Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For the past few weeks, aku kerja malam. Sebab tu jarang nak update (wah, alasan pelbagai...cakap je ah pemalas!).

I don't have a lot to say tapi tangan menggatal nak update blog, even tho I've got more important things to do.

Itu namanya procrastination.


Gila pemalas mak gajah ni.

Speaking of which, it's just downright hilarious kalau dengar orang start memaki talking about your physical appearance.

"u is ugly"

oh ok.

Bagi aku, kalau orang tu dah start guna ayat yang berkaitan dengan appearance, maknanya dia memang dah tak der valid point untuk berdebate. Might as well stop je lah. Ni tak, tanak mengaku kalah, last last guna ayat cas bagus. omaigod plis. That's just too sedih.

You're only making yourself look stupid ok.

Sebab tu bila aku berdebat dengan orang, kalau dia dah start pointing fingers on my obvious physical flaws, aku just gelak sinis.

"u is fat lololol"

No shit Sherlock Holmes. What gives you that away?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey tak suka lah.

Aku betul betul rimas orang yang jenis kalau nak mintak tolong baru nak menggedik gedik menyempil. Baru lah sat sat tu jugak nak tanya khabar, nak kasi kuih, nak kipas kipas bontot.

Nampak sangat kau cuma nak mempergunakan aku.

Aku ni bukanlah jenis yg sombong (eh, tak sombong ke?), tho I'll make the time to help you selagi aku mampu, tapi kalau tahap yang suruh aku baca satu buku thesis then give you my feedback what the crapppppp.

Apa kau ingat my life revolves around you and I should stop everything just because kau tetiba muncul balik dlm hidup aku and mintak pertolongan aku??

Sorry lah beb.

I mean aku boleh tolong, tapi pls consider my predicament jugak boleh? Aku pon ada kerja jugak, banyak lagi tu. So kalau kau nak suruh aku tolong kau, fikir fikir lah pasal aku jugak.

Then satu lagi, kalau aku tak reply tu, maknanya aku busy gilaaaaaa ataupon aku memang tanak tolong kau (har har har), so tak payah lah susah susah nak buzz aku mcm orang gila. Dah lah selama ni tak pernahnya kau nak buzz aku tanya khabar, tapi bila kau dah susah mcm ni, baru lah terkial kial.



Hey, marah gila ni.

I've got no one to blame but myself lah, tu lah, sapa suruh tanak check email awal awal, kan dah susah.

Sepatutnya ada meeting pukul 9 pagi ni, aku pon berkobar kobar lah datang ofis...kalau bukan kerana miting, tak der nye aku nak bangun pukul 5 and drive mengharungi traffic tu. I HAVE to work tonight (sampai pagi besok) so buat apa aku payah payah datang opis waktu siang kan!

Skali, diorg dah tundakan miting tu petang. what the crapppp.

Aku sungguh bengang.

Dan aku sungguh penat jugak.

I dunno why aku penat macam orang gila baru lepas kena kejar polis (motif??)

Maybe aku terlebih tidur, but maybe jugak aku tak cukup tidur. Har har har. kelakar tak cukup tidur konon.

Ni ha lagi satu yang membuatkan aku bengang seribu kali bengang.

Nak masuk salah satu accounts (work-related) pon dah kena locked! OKlah, it was my fault, sebab aku mmg tak ingat password, tapi aku ingat aku sangatlah terer kot kot lah attempt yg last skali tu tetiba boleh magically works kan..ha, amik kau.

But aku bukan bengang sebab kena locked, itu ok lagi...aku bengang sebab it took me fricking 15 mins to call the fucking helpdesk!!! Dah lah kena tunggu lama sampai aku rasa otak aku pon boleh jadi biol sebab dgr lagu waiting in line tu lama sangat..I couldn't even manage to talk to one of the guys!! Bodoh! Aku membazir masa sebegitu saja!!

Bukankah HELPDESK bermaksud YOU HAVE TO BE THERE 24/7 SUNNY OR RAINY DAYS?!?! Abis tu aku kol pukul 8:30 pon kau tak masuk kerja lagi what the crap.

Aku memang anti habis ah kalau nak kol helpdesk pasal menda menda IT (dlm company ni). Bukan saja servis mmg tip top lambat, tapi orang orangnya tak friendly jugak.

Aku tak paham ah, ye lah their customers are internal customers, tapi bukankah namanya CUSTOMER jugak?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How we drive.

Relayed this message from Shad.

Pretty hilarious, considering the writer took every single words outta my mouth. Tho it's not something I should be proud of (since he's an expat), but it's the truth! WE SUCK. Oklah, most of us....oklah, only you suck, Alia rocks!



by David Astley

Malaysian road rules
A guide for expatriate drivers in Malaysia

Since arriving in Malaysia in 1997, I have tried on many occasions to buy a copy of the Malaysian road rules, but have come to the conclusion that no such publication exists (or if it does, it has been out of print for years). Therefore after carefully observing the driving habits of Malaysian drivers, I believe I have at last worked out the rules of the road in Malaysia. For the benefit of other expatriates living in Malaysia, and the 50% of local drivers who acquired their driving licences without taking a driving test, I am pleased to share my knowledge below:

Q: What is the most important rule of the road in Malaysia?

A: The most important rule is that you must arrive at your destination ahead of the car in front of you. This is the sacrosanct rule of driving in Malaysia. All other rules are subservient to this rule.

Q: What side of the road should you drive on in Malaysia?

A: 99.7% of cars drive on the left hand side, 0.2% on the right hand side, and 0.1% drive in reverse (be on the look out for drivers reversing at high speed in the left hand lane of freeways, having just missed their exit). Therefore on the basis of 'majority rules', it is recommended that you drive on the left. However, be aware that only 90% of motorcyclists travel on the left hand side - the other 10% ride in the opposite direction or on the sidewalk. Fortunately, motorcyclists traveling in reverse are rarely seen.

Q: What are the white lines on the roads?

A: These are known as lane markers and were used by the British in the colonial days to help them drive straight after consuming their gin and tonics. Today their purpose is mainly decorative, although a double white line is used to indicate a place that is popular to overtake.

Q: When can I use the emergency lane?

A: You can use the emergency lane for any emergency, e.g. you are late for work, you left the toaster plugged in at home, you are bursting to go to the toilet, you have a toothache or you have just dropped a hot latte in your lap. As it is an emergency, you may drive at twice the speed of the other cars on the road.

Q: Do traffic lights have the same meaning as in other countries?

A: Not quite. Green is the same – that means “Go”, but amber and red are different. Amber means “Go like hell” and red means “Stop if there is traffic coming in the other direction or if there is a policeman on the corner”. Otherwise red means the same as green. Note that for buses, red lights do not take effect until five seconds after the light has changed.

Q: What does the sign “Jalan Sehala” mean?

A: This means “One Way Street” and indicates a street where the traffic is required to travel in one direction. The arrow on the sign indicates the preferred direction of the traffic flow, but is not compulsory. If the traffic is not flowing in the direction in which you wish to travel, then reversing in that direction is the best option.

Q: What does the sign “Berhenti” mean?

A: This means “Stop”, and is used to indicate a junction where there is a possibility that you may have to stop if you cannot fool the cars on the road that you are entering into thinking that you are not going to stop.

Q: What does the sign “Beri Laluan” mean?

A: This means “Give Way”, and is used to indicate a junction where the cars on the road that you are entering will give way to you provided you avoid all eye contact with them and you can fool them into thinking that you have not seen them.

Q: What does the sign “Dilarang Masuk” mean?

A: This means “No Entry”. However, when used on exit ramps in multi-storey car parks, it has an alternative meaning which is: “Short cut to the next level up”.

Q: What does the sign “Pandu Cermat” mean?

A: This means “Drive Smartly”, and is placed along highways to remind drivers that they should never leave more than one car length between them and the car in front, irrespective of what speed they are driving. This is to ensure that other cars cannot cut in front of you and thus prevent you from achieving the primary objective of driving in Malaysia, and that is to arrive ahead of the car in front of you. If you can see the rear number plate of the car in front of you, then you are not driving close enough.

Q: What is the speed limit in Malaysia?

A: The concept of a speed limit is unknown in Malaysia.

Q: So what are the round signs on the highways with the numbers, 60, 80 and 110?

A: This is the amount of the ‘on-the-spot’ fine (in ringgits - the local currency) that you have to pay to the police if you are stopped on that stretch of the highway. Note that for expatriates or locals driving Mercedes or BMWs, the on-the-spot fine is double the amount shown on the sign.

Q: Where do you pay the ‘on-the-spot’ fine?

A: As the name suggests, you pay it ‘on-the-spot’ to the policeman who has stopped you. You will be asked to place your driving licence on the policeman's notebook that he will hand to you through the window of your car. You will note that there is a spot on the cover of the notebook. Neatly fold the amount of your fine into four, place the fine on the spot, and then cover it with your driving licence so that it cannot be seen. Pass it carefully to the policeman. Then, with a David Copperfield movement of his hands, he will make your money disappear. It is not necessary to applaud.

Q: But isn’t this a bribe?

A: Oh pleeease, go and wash your mouth out. What do you want? A traffic ticket? Yes, you can request one of those instead, but it will cost you twice the price, forms to fill out, cheques to write, envelopes to mail, and then three months later when you are advised that your fine was never received, more forms to fill out, a trip to the police station, a trip to the bank, a trip back to the police station, and maybe then you will wish you had paid ‘on-the-spot’.

Q: But what if I haven’t broken any road rules?

A: It is not common practice in Malaysia to stop motorists for breaking road rules (because nobody is really sure what they are). The most common reasons for being stopped are: (a) the policeman is hungry and would like you to buy him lunch; (b) the policeman has run out of petrol and needs some money to get back to the station; (c) you look like a generous person who would like to make a donation to the police welfare fund; or (d) you are driving an expensive car which means you can afford to make a donation to the police welfare fund.

Q: Does my car require a roadworthy certificate before I can drive it in Malaysia?

A: No, roadworthy certificates are not required in Malaysia. However there are certain other statutory requirements that must be fulfilled before your car can be driven in Malaysia. Firstly, you must ensure that your windscreen is at least 50% obscured with English football club decals, golf club membership stickers or condo parking permits. Secondly, you must place a tissue box (preferably in a white lace cover) on the back shelf of your car under the rear window. Thirdly, you must hang as many CDs or plastic ornaments from your rear vision mirror as it will support. Finally, you must place a Garfield doll with suction caps on one of your windows. Your car will then be ready to drive on Malaysian roads.

Q: What does a single yellow line along the edge of a road mean?

A: This means parking is permitted.

Q: What does a double yellow line along the edge of a road mean?

A: This means double parking is permitted.

Q: What does a yellow box with a diagonal grid of yellow lines painted on the road at a junction mean?

A: Contrary to the understanding of some local drivers, this does not mean that diagonal parking is permitted. It indicates a junction that is grid-locked at peak hours.

Q: Can I use my mobile phone whilst driving in Malaysia?

A: No problem at all, but it should be noted that if you wish to use the rear-vision mirror to put on your lipstick or trim your eyebrows at the same time as you are using a mobile phone in the other hand, you should ensure that you keep an elbow free to steer the car. Alternatively, you may place a toddler on your lap and have the child steer the car whilst you are carrying out these other essential tasks.

Q: Is it necessary to use indicator lights in Malaysia?

A: These blinking orange lights are commonly used by newly arrived expatriate drivers to indicate they are about to change lanes. This provides a useful signal to local drivers to close up any gaps to prevent the expatriate driver from changing lanes. Therefore it is recommended that expatriate drivers adopt the local practice of avoiding all use of indicator lights. However, it is sometimes useful to turn on your left hand indicator if you want to merge right, because this confuses other drivers enabling you to take advantage of an unprotected gap in the traffic.

Q: Why do some local drivers turn on their left hand indicator and then turn right, or turn on their right hand indicator and then turn left?

A: This is one of the unsolved mysteries of driving in Malaysia.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ini namanya entry membazir masa.

I'm still trying to get used to my newly found love. With the rate that I'm going, I'll be an expert in no time! (chewah, lukis pon tak pandai, lagi mau berlagak, sila lempang)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


p/s: Now I can make comic-based entry in less than 5 mins! yay!
p/ss: Yeah well, since it's faster, quality has been reduced - more to sketches like (ehem ehem, lazy haha!!). You gotta give and take whattttttt
p/sss: Please read my other (not so) awesome comics, in case you've missed them!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urut dan bogel.

For those who came across THIS particular entry based from your

"urut bogel"


"b2b massage"


"kena rape oleh tukang urut"

google searches atau yang seangkatan dengan nya,

here's another post for you to read on as well!

Don't you feel special? 

Now shooooo, get away from my blog, you pervert.

Haha, pagi tadi aku baca blog Peej pasal entry dia kena uli uli oleh pekerja spa...lawak gilos. Teringatlah aku experience aku first time di uli uli jugak...

Case 1
My memory goes back to a few years ago, masa kat Pulau Perhentian (besar) with my family. Nama pon vacation kan, mestilah itu kiranya ticket utk membazir duit kan...haha, so mak decided to spend it on urutan traditional.

Aku ni pon menggatal lah nak join sekaki jugak..macam macam alasan lah aku kasi, oh sakit badan lah, sakit tulang lah (apakah?), semata-mata nak my parents tolong bayarkan utk sesi aku skali...haha..

Aku pon tak tau perlu ke aku kasi alasan bagai macam tu??? Padahal my parents ok je...bengong gila..

So it was mak and I je dlm bilik spa tu, and pekerja dia org dari Indo. She asked me to bukak segala jenis baju dan kain...haha...tapi boleh tak aku refused?? hahaha...aku cakap, boleh tak kalau tanak tanggal panties?? Hahahajhda...

Pastu kena paksa, apakahhhh, aku cakap tanak tanak ahhhhh

Kesimpulannya, I had to obey lah, sebab nanti dia tanak urut best best..hahahaha, saiko. Seperti biasa, dia pon pelepap pelepap je atas badan aku...mentang mentang lah badan aku ni penuh dengan segala rolls, suka hati je dia nak uli uli kannnnn...wah, apakah tetiba nak amarah?? hahaha..

But she requested dulu, nak urut teyteks tak, aku dgn secara terkejut gendutnya, terus cakap "tak nak tak nak"..hahahaha....

So itulah kali pertama aku kena urut...haha..

Case 2
Then a few years later (actually 2 tahun lepas), aku pergi urut kat sini je....I think masa tu mak dpt promotional diskaun ke apa ntah kat one of the Spas yg kat Taipan Subang tu..ok lah, since murah gilos (dlm RM20 mcm tu je!), aku pon terlonjak lonjak kegembiraan nak ikut..haha

Masa kat situ lah aku di introduced kan dgn panties yang pakai buang tu...gilos gatal ok pakai. Macam pakai kertas carbon copy (pernah pakai ke Alia?? memandai je kasi contoh..haha). Dah lah KECIK..babiks betul. Aku pakai terus koyak...hahahahaha waddehelllllll

Buat malu jeeeeee babikssssss

Pastu dah koyak tu, terus aku lompat atas katil and cepat cepat kaver bontot dgn tuala yg ada kat situ...dlm hati dah sumpah seranahh

Then spa girl tu dtg...aku dah berdoa dah, plis plis jgn lift up towel tu....tapi dah kerja diorg mmg pembuka segala kain kan...dia bukak lah tuala tu...aku yg gabra/malu tu terus gelakkkkkk..itu kira satu method nak hilangkan malu lah kan..then terus aku cakap "you gave me a small sized one..."

Budak tu pon gelak sebab aku gelak...aku gelak sebab nak kaver malu ah vaviiiii

So lepas incident panties rabak tu, bermula lah sesi gedebuk gedebak...masa tu aku kira dah expert lah, tak kisah lah diorg nak pegang apa kann. haaha

Since masa kat Perhentian tu aku tak kasi diorg pegang teyteks, kali ni nak merasa ah kononnn, aku kasi dia urut...hahah babiks jugakkkkkk, tak sukaaaaa. Aku terasa ternodaa (walaupon aku yg kasi green light kann, waddefak). Tapi tak der ah dia uli uli sampai nips kot mcm kes Peej....itu aksi terlampauuuu

Oh, at the same time masa aku pergi urut, Don datang skali...dia buat shoulders urut lah, diorg kan mana ada urut urut macam ni...kat sana nak urut, pergi brothels lah...terus boleh main..haha...ok tak lawak.

So before kitaorg nak masuk rooms yg berasingan, I could tell yg Don dah menggelabah...mau dia tak menggelabah..dah lah dia sorang je yg laki...pernah ke kau tgk org laki masuk spa???

Dia pon kena tanggal baju jugak...but instead of kasi dia panties pakaibuang tu, he was given an ACTUAL boxer brief

Lebih kurang macam ni lah, tapi warna biru and size BUDAK KECIL. Macam utk budak umur 7 thn mcam tu!!

Masa tu, Don dah ternganga, dia tengok aku, aku tengok mak aku...mesti ah lepas tu aku dgn mak aku gelak gilos kannn...

Lepas habis sesi massage tu, aku tanya lah dia, best ke kena pegang pegang oleh awek, then dia replied, it was so uncomfortable sebab cakap urut BAHU je kan..I mean we paid for shoulders massage only, tapi awek tu siap urut urut bontot bagai lagiiii

Wahhhh melampauuuuuuuuu, aku pon tak der lebih lebih sampai uli uli bontot Don..hahaha

Tapi tak kisah ah, lagi lah aku gelak kat dia...then aku tanya lagi, did you get a hard on? then dia cakap "no, shes not pretty enough" babiks punya jawapan! Hahasjahdsh!

Case 3
It was kat Jln Klang Lama ke apa ntahh, kali ni aku pergi ramai ramai. Opah ada, uncles ada, aunts ada..haha. But cuma aku, mak and 2 of my aunts je yg nak urut satu bdan, yg lain buat reflexology je.

The workers are from China, stok yang cakap omputeh/BM tak tau tuu, nak komuniket kena ada bahasa isyarat.

So as usual, tanggal baju semua, bab ni aku dah expert dahhhh...hahahahahah, keji.

Skali minah china ni start urut....TANPA apa apa minyak. Waddehelllllll. Aku ingatkan dia nak kasi sendi sendi aku ni longgar dulu baru letak minyak, tapi sampai kesudah dia tak letak minyakkk.

Waaaaaaa, bayangkan dia uli uli pelepek sana pelepek sini DRY...mcm kau cubit okkkkk....madefaker betullllll...tapi aku diam je lah...mana lah tau, kot kot lama lama rasa sedap ke...

Skali dia lompat atas badan akuuu, siap angkat dua dua tangan aku mcm buat aksi akrobatikkkk. Segala aksi aski akrobatik dia buat kat aku....amikkk kauuuu

Pastu sedappp je dia landing bontot dia atas bontot aku yg serba naked itu...cuma dia berpakaian lah, but stillll...wahhhhhh tak suka tak sukaaaaa

Ngeri okkkkk

Case 4
Kali ni kat Bangkok, cuma kali ni aku buat reflexology je ah...tak kosa aku nak bugil bugil bagaiii..lagipon mmg kaki penat masa tu, jalan banyak kannn.

So masa tu aku ada 2 choices, samada nak suruh perempuan nak tolong urutkan ataupon nak lelaki. Lelaki tu kira gagah lagi lah, so urutan diorg pon kuat lah kan...

Aku ni yg dah sakit gila kaki, dgn konfidennya cakap nak lelaki. Mak terus "are you sure? tak sakit ke nanti?". Aku geleng geleng kepala, berlagak machoooo.

I went there (to lelaki section) with my aunt and my aunt's friend. Diorg mmg suka ah, sebab dua dua kaki kebal.

Skali masa kena urut tu, berurat urat muka aku tahan sakit...vaviii. Gila sakit ok!!! Kuat nak mampos!!

Brapa kali ntah aku cakap dgn laki Thai tu suruh slow sikit, dia tak paham pahmmmmmm. Babikssss

Tu lah degillll, ckp mak jgn lawan lain kaliii hahahaahah

Aunty and uncle dah gelak gelakk ejek aku...benci!

So the next day, kitaorg pergi lagi kat spa tu, diorg tanya lagi "man or woman?" aku terus cakap "woman"....pastu kena gelak dgn family aku :(


Case 5
Masa ni kat Bandung. Semua org cakap spa kat Indonesia murah...mmg murah gila.

Mula mula kitaorg nak pergi spa yang kira mahal lah jugak, tapi our driver cakap dia tau satu tempat urut ni best gilos, orang buta. Murah pon murah...

So we agreed lah nak pergi sana...

Masa kitaorg sampai kat situ, pukul 8 mcm tu, dah lah hujannn, sampai sampai je mcm rumah bohsia ah chong..oh shittttt, gerun siottttttttttttttt. Muram je tempat dia...gila takutttt walaupon kitaorg dtg sekeluarga (6 org).

Tapi ok lah kot, sebab masuk masuk je ada signboard "Bismillah" oklah tuuu...tapi tak tau lah itu sekadar decoy utk polis kotttt haha..

So anyway, kitaorg pon masuk lah, kali ni aku pilih urut kaki jugak.. sebab kaki je yg sakit melampau lampau. My parents and siblings semua nak berurut jugak...cuma mak aku je yg lebih lebih sikit..dia urut satu badan...tak pe lahhh

Masa dia urut tu, ok lah...aku rasa org yg urut aku tu tak 100% buta lah, sebab aku rasa dia boleh nampak sikit sikit...dia suruh aku bukak hal.

Dia sental sental kaki aku, wahh heaven siotttt hahahaha...skali dia naik ke paha sampai ke buntut. Apakahhhh??? aku suruh urut kaki je kannn, sampai ke buntut ni kenapaaa??? Tak kisah ah, aku biarkan jeee

Tapi sedap wehh dia urut kaki tu, sampai tertidur aku...haha...

Adik adik aku kat bilik sebelah, aku boleh dgr adik adik aku jerit kesakitan...har har har, nampak nya bukan aku sorang lah yg tak tahan sakit kan...haha...

Then dah habis urut tu, kitaorg tunggu mak kat lobby. Aku tanya ah adik laki aku, apasal aku tak dgr dia jerit, tak sakit ke...dia pon cakap "sakit gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! sampai tercabut cabut bulu kaki!!"

Then aku tanya ah lagi "kenapa tak cakap sakit! nanti dia buat lah slow slow!" pastu ada ke adik aku cakap "boleh ke?? ingatkan diorg ada satu mode jee"


Gila apa adik aku ni, ingat diorg ni robot ke boleh set standard mode???

Tapi oh yeah, mmg harga murah gila!!! Urut kaki tu sorang RM3 je, and urut badan RM6.
Semua family aku urut kaki, kecuali mak aku. Save duit di situuu.

Ok sebenarnya banyak lagi kisah pengembaraan kena urut ni, tapi aku dah malas nak type...hahaha...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What makes us so different

Hahahaha, 100% guna OneNote sebab I don't know how to make a table without messing dgn html tuuuuu. Explains the comotness.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Life in Technicolor

Ish ish ish, korang ni, bab bab gossip gossip gaduh gaduh laju jee korang komen kan.....hahahaha!
Tapi kalau aku buat entry serbaguna dan bertauliah yg lain, tak der pon rancakkkkkk mcm ni (wah, selama ni ada pernah ke aku buat post bertauliah tauliah ni??? hahahha!!)

Eh, who am I to ckp sedemikiannnn, aku pon apa kurangnyaaa. Hahaaaaaaaaaa batuk batuk.

Anywayssss, while menggodek godek gambar gambar lama, aku terfikir, betapa payahnya sebenarnya nak meng-kaler-kan hasil hasil lukisan tersebut.

I mean bayangkan, aku lukis atas kertas, then kena lukis balik guna pen hitam, then kena make sure tak der lubang lubang cacing sebab kalau ada, mesti kaler tu akan bercampur. Then kena scan. Urgh.

Banyak kerja okkkk.

Life would be easier kalau aku ada tablet kan *nudge nudge*

Here you go, hasil titik peluh aku semalam (haha titik peluh ke? aku dok lukis dlm AC...sedap je..haha!).






Here, I'll make it bigger



Yeah, aku purposely buat bengkang bengkok *jeling*. Abudennnn, dah tau aku ni mmg senget, perlu ke tanya lagi???

Wah, saiko apa si Alia ni, orang tak fikir/nampak pon, tetiba nak defend diri sendiri...hahahah

  1. Sketching + Drawing = 5 minutes
  2. Erasing pencil marks = lawl 2 minutes or so
  3. Audit (on incomplete lines etc) = 5 minutes
  4. Taking the scanner out from under the bed, bringing the laptop down onto the chair, plugging in power supply and connective wire, scanning process = goddamn 10 minutes.


That is sad.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You just can't stop being such an annoying nuisance can you?

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Pagi pagi lagi dah nak menaga, semuanya tak kena.

Except for my gorgeous hair yang berbau wangi sebab I gave it a treatment last night. Yum.

But yeah, aku sampai office, perkara pertama yang perlu di buat ialah bukak Facebook sebab pukul 8:30 diorg dah start block. Crap I am such a loser.

Tengah aku syiok syiok senyum senyum ayu (pernah ke aku senyum ayu?), tetiba lah pulak dia annoying bich ni msg.

I guess it wouldn't be such an issue here kalau dia message sekadar nak bertanyakan khabar, ataupon nak kill the time, or AT LEAST greet me with a simple hello ke assalamualaikum ke apa.

Ni tak, masuk masuk msg je terus ayat sampah.

Yer I know I have an ugly profile pic, tapi who are YOU to judge others kalau muka kau pon macam taik?

Yes I admit it, memang gambar tu hodoh gila, I even made it as a public laughing stock, but I DO have the rights to do so, sebab itu MY picture, not yours, MINE.

Regardless of what I do, aku nak gelak guling guling sampai mati ke, aku nak kutuk habis habisan ke, that person in THAT picture is STILL me and I STILL LOVE MYSELF and I personally think I'm hotstuff.

Now YOU on the other hand...sure you can gelak with me, you can kutuk with me, but pada-pada lah. Aku pon tak kutuk habis habisan, kenapa kau pulak yang melebih-lebih? Pernah belajar macam mana nak berinteraksi ke tak?

Oh wait, nvm, don't answer that.

And can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop being such a lalang? Kejap cakap lain.

I mean, what makes you think your second verdict will change the impact of your first? You can't undo what you've said.

You've already made yourself to look like an asshole, you can't turn around and fix it.

But you know what you can do to make yourself look LESS pathetic? Get some testicular fortitude to stand by your points, no matter how harsh they are.

Anyways, thank you Ezie for calming this storm down, nasib baik kau paksa aku jgn reply kat minah tu..kalau tak, memang akan berlaku perang dunia ke3.

Alia Picasso, not.

A lot of people inspired me to draw again.

Oklah, lately I'm more leaning towards digital art...kinda. I love playing with colors and I love playing with layers. So itu di kira digital art lah kan???

I no longer lukis humanoids ataupon benda benda yang make sense (make sense kah??) because it just takes too much, instead, aku lagi suka lukis benda benda tak masuk akal macam kartun kartun., paham tak?

It's easier to lukis, that way, you can go wild nak lukis apa.

Kan? Kan? Kan?

Bukan apa, kalau aku lukis manusia, kalau tak menjadi (usually proportion issues lah...muka senget lah, kepala lagi besar dari badan lah, etc), I get really frustrated.

Tho I know it doesn't take sebulan dua untuk melukis macam Van Gogh,  but I am veri impatient oneeee. Hahaha...kalau aku lukis tak lawa, terus malas nak lukis lagi.

Oh crap, aku seorang yang cepat give up. OHNOES.


Anyways, I haven't been drawing lately, and walaupon tangan aku menggatal nak lukis, but once I get it started, terus aku stop. Sebab I don't want to go through the hassle of scanning the goddamn thing...hahaha.

I guess aku akan melukis balik once I get my wacom tablet (wah, alasan..kalau dah malas tu cakap je ah malas).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

why are you always so angry and hateful?



I'm not ALWAYS angry and hateful..I'm an all-smiles-girl in real life

...which got me thinking, hm, maybe BECAUSE I'm an all-smiles-girl in real life, that made me so vengeful in blogosphere.

I guess there are just some things that do not deemed professional/appropriate if you do it in RL (like virtually spitting on their face, or virtually punching them, or call their mothers a whore lol) that got me resorted to blogging.

Well, at least I'm only violent in pixels. /SHRUG

A blogger like you; sure sometimes you'll meet raging readers and flamers. How do you usually deal with these things?

It's not really hard to counter them if you know your subject well (usually the point of argument).

Retort with truthful facts (otherwise you'd have a hard time trying to cover up your bullshit) and how you feel. Then brush up your points with something that will make them realize how much of an idiot they look like.

But of course, if all fails or you're just too lazy to entertain it...a simple "go fuck yourself" works wonder.

And oh, ALWAYS ALWAYS do it with a gives the oomphs! in your writings, trust me.


Friday, April 9, 2010



You're obviously mentally unstable who dated my 14 year cousin, hence I will accept your surrender.


/EDITED: Udah udah lah tu people. If I keep this open, memang sampai bilalah benda ni takkan habis. For those yang kenkononnya nak berlagak "matured" ala, please lah do the world a favor, please actually be one. I think I've said this a few times already, it's a done deal, drop the subject.

Now I am going to be the adult here and walk away. I shall delete dengan sepantas kilat apa apa comment about this issue. Capiche?

Thank you for being so understanding apanya, aku yg set kan the rules. HAHAHSJAHD.  

Ok, lets proceed dengan entry entry yang membahagiakan jom! 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kau kenapa?

I was feeling particularly rajin these few days (walaupon kerja menimbun...tapi apa mau buat, aku memang lembs sikit pasal technical-technical ni), so instead of being productive, aku asyik update blog dan menjenguk blog blog orang lain, particularly blog owners yang added my blog to theirs.

Wah, aku rasa tetiba ayat aku tunggang terbalik.

If any of you notice, aku ada jugak hantar komen kat blog korang, cakap merapu ahhh...pernah ke aku bercakap faktuallll??? haha..

Ok, aku amat keji, damn.

So anyway, terjumpalah aku kat blog perempuan ni, whom I've never met before but heard of her kes drama kaliang a couple of times.

Apparently she visited my blog and sungguhlah dia tak puas hati sampai siap buat entry khas:

semata-mata untuk reply this particular blog entry:

extracted from my post titled "Tahi."

Now you see why aku panggil dia drama queen?

Tak pe lah, I'll give her a leeway lah since she's only 18 and dated my 14 year old cousin.

AHAHHA, oops, sorry, I've made a promise not to be so keji...

So anyway, I couldn't help but to mengeji for one last time...and plus, I'm not the type yang cakap belakang...I am veri confrontational oneeeeee...hence this reply:

I figured a simple "lawl" (sila baca dengan perasaan "omaigod kesiannya budak ni") will do.

Tak tau lah kalau dia nak delete ke apa ke, itu her prerogative lah.

Tsk tsk tsk.



I had a huge crush on this guy.....

OK, ini ialah entry kali ke-3 untuk hari ini. Tetapi, itu bukan bermakna aku tidak ada kerja, cuma, ia menunjukkan aku seorang blogger yang tegar dan jugak seorang yang pemalas.


But anyways, referring to my previous entry, I've mentioned about my huge crush on this guy masa zaman Uni.

Ye, walaupon dah ada Dondon, but still aku menggatal, kau ada problem dengan tu ke malaun? (haha..tetiba nak mengamok, saiko apa kau ni Alia)

Aku pon tak tau kenapa aku suka dia...maybe sebab pada masa tu, dia sorang je kot yang rupa macam omputeh hahah...alamak, alasan tak boleh blahhhh.

Yeah, he's from K.azakhstan dan ya, muka diorg semua macam muka orang Tibet, north China, south russia, ala ala kaum mongolia pon ada...hahah...ok I wasn't trying to make fun of him/them.

Remember this, I had a HUGE crush on him! Like bila dia berjalan depan aku, aku rasa dia macam terbang sambil ada fireflies kelip kelip mcm tuuuu..

Pahemmm??? LOLOL

Matilah aku kena gelak dgn sesiapa yg kenal dia ni...tak kisah ah weh, dia seorang yg baik! (tetiba nak back up diri sendiri..haha!)

So anyway, dia ni kira one of the top students ah..pointer tak pernah turun 3.50, so oleh di sebabkan kepandaian terlampau dia, dia jenis senyap, bookworm agaknya...(motif  nak kaitkan org pandai dgn bookworm???).

Aku minat dia dari jauh lah, mana lah kita setaraf...dia tu tinggi, putih, pandai pulak tu...harharhar...oklah, actually kalau nak ikutkan, boleh je aku menggedik gedik damba dgn dia..tapi AI AM FAITHFUL TO DON ok..

Hahaha...perlu ke aku nak bold kan part faithful tu...

Dlm masa 4 tahun tu, aku rasa, aku boleh kira brapa line aku berborak dengan dia....haha...yeah that tells alot... memang tiada jodoh di antara kami...HAHAH

But if you asked any of my uni friends, sure diorg akan tergelak gelak sebab aku sanggup buat apa saja (wah!) untuk mendampingi si diaaa...

AHJAHDJADJHFF jap aku nak muntah.

Nak di ingatkan balik, seriously memang tak der reason aku nak minat dia.....I mean sure he's a nice guy and all, but we hardly even talk to each other, apatah lagi aku nak bawak dia masuk kelambu kan..

AHSJAHDJHHFA sori, aku muntah lagi.

I guess it was all crazy hormone ah, nak mengharapkan si Don tu dtg (masa tu), memang takkan lah..dia pon masa tu financially unstable lagi. So I resorted to si Kazakh iniiiiwwww...HAHAHA.

I dunno lah kenapa aku attracted to orang bukan Malaysian...maybe sebab lelaki Malaysia ni memilih sangat, sebab tu at the back of my mind, baik amik org luar, probability untuk kena rejek tu rendah sikit...HAHAHAHSJAHD.

Anyhow, just in case if you guys are wondering, yeah, I told Don about him...hahah...sampai kesudah dia ejek aku...sampainyaaa hatimuuuuuuu

It was never a problem, sebab nama pon crushh jeeeeee.

Anyway, tadi aku gugel nama dia...hahahah, skali keluar sehhhhh. Siap kluar entry blog aku lagi!! Matiler makkkkkk. hahahaahahaha.

Sebab tu terus aku edit balik entry tu...hahaah, harap harap google dah update lah webcrawler dia....*crosses fingers*

Tapi, KALAULAH dia terjumpa blog ni pon...well, HELLO R.AVI.L....

ahahahaha (secara confidentnya) lagipon bukannya dia paham 100% pon kan...hahaha...and plus, it was a silly crush and it happened years ago. Now it's nothing lahhhh.

Tapi yang tak boleh blah....bila aku gugel tu siap ada gambar!! AHSHAJHDAJFAAAAAAAHHH

OH TOLONGGGGGGGG, as far as my memory goes..he looked much better years dia mmg rupa mcm tu dari dulu lagi?? LOLOLOLOL!!

(gambar ni kalau boleh aku nak kecikkan lagi...HASHAJSAHDJAFHFH)

Tapi betul ahh!! Dulu aku rasa dia hensem! kenapa sekarang dia kurennngnggg???

......bukan nak cakap apa lah...tapiiiiiiiii.......*ayat tergantung*


This made me cry in the office.

I can't imagine losing a child, especially kalau masih kecik. Al Fatihah.

See, now hidung aku tersumbat, I should've read Perez Hilton instead :(

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Koleksi gambar lama yang boleh membuatkan saya pengsan terkejut.


Ekceli, ai wan tu aplod pix ni dalam fesbuk, but ekceli, mai ofis blok fesbuk.

HAHAHAHAHAFGAH. Pening tak baca? Aku lagi pening.

Scratch that, I've already uploaded them.

Wah wah wah wah, baru semalam berazam nak berhenti mengeji, hari ni start balik. Betul apa orang-orang tua cakap, alah bisa tegal biasa. Hari hari dok mengeji orang, sampai dah kronik sungguh penyakit ku ini.

Tapi apa nak buat, kawan kawan aku semuanya keji keji belaka, tak kisah lah kawan sekolah ke, kawan Uni ke mahupon kawan kawan semasa sudah bekerja ini.

Saya yang baik ni pon, bila berkawan dengan diorg, terus jadi tak baik.


Anyway, like I said before, since FB tak boleh bukak sewaktu bekerja (kah kah kah, aku bekerja ke), so I kenot upload gambar gambar yang seindah rupaaa iniiii.


I was browsing gambar lelama...tengok balik gambar gambar masa zaman University dulu....omaigod buruk gila muka aku. Patutlah M (gila hok, aku boleh ingat nama penuh dia) [EDITED: Tadi aku gugel nama dia, skali keluar pulak blog aku ni..terus aku panik..haha] tak membalas cinta kuuu ituwwwww. Tetapi, kisah cinta sebelah tangan ini akanku siarkan di entry yg lain kali.


Oklah, ni gambar susanan tunggang terbalik. Sila lah jangan pening.

Feha, Diey, Shad and I. The Four Stooges. Sebab kitaorg semua pendek pendek...haha...oklah, kecuali Feha..dia je tinggi sikit dari kitaorg. HAHAHA

Tapi masih lagi di dalam kategori ketot.


Masa di Genting. Baru keluar dari Snow house tu kot, sebab tu rambut basah basah.

Waw. Rambut basah.

HAHAHAHAHAHGRJ. Ok Lawak bangang, sila abaikan.

But I was reminded yang sebab kitaorg basah kuyup ni sebab kitaorg baru je lepas jadi pelakon tambahan (actually, background je..haha) untuk TV3...masa tu diorg nak buat liputan pasal snow house ni...

Alia, Diey & Shad

omaigod. Kalau boleh aku tanak mengaku itu aku.

Oklah, tak der beza pon, saja je kasi efek dramatik lebih lebih. Haha.

But this picture was taken sebelah FIT (now I believe the whole building belongs to FET) building, MMU.

Diey and I.

Seriously aku tak ingat ni kat mana. Diey ni dah nak kawen dah pon.

Sob sob, bila lagi aku nak kawen haa? HA? HA??

Hahah...tetiba nak mengamok, saiko betul

Murta! and I

Masa ni we were celebrating Murta!'s 20+th birthday...haha, sori, aku tak ingat umur brapa  But it was unforgettable sebab siang tu kitaorg pergi Alamanda beli kek, then sementara nak tunggu malam, I kept the cake kat bilik aku yang serba panas (nampak sgt byk dosa ahahah!!).

Then on the way nak pergi rumah sewa Murta!, masa tu dah malam, I don't remember lah what time, kena tahan polis...HASJAHDHA. And polis mintak I/C...wah, masing masing ada rupa pendatang asing ke?? AHSHA.

Dah lah jauh gila tempat tu, aku rasa macam masuk hutan belantara. Then sampai sana, kek cair.

So kesimpulannya, saya tanak celebrate birthday Murta! lagi.


Oh, ni pulak celebrate birthday saya.

See? Kali ni kek tak silalah dtg bawak hadiah lagi untuk birthday saya tahun ni..HAHAHAHA

Ni my family punya kerja lah, atas kek pon nak letak muka aku...tapi tak pe...korang yg makan tu, manis kan kek ni??? Sebab ai kan seorang yg manis lagi ayu....HAAHHAHAAHSJHA batuk batuk.

Anywya, on my 26th birthday, aku nak hire strippers pulak...anyone interested? (utk jadi strippers) boleh dpt diskaun kot...


Diey, Feha and I

This was just horrible.


My hair, my shirt, my smile, the heat, the crowd, the nyamuks and insects and the little crawlies. URGH.

AKu tak paham kenapa member member aku suka pergi starlight cinema..I get it lah kalau nak buat kat oberseas sebab sejuk kan...but here in Malaysia???? Nanti balik semua bau kepam..hahahah!!

L-R: Diyanaram, Syilawa, saya, Shadnoni, Didot, Zaritha dan Fehfeh

Haha...suka hati aku je nak kasi nama ntah apa lantak lah. HAHA

Masa ni reunion jugak...but don't remember lah bila. Haha...

Girls, bila nak keluar lagi? Oops, sori, Zarith dah ada plus one...haha...

Wah, aku dah malas nak buat description, kasi tepek gambar je ahh.

At my house, semasa birthday party saya.

Wah ada a glass of wine lagi! *feeling omputeh kejap*


Hahaha, gambar tunggang terbalik, padan muka korang.

All of us, tapi ada tambahan pulak. Adam, tu ha yg duduk hujung sekali.

He's the most quiet of the bunch, tanak socialize dgn aku tak tau mcm mana nak get along with him. Sebab tu dia jadi besfren kau kot Shad....AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok keji.

Tapi betul lah, ada hari tu aku tertagged nama dia dlm FB pon aku kena marah. TER lah, tak kuasa aku nak tag nama dia sesuka hati. *talk to the hand beeesh*

Like  I said in my FB...ini original crew..tiada ahli tambahan.

But forget about that and look at how makcik I looked like!! HOLY CRAP!!


Neva neva again aku akan buat rambut sebegitu lagi. URGH.

But hey, untuk menyedapkan hati aku....mari kita lihat rambut si belah tengah itu...AHSHAJDHADHAJFDAHFAHFA

Kami lagi.

Ni sambungan gambar atas atas tu...hahah, tapi biasalah, tunggang terbalik dan aku malas nak betulkan balik. Haha..

Aku rasa masa ni kitaorg semua dah on our first job, sebab tu boleh berjoli sakan duit gaji hahahah...

But I don't look much different lah dulu dan sekarang. Crap. Aku ingat aku dah bertambah cantik sekarang.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok sila muntah.

Graduation ceremony.

Masa ni tengah duduk nak naik stage amik sijil. Yabedabedoooo!

But holy crap lah, muka masa ni comot gila. Aku pon tak tau kenapa aku berpeloh, padahal seingat aku dewan tu sejuk..maybe peluh seram sejuk kot...

kot kot lah tetiba diorg announce "BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHTS ISSUE, ALIA IS NOT ALLOWED TO GRADUATE"...sebab aku selalu tiru orang utk programming assignments...HAAHAHHAJDHA.

Tapi aku tau Murta! jugak gelabah, sebab tu mata dia mcm ala-ala stim gituww...HAAHSHAJDHA. (Thanks Khairie for pointing that out on the previous picture LOLOL)


YAYYAYAY. It was hot, it was packed and it was omgkakisakitsebabpakaikasutbaru. lawl.

Oh if you're wondering, kemana perginya Syilawa dan Zaritha..diorg dah grad awal awal dah...haha....kitaorg je rock sebab tu kena extend...haha.

(haha, gempak tak ending aku?)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alia sudah bersara untuk menaga.

I NEED to stop bitching and menaga setiap hari. Haha...kata mau kahwin! Kenalah jaga tingkah laku kannnnn

*muntah hijau*

No seriously, I felt sooo dungu when I was there and I had to control my api. Sebab kalau aku mengamok, mestilah bakal mak mertua saya fikir "wah, Alia ni panas baran rupanya!" Hahaaaahaaaaa

Ok tipu, she wouldn't say that, sebab sah-sah lah dia tak pandai cakap BM kan...haha, bunguk.

It was SOO fricking hard for me to marah kat Don sebab dah lah duduk sebumbung, aku nak storm keluar pon, I don't have a car and plus I couldn't even drive sebab diorg kan on the other side, aku nak jalan kaki keluar nanti takut kena rogol (ha! ada ke orang nak rogol kau Alia, org tengok je boleh pengsan. AHAH!!).

So my only choice was to either duduk sebelah pool sambil kenkonon buat muka sedih sebab nak dipujuk, or storm to my room and lock the door and possibly takkan kena pujuk sebab dia takkan ketuk pintu sebab nanti mak dia dengar what's the hype.



Oh yeah, to all men out there, please please please listen to my kata-kata bernas ini...

Jikalau teman wanita anda merajuk, SILALAH kejar dia dan pujuk. Kalau kau tak kejar, lagilah dia mengamok. Lepas tu kalau nak pujuk (selepas tarikh tutup) lagi susah..kena hadiahkan dia intan berlian pulak kan dah susah..Haha...

So anyway, yeah, susah ok nak mengamok when you're in someone else's house. You need to put on your topeng kepura-puraan and pretend you're a happy-go-lucky person dan bukan seorang yang baran.

Which is clearly not my best virtue.

Ada sekali tu, we had a fight and I aku terus capai kasut (no, aku tak pakai kasut dlm bilik, tapi pakai kasut kat area rumah yang lain - what? I was living as an American kan! haha) sebab mmg masa tu dah terlampau marah and dia dan dan je cakap dgn sinisnya:

"You wanna storm out? Go ahead. Good luck"


Eh, I mean khinzir betul!


Mentang mentang dia tau aku sure akan sesat punya, lagi dia cakap macam tu.

ai het yuh!

Tapi tu lah, I don't know how you married couples deal kalau bergadoh. How ya?? We still haven't reached to that maturity level lagi...haha...

But yeah, from now on, I will try to bersopan-santun, hormat menghormati dan berlemah lembut!


Dan jugak salah satu sebab aku mahu menukar cara hidup (waddehel "cara hidup" LOLOLOL) aku ini sebab aku telah mendapat satu gelaran yang agak tak femes, iaitu ALIA SI NAGA BERAPI

Terasa ai tau. lawlawlawl

Tak pe awak tak pe...ada ubi ada batas, ada api boleh saya balas awak dengan kuasa sakti ajaib saya! BWAHAHAHAH.

Oh plis, ai is very the geli bila gelar "saya awak saya awak" ni.

Oh tidakkkkkkkkkk, sila lempang aku cepat cepat.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Should I stop blogging?

Ada kawan cakap, kat office dia blog aku kena blocked sebab contains "inappropriate" words.
Ada sorang lagi kawan cakap, ada officemate dia geleng geleng kepala bila baca blog aku.

Secara kesimpulannya, blog aku rock, korang je tak.


Pengakuan keji. Tak pe, aku lempang diri sendiri.

Then? Nak buat macam mana??? Takkan aku nak tulis macam seorang yang hipokrit macam orang lain?? (Haha, motif tetiba nak kutuk orang lain?)

OKlah, I'll try to use less vulgar words....TRY lah.

It's not like my everyday sentences ada mencarut-carut, tapi this is a blog, dan blog ini adalah untuk menulis rasa hati. Dan hati aku senantiasa membara-bara bila update blog sebab aku cuma update bila nak bitching...hahahahahahah.


Anyways, it's getting scarier lah having this blog. Sebab ada satu hari tu, ada orang came up to me and tanya "Ni Alia yang ada blog tu kan?"

Oh crap.

Aku ingat aku selamat, tapi sebenarnya tidakkkk.

I mean I couldn't care less lah kalau blog ni penuh dengan unsur unsur ilmiah dan ciri-ciri kekeluargaan harmoni (haha!), tapi..........

It's one thing to be proud of your "work", especially bab bab blogging berkonsepkan ilmu pengetahuan but this is an entirely different case. Oklah, bergunalah jugak blog ni...cara-cara untuk mengeji. Haha.

Crap. I am not a good person, baru aku perasan. (eh, sejak bila aku seorang yang baik?)

Tapi kalau aku buat entry HOW TO boleh kan?


HAHAHA. What? Itu pon ilmu pengetahuan jugak. lawls. Lagipon aku tau, kau nak kan, kan kan kannn??? HAHA

Oklah, probably I should blog like the rest and jaga bahasa yang digunakan (and be boring). LOL. I'm sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that, scratch that.


Oklah, probably I should blog like the rest and jaga bahasa yang digunakan fullstop

But I'm afraid if I do that, I won't be me anymore...tak per lah, at least I can get a glimpse on how to be a perempuan gediknakmampus. Seorang peremp yang bajet ayu (tapi gatal).




Gambar from wedding Zarith + Amer lagi!


Aku rasa aku amat jelita semalam, so I just couldn't resist nak tepek gambar banyak banyak sampai korang semua muntah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH batuk batuk.

Plus, it was a beautiful wedding, what's not to like kan!?

Shad, Ahya dan perempuan jelitaaaa. HAHAHAHAH! Ok sila tampar.
Aku baru perasan, gigi aku adalah macam rabbit. Crap. Patutlah aku tak suka senyum. (sejak bila?)

Si jelita (HAHAAH!! omaigod plis) dan Murta!
Ok korang mesti fikir kenapa nama dia Murta! siap ada tanda seru lagi...haha. Nama dia Murtaza dan bila aku panggil dia, mesti panggil dengan nada yang excited sekali sebab aku kan seorang yg loud. So jadilah Murta! ada pahem? HAHAHAHHAHA.

Lagipon itu nama glemer dia. Haha...


Ini adalah percubaan pertama kami untuk posing gedik. Tidak ku tahu bahawasanya, Shadni Wardiah mempunyai ciri ciri kegedikan melampau yang tersembunyi. HAHAHA!!

Shad, aku tengok balik gambar ni, aku rasa macam nak piat telinga sendiri, sebab gila gedik habis! Macam gambar budak-budak sekolah menengah kat Myspace tu. Yak. I am so disgusted. LOL

 Rambut saiko

Sila abaikan rambut aku yang macam saiko itu. Ada kipas kat belakang tu, saja je tanak kasi aku tampak jelita. Hahahah....

Tak pe, aku dengan rela hati membiarkan Amer dan Zarith nampak jelita. (haha, motif nak membiarkan??)


Wah dan dan BFF. HAHAHA. You know I lap you Diey, Bot/Dida dan Shad! Cuma missing sorang...Fehaaaaaaaaa rugi kau tak ikut! Siapa suruh kerja! (hahahaha...).

Bot pon sorang lagi yang mempunyai nickname yang agak gah. Nama "Bot" tu berasaskan dari perkataan "Debot" yang dicipta oleh Fee. Asyik Debot Debot Debot, lama lama jadi Bot. Tapi sekarang dia dah kurus! Gila dengki.

Haha, Bot, nama kau dlm phone aku masih lagi Debot. Haha

Ok, gambar ni memang bangang sekali.

Kalau ikutkan hati, mmg tanak aku upload, tapi apa kes asyik letak gambar jelita je (jelita ke? haha!).

Tapi thank you sesiapa yang amik gambar ini, sebab sekarang baru saya tahu bagaimana rupanya muka saya bila saya gelak melampau.

Crap, lepas ni aku nak gelak sipu sipu je lah. HAHAH!

(Friendship) established in 2002. 

Wah, tup tup dah 8 tahun kita berkawan kan! Gila kental. Sorang dah kawen, next Diey, lepas tu??

Nanti masing masing dah ada commitment lain :(
Tiba tiba aku emo waddehel.


Srsly. I need to stop making that muka berak. Tapi riaksi tu dah macam sebati dengan diri!! HOW???Hahah.



Was supposed to be a candid picture, tapi aku pantang nampak camera...sori, ai kenot help that. So terimalah nasib gambar yang agak bunguk ini.

Padan muka aku.


Kepada sesiapa yang tak sedar tentang kepelikkan gambar itu, sila abaikan, dan kepada sesiapa yang sedar, sila abaikann jugak. (aku pon tak perasan sampai adik aku pointed it out! haha).

Ok tu je. Haha...sori, aku amik gambar yang ada muka aku je...sebab kalau nak amik semua, matilah internet ni, dah lah slow giloss.

It was a great day guys, nanti kita ronda ronda kampung lagi ye!

Much love,
Alia @ Ally. 
oh, nama glemer aku Ally...just in case korang tak tau...haha...Ally tu sebab lidah mat salleh susah sikit nak belit nak pronounce "Alia" aku kasi jalan senang.."call me Ally" sudahhhh.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Aku selalu tengok orang kawen, tapi bila aku nak kawen!?!?

Hari ini adalah hari yang memenatkan. Aku tak tau kenapa penat sangat sebab bila aku fikir balik, tak der lah pulak aku buat aktiviti panjat gunung ke, terjun gaung ke apa. Wah, nampak sangat aku ni seorang yang pemalas...haha.

Hari ini jugak, aku ingat nak tidur mati sampai pukul 12..(haha!) tapi mcm dah automatic bangun pukul 6.

What the crap.


Hari ini jugak aku pergi wedding kawan dakuuuu. Sob sob. Sedih bila teringat balik...sebab bila lah aku nak kawen ha? HA?? HA??????

Jeling jeling kat Don.

Anyways, kitaorg pergi wedding tu lewat sikit sebab tunggu sorang lagi kawan (Shad), pergi dalam pukul 3pm macam tu...haha, gila rock kan kitaorg, orang nak balik kitaorg baru nak datang...hehe. Tak pe, kitaorg mmg rock macam tu.

Oleh di sebabkan aku ni ialah seorang yang pemalas gila nak bawak kereta dan aku memang tak tau jalan tapi sebenarnya part malas tu yang jadi faktor utama (haha!), aku telah berjaya memaksa sorang lagi kawan jadi drebar aku pada hari ini.

Haha...thank you Murta!
I owe you nothing! HAHA!!!

Oklah, sebenarnya aku tak tau nak tulis apa ni, sebab tu cakap mengarut. Boring pulak tu. So here are the pictures....bukan semua lah gambar..sebab aku tak bawak kamera sebab kelam kabut sangat sebab si Murta! dah sampai rumah.

Wah, tetiba ai hate you, tadi beriya sangat nak berterima kasih kat dia kan...hahahahahaha. Memang sungguh saiko.

OK ah, nah gambar. Aku dah malas nak taip.

 THE PENGANTIN. CONGRATULATIONS ZARITH DAN AMER. Korang tak panas ke pakai baju tu? Ye tau soalan bongok hahaha...aku dah berpeluh peluh kat situ. hahaha...

Shad dan Bot. Shad, kau merenung masa depan kahhhhh. Tak pe..aku paham perasaan mu ituuwwwww Hahahahaha

Murta!, posing macho habis.  HAHAHAH!!! What? What? ai is inesen *kelip kelip mata*

HAHAHA Shad, sori, aku tangkap gambar, mesti kau tengah buat muka. Ai is very the soriiii

Diey and Shad (again!). Hoh, gambar korang je. GAMBAR AKU MANAAAA?!?!?!



Murta! again. What the crap? Gambar aku takkan satu je?!?! Haha...mengamok kat diri sendiri...gila terencat.


HEY! SIAPA ITU PEREMPUAN JELITA?!?!?! HAHAHA! Murta! Apa ni, posing angelic je, aku terasa keji sungguh.

PEREMPUAN JELITA LAGI. Hahahahahaha. Kesian Murta! kena buli dlm is very the sori....NOT. Hahahahahaha

YAY! FINALLY! A PICTURE OF US WITH THE YANG BERHORMAT (eh, yang berhormat ke?) haha...tak pe lah, kasi diorg bangga's their day pon. Haha

Ok dah habis. BAI.

Hahah....keji sungguh entry aku kali ni kan. Dah lah aku rasa gambar muka aku sikit...tak pe, nanti kalau kawan kawan lain dah upload gambar diorg, nanti aku tambah lagi.