Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tons Of Pictures

Lamanya rasa tak type full sentences dalam BM. Rasa kekok pulak.
Chey chey chey
Sila tampar sikit.
Perasan mat salleh sangat.


Anyway, kali ni cikkak tak de isu isu hangat untuk diperdebatkan. Kalau ada pun, I'm not interested to write about it.

Kali ni I'm just gonna upload tons of pictures sebab today is Easter Sunday and I had my first experience of coloring eggs yesterday.

But before that, mari lah kita throwback ke ntah beberapa minggu yang lalu.

We finally went to watch Deadpool I think after about 2 weeks movie tu keluar kot. Adik ipar ku memang fanatik betul Deadpool so dia la yg ajak.

We went to Starlight cinema, and I don't think I can ever go to another cinemas again because Starlight has spoilt me. They have reclining seats and seats dia adalah gabak. bagus untuk mak walrus ini.

 Tengok la laki 2 ekor ni. Saikosis tau.

Yes. popcorn adalah gabak.
I think size bucket tu is Large and the drink is a Medium.

Bucket tu lagi besar dari kepala aku ok. Jangan memain.
I think throughout the whole movie, mulut tak berhenti mengunyah, tapi at the end of the movie, mcm tak sentuh langsung popcorn tu.
Gila babeng punya banyak.

But one thing je aku kureng sikit, their popcorn bukannya caramel mcm kat Mesia. Theirs is salty uols. Kalau nak caramel, kena top up for toppings (or buy outside of the cinema).

Sini popcorn = salty. Sebab tu Americans saiz gempal gempal. hehehehe.

Original goal ialah utk tangkap gambar OOTD. Tapi sempat tangkap 2 hari je. Pastu hilang semangat.


Sila enjoice 2 gambar ni je.

I got my very own first car!

Ini maybe highlight of the month la kot.
Tak pernah seumur idup ni beli kereta sendiri, so ini memang first car la.

I'll have to say, walaupun I had to go through hoops sebab I'm considered a new immigrant (I have no credit report), tapi getting a car is relatively easier as compared to Malaysia.

okay maybe la nak beli kereta kat Malaysia tu pun senang, it's just aku tak de pengalaman beli keta kat Malaysia. But based from my relatives and friends punya experience, agak payah dan leceh la jugak.
Last weekend, we went to the car dearlership with the intention of finding what my options are, considering aku tak de credit report since I'm a new immigrant.

Having an established credit is everything over here. From buying/renting a house, to a car, getting a credit card, to even smart phones, semua diorg tgk your credit report. Credit report tu is a report of your credit history, how you bayar your hutang. Kalau you bayar on time everytime, your credit ratings tinggi which is good, which means you'd have no prob of getting a loan.

So since my credit report is basically "nothing", it's considered as "bad credit" sebab they don't know whether or not aku ni boleh harap utk bayar hutang or not. So sebab tu I was pretty nervous of going to the dealership. I didn't want to get my hopes high sebab kalau pergi sana then diorg ckp i'm not qualified to buy a car, mesti la punah harapan kan. hahahahaha

I'm a realist.

So anyway, after 3-4 hours there, I went home with a car uols.
Tak sangka that salesman berjaya men-convinced bank utk kasi loan. Gila terrer salesman tu.

I got myself a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic LT  in blue which I'm naming him The Hedgehog.

Plate and registration belum sampai lagi. Kena tunggu dlm 30 hari baru no. plate sampai. Tu temp plate je uols.

 Memula kekok jugak la nak drive on the right side. Tapi inshallah now dah biasa. I have to always keep in mind that bila nak belok, ALWAYS keep it to the right.

Pernah sekali I was on the wrong side of the road (oncoming traffic) and Don panik mcm orang gila.

Nasib baik it was a backroad and tak de kereta.

I told Don NOT to give me directions on HOW to drive sebab nanti aku confused. I'd start questioning my judgement and that's not good when you're driving. You should always let the driver judge for him/herself.

Backseat driver = a big no no.

Question marked because aku pun tak tau nak panggil apa. Nak panggil Easter Sunday eve mcm tak kena pulak.

Anyway, since today is Easter Sunday, so yesterday we had the kids mengaler telur telur untuk diorg hunt today.

This was my first experience of coloring eggs for Easter. Best pulak uols. Aku pulak yg lebih lebih bab bab kaler ni. Hahahah.
Otak artis la katakan. hahahahahahaahahahahah

Anyway, we went to ahkak dan abang ipar punya rumah yesterday and had fun coloring eggs with the kids.

He will never admit it, but bab bab ni laki aku ni pun eksaited. Pshhh.


My colored egg. ntah brapa banyak kaler aku letak, last last jadik purple.

Telur putih, senang la nak letak kaler.
Ce cuba buat dengan telur coklat.

Jadik telur pindang je la.

ok bai.

happy Easter to those yang celebrate!

Saturday, March 5, 2016


I wanted to talk about Malaysian politics, tapi macam tak aware sangat dah with the bullshit that's has been going on. I admit, I couldn't care less anymore, penat aku menyalak, tapi bila menyalak sikit, kena tangkap/saman. hihi.

Bukan aku la yang kena saman/tangkap tu.
Aku ni rakyat marhaen saja.
My tahap menyalak tu tak sampai viral trending twitter bagai.

Speaking of viral post, teringat satu post on FB hari tu about someone wrote something about her married life.
I know I've talked about marriage in my previous post, but this is a continuation on that.

I don't remember much about the post, because I think I stopped reading when she mentioned she felt guilty bila nampak laki dia pegang penyapu.

Aduh adik.

You're either too young to understand partnership, or too naive to think that ALL house chores are your responsibilities and only yours.

Oklah, maybe she meant something completely different sebab salah aku tak baca habis, so kalau her post tak de kena mengena, ahkak mintak maap ya. But I want to talk about that part where she mentioned about her guilt. 

Ni mentality manusia (not necessary just Malaysians, Americans pun sama) that I really disagree, the men are expected to do NOTHING in helping out in the kitchen/house chores. Maybelah setakat buang sampah or fix here and there. Tapi kalau bab bab sapu sampah, basuh baju, gosok baju, masak, basuh pinggan, kemas rumah, etc, semua expect bini yang buat.

This reminds me of another viral post that someone on my FB shared. This one ostad or at least his fan page buat comparison on what you should teach/expose your kids to, depending on their gender.

Yang lelaki dia di suruhnya instill leadership qualities where the girls di suruhnya cover up and don't dress up like a man.
Yang lelaki di suruhnya buat kerja luar, outdoor where the girls di suruhnya buat kerja rumah.
Yang lelaki di suruhnya elakkan beli mainan "perempuan" (pinggan mangkuk, dolls, pakaian, etc) and the girls di suruhnya elakkan beli mainan "lelaki" (senapang, robot, kereta, etc)
Yang lelaki di suruhhnya buat international passport for them to venture out, while the girls di suruhnya ajar memasak, hias, dan kemas rumah, jaga anak, jahit, etc.

What the fuck.

There are so many wrongs in this table I don't know where to begin.

This is sexist, misogynistic, and regressive. This is the epitome of subjugation and people who believe this kind of bullshit are the reason why women are still deemed inferior to men.

No, I'm not a feminist, but I believe that you SHOULD NOT only teach your kids based on their gender. This is gender biased and is a form of prejudice and discrimination. You should teach your kids BOTH roles and excel at EVERYTHING. Give them the opportunities. Expose them to everything and don't stop stop there. If your boy wants to play dress up, then let him. If your girl wants to play with robots, then let her.

Kalau you have no problems with his statement, then you should not bitch if you're a woman and you get less pay than your male colleagues in the same role, performance and experience. Or if you're holding a leadership position, then drop out, you're a woman, you're not a leader.

Kalau you have no problems with his statement, then you should not bitch if you're a man and you get lash out for being a PA or secretary or even a nurse just because you're a male.

The moment you allow gender to play a part, you become part of the problem.

So back to what this ostad/fan page was saying. The males get all the opportunities they can while let the females sit and home and be domestic. Pemikiran macam ni la kenapa Malaysia masih mundur because we still subjugate our women.

Lelaki jadi bos. Perempuan jadi hamba abdi.
Fuck you and your misogynistic mind.