Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My sister calls SENGKUANG = KUANG SENG! 


But seriously, it's a miracle that my aunt boleh dapat tangkap apa adik aku was trying to say.

I really thought she was referring to a Chinese vegetable yg aku tak pernah tau!

btw, it was a radish.  >_>

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alia rants again. It's a rantful Thursday.

I'm so bad at keeping promises. I know I promised a whole lot of you that I'll update my blog, tapi sampai kesudah tak de updates ye tak.

Anyway, hari ni aku nak menaga.

Aku ada sorang kawan ni, orangnya bertudung, cantik, ayu, cakap pun lemah lembut, petite, so nampak luarannya macam sweet sweet girl gitu.

Tapi sekali dia update status dalam FB....aku rasa nak delete dia dalam hidup aku (haha dramatis tak).
Dia suka tulis isu isu racism, provokasi, and hateful.

Kawan kawan dia yang selalu komen pun satu species.

Mula mula dulu aku buat dek je, tapi makin lama makin sakit hati (dan sakit mata).

Orang macam ni la aku panggil hipokrit.

Cerita pasal agama pung pang pung pang, tapi very racist!
Tak ke agak kelakar kat situ?

I thought Islam taught you to be humble and understanding?
Kau share article article dari ustaz itu la ini lah, kasi nasihat agama kat orang lah, tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........


Aku perasan these self-claimed pious people are so violent, dari segi perwatakkan dan perbuatan.
Banyak kali aku nampak dalam timeline, how people would threaten someone for saying/doing the most stupid shit.

Contoh macam kes that woman and her dogs. I admit, I don't know the whole story (nor care to dwell further) tapi we've got these keyboard warriors yang kononnya mempertahankan agama (coz apparently she insulted the religion) fucking threatened to kill her?!?!?!

What the fuck is wrong with you!?

You claimed that she insulted your religion (of peace. OHH THE IRONY) and that gave you the rights to take someone's life?!?!?

Who the fuck do you think you are?? God??

I'm so fucking tired having to explain to my non-muslims friends on WHY MUSLIMS ARE SO VIOLENT (upon the smallest issue!) that they're just protecting the religion.

How fucking stupid does that sound?

Here you are, talking about bashing someone's head on the pavement because her view differs from yours.
She wasn't hurting anyone physically, she didn't hurt your family, she didn't hurt you, she didn't make your life miserable, she didn't get you fired or having something taken away from you, then why the fuck would you threaten her??


Also, my dear friends and family, even if Islam says that dogs are najis/unclean (not haram), that doesn't mean you can treat them bad! That doesn't mean you have to be abusive towards them! That doesn't mean that you can't help them when they're in trouble ie. about to drown! Please have a little mercy

I've got cousins that are so....I should say, hateful towards dogs. And I just don't know how to educate them that dogs aren't objects that you can simply kick or throw around.

They've mingled with stupid people and became, well, stupid.
They don't even bother to study or do a little research first.

Look, it's a different matter if you're afraid of dogs, cause you know, some ARE scary, but I've got no beef with you if you try to stay away from them and not do anything harmful ie: run over them with your car

Dogs are usually friendly and curious creature and just want to sniff you.
Unless if they come running towards you barking with a mouth full of dripping saliva. That just means that they're crazy and possibly have rabies. lol

If that happens, THEN you run. haha

Cute dog wants to be patted

Rabid dog wants to kill you