Friday, May 20, 2011

COMIC: You can't fix stupid [edited]

I've decided not to put his URL, I don't see the reason why

I'm sorry, but you should not be passing judgements if you look like THAT. LOLOL

Apart from his pot-calling-the-kettle-black attitude, his whole entry just makes no fucking sense. I mean here you are, raging about ugly people bagging a hot partner, and at the end of the entry, he's trying to justify himself that he's not jealous, not mad, blah blah blah. 


Stop being such a pussy, stand up for what you've said and be a fucking guy with a real dick (albeit small, no doubt LOL)

LOL, recycled picture
But unfortunately, he will NEVER be


Yeah! My little cousin has my back! Go Go Aqeel!

I'm a very nice person, so I've posted this on his blog:

You know, it won't be such a big issue if you're good at trolling and somewhat pleasant looking, but you're not. 

You are...neither.

P/S: Thank you Syazwani N. for giving me the heads up. *millions of hugs*
P/P/S: I also notice that there are a few of my blog readers read his blog too. You better choose your side now!!! HIS OR MINE?!?!?!
Hahahahah....ada rasa nak lempang tak?

I don't care lah, saja kasi cuak...tapi cuak kah anda???