Thursday, February 5, 2009

Donalia Miller

I'm thinking of making Vlogs. Or probably just audio. That should be fun, no? Then padan lah muka orang yang mendengarnya. Har har har.


I might be seconded to another project that deals in strategic management (while managing this current project). Apa ni, haritu cakap I'll be dealing with cybercities/centers sajaa, ni mau masuk strategic mgmt juga kaaa

(edited: Change Management. And it is confirmed that my name has been brought up to the attention and I'll be working closely under another manager's supervision. APA NI. MACAM MACAM LAH! Kot kot aku part time cybercenter, part time CM kot)


I've been listening to Collective Soul acoustic lately. Hey it helps for soul recollection. Har har har, ayat tak boleh blah. I own a 9 year old guitar and I STILL don't know how to play. I've been playing piano as well, naseb baik aku tak suruh mak bapak beli piano, tak de nya aku nak main dah. Haa haaa haaa


I just realized all my phrases started with "I". Syiok sendiri betul.


I'm having a bad hair day today. So I'm moody, pissy and nonproductive. Eh sejak bila aku productive. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


It's snowing in NC. Why the hell am I still not there

Picture cilok from Don's sis-in-law's myspace.


Wow, I'm really such a huge fan of Collective Soul.


I miss you lah busuk :(

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