claimed aku ada ex boyfriends yang macam toyol, but I was 16/17 yo, what la did I know about love? So technically, Don is my first one lah.

It wasn't that big of a deal before...I mean before we met, cause it was all on the internetzzz, walaupon my heart was aching sebab aku tak dapat peluk dia in person, but I was content (kinda) cause I've got nothing to compare to.

But it was during those times jugak when we had A LOT of seriously banyak ok, macam hari hari mesti gadoh. We kept pointing fingers at each others lah, his fault, my fault blah blah.

For me, everything yang dia buat, mesti tak kena. Mesti aku nak mengamok.
On my defense, I can blame it on my PMS, my womanly instinct, blah blah, but we all know those are just some horseshit women created to get away with stuff.

It turned out, I was lonely, despite him "being there" for me 24/7, but it wasn't enough. I needed some human touch. Sebab tu hari hari mood macam puaka.

I felt as if he couldn't make me happy anymore (sometimes), everything he did, mesti aku melenting, so I guess it was the last straw lah, he started neglecting me. Lagi lah aku naik berang kan.


See, told you our relationship isn't all candies and scones.

Then we've decided to meet...finally, it was the BEST decision EVER. Tipulah kalau aku cakap it never was never our intention to meet up, we've talked about it for years, but we just didn't have the resources. I was still studying, he was still working on getting his business up. We both were so sengkek on duit, traveling across the world was something beyond our grasps.

It took us years to finally get everything stabilized (monetary) .

We finally met...kalau kau cakap kau gembira kodok when you had your first kid, then imagine tahap kegembiraan kau tu campur excitement masa kawen. Itulah my tahap kegembiraan.  Memang melampau lampau!

Barulah everything started to recede. Kalau tak, memang hari hari aku menaga. Lagi menaga sakti kalau dia balas balik...which is all the time lah kan. Haha.

Oh yeah, one more thing about us yg I don't think I've mentioned before...kitaorg dua dua panas baran. Aku memang korang dah sedia tau lah, memang mood macam celaka. Kalau dah marah tu, memang marah gila. But Don....ohhhh, memang lagi lah baran dia.

Aku selalu nangis bukan sebab apa, sebab aku tak dpt keluarkan comebacks yang bombastik macam dia...haha. Lagilah geram kalau tak dapat cakap ayat yang last tuuuuu. I NEED to end the sentence! Kalau tak, memang aku akan ungkit ungkit balik...hahaha.

Ye aku memang keji.

Sure we still argue from time to time, but tak der lah seteruk macam dulu. Dulu, memang hari hari aku gadoh teruk, sampai bila jerit, satu rumah bergegar...I think my Uni friends can vouch for me on that haha.

Now, things are slowing down...maybe we both are growing old (wah, macam lah aku ni 60 tahun) and we realized the importance of having to STOP AND LISTEN FIRST...hahahahahaha. Ok kadang kadang aku melenting jugak, tapi lepas tu aku rasa guilty sebab tak dengar his explanation sampai habis and that selalunya membuatkan aku macam si bodoh lendu.

But no lah, I just think darah amukkan muda tu semakin hari semakin kurang...haha. Kan bagus kalau lapisan lemak aku pon semakin hari semakin kurang.. Hmmm.

I have to admit, sometimes to maintain my relationship ni memang agak beban, sebab aku tengok couple couple lain, perangai macam cibai pon, still together gether. Yang aku pulak, I have to do SO much, so aku rasa tak adil lah macam tu.

I've questioned myself is this relationship worth all the troubles? I mean why would I sacrifice myself on time and on resources on something that's beyond my reach kan. I almost gave up on us one time.

Tu kira iman lemah lah (iman ke? Hahahaha!) Ok lah, bukan iman, nanti ada pulak para mukmin yang marah aku sebab menyalahgunakan perkataan. I lost my semangat and my hope masa tu. Tambahan pulak, masa tu ada sorang minah dok menyempil nyempil dengan Don. Lagi lah aku hot kannnn.

Lama jugak aku menyendiri, I cut myself from the public. Hari hari nangis. Until one day, he finally consoled me. He admitted he was feeling guilty for doing this shit to me and he couldn't stand me cry hari hari anymore (I later admitted that it was partly my fault too).

Mula mula tu aku buat buat tak makan saman, tapi lama lama...cair jugak beb. Wah.

I was thinking, kalau aku betul betul gave up on us, why it bothered me so much when some other girl menggedik dengan dia? And why I was so cair when he comforted me?

It got me thinking long and hard.

Tho di luaran aku cakap dia tak penting lagi for me, but deep down, I was still hoping of "us". I realized I've never stopped loving him (wah, sila muntah hijau).

So kesimpulannya, if you've come to a jalan buntu and you have the thoughts of leaving him because you hate/despise him, then you ought to think again, sebab obviously you still have feelings for him for hate is still a feeling, bukannya indifference.

Indifference tu macam kau tak der langsung perasaan apa apa kat dia, kau tak benci, kau tak menyampah, kau tak rasa sakit hati ke apa, bila nampak dia, kau rasa macam "oh well...Ohh look at there, other hot guys!"


Ok sebenarnya aku dah hilang arah tujuan post ni..dah lama menyimpang.

So yeah, my relationship nampak je senang, I pulled it off smoothly. But you just have no idea how hard it is for us. Though right now it's gotten smoother, I don't know prolly we both are experienced LDR couple. Haha.

It was pretty hard for us to go through earlier but now, oklah, not as hard but not as senang jugak. We've wisen up and we've grown up.

Shit comes easy as time ticks. Kinda lah.

Yer, our hearts are still aching sebab tak dapat jumpa macam other couples, but if we've gone through 9 years of obstacles and being apart, how much damage can a year or two make lahhh.

We've passed the big shit, now tinggal all these benda benda kecik remeh temeh...small matter lahhhh (wah bongkak).

Nothing is impossibleeeeeee. (wah, best tak ending aku ni? Hahahaha!)


What makes me annoyed:

Unwashed hair. Yer, I am very particular about rambut, not like my rambut is so damn jelita, but kalau rambut tu nampak sangat berminyak and dandruff jatuh macam snow...apa kes beb. And yes, I am talking about my own hair.

Malaysians on the road. I don't get it, what is wrong with us? We are so kiasu and so fucking rude on the road. We claim we have road bullies,but we failed to realized that we ARE the road bullies. Aku slow salah, aku laju pon salah.

Slow HR. Semua companies punya HR memang kena slow ke? Adakah SLOWNESS itu termasuk dlm KPI anda? Memang pecah record lah kalau your HR laju.

Perempuan gedik melampau. See previous entry.

Manusia celaka yg tak reti nak berbaris. Masa sekolah dulu tak belajar kot. Tak pe, meh aku nak ajar macam mana nak eja..."F-U-C-K Y-O-U" Bunyi nya apa murid murid?

Public hospitals punya employees. You just have NO respect have you.

In fact, I don't like most government punya employees. Especially BIG bosses and kuli kuli (kerani, non-exec)

Parents with notorious kids @ public places. Anak kau jerit bingit, lari sana sini, langgar orang semua tu, kau tak tegur ke? So don't give me shit if I took the liberty to become a parent for your kids. MEANING: AKU LEMPANG ANAK KAU.

People yang tak tau cara-cara park kereta berhemah. You see that yellow line/box? Yeah, you're not suppose to PARK YOUR CAR BEYOND IT. Yeah ok.

People (on vehicles) yang tak tau what Zebra crossing is. It means you are suppose to stop because ITS MY ROAD NOW MUTHAFUCKA.

Orang yang tunjuk terrer padahal tak terrer langsung.

New parents yang update pasal anak dia 24/7. Tolong lah, orang lain beranak jugak, and sure your kid means the world to you, but your kid doesn't mean shit to me.

Drama queens. lawls. I know OF this girl yg claimed she cut herself lah, her whole world turned its back on her lah, bullshit bullshit bullshit...and all I could think about was "wow, what a bunch of horseshit. Gila ADD betul". And she's one of the followers to this blog. lawl. And also dated my cousin. double lawl.

Astro channels tiba tiba jadi hitam and ada kotak kuning kecik kat sebelah kanan bila hujan/mendung. Satellite technology sungguh. I'm sure you can upgrade the goddamn thing...oh yeah. You don't have the resources to.

Don's friends. No wait, I actually like them, so scratch that.

Bau cafe/kantin melekat kat baju. URGH.

K, tu je setakat ni.
Hahahaha, I'm so fricking mengantuk and sakit mata.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am going to be an American?

Hahaha, tajuk tak boleh blahhh. Mesti aku kena lempang dengan family kalau diorg baca ni.

But, yeah, if I marry an American, will I be considered as an American on ppls eyes (walaupon I'm a Malaysian on paper)?

Legit question or noooottt???


I'm so tired.

Bayangkan hari hari lepas kerja kerja pergi hospital sampai pukul 11pm. I mean I'm not bitching about going to the hospital lah, but I am bitching sebab kenapa kita start kerja pukul 8:30 pagi!!


Ok memang tak berasas aku nak bitching bitching pasal kerja, nanti tak der kerja nantiiiiiiii....haaa

I've had a bitter experience (albeit little) nak cari kerja. I've always thought I was the bomb, so fricking awesome semua companies berebut nak aku......tapi sebenarnya itu adalah sifat ego dan I was in denial yang sebenarnya aku ni tak beberapa bagus, experience ciput berlagak nak position CEO..hahaa

Anyway, it's hard jugak sebenarnya kerja kat sini...mostly because I'm back on the IT side a.k.a the Dark Side hahahaha.

Honestly, I've never programmed before, tho my current job doesn't really require me to program, but at least I need to know the basics lah...ok, not really, my job doesn't need me to program at all..hahahaaaa aku saja berdrama.

But I need to put my hands in the dirty field lah (metaphorically)..aku kena hands-on jugak, compared to my previous consulting job...tu aku dok suruh orang je...Bwahaha *gelak keji*

I'm still in the learning curve...gila steep, bos aku dah naik kan nama aku sikit sikit...crap. Kenapa orang lain masih dok relax je???

Saya tidak puas hati!

Anywayssss, did I tell you my office is on the same building as my dad's?

Har har har.

Sungguh tak best. Cuma dia ada pangkat lah...aku kan masih kuli batak bila his staff jumpa dia dlm lift ke apa, mesti lah diorg tegur kan...then mesti ayah aku introduce me to them "Oh, this is my daughter.." then diorg akan tanya "unit mana?" then I have to jawab "unit blah blah blah" then diorg tanya lagi (more like a cynical statement lah) "oh under En. blah blah ke??" pastu senyum senyum kambing.


I know the talks about my big boss lah, ai dun want to hear bolehhhhh?? Nanti aku ada pandangan serong terhadap diaaaaa, then nanti dia tak kasi aku naik pangkattttt (baru masuk sebulan dah bercita cita tinggi...haha!)

Ok sebenarnya itu bukan tujuan aku update (sejak bila je aku tak pernah tersasar objective?). I'm just scared lah, nanti bila dah pindah US, how the hell am I gonna find a job?

I will no longer be the majority there, I'll become one of the minorities. So racism akan melampau lampau lah. It's such a scary thought!

Walaupon Dondon dah banyak kali cakap, I should not worry too much because I've got the papers (degree/resume) to back me up, but still. Apa kau ingat senang nak cari kerja? Let alone when you're venturing in ANOTHER country.

Can any of you Malaysians yang moved to another country and got a job over there give me a peace of mind? Sebab aku gabra gila, macam panic attack sekejap.

Deep breath.
Deep breath.
Deep breath.

On another note, I don't feel too good today. Rasa nak pitam, my tangan are shaking (no I'm not hungry) and I feel my mulut needs to drink but I'm not thirsty, bila aku minum, aku rasa nak muntah.

What's happening to me???

Bila berdiri aku rasa terhuyung hayang.

I should end my post here, nanti aku pitam kang....mati orang nak angkat mak gajah ni.

Anyhow, before I sign off, please doakan my (not so) little sister will be ok!!

Si gila @ SJMC

Friday, March 19, 2010

Main tag tentang partner saya! Wah, tajuk mengancam.

Copy Tajuk entry “sepuluh” dan paste di post anda..

Anda dikehendaki untuk menjawab sepuluh soalan di bawah dengan menggunakan bahasa melayu sepenuhnya.

Gila kejam, nak BM je. Aku punya BM dah lah tunggang langgang, mesti korang pening baca.


[#1] Siapakah diri anda di rumah?

Seorang yang pemalas, pengotor dan penternak lemak tepu.


Eh tak boleh ke jawab macam tu?

OK lah, kasi, silap, kasi peluang... saya ni kalau depan keluarga, senyap sikit, kalau nak bandingkan dengan kawan kawan. Sebab kalau depan keluarga, tak boleh nak cakap open open sangat, nanti mulut kena sengat (wahhh, rhyme kan!).

Tapi jangan salah anggap, saya suka hang out dengan family (screw all BM) jugak, sebab kalau pergi shopping ke apa, bapak yang bayar utk makanan...hahahahahahaha.

Dasar pelahap betul.

[#2] Siapakah diri anda disamping rakan?

Seorang yang bajet alim dan baik.


No lah, I'm actually very talkative, very bising and very outspoken. Kadang kadang aku rasa aku cakap benda merepek dan bermulut tempayan.

Oh who gives a shit, itu adalah satu topik perbualan yang HANGAT!

Anyway, I am so me when I am around them. Tapi kadang kadang aku senyap bila diorg berborak...maybe sebab aku tak paham apa topik diorg ataupon aku dah penat cakap. Tapi selalunya aku tak paham. HAHAHA

[#3] 5 benda yang anda idamkan tetapi masih belum tercapai
Ok, this is entirely my fault lah. Dia dah proposed banyak kali, tapi aku macam "what? u want to get married now? no no nooooo, i'm still young!!! noooooo" Haha...saiko. Perasan muda.
2) A new laptop. Tho I can see this is happening VERY soon...hmmm
3) My own house/apartment. Nanti boleh decorate lawa lawa!! WAHHHHH!! SUKA SUKA!
4) A new purse. Don, please take a hint. HINT HINT HINT. LOL
5) Lasik eye surgery. BOLEH TAK?

[#4] Siapakah nama pasangan anda?
Eh, perlu cakap jugak ke? Ai malu laaaaahhhhh. HAHAHH

Ok memang aku nak kena sepak.

Nak nama penuh ke apa? Tak payah lahhhh...nama manja sudaaaah. Don Miller <3

[#5] Ceritakan 5 perkara yang anda paling suka tentang pasangan anda

1) Dia tak main sukan, so I don't have to worry about him wanting to keluar petang petang dan main bola instead of beli botol kicap (motif botol kicap??). I oso don't have to berebut TV kalau ada World cup ke apa ke...haha. SYIOK WEHH!
2) He knows how to make me smile. Walaupon kadang kadang aku rasa nak sepak dia sebab lawak bunguk gila, tapi lawak dia tetap kelakar...what to do...

Contoh lawak gaban dia (ni baru berlaku 5 mins lalu!):

Dia bangun dari kerusi, then tersepak meja...he stubbed his toes lah...and this is what he said:

"OUCH! ...................*aku buat tak heran sebab aku tengah busy update blog!*
That didn't hurt at all. I just like my girlfriend to know that I exist!"


3) We share the same interests...iaitu bermain games dan bila dah penat main game...tidur. HAHAHAH. Masa aku kat sana, hari hari main game..lepas tu, tidur (bukan sekatil ye, harap maklum...sebab tu nak kawen cepat, sebab nak tidur sekatil lah!! hahahahaha!!!)
4) Dia pandai masak. HAAAAAA. Aku kan pemalas....sooo.....
5) Dia lah encyclopedia bergerak aku. Padahal hari hari dok mengadap je lah, tapi takkkk, nak tanya Don jugakk...hahaha. Kalau dia tak tau jawapan tu, dia lah yang gugel, pastu dia lah yg explain kat aku...sebab aku kan bongok sikit, dia explain dlm layman's term je .
6) Dia tak minum arak!!! (best gila orang putih tak minum arak ok!!  He's a RARE species!!)
7) He quit smoking FOR ME!!!! YAY!!!!
8) Dia tak makan pork sebab dia cakap tak healthy!!! YAY!!!!

Eh terlebey sudaaa

[#6] Bila tarikh anda couple?
Shit, seriously tak ingat. Tarikh official aku tak ingat, sebab kitaorg kan kenal online, but it was around 2001/2002 lahh.

Aku rasa tarikh tarikh macam ni tak perlu ingat pon, lain lah kalau marriage...itu memang bawak sepanjang hayatttttt.. nanti nak claim anniversary gifts...hahahaha!!

[#7] Apakah kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan anda?

Masa dia melayan sorang pompuan ni sebab pompuan tu saiko, suka gila kat Don sampai nak pindah serumah dgn dia. Then aku marah lah, lantasssss aku pon cheated on him bersama mamat Belgium.

HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Sori, aku gelak kat diri sendiri, sebab mamat Belgium tu bukannya hensem pon, sekadar accent dia yang WOWWEEESEXI tu je. HAhaaaa.

Ala, kejap je pon, 2 bulan courting, 2 minggu "couple". Hahah....cacat okkkk.

[#8] Lagu tema cinta anda?

We don't have a love song (yet). Believe it or not!! Ok, memang believable cause we've never danced silap, before we met, we've never danced (duh). And there's no significant song yang kitaorg boleh categorize kan as our "love song".

Tunggu kahwin nanti!

And oh, the first time aku menari dengan dia masa aku kat US hari tu...menari dlm kitchen...sambil dia memasak, sambil menari. HAHAHAHAH

[#9] Apa perubahan yang ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda?
Jangan lah negative sangat kat orang lain sayangku. Dia ni memang tak suka orang...sebab aku pon paham lah, manusia ni ada yang celaka celaka...tapi bukan semua...itu je lah kot....setakat ni. HAHA.

BUT, he came with that nak buat macam manaaaaa. Haha

[#10] Tag 10 rakan ada yang lain
Aku tak kisah lah sesiapa. Nak buat, buat, tanak buat jgn buat.

TAPI, aku nak SHAD dan MURTAZA buat...hahaha sebab aku nak baca rahsia rahsia kerajaan korang.


Perbezaan ketara! Hitam putih, pendek tinggi, gemuk kurus, hidung mancung hidung penyet


Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are so fucking annoying.

Entry ni sekadar nak meluahkan perasaan aku....

Eh, dramatik gilos si Alia ni, bukan setiap entry memang meluahkan perasaan ke....haha, saiko betul.

Anyway, I have a friend (I've only known her for less than a month, can that still be considered as a friend ke??) yang pada awalnya, she seemed very quiet, very baik and very lemah lembut. Stok ala-ala perempuan melayu terakhir gitu.

Being me, aku pon berkawan lah dengan dia, sebab aku ni kan friendly (hakptuih!)...hahah. I mean what's the harm kan, aku ni jenis suka berkawan dengan semua orang, I've got no hal punyaaa

So dlm masa seminggu macam tu, aku dapat rasakan yang dia ni macam mereng sikit. I mean bukan mentally gilla lah, tapi macam nak attention gituuuu.

Since we've been together day and night (literally) for a month, so memang banyak lah perangai buruk dan baik yang aku nampak.

Satu perangai dia yang paling aku tak boleh blah....dia suka cakap non stop dan TAK KASI orang lain chance nak cakap langsung. As if dia sorang je lah yang ada cerita. I mean ye la, kalau berkumpul ramai ramai macam tu, mesti lah banyak topik perbincangan (mostly gosip lah kan..haha!), tapi si monyet ni nak semua orang dgr cerita dia je.

Mula mula aku ok lagi, siap layan layan, tapi lama lama what the fuck. Kau ingat kau sorang je ke yang ada cerita, pastu cerita tu dia recycle lagi.


Semak aku dengar ok.

Lama lama aku pon gave up, so bila dia cakap, aku senyap. Aku perasan member member aku yang lain pon sama, mula mula rancak gila berborak, pastu bila si monyet ni start bukak mulut, semua diam.

Aku ada jugak cuba tukar topik lain, bila dia start cerita pasal life dia yg kitaorg dah dengar 4 juta kali tu, aku sampuk lah (I HAD TO!) and buat lawak, then bukak topik lain. Pastu semua orang pon tiba tiba layan topik aku..hahaha...gila sengal. Aku ingat wahh, tactic aku berjaya...tapi 5 min lepas tu, dia MASUK BALIK topik dia.

Fuck you lah perempuan.

Secondly, dia ni bajet alim lah. Ayu ayu gituw. Topik conversation dia mesti ada ciri ciri pesanan insaf, contohnya "nanti dah dpt gaji, Alia jgn lupa utk bagi duit kat mak tauu..jgn lupa yeee" every goddamn time.


Oh fuck you lah perempuan.

Aku tau lah dia ada niat nak berkhutbah dgn kitaorg, tapi pada pada lah, kau ingat umur kitaorg ni 14 tahun ke?

Tho you ARE A YEAR older than us, that doesn't make you WISER. Kau BARU je graduate, BARU nak melangkah ke alam pekerjaan, baru nak keluar dari bawah ketiak mak bapak, ada hati kau nak kasi pesanan bajet alim.

Speaking of age, dia ni jenis tanak mengaku dia ni was born A YEAR before us. Har har har. Kitaorg rata-rata lahir tahun 84, dia lahir tahun 83, asyik asyik nak cakap "Kite lahir bulan Dec 83, kita sebaya Alia lah jugak sebab kite lahir hujung tahun!"

Um, no we are not.

Kalau kau kira macam tu, you ARE a year older than me sebab aku pon lahir hujung tahun 84. HA.

Aku rasa dia terasa tua kot sebab tu dia mati-matian nak highlight kan yang dia lahir bulan 12 tu...hahahahahaha.

Like who gives a fuck pon kau lahir tahun bila. Tapi sebab kau dah emphasized kan 5 juta kali yang kau ni lahir hujung tahun.......I DO GIVE A SHIT and guess what, YOU ARE OLD.


Lagi satu perangai cibai dia yang aku (dan semua orang) PALING menyampah...dia ni menggatal.

Gatal bijik sungguh ok.

Ok kau bayangkan seorang perempuan kecik bertudung, keding keding, jalan lenggok lenggok, duduk pon kaki rapat (tak dr lah terkangkang macam aku)......bila nampak sekumpulan lelaki terus menyempil tengah tengah tu.

What the hell.

Then kalau pergi mana mana je, nampak je kerusi kosong sebelah jantan, mesti dia laju je duduk situ, padahal kat sebelah tu dah ada kerusi kosong.

And she's not the friendly type, I mean dia jenis bukan manusia yang boleh introduce diri dia kat strangers, kira dia ni berat mulut lah, but when it comes to MEN....wah, tiba tiba jadi peramah you. Cuba kau tanya dia nama nama perempuan yang pergi kursus tu sekali....mesti dia gagap gagap nak jawab, tapi cuba kau tanya nama lelaki..... get what I mean kan??

Then ada satu hari tu dia mengadu damba kat aku cakap yang dia tak der kawan perempuan, sebab dia pon tak tau kenapa, sebab tu dia rasa selesa nak berkawan dgn lelaki je....ok first of all, memang lah kau tak der kawan perempuan sebab kau dah cermin tak diri kau tu mcm mana? You DO NOT know how to berkawan. And no, you are NOT being friendly with the guys, you are FLIRTING with them.

Ada pahem?

The most thing yg I LOATHE the most is dia suka menggunakan nama aku. Ok, for those yang kenal aku, you guys would probably ckp yang aku ni suka bercakap kan...I have no probs communicating with ppl, so it's not a surprise lah kalau ramai orang kenal aku. Since this monyet is so fucking senyap and yet so fucking gatal, she'll be using MY NAME to get guys' phone numbers. Shit like as if I want their phone numbers.

Now you tell me how can I tolerate with something like this???!

ANOTHER thing yang aku benci tahap gaban kat dia ni...dia ni kan bajet alim, cerita mesti ada ceramah agama, berkhutbah jumaat setiap hari...tapi dlm diam diam, she is so fucking kurang ajar. Bila dia marah, dia sanggup kutuk bapak orang, paras rupa orang tu, tahap education diorg.

Ya rabbi, aku marah pon ada limit, setakat cakap "fuck" tu memang dah jadi kata ruji aku...but I have NEVER insulted someone's parents. Walaupon aku tak suka dia, tapi tak pernah pon aku mention yang mak bapak dia kampung.


Speaking of kampung, dia bengang kat sorang budak ni, then tak habis habis panggil budak ni kampung...nama kampung lah, muka kampung lah, pakaian kampung lah, mcm mcm lah kampung.

Dlm hati aku terfikir...who is she nak panggil orang lain kampung...dia ni tak sedar ke yang dia sendiri tu pon macam kampung. (note: I've stopped insult orang dengan perkataan "kampung" because I think dgn menggunakan perkataan tu pon dah cukup KAMPUNG!!).

She insulted that budak coz pakaian macam kampung, tapi dia tak sedar ke yang DIA SENDIRI pakai macam kampung.
She insulted that muka budak tu macam kampung, tapi dia tak sedar ke yang DIA SENDIRI muka kampung.

Dia tak sedar ke dia sendiri yang KAMPUNG??

OMG please lah.

Nak insult orang pon tolong lah cari ayat yang gah sikit. Ni setakat "kampung" cousin 5 thn lagi terrer.

Haaa, aku teringat part bila dia cakap "Kalau kiter dah marah, mesti keluar perkataan "f" tu!! Jgn main main dgn kiter!"

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAH sori, aku masa tu tergelak besar kejap.

Perkataan "f" tu apa cik adik? FUCK ke?

Oh oops, termencarut pulak.


Ok sebenarnya ada banyak lagi unsur unsur keji aku nak tulis, tapi train of thoughts aku dah hilang sebab ada malaun messaged aku...hahahaha.

Ok nanti sambung...kalau aku rajin.

Right now I am very masai sebab I just found out yang my younger sister pulak warded sebab blood platelets dia 77 je. Gila rendah okkkk. Tapi masih ada hati nak mengeji...hahaha.

So anyway, ni I have to brag sikit lah, sebab aku makin hari makin annoyed dengan dia.


Think about it, it was ME yang berborak dengan dia in the first place terus dia macam terikat dengan aku, it was ME yang introduced myself to the rest of the group then dia pon sebok sebok, it was ME yang initiated ANY fucking conversations with anyone and dia pulak yang sebok belakang.

So she should THANK me instead of USING my goddamn fucking name.

If any of you (ehem, you know who you are "the Kejiz") remember, who made the first approach? ME. Who made the first convo? ME.

Dia kat mana? Dia belakang aku.

Menyempil nyempil amik limelight aku.

I really don't care lah dia nak menyempil nyempil, but boleh tak jangan menggedik over over sangat? Aku rimas dan aku menyampah tengok.

Aku baca blog dia pon aku boleh rimas, sebab apa yg dia cakap tak serupa bikin. Hipokrit to the max. Lepas tu, blog bosan siottttttt, boleh mati aku baca. Macam baca buku Karangan PMR. Skema gila. Macam tak der emotion.

Ok tekak aku sakit. Nanti tak boleh nak mengeji secara live pulak, baik aku minum air.


p/s: Dia maybe akan baca blog aku ni, but who gives a shit.


Monday, March 15, 2010

You're off the list.

Now you know why I'm so fucking pissed off all the time???

But hey guess what, I've got my own pyramid scheme too!! WANNA JOIN??

How's that for a pyramid scheme?


To hell with you.

I am pissed off.

Sebenarnya ada banyak reasons kenapa aku rasa nak menaga hari ni.

My mom has been down with a fever for the past 2 days. Demam sampai yang tak larat nak buat apa. Then yesterday we received a call from my sister yang baru balik ke Melaka 2 days before, ckp yang dia pon demam sampai tak boleh bangun.

So semalam, lepas office hour, apak and I went to Melaka to get her lah.

And on the way home, she told us yang dia dah pergi Klinik PENAWAR & PEMBEDAHAN, MMU (ha, lantak kau, aku tulis nama klinik) to get some ubat lah kan (to keep her stabilized while waiting for us). And also, to get an MC lah kan, sebab dia tak pergi kelas satu hari.

And you know what the doctor said bila dia mintak MC?

He said yang adik aku tak demam pon so buat apa nak amik MC.

Bila adik aku cakap, kelas dia dari pagi sampai pukul 8 malam, ada ke dia suruh pergi ke kelas jugak.

What the fuck.

Budak tu dah terhuyung hayang bila berjalan, sejuk beku, kau suruh dia pergi kelas lagi?

What the fuck.

Aku tau lah yang maybe ramai students mintak MC untuk ponteng kelas, tapi what the fuck. You are a fucking doctor, you should PROPERLY diagnose lah yang mana sakit yang mana buat buat sakit.

Adik aku masa tu dah sakit sangat, so dia pon tak kisah lah dpt MC ke tak dpt MC. But I do. Nanti dia fail pulak sebab tak dtg kelas semata-mata doktor pooki itu tanak bagi MC.

Sampai KL, my dad took my mom, and my 2 sisters (sebab dua dua pon demam jugak) pergi hospital. And guess what, my sister yang kat Melaka tu diagnosed ada DENGUE.

Macam babi kan doktor MMU tu.

How could he NOT see the fucking symptoms? He didn't even refer her to any hospitals. He didn't advise her to go to the hospital untuk amik darah. He didn't say shit. Lagi dia suruh adik aku pergi kelas adalah.


I mean maybe lah sebab klinik kau tak der facilities nak amik darah and determine itu dengue ke tak, but at least you should advise her to pergi hospital and buat follow up treatment!

Medical malpractice is caused by DOCTORS LIKE YOU.

Before aku pergi kerja tadi, I overheard my mom calling up MMU personnel, to discuss about the negligence of doktor tu lah.

Sori, aku memang benci tahap cipan utk doktors yang tak bertauliah macam ni.


I don't get it, AT ALL, apa tujuan kau nak basuh satu bilik air tu? Dah lah drain tu tersumbat, so air bertakung kau tau tak lahanaaat????

My office mate ada cerita, ada this one day tu, dia masuk bilik air, and ada lah si cibai ni dok siram siram air kat pintu lah, lantai lah masa dia tengah berak/kencing/whatthefuckdoIcare.

Motif kau nak main main air????

On the way pergi office pagi tadi, ada lah aku jumpa driver bas macam pukimak.

Kau pon nampak kau lahanat, kereta banyak, walaupon lane kau kosong untuk beberapa meter, tapi tak perlulah kau nak bawak laju laju sampai bergegar kereta aku.

Kau tau tak kau ni bawak BAS, dan BAS ITU ADALAH BESAR DAN MEMAKAN JALAN ORANG LAIN, kau lagi nak bawak laju mcm maderfaker!

Kalau kau accident, kau maybe lah tak mati, tapi orang lain yang kau LANGGAR TU???

Kau tak der otak ke pooki?


Oh, sebenarnya ada 4 je sebab kenapa aku rasa nak makan orang hari ni. Haha. Tapi 4 sebab tu dah cukup buat aku membara-bara.

I have to monitor my health for these 2-3 days jugak, sebab I've shown some symptoms untuk dengue.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On family and kemarahan membara-bara. Ok tipu, tak der lah marah sangat.

I've received a very devastating news yesterday, something yg aku tak expected langsung nak berlaku kat family aku.

My uncle has to amputate his leg (up to his thigh).

I shall not mention of this anymore, sebab this is such a shock to all of us.


What is wrong with you lah dey. You're broadcasting on TV and mintak simpati orang untuk derma for your kids (tho from your rumah, I can see you're not daif) and they way you asked adalah sungguh waddefak.

Ada ke patut kau cakap

"Saya minta tolong kepada orang ramai untuk membantu keluarga saya dari segi wang ringgit untuk berkhatankan anak-anak saya (yang ada haemophilia). Kalau boleh cepat sikit ye?"

What the.

What the.
What the.
What the.

Ni kau nak mintak tolong ke nak mintak penampar?

I don't think it was necessary lah nak cakap cepat sikit ke lambat sikit ke. It's not YOUR HAK untuk suruh orang derma cepat ke lambat.

Kalau aku jenis penderma, kalau dengar je ayat last tu, terus tak jadi.

I mean it's my money, kalau aku nak derma lambat sikit ke, nak derma tahun depan ke, tak kisah lah kan, asal aku ikhlas. Mungkin tahun ni aku tak boleh nak tolong, but I am so darn ikhlas nak derma, so does that mean I'm not eligible to derma anymore sebab aku nak derma lepas 'tarikh tutup'?

Ada tarikh buka tarikh tutup pulak.

Yer, I get it yang your kids ada haemophilia, but it's just a damn circumcision, bukan nak operate jantung ke apa. And they're only 5-7 years old.

Pemilihan ayat yang tidak tepat, dude.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update kedua untuk Hari Jumaat

OMG, boringnya kat office ni...all of my talk-buddies dah kena campak ntah mana, so tinggalkan aku sorang sorang kat sini. 3 hari aku tak dtg opis, terus aku mcm tak tau apa perkembangan semasa...haha.

I feel so alone lah. I wish Don was here, duduk sebelah...nak duduk atas lap pon boley hikhikhik *ketawa gedik gedik*


Penampar sakti daripada emak.


Lihat lah cubicle (albeit pinjam) kosong ku. Laptop company pon tak der lagi, ni aku guna netbook adik je. Kesian kan.

HAHAHAHH ye, gambar aku lagi. Best kan. Padan muka hang. Silalah tatapi wajahkuuuu iniwwww


Anyways, dude, aku macam tak puas hati, sebab tadi aku pergi toilet, tapi toilet macam hanjing. Aku tak tau lah orang sebelum aku tu berak berterabur ke dia saja je suka main air.

SATU TOILET CUBICLE TU BASAH. Sampai ke pintu pintu. Basah yang jenis masih menitik titik tu.

What the hell. Kau basuh toilet ke makcik?

Kau kencing sampai ke pintu ke? Gila power punya tekanan.

Aku tak paham lah orang yang ada habit nak basuh pintu, lantai masa buat biznes ni. Eventho you've got a good intention nak tolong makcik cleaner basuhkan toilet, tapi kau tak reti buattttttt. Please lah, you're making others terseksa. If it's not your profession, then don't do it like the pros do it, boley? Kau berak dan kencing je lah, tak payah nak rajin sangat nak cuci itu ini. Menyusahkan orang lain je.

Satu lagi, kenapa kau nak cangkung kat TOILET DUDUK? Kau nak cangkung, use the squating toilet. Toilet duduk, um, well, untuk DUDUK.

Duduk dengan cangkung pon tak tau beza ke?

Though I am one of those few yang selalu letak tissue atas toilet seat sebelum guna, but still, they look fucking disgusting. Kat rumah kau panjat jugak ke?

Is it too kesyaitanan kalau aku wish orang macam tu tiba tiba kaki terjerumus dalam mangkuk toilet yang penuh taik ituw?

Bwahahahaha *gelak ebil*

But you know what's funny? Don didn't know about the existence of the squating toilet until he was here in Malaysia. Dia cakap pelik gila, and tak tau guna. Haha..I don't think dia pernah cuba pon...and I don't think he'd like to cuba...

Anyways, jangan jadi macam pakcik ini yer anak anak....

Haha..tak senonoh, perlu ke aku letak gambar pakcik tua atas toilet

//UPDATE: Sebenarnya diorg dok siram siram lantai tu sebab nak amik air sembahyang.

Eff you fothermucker.

I am so annoyed (emphasize on the SO) with this one guy. He's the malay male version of a black obnoxious woman.

He think his trashy jokes are hilariously funny har har har yang membuatkan aku nak tempeleng kepala otak dia dengan buku yellow pages. Biar bergegar sikit otak.

It's funny lah coz I thought I could deal with HIS type, sebab selama ni bila orang bingit bingit aku buat selambakodok je. But when it comes to him, aku rasa darah aku dah membuak buak naik sampai ke telinga.

What's hard for me is that I have to maintain a professional attitude cause he's a colleague. Nanti aku mencarut carut habis lah reputation aku. Hahahaa.

His award winning joke type is of course, physical "har har kau gemuk".

I'm a reasonable person, sometimes aku pon buat lawak pasal berat mak gajah aku ni, and sometimes it's okay for me to listen to your derogatory remarks, tapi kalau dah hari hari dan setiap masa, apa kes beb.

Not only that, dia ni jugak suka merungut. Sikit sikit merungut. Kena buat report merugut. Kena tulis minit merungut.

What the.

Kalau kau nak merungut sendiri sendiri ok lah jugak, tapi ni merungut DEPAN BOS. What the fuck. Oklah, aku sebenarnya tak kisah lah dia nak merungut ke apa, tapi kadang kadang bingit lah jugak telinga, but what I'm concerned the most is that, because kitaorg ni masuk kerja satu batch and just because of his negative attitude, habis satu batch pihak management pandang serong.

You know lah, the term sebab nila setitik habis susu sebelanga...or something like that lah. Haha

Satu lagi, dia ni cakap lepas je. Oklah, aku pon kadang-kadang cakap lepas jugak, tapi I know how to limit myself and tengoklah jugak keadaan sekeliling kan. Ni kau nak cakap lepas depan bos bos kau apa hal? Kau tak der manners ke?

Sebenarnya banyak lagi benda aku tak puas hati dgn dia, tapi aku dah malas nak type. Hahahahaa. Sebab kalau aku type pasal dia lagi, guarantee hari ni aku rasa nak menaga je bila nampak muka dia.

The best solution that I can do right now is not to retaliate, but to stay away from him. Why fight fire with fire kan? Baik aku amik fire extinguisher dan hempuk kat kepala dia kan. HAHAH.

Or do you guys ada lagi idea bernas?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow, I don't know how I did it last time, aku rasa sejak masuk kerja ni, I don't have the time to update my blog. Macam mana aku buat dulu ha? Time time bizi gila pon I still managed to update. Gila tegar.

OKlah, it's not like aku terus report duty je terus meja aku selambak kerja, no lah, but bila rasa nak update je, mesti time tu dah penat. Bukan penat buat kerja, mesti lah kerja tak banyak lagi kan, sebab tak tau apa apa lagi. But penat sebab setiap pagi dan setiap petang jalan jam gilossssss. I hate you KL!!

Dulu bangun pagi nak pergi kerja pukul 8:00am...sebab masuk pukul 9...and journey hanya setengah jam...haha. Sekarang, bangun pukul 5:45am kauuuu, semata-mata nak keluar rumah sebelum pukul 7 sebab nanti jalan jam and kalau jalan jam, sampai office lambat and kalau sampai office lambat, no parkingggggg. Itu yang penting.

Kau tau-tau ah, tepat pukul 8am, FREE parking dah habis, so kenalah pergi parking yang berbayar. Minimum pon RM4..tapi yg tu sah sah lah dah habis jugak. So nak tanak, kenalah masuk yang RM7 OR yang RM10 tu punya....gila betul. Kalau hari hari mcm tu, boleh habis gaji aku nak bayar parking je.

Anyway, enough about that, meh sini aku nak cerita pasal benda lain pulak.


I don't get it lah, kenapa orang orang lama (especially non-exec) are sooo hostile terhadap orang orang baru haaaaa. Cara diorg cakap dgn kitaorg mcm kurang ajar gila. It's usually yang non-exec PEREMPUAN (HR/Security) je yang mcm tu...sebab usually kena banyak deal dgn diorg kan bila masuk. Aku deal dgn exec senang gila.

I seriously don't get it. Are we soooo intimidating sampai kau nak treat us macam sampah?? I mean ye lah, we are new, so mestilah banyak tanya and banyak tak tau, especially bab bab passcard and HR kan, so it's your job lah to provide us with the info kan? KAN? KAN? But instead of you being all smiley and nice and shit, you treat us mcm kitaorg ni pendatang asing. I'm not gonna brag about my pangkat lah, yes, tho I am a newbie and you're a senior (in terms of years in the company), but I am still a level higher than you. So legally I am still your superior kan?

But don't get me wrong lah, I'm not one of those douchebags yang berlagak terrer sebab pangkat (sebenarnya tak terrer langsung), as far as I know, I treat everybody equally. I still call them "kak" or "puan", despite the fact that I know "puan" is normally for female executives.

Is it so hard for you to reply our curiousities with a smile on your face?

I had a personal experience dgn security semalam. A week before, I called her and masa tu takut takut, I mean not really takut lah, but you can tell from my voice yang I was sooo naive (memang pon!). And the way she responded to me was sooo rude. Macam cilakak. Even my colleague pon cakap dia memang macam tu; sebab tu ramai tanak deal dgn dia.

So yesterday, I had to call her jugak sebab issue ni was a priority, sebab nanti aku tak boleh access office, haha. So masa nak call, aku macam malas malas, ye lah, tanak ah aku deal dgn orang yang rude kan. Tapi ntah macam mana, I've decided to put on my "stern and strict" voice..hahah. Bunyi macam bos bos yang busy dgn meetings..(tho I WAS busy dgn meetings, tapi aku bukan bos lah kan obviously..haha), and to my surprise, dia terus layan siotttt. Aku kagum. Adakah dia ingat aku ni bos besar ataupon nada suara aku yang macam nak makan orang ituwww??

Wah wah wah.

Kira aku ada bakat lah nak menjadi bos yang hebat.


Ok, dah malas nak type. Haha