Friday, May 28, 2010


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random facts about me that are just, well so random. NOW WITH PICTURES!

Since I'm bored and I'm not lazy (haha!), Imma tell the whole world things about me that aren't necessary to know but you'll be glad that you're aware of them so you can stay away from me as much as possible.

Wah, panjang tak intro??


I like to kentut a lot. It's like my body is a windmill that produces energy for my daily routines and I know that doesn't make sense but oh well.
Though I enjoy farting on a daily basis, but most of the time I have to kentut diam diam in public hoping no body would realize it; which doesn't really work anyway cause you'd still let out that suffocating smell.


omaigod that is so heavenly.

I love the internetzzz. I cannot live without it. Internet is my air. I eat, I breathe, I sleep, I live for the Internetz.
Wah, so geeky kan?? haha, lantak lahh.

Tapi oleh di sebabkan we are so limited on bandwidth and I suppose everybody in Malaysia love the internetss too, I have to live with connection macam kura-kura.

And I cannot stand that.

Like waddehellllllllllllllllll

Since the internet is super slow, I resorted to talking.
I talk a lot.

A hell lot.

Maybe mula mula I APPEAR that I don't, but trust me, that's just my cunning tactic for the first impression. Biar orang fikir "wah, baik sungguh budak ni, cakap pon sikit sikit, sopan betul".


I talk when I'm panicking, I talk when I'm enjoying myself, I talk when I'm bored, I talk when I'm sleepy.

But I guess it's a perfect combo lah, Don is a reserve person while I'm just out there. Mesti dia bosan sebab tak cakap banyak kan??? (apakah?)

I also have no all.
I feel I can destroy the world with everything in it when I'm mega pissed off.

But I'm not always full of anger..I super love my boyfriend because I think he's the cutest and the awesomesttt and the bestestbestest guy in the universe!

I also like pretty things! Because they make me feel pretty.....
Ok kidding.

Actually I'm an OLD woman with lots of pre-matured gray hair yang perasan cantik....

Curse you gray hair!! Graahh!

According to my siblings, when I truly laugh (wholeheartedly) I let out a sound that sounds similar to a boar's roar....LOLOLOL

Yeah my siblings are such asses.

According to my siblings again, I have an extra fast digestive system. I crap immediately after I eat. I can crap WHILE eating if I try harder..

Hahahah...disgusting I know.

Ok, I is lazy now. Haha...malas nak lukis dah. I'm off to play cards with my siblings.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keys and death. Whatta combination in day.

Semalam I had a very boring meeting and had to nudge my teammate cause he was falling asleep during the meeting though it wouldn't be such a big deal IF the venue was spacious. Also, I needed him to be alert on whatever questions that'll be asked for our portion. Matiler kalau dia tertidur and I'd be left with ums, aahs and eers.

So anyway, meeting habis half an hour earlier than my normal blue-collared curfew and I was thinking "wow, aku boleh balik awal". 

Happy sungguh you.

But aku terlupa, I went to work with apak...crap. Mesti dia busy.

So anyway, I gave him a call hoping that he can leave early though I wasn't really worried on that cause selalu je apak play hooky (dgn alasan dia pergi bernetworking dengan big bosses on the golf field).

He told me he's on his way back to the office sebab dia pergi workshop kereta ke apa ntah and he'll be arriving the the office lobby in 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes, he arrived at the office and gave me the car keys sebab dia nak kena naik to his office kejap, nak amik barang.

Oklah, no hal, at least aku boleh duduk dalam kereta dengan AC full blast tahap puting beliung.

I unlocked the car, got into the driver's seat, turned on the engine, got out to sit on the passenger's seat, closed the driver's door and TUP.

Wait, what was that.....



omaigod, I swear to you I was really panicking and when I started panicking, I started laughing and jadi tak tentu arah I guess it's my natural way to halt me from more err, panicking kot?

Anyway, I was soo kelam kabut and I mean manalah aku tau kereta tu akan auto-lock when the engine's running?!?!

I KNOW I shouldn't have called my dad cause he surely dia akan mengamok...but kalau aku tak call and he found out himself, lagilah dia mengamok!!!

If I give him a call first, at least he'll still be in his office and I wouldn't have to deal with face to face....

Calling apak.....
Me: ApaktadiAliabukakengineandIclosedthedoorskalidiaterusautolockedandnowimstuckoutheresomcmana *sila baca dgn sepantas kilat cause I swear thats how I sounded like*
Dad: What? tak paham
Me: keysdlmkeretaengineisstillrunningmcmmanamcmmana
Dad: I still don't get you *masa ni dia dah ada nada marah*
Me: *takes a deep breath* Alia. Terlocked. Myself. Outside. Kereta. Engine. Running.
Dad: Hah? Heh hah hah hah *omg aku tak tau mcm mana nak put his snickers into words, but when he does that, it could only mean 1 thing, dia adalah sungguh pissed off*
Me: *quickly suggests a solution, cause that's the only way how you deal with my dad* Ok tak pe, Alia call mak suruh bawak spare keys okbai *and also, don't talk too much, biar dia cool down dulu*

Matiler aku.

I mean I was really panicking bukan sebab apa, tapi sebab takut apak mengamok...hahah....

So anyway, I called mak and masa ni I was no longer in a shocked state, so I was coherent lah.


Aku tak berani nak tinggalkan kereta walaupon aku tau nobody can curi the kereta sebab aku pon dah terlocked keluar kan!!

So I stood there leaning against the car and waited for mak.

She brought the keys from home and that took about 45 minutes!! God, I hate living in Subang...wait, I hate living in KL.

So long of wanting to balik awal kan. Last last aku jugak yang balik lambat.

Oh, I went home with mak btw, hahahaha...walaupon apak dah cooled off, but still, kalau tersilap cakap je, mesti kena balikkk, so it was better for me to balik dengan mak..hahahahahahaa

Mak told me yg dia pon sebenarnya tak tau yg the car will auto lock if the engine's running...hahaha....ok so we both learned our lesson.

Memang takkan aku lupakann saat saat genting sebegitu!!! Hahaha...

So we reached home and apak dah sampai like 5 minutes earlier.

Sampai sampai je aku nampak apak had his sleeves rolled up tengah squatting, and my little sister was holding a flashlight.

Apakah saiko adik aku ni nak guna flashlight sedangkan matahari ada lagi kan??

Then she looked at me and pointed to the shoe cabinet yang uzur itu. Aku tengok kat porch tu bersepah dengan kasut.

Aku pon tengok.....

oh shit, is that blood? 
no wait, not my shoes phew.

The bau overwhelmed the house, omgggggggg. Patut ah selama ni aku terbau bau, but I thought sebab kaki kitaorg busuk sangat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

But it turned out ada kucing mati dalam cabinet!!! Waddehel!!!!!!

Yeah, we don't utilize that cabinet btw, so dlm tu semua kasut yang jarang pakai and my mom and sisters have like gazillion of shoes in there.

Since kitaorg SEMUA amatlah penggeli and aku boleh muntah kalau imagine balik, nak tanak, apak kena lah buang and cuci cabinet tu...haha....lepas dah marah marah aku sebab aku tak sengaja terkunci kereta, and only to cme home and membuang bangkai kucing.


It was so disgusting.

Of course at the end of the OHSOEVENTFUL day, I told Don everythinggggggg and the only thing he told me "EVERYONE in the right mind knows that you're not suppose to leave your car unattended if you have your car running!"

Yes yes dear, I know NOW. Pshhh (motif nak marah Don??)

Hello, I was expecting you'd be more interested on how the cat got into our shoe cabinet and died there!!

//Sorry, no picture of the dead cat, are you fricking sick???

P/S: and oh yeah, I changed my blog layout again. Took me the whole night ok!!! I made the header image myself from scratch ok!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

You think you're the shiznit?

lol, kelakar lah kau ni.

You claimed to be a "grammar nazi" and you constantly brag on how mega awesome your English comprehension is just because you've been enrolled in the School of Law.

Fine, suka hati kau lah nak berlagak ke, nak berjoli sakan over the title "grammar nazi" ke, itu kau punya hal lah.

But don't you think it's a bit hypocritical kalau kau kutuk orang lain because of their limitation to the English language WHEREAS your English pon aku tengok tunggang langgang lagi (in spite of your fabricated claims?)

C'mon lah, pernah ke kau jumpa orang yg pertuturan dia sungguh perfect? Even the language itself pon ada flaws, let alone we as Malaysians yang sah-sahnya English isn't our mother tongue.

Tho aku mengaku yang I'm no English professor and most of the times I have to refer to my tok guru (either google or Don) but just by listening to the way you converse dengan sebelah telinga, I can detect various grammatical mistakes.

And yet, kau ada hati nak kutuk orang lain just because they said "Thats mean" instead of "That means"??? among others.

Eeeehhhh tolong lah.

And oh yeah, you shouldn't be too cocky when someone asks you what's the literal meaning of "existentialism" or how to spell "necessary" because I know you used Google and shamelessly plagiarized the answers. 

And I doubt you even knw what existentialism is in the beginning anyway.

It made me puke in the inside when we first met while I was unpacking and you bragged on how good you are with the language and how proud you are with your comprehension and that's why they offered you the course.


I believe I forgot to mention that I could hardly understand you with your super thick Chinese accent even tho you're only half Chinese that was rich with grammatical errors and I even changed my spoken language to Malay hoping you'd get my drift and speak in Malay so that you could potentially save some of your dignity and of course, so that I could understand you better.

But no, you were too overwhelmed with your gossip session over the girl that couldn't pronounce "determine".


I would like to say that soon you'll live up to your exaggerated claims but I guess you're just too thick headed and too oblivious to your own shortcomings thus, you will NEVER be on par with the girl that couldn't pronounce "determine" but she at least admitted that and learned from her mistake(s).

I spit on you Miss Ignorant.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When men gossip....

Pagi-pagi lagi aku dah bergossip.

Tapi kali ni, bukan aku ye yang bukak cerita, kali ni Don and his friends.

I was on Skype and they were talking (I can hear lah) among each other complaining and bitching about one of their wives. Oklah, I gotta admit, she IS a bitch for being a bitch (lol, apakah?) and it was her fault lah for cheating on her husband's back while he was out to war in Iraq (he's in the US army). She got knocked up and is demanding her husband to support the child, which in his defense, it could be his child but it could be her BOYFRIEND's. So berlakulah pertelingkahan di situ.

Ok crap, why am I telling you all these?? Aku tak kisah pon drama spanish diorg, what's more important than their life story is how Don and I got into the conversation of how opposite attracts.

Haha, pagi pagi lagi dah ada topik perbincangan hebat uols.

What he said makes sense (no, I'm not biased lah).

He said a couple needs to have a common interest to they can share all the good things together.....

I asked him, what is the main thing that we share in common?

And he replied:

Our sense of humor. Some people might not get his jokes sometimes (and vice versa), tapi aku paham lawak jenaka dia.

Ok, memang selama ni aku tak pernah terfikir pon. Patut lah bila dia buat lawak depan family aku, tak der sorang pon paham, tapi aku dah ketawa terkekek kekek...aku ingat aku gedik saja nak kasi support, tapi rupa rupanya aku sorang je yang paham isi kandungan lawak jenaka dia.


He also said a couple needs to be different, so they can support each other....

I asked him, what is our obvious opposite trait?

He replied:

I enjoy doing the figure "8" while shopping, browse sana sini sampai 6 jam and always end up with 1 piece of clothing. While he on the other hand, only shops for that specific thing, masuk keluar kedai in less than an hour.

I asked him, how is that good? 

He replied:

Since he tak suka duduk lama lama dalam shopping mall, dia selalu je tersilap pilih size pakaian. He would never try anything in the fitting room, thats why he always ends up picking the wrong sizes. But with me around, doing my famous figure "8" shopping steps, I'd spend hours and hours choosing the right clothes for him with the right measurements.

Same goes to him, shopping in a zoom could save a lot of time when we're only there for a tray of eggs. So instead of having me roaming around, he could just pay for the damn eggs and leave, dragging me along.


Aku macam terkesima sejenak dengar dia kasi example ni.

Wow, I am so in love with him.  <333

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Singapore pictures that I finally got the chance to cilok from FB and super rajin to post them on this blog yay!!

 LCCT @ 6 fricking am. Flight was at 8:20, tapi biasalah, airport limo suka hati dia je nak amik 3 jam awal kan.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kentut aku tak berbau.

Waarghhh (bunyi gergasi menguap) malasnya nak update, tapi dari aku tak buat apa apa, baik aku hapdet blog kan.

Ok tak, actually boleh je aku men-rajinkan diri buat kerja/tanya kerja...huarhuarhuar.

  • It's a slow day today.
  • I am very lazy (brapa kali nak cakap daaa)
  • My left calf hurts so fricking much today. 
  • Itu adalah akibat berjalan berjam jam di Singapore last weekend
  • Dan juga sebab kakiku tak dapat menampung berat mak gajah ini
  • madefaker betul
  • lols, tetiba nak mencarut, waddehel
  • Oh crap, aku suka Singapore dowh.
  • Maybe sebab city dia amat bersih dan MRT dia amat canggih
  • Nak compare dengan Malaysia? lawl.
  • Macam kau compare makan medium rare steak dengan makan kayu lidi
  • Motif aku nak kasi example makanan?? 
  • ok don't answer.
  • But yeah, I love Singapore
  • Rasa-rasanya kalau aku suka Singapore, does that mean I'm a kiasu as well? 
  • Haha, matiler tetiba terkeluar unsur unsur racism pulak
  • Sila sepak saya
  • Nantilah aku letak gambar, aku tak boleh nak curik gambar dlm FB, sebab ofis aku kan super strict, semua dia nak block
  • Sampai je kat rumah after Singapore trip, terus aku tertidur. 
  • Penat dowh. Lama gila aku dah tak berjalan jalan mcm tu. 
  • Selalunya naik kereta je kan
  • Nak pergi kedai depan rumah nak beli kicap pon aku guna kereta
  • haha, memang dasar pemalas
  • Patut ah badan gemok
  • Whateva. 
  • At least aku lawaaaaaa, gemok boleh kurussss
  • haha, kau memang saikosis kan Alia, tetiba je nak defend diri sendiri
  • So anyway, sampai je kat rumah, terus tertidur
  • Then pukul 5 ptg macam tu, keluar lagi, pergi Subang Parade
  • Tetiba lah pulak aku terlupa pasal kaki aku sakit tu
  • Shopping punya pasal, langsuung aku lupa keadaan.
  • Kalau mcm tu, bila time makan je aku terus pergi shopping, sure hilang rasa lapar tu kan?
  • Haha....ok abaikan
  • Shopping fever tak habis lagi, sebab tu sampai Malaysia je terus pergi shopping balik
  • Tapi shopping kat Malaysia tak der feeling ah beb
  • Dah lah mahal, buruk pulak tu
  • Don't like. Go die lahhhh retails kat sini
  • Haha, tetiba.
  • I miss Amerikah :(
  • Kat sana suka hati aku lah nak beli apa, sure ada size punya. 
  • Bukan tu je, varieties ok
  • Bukan mcm kat Malaysia, semua limited.
  • Pastu kalau keluar jalan pakai baju baru, mesti kau akan nampak 2-3 orang lain pakai baju sama jugak
  • Pastu mulalah jalan pon sorok sorok, takut orang tu nampak
  • Malu ah beb.
  • Baru nak tayang baju baru, skali diorg pon pakai baju sama
  • Waddehel, tetiba aku nak kutuk retails Malaysia..haha
  • Oklah, baik aku stop kat sini, nanti ada pulak manusia yang memang dah sedia dengki kat aku ambik opportunity ni nak hentam aku
  • Contoh ayat yang aku selalu dengar dari manusia-manusia celaka "kalau dah tak suka Malaysia tu, baik keluar je ah". 
  • Eleh, mcm lah aku tak tau kau pon mesti ada kutuk kutuk Malaysia jugak kan? Setidak tidaknya kau merungut pasal weather kat sini kan kan kann! Semangat patriotism konon. Poodah.
  • Hidup Lee Chong Wei! (walaupon kalah). 
  • waddehel, tetiba lol.
  • Ok, gila.
  • Bai.

Thursday, May 13, 2010



I am finally the office!

Ok, I'm not sure whether this is something I should celebrate considering I have A LOT of things to do today, personal as well as professional.

Tapi aku pemalas, so lantakkkkkk lah!


Now I wish I'd rather be back in the training room...sebab masa pergi training tu, all I did was makan, bersembang, makan, browse internet, makan and sometimes paid attention to the trainer. Har har har.

Then balik rumah pukul 3:30pm. 

Crap, memang dasar pelahap dan pemalas.

Anyway, as I was browsing yesterday (omaigod, gila membazir masa), I was reading this article which cracked me up big time. Ok, that's probably I'm a big pervert in denial, but I found this sort of things amuse me, macam mana nak buat!

I oso want to letak some of the pictures yang I think amat bunguk dan kelakar and just omgwtf.


Batman "squirt" gun.


I dunnolah who designed this toy, but omgpls. Obviously it's made in China (what isn't!) but still!!

It looks ridiculously hideous too!!

You push Batman's junk and he shoots! LOLOLL



Sesiapa mahu blow him?
It's okay, just imagine Hugh Jackman lah...




Personally, I think this was never intended to be perverted, it's just if you've got no budget, don't ever ever try to make cheap knockoff toys!

"Hard ons hangers"


It's the same case as Don's t-shirt. Obvious China-made.

He insisted on buying that shirt! He thought it was one of those joke-tshirts, but I told him that the typo WASN'T intentionally, the designers/printers just don't know how to spell (or at least use a fricking spell-checker!).

He bought it nevertheless, sebab dia cakap it's a reminder of being in an "Asian country".
Kurang ajar betul. Hahaha!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mak's day

Marriage and reused pictures. Blah.




Gelak kat diri sendiri, apakah mental aku ni.


As I am typing this, I am listening to some yoga music (with brainwave entrainment effects) on my iPod. It's really making my head thumping.

Maybe aku guna tak betul sampai aku rasa otak bergegar gegar.

But for some weird reason, it makes me relaxed.

As if you're listening to bunyi kipas...and bunyi kipas ONLY.

You know, that kinda weird shit.

Supposedly it'll make you feel more calmer, relaxed and focused. But setakat ni aku lagi rasa agitated and annoyed adalah.

Ok, maybe I should reduce the volume a bit..patut ah aku rasa otak bergegar.

I've been using it for 3 days dah, so far, macam tak de perubahan pon. I am still the same ol' menggelabah person.

Whatever lah, we'll see in month. If you see an angry post after a month, thn bermaksud benda tu tak berkesan lah bagi aku....ataupon selama ni aku guna salah. Haha.

Doesn't matter lah. Nak kentut.
(motif nak bagitau satu dunia??)

Anyhow, I just downloaded a new theme for my Windows. LOOKS SO FRICKING PRETTY!!! I AM OVERWHELMED WITH JOY!!!
(ntah apa apa, setakat theme je boleh gembira sampai hati melonjak lonjak)


Tho wallpaper itu menunjukkan ciri ciri Zune fanboi, but who gives a crap! As long as it's pretty!!!

Ok, memang aku agak mereng, I mean gambar otak pon aku cakap lawa, what the hell is wrong with me.

oh shit. does that mean that yoga crap IS working??

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Pagi ini, saya mandi di dalam kegelapan abadi.

Ya, bunyinya memang sungguh pelik, tapi percayalah, ianya tak beberapa pelik, cuma amat annoying bila tak nampak apa yang anda buat dalam bilik air tu.

Nasib baik tak tercapai hair removal cream sebagai pengganti shampoo. Kalau tak maybe bermula pada hari ini, saya akan menjadi glemer sebab semua orang akan panggil saya "AliaBotak" atau lagi glemernya, "Baldy" sebab saya kan perasan omputeh.

But tu lah, cabaran sungguh bila nak memakai pakaian.

Nak sarung seluar dalam pon kena guna phone untuk menyinari kegelapan. Tak tau lah kalau aku pakai terbalik, takut nak check.


Dah lah malam sebelum tu aku tak sediakan pakaian (selalunya pakaian kerja untuk keesokkan harinya akan di sedia gantung), keadaan bertambah tegang bila I couldn't find anything to wear.

Lampu iphone tu bukannya boleh menerangi bilik pon. Nak tengok jerawat guna lampu iphone pon tak nampak (motif nak tengok jerawat??)

Nak tanak, aku terpaksa guna baju yang tergantung atas kaki katil....selalunya baju baju yang di sangkut kat situ either:

Needs washing but too lazy to bring it downstairs
Needs washing but sayang sebab baju baru nanti kaler pudar.


Tapi mind you, baju saya tak berbau sila jangan takut untuk mendekati saya. Lagipon saya dah sprayed perfume berkali kali atas baju itu.


Yuck. Disgusting.

Ok, beginilah rupa saya selepas mandi dalam gelap + pakai baju dalam gelap:

LOL, kata pon gelap kan, mestilah tangkap gambar pon dalam gelap.

Ok tak kelakar. Whateva.

Sebenarnya, masa tengah bersiap siap tu, adik datang bawak lilin.

Shit, aku terasa macam tinggal di zaman old English, siap bawak lilin dalam castle. Ok tak de kena mengena, shaddap u.

Sila abaikan meja yang bersepah itu. Itu baru sikit....haha.

Oleh disebabkan dengan kehadiran lilin lilin tersebut, bolehlah saya memakai baju dengan rasa tenang sebab saya tahu saya tidak akan memakai baju terbalik.

Lihatlah buktinya. Rambut pon lawa, walaupon terpaksa basuh dalam gelap. Sila abaikan rambut rambut kering itu.

Cuma saya pening sikit lah kot, sebab tiba tiba lampu terang benderang.

(alasan tanak kerja)


Ok tak kelakar jugak.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You are so disgusting. Yuck!

Today is a very very very slow day....waddehel, sekarang baru pukul 9:56 pagi, otak masih mengalami process penyegaran lagi...hahahaha

What the crap lah, sejak dari semalam aku rasa asyik nak kentut. Was it something that I ate? Aku makan apa semalam?? (ayat menyatakan si Alia ialah seorang pelahap, sampai tak ingat makanan yang di makan)

Jap, nanti sambung balik entry ni. Tetiba lah pulak kerja aku terhenti.

//EDITED: Aku terasa macam keji gila pulak. AI IS INESEN OK. LOLOL


Ok, sambung cerita kentut.


Terus tak bersemangat aku nak cerita pasal kentut weh.
Waddehel, kentut pon boleh jadi cerita.

Tapi yeah, have you ever rasa nak terkentut sangat tapi you kenot sebab you're in a room full of people?

So you resorted to tahan kentut and tetiba lah pulak, kentut tu masuk balik dalam perut.


Disgusting I know, but it's an honest question!!!

Semakin banyak kau tahan, semakin banyak kau mengentut dalam perut. Last last jadi sakit perut sebab terlalu banyak angin di dalam perut.


So nak di jadikan cerita, semalam aku memang rasa nak kentut sangat, but I was busy and aku terfikir, kat mana aku nak melepaskan angin ni?? Kalau dalam toilet, mesti ada orang, and mesti diorg boleh dengar. Kalau kat tangga, lagilah bergema kan, takut takut org yg kat lobby bawah (I'm on the 14th floor btw) tu boleh dengar kentut aku...haha.

Macam macam aku fikir, sampai aku TERkentut dlm office.


Pastu dah menggelabah nak tahan, but boleh ke kau sekat kentut kau?? Sedang sedang kau sedap kentut, skali nak kena tahan. Mana makan brake tu beb.


Tapi nasib baik masa tu dah pukul 5:40pm mcm tu, so orang tak ramai dah, and bunyi kentut tak kuat sangat.

Crap, tapi aku rasa member depan aku tu boleh dengar siot. Malu seh!!! Tak pe, kentut itu lumrah alam, semua orang kentut kan??? *ayat penyedap hati*

That reminds me of my other kentut incident masa kat Uni...haha....

I was at my friend's hostel (lets call her "A"), she lived with 2 other girls yang aku tak kenal pon, so memang strangers lah kan.

Masa tu aku dengan 2 of my other friends tengah lepak lepak kat bilik si A tu, aku dgn member aku duduk atas lantai.

Tengah aku adjust kedudukan bontot aku, tetiba lah pulak angin terlepas. Kuat pulak tu.

omaigod, masa tu aku rasa bilik tu boleh bergegar sebab macam taufan.

And the funny thing was, my friend's awkwardness!!:

Me: Oops
Friend: ....tak pe.......*muka merah merah*


Bukan patutnya aku ke yg rasa malu??! HAHAHAH!!

Ok shaddap all of you, memang aku dasar tak tau malu.

"tak pe" je reply dia??? Hahahah....kalau aku, memang kat situ jugak aku gelak macam haram.

Ok now aku seriously nak kentut. Imma do it in the washroom, lantak lah orang stall sebelah tu cakap apa.


Gedik sungguh.

Semalam aku dah tulis entry panjang lebar, tapi oleh di sebabkan aku terkejut beruk sebab bos aku tetiba berjalan menuju ke tempat aku, terus aku TERtutup without saving it first. Sampai blogger punya auto save pon tak sempat.


Dah lah entry tu penuh emosi.

Tapi bila nak karangkan balik, rasa macam dah blahhhhh. Baik aku pergi makan (motip nak pergi makan??? haha...)

Anyway, I've got nothing to update, dan walaupon ada point nak update, I'm too lazy to update (baik tak payah nak update terus kan!?!? Saiko betul...haha)

Ok, silalah menikmati muntah hijau korang sendiri sebab aku upload gambar muka syok sendiri!!


Hahaha...ok memang aku bosan gila lah ni!!

Muka tahan berak #2

Muka diarrhea

Attempted to smile.

Obviously I failed miserably.

Anyway, point aku menunjuk gambar gambar ini ialah....sebab aku baru dpt company laptop lantas terus aku meng-test webcam diaaa.

Huar haur huar huarrrrr!

It's a brand new (albeit very heavy) HP Elitebook! Aku masih terkial kial nak guna Windows 7.

Ok this is a very geeky post and I shall stop typing.

Geeky Ally over and out.