Saturday, May 30, 2015

Comic: Say what?


That's what you get when your husband tries to mix & match Bahasa Melayu with his American colloquial phrases ------ while having a limited range of vocab.  


Friday, May 29, 2015

I have some fashion tricks for you!

 let's just move along.....shall we?

Belts are you best friends. Your BFFs. They can flatter your shape by enhancing the smallest part of you; your waist. 

..because small accessories will just .....well, disappear on you. Ha. 

You know, whatever you shape is, whether you're an apple, or a pear, or a chicken drumstick, just be confident of yourself! EVERYONE can be a supermodel! Just as long as you're comfortable in your own skin! 

And once you're comfortable enough with how you look, then perhaps you can check this out and revamp your closet with ZALORA's collections cause they offer every fashion items online for women from head-to-toe!

Betcha didn't know that was coming, now did you?

I mean, srsly? ALIA? FASHION? LOL
Macam tak kena je kan

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

COMIC: This means war

Monday, May 4, 2015


Ramai sangat yg butthurt when I wrote my previous entry.

Korang ni butthurt sebab kena setepek kat muka ke? Ke korang ni saja-saja je nak trolling sebab you guys are a bunch of shitlords?

Kalau tak suka my language, tak payah baca.
Kalau tak agree with my points, tak payah baca.
Kalau tak suka how blunt I am, tak payah baca.

Apa susah?

I didn't force you to come here and read.

This is MY sphere, I have every right to bitch, or to cry, or do whatthefuckever I want.
I don't go to your page, shitting on your entries just because I don't agree with your POV or the way you deliver them.

Now if you want to bitch about me in your blog, go right ahead. It's your prerogative.

Just don't come here, and shit on my readers who have the balls to use their real ID, instead of hiding under anonymous like you.

Tak payah ler marah depa, depa tak bersalah pun.
Focus your hatred towards me.

Dah dah. Let bygones be bygones.
Tak payah gaduh-gaduh, mari make love!



So mari lah kita start by planting a kiss on your beloved one!


(Eh, takkan la aku nak letak gambar naked kot. Maunya pengsan 8tahun korang nanti)