Thursday, January 29, 2009

Factual Numbers

Since I don't have any sensible topic (sejak bila aku punya blog topics sensible?) to write, meh lah aku tulis about myself walaupon dah sepuloh juta kali I've mentioned it.

*nari golek golek*

Fact 1
I dislike my job. Even though they have transfered me to another project, I still don't like it. But not until the point where I loathe it lah. Basically, I hate having to wake up every morning and I hate carving a fake smile to people even though I feel like spitting on them. Eh main ludah ludah pulak aku.

I'm still longing for that one day, where I don't have to wake up early and jump into a cold shower, where I don't have to drive myself to work to meet with people that I don't really like, where I don't have to strain my eyes in front of the computer to seek for information, where I don't have to call and deal with stubborn strangers, where I don't have to listen to office politics, red tape and..

(10 min break - had to call hotels for a quotation request)

See, I told you I hate working.

Funny is that I've never called any hotels requesting for a price quotation before. I had to message Shad to guide me through it. Har har har. Yer la, selalunya I had my kuli batak to do it for me, but since the project transfer, I AM the kuli batak.

Fact 2
I've been trying to lose weight for years and this year, I'm REALLY committing to it. Yes yes, mari gelak beramai-ramai. Anyway, selepas korang gelak, meh aku nak bagitau that I've been dragging my fat ass to jog every weekday after work and I've been limiting myself to eat only 1 serving (selalunya this mak gajah would eat 2 servings at least). And I've managed to skip dinner or have an early dinner (so that my digestive system can rest while I'm sleeping) and only have an instant packet of oatmeal for lunch (during work time).

Bagus kan? I'm so proud of myself. Hahaha.

I'm really hoping I could continue this regime because I really really really want to make a good impression for Donnie's parents. Tak lah diorg mengomel kat Don "wowzer u gf is fatness".

Hahahaha, lawak bernas.

And plus, I really really really want to buy that dress yang hanya mempunyai size L. Macam fucker tau Malaysia ni, baju semua cenonet, even my left tittay cannot fit. And the only section of the department store that can fit me, is the PLUS section, which doesn't have a lot of varieties. Baju macam opera cina, sleeves menggelebeh gelebeh, jalur jalur corak melintang, I mean wtf, I'm not fashionista diva, but kalau nak buat baju for PLUS SIZED people, why in the world would you design something like these?!

The reason why WE PLUS SIZED people would want to buy a nice outfit is 1) to have something that actually falls nicely on our bodies and 2) to have an outfit that actually makes us LOOKS FUCKING SLIMMER, not something that defines this pregnant gajah even more!!

Okay okay chill Alia. Chill.

Fact 3
I'm a shy person. I don't like to mingle around and make myself available for a chit chatty session. Despite my "friendliness" and though I like to associate with new people, I'm actually a very homely person. I'd prefer staying in my own comfort zone and be alone. But it's a different case when Don's around lah kan, obviously he's my favorite person and I need him to talk to.

Probably that's why lah he's always the big punchbag for my anger frustration. hahaha. No matter lah, I'm much comfortable being around him than being surrounded by tons of people.

Fact 4
I'm a very messy person, but I cannot stand being in a mess. Weird right? Take my room for example, it's a love hate relationship between tidy and tongkang pecah. One moment it's all tidied up, but the next moment, you can't even find my bed (ni exaggerate lah). I'd feel suffocated whenever there are too much stuff lying on the floor (like when Don was here, he left everything on floor!) but I'm too lazy to put things the way they were after I'm done with them. har har har.

I wish my room would clean itself up.

Haha, ni case malas campur mengada-ngada.

But surprisingly, my work desk is always clean. Probably secretly I'd want people to think I'm a very clean person sebab my whole family thinks I'm the girl who doesn't know how to clean up.

Boleh lah, kat rumah I'm Messy Ally, kat office, I'm Tidy Ally.

Fact 5
I'm ambidextrous.

..In the making. har har har. But seriously, when I'm tired of using my left hand, I'll use my right. That's a sign for ambidextrous kan? I can equally use both of my hands capabilities though I'd get slightly tired if I've been using my right too much.

But I play badminton with both hands. And I throw stuff with my right hand. But I need to use my left when I'm carrying heavy stuff.

Gila cool kan.

But it'd be much cooler if I can use my feet like the monkeys.

Fact 5
I'm very particular about toilets, public especially. I'm lucky to experienced different country's punya toilets and semua aku tak suka.

Most of the western countries, toilet tak der pipe, but they'd provide you with loads of paper towels (toilet tissue lah). Ada yang stand alone toilet where you have to coin in 40 cents baru pintu terbukak.

Most Asian countries pulak, toilet mesti tak der flush and toilet bowl mesti protruding from the group (toilet cangkung ya, they don't have sitting toilet). It's so weird of having you to straddle the bowl up off the ground. What happens if you slip and ends up sitting on your own shit/or someone else's? Geli tau. And to add to the horror, they don't provide you with flush!! They usually have direct pipes, but what's the use if there's no flush!?!? Most of the time you've got no choice but to use a hell of water to flush.

I HATE going to public toilets here in Malaysia because OMG THE SMELL. Semua toilets in other countries smell too, but not as bad as ours. I guess we've been eating too much petai and jering kot.

Bau membunuh.

Though I kinda like hotel's washrooms, but most of them terikut ikut style omputehs; pipe air tak der. I mean kalau ye pon nak cater for these mat sallehs, you're still in Malaysia, letak lah pipe, senang aku nak basuh berak. Ni nak basuk berak pon kena masuk bathtub, then geli lah aku nak berendam dalam bathtub.

The only toilets that I'm comfortable with are of course, the ones in my house, my aunts and rumah rumah orang kaya. Hahah gediks.

Okay lah, dah boring nak type. Will continue later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Wrath of the Lich King on World of Warcraft is AWESOME!!

Gonna play now. OK Bai.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Going out of the country!

Fixing this douche blog template is NOT in my priority list right now! (not even in the list)

See ya in a week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Boycott what?

Sunday 18, 2008. The Star Online

By Dzof Azmi

A rethink is required on how to make our stand felt with regards to the attack on Gaza.

RECENTLY, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a boycott as a result of the Israeli invasion of Palestine. They have come in the form SMSes and emails, so I can’t easily respond to them, but if they had been personal requests I may have asked in turn, “What is the point?”

Before you get me as a heartless cynic, let me tell you that I too was one who used to boycott products from a particular country – the United States of America. I was so outraged by the Iraq invasion that from early 2003, I decided to not buy any US products. Although it was a long time ago, I still can access the blog post I wrote back then:

“That’s right, this is what I’m saying: No more McDonald’s, no more Coke. Refuse to purchase anything whose profits delve back to the US. Better still, drop all pretence of respect of IP rights and pirate to your heart’s content. Take what you can and minimise benefits to the rest.

“The lesson must be taught that globalisation cuts both ways. The worldwide recognition of brand names can also turn against them as we associate American brands with American values.

“Remind people that part of that Big Mac they’re eating will wind up in US corporation coffers, and part of that goes in the form of taxes to the US war machine. It’s about time that we stand up and realise what globalism is all about and it’s about time that we educate the masses about this.”

This lasted for almost four years until the Democrats won back the House of Representatives in 2006. I was very clear in what I believed in, and why I was doing what I was doing. I would say sorry when people suggested Chilli’s as a dinner option, and when I went to Starbucks, I asked for a large cup of water, and then used their toilets.

However, although the US was still involved in Iraq in 2006, by that time it was clear that public sentiment was against the war. I slowly rescinded on the boycott because I believed that the tide had changed.

Besides, I really, really, really missed my A&W Root Beer Float.

Why then am I not as enthusiastic about the calls this time around?

Let’s look at what the messages are saying. They implore you to not purchase products from companies that donate to Israel. Note that they are not Israeli companies. They are mainly US-owned ones. The thinking is that since the US supports Israel, they are complicit, so we should show them our displeasure.

To me, this does not really reflect the actual situation. It is Tel Aviv where the decision to make the attack was made, by a government that is feeling the pressure of an upcoming election. Attacking the US is like hitting somebody cheering on an assailant in a mugging: deserved, satisfying, but not really the point of the problem.

Why don’t we boycott Israeli companies instead? Well, because we’ve done that already. We’ve done that way before they rolled across into the Strip a few weeks ago, and we did so in spite of talks at Camp David that looked on the verge of a breakthrough, and we certainly continued to do so when Israel actually pulled troops out of the Gaza Strip in 2005.

In other words, the boycott is nothing new. Because we can’t ignore something we’ve already ignored, we strike out at other things. And then what? When will you rescind your ban on American products? If Israel stops attacking, but the US doesn’t condemn it, will you let yourself taste again without guilt that fizzy corn-syrupy cola or that oil-infused cheezy crust pizza?

A boycott does not work when you have nothing to boycott. It does however work when the other side has something to lose.

So my suggestion is this: Let us focus on the correct ultimate aim. Whatever our religious and cultural differences, peace is always preferable over war. Not only must we metaphorically shake hands and hug our cultural antitheists, but we must also be involved in each other’s interests. A downfall for one hurts the other as well.

If it sounds like I’m saying let’s invest money in Israeli companies, and let them invest money in ours, then, why not? Inter-faith marriages may be rare in actual fact, but in spirit it is no bad thing.

On the other hand, we must be willing to condemn anybody who steps in the way of our goal. We should expect Jews worldwide to condemn Israeli use of phosphorus bombs, and pro-Palestinians must similarly be upset at cross-border rocket attacks by Hamas.

We must be willing to attack ourselves in a louder voice than when we attack each other. Peace cannot be a one-sided thing where we proudly criticise the Goliath while continue to turn a blind eye to catapults that continually pester him (please pardon the biblical irony).

I feel that a more effective route than a boycott is to seek like-minded people from the other side who also agree that we should seek peace above all else. Don’t go to a masjid to hear an anti-Israel ceramah; go to a synagogue to find Jews who condemn the war. Make friends with them, take the first step together towards a common goal.

The problems in the Middle East are beyond simplistic solutions, but the start will be difficult if we don’t even want the same things to begin with.

> Logic is the antithesis of emotion but mathematician-turned-scriptwriter Dzof Azmi’s theory is that people need both to make of life’s vagaries and contradictions.


I almost gave up on Malaysians, but thanks to this person who shares my view on this matter. At least I know someone in Malaysia who is NOT a bigot.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel is bad, but so is the Hamas!

It saddens me when I see a lot of people only seem to care and sympathize for the Palestinians but it has never occurred when the Hamas attacked Israeli. It seems to me that when Muslim civilians are been attacked, it's such a big news, but when non-Muslims been attacked and killed by Islamic suicide bombers, "oh they had it coming".

Let me start with the statement that I do believe that the people of Palestine have a right to live in peace and dignity and enjoy full freedom in their own land. They have been barricaded and they do deserve our support in achieving their goals. But the act of violence against the innocent civilians of Israel has tarnished their credibility beyond repair.

I can see people have recruited to raise the voice of the suffering the Palestinians in Gaza. However they do not say, not even one word about Hamas and their contribution to the situation of the people in Gaza. Things are not black and white. Instead of adopting a constructive path, they have adopted a self-destructive course to ensure that their long-term objective will be better served by keeping the Intifada alive.

PLO, Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah (Lebanon based) etc are now an integral part of the Palestinian political landscape. Through the use of Islam as a tool, they have been able to convert the relatively secular people of Palestine into a vicious bloodthirsty society.

Not one single country has come out denouncing the violence perpetrated by the misled youth of Palestine, blowing them up just to kill some innocent people. What is it that makes the Muslims of the world to look the other way, and justify the barbarism as a legitimate act of freedom fight? Just because a Muslim freedom fighter kills a non Muslim, that makes it alright?

I am aware of the fact that Israel has displayed arrogance in dealing with the Palestinians, and has also ruthlessly suppressed some of the legitimate demands of the people there. Freedom loving people of the world have from time to time voiced their disapproval against Israeli brutality. Unfortunately, a sustained move against the so-called "Israeli atrocities" never materialized because of the equal or more acts of violence and brutality against the Jews, by the Palestinians and other Arabs. How do you expect to end violence with another violent act?

The only way for the Palestinians to get their freedom is through the path of peace and negotiation. They will have to denounce violence and will have to learn to be civil and accommodating. The sooner they learn that they will never succeed in ethnically cleansing Israel of the Jews, the better off they will be.

As difficult as it is to watch the dead kids and suffered civilians please do not forget to look at the whole picture.

Do we have to KILL the Jews just to stop the KILLINGS? Since when taking another person's life denotes as a justification for sympathy? So it makes it alright because you are just killing another infidel? Stop being such a lopsided hypocritical bastard. Both of them are human.

Look, I know both sides made huge mistakes. Kids on both sides are paying for the impotents of their leaders to solve the conflict.

But I STRONGLY BELIEVE that all of us must create a new life, even if it means to let go to some of our dreams. Both of us can have new dreams. This is the only way to stop the hate and violence in this area. Let go of brutality and the violence, stop tainting the minds of young children that violence is the only solution.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Current politics

With all these commotions going on with the Jews and the rest of the world, I'm soooo fricking lucky that my boyfriend isn't a Jew. Har har. No I'm serious. You know lah how diverse America is, it's a melting pot of all cultures and races, and Jewish being one of them. They actually take about 2.5% of the US population. I don't mind nice old Jews couple, but not those who support Zionism and actually think war is the solution. Well actually I don't support anyone who resorts to war as the answer to everything.

But anyway, can you imagine Don being a Jew? I guess he'll be Don Friedman Stein.


Anyway, what's all these about McDonalds and Starbucks donating their 100% profits to support the Israelis war? I've tried to find evidence that these 2 giant corporations declaring it and Starbucks have released a reply to the rumors of them supporting Israel.

This is what they said on their official website:

Rumors that Starbucks Coffee Company and its management support Israel are unequivocally false.

Starbucks is a publicly traded company with stores in 49 countries. Though our thousands of partners (employees) and business associates around the globe have diverse views and share many beliefs about a wide range of topics, our primary focus remains to deliver the best customer experience possible. Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support political causes. Further, the political preferences of a Starbucks partner at any level have absolutely no bearing on Starbucks company policies.
I mean Starbucks is a publicly owned company and ALTHOUGH the chairman is an Zionist and he most likely does support Israel (morally and financially), but I'm sure the last thing he's gonna do is donate money to an entity which is being reviled by nearly everyone out there.

And as for McDonalds, they are franchises, so what an owner of a particular branch in Israel might think, it does not represent the company's corporate policy. McDonalds in Israel is a franchise and licensee of the name, and is NOT owned by McDonalds Corporation. And as a franchise, each country can decide what fundraising projects they want to work on.

This is what I gathered from here:

Tara Handy, senior manager of Corporate Media Relations for McDonald’s, said, in a statement to, that "the messages about McDonald's giving its revenues to Israel until next Saturday do not originate from, and are not affiliated with, McDonald's. This is completely false and appears to be nothing more than a rumor or hoax.”

Furthermore, I think it's just a propaganda to boycott both U.S food chains.

But it's best for you to stay away from McDonalds and Starbucks anyway, they're not good for your health. :) And that's my only argument on why I'm avoiding them, I don't based on some hoax (though they might have the chance of being true).

If any of you are thinking of boycotting American goods, try to live without your electrical bulbs because it was made by an American, try to live without medicine because most of their medical products and research are done in America, don't use computers because the OS alone is made in America, don't wear jeans, jeans originated from America, don't use any kind of phones, because the technology was founded in America. Do I really have to keep going?

Anyway, we cannot live without western products. Boycotting their products is not the answer to the Gaza atrocities.

p/s: Do you think Frankenstein could be a Jew as well? kah kah kah.