Saturday, January 30, 2010

My heart is aching, my body is hurting


Oh, hari tu I went for an X Ray...gelabah jugak nak tau result dia apa. Sebab I've been complaining pinggang sakit sangat.

Eh, saja je kasi aksi saspen sikit (saspen ke?)

Ini untuk medical checkup lah...because...

Hahaha...ok apa motif aku letak gambar Trump pon aku tak tau. Bagus jugak kalau aku dapat kerja under dia, sebab nanti sah sah dapat mencuci mata tengok lelaki kacak..hahahahah.

Oh, I'll be working under a GLC telco company. Mampuih lah aku dah kutuk kutuk Streamyx sekali kerja satu syarikat..haha.

I'll be reporting for duty (wah, bunyik macam askar nak pergi berperang) next week. But sebelum tu, I have to go for an induction for 3 weeks. So I won't be here for 3 weeks.

I DON'T LIKE OK. I WANT MY DONNIE TO BE THERE JUGAK :( (wah, gedik gila..haha)

p/s: Sakit pinggang tu maybe sebab tetek terlampau berat. LOL! (conclusion sendiri)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Arab food

Yesterday was a very tiring day. Tapi aku tak tau kenapa aku boleh bangun pukul 7:30 pagi.


Anyhow, I'll tell you later what I did in the morning, but now, I'm going to story mory about what happened during the evening (til night, duh).

Oklah, saja bagi gempak, tak der apa apa yang menarik hati berlaku..hahaha, cuma we were invited for dinner by apak's friend cum colleague cum client, ntah, aku pon tak tau macam mana nak describe.

He's been here in Malaysia (he's from Saudi) for almost a week, sebab adik dia nak masuk MMU and is looking for an apartment. Since we are so baik hati and pemurah hati dan suka tolong orang (kah kah kah), we offered them a helping hand lah. Walaupon my dad isn't in Malaysia.

Jadi it was mainly my mom lah jadi chauffeur, dan negotiator dan penterjermah (sebab orang Malaysia lebih suka cakap Melayu daripada Inggeris). Anyway, malas aku nak cakap lebih lebih pasal mencari rumah ni, sebab tak interesting pon, let's fast forward it to dinner semalam. Haha

Did you know now in Cyberjaya, kedai kedai makanan Arab dah banyak?? Oh you tau? I didn't. LOL. Ye lah, I was in the U.S for 6 months kan...(wahhh, macamlah 6 months ago tu kedai tu belum wujud lagi haha)

He invited us to Saba restaurant. I think sesiapa yang kerja kat Cyberjaya tu tau lah kedai ni. Bila diorg tunjuk je menu, wah, aku terus dapat migraine. hahaha. Kambing kambing lembu lembu ayam. Kambing kambing kambing lembu ayam.

Tengok dari menu je aku dah kenyang. Hahah

So anyhow, we let him order for us, sebab dah tentu tentu dia yang lebih arif kan. Walaupon kat Malaysia, tapi sebab ramai pekerja orang dia and semua makanan dia, tiba tiba lah pulak dah jadi turf dia.

So mula mula dia order appetizer.  3 jenis;

hummus (tak sedap, sebab chickpeas geleng sampai jadi paste pastu makan dengan roti)

Maria, lebih kurang macam ni la, tapi dia nipis macam lempeng/pizza

and satu lagi aku tak ingat apa nama, tapi rupa dia macam ni:

Bebola sayur. LOL. Rasa macam maruku pon ada jugak (I think it's called Falafel)

Ok, bayangkan, there were 5 of us, (mak, myself, bro and sis and him) and appetizers ni dah membuatkan kitaorg kenyang. WHat the hell, baru appetizer, belum masuk main dish lagi. Haha, my brother dah lah puasa, dia balun semua roti roti yng kitaorg tak habis.

Ok next, dia order main dish, ok ni memang aku tak ingat nama, sebab masa dia order tu pon cakap bahasa Arab. Haha.

So main dishes pon sampai...satu..satu...satu...sekali meja jadi macam ni:

Ok ni sekadar gambar hiasan. Ni dah sah sah lah bukan makanan arab kan..haha

 Oklah, macam ni lah, ni ha aku letak gambar makanan Arab, but do take note, atas meja kitaorg ada LAGI BANYAK makanan daripada gambar ni.

Our table penuh dengan makanan, gila kauuu. Tu pon dia cakap kalau boleh dia nak order lagi, sebab ni kira tak cukup untuk 5 orang. Tapi dia tak order sebab dia tengok kitaorg dah macam berpeluh peluh nak habiskan. HAHa

Pastu yang kelakarnya, it's normal for us lah kan kalau dah tak larat, we stop kan. Tapi he kept on insisting ok, bukan insisting lah, but dia macam, "are you done?? Here have some moreee" *tolak makanan ke kita*.  We felt obliged lah kan, sebab dia yang belanja, so nak tanak terpaksa lah makan jugak..hahaha.

Last last perut kembungggggg.

Pastu first time jugak minum Arab beer

Ok I know, aku memang ketinggalan, semua orang dah merasa, but I just came back from U.S kan..kat sana semua beer betul..hahahahaha (ok alasan semata-mata)

He wanted to order desert, tapi kali ni memang kitaorg surrender, sorrii pakcik, i kenot eat animorrrrr. Last last dia order tea + mint sajaaa. Cause he said it's a tradition after makan minum teh.

Logik lah, sebab nak menghilangkan after taste makan kambing lembu tadi.

Overall, the food was (really fricking) good and he even claimed yang it tasted like back home, so his brother won't have any prob kalau dia merindui makanan negara dia.

The price was NOT pricey, I dunno kenapa orang cakap pricey, price ala-ala macam kita makan western food jugak. I mean it's an international food, what do you expect. Takkan kau nak harga macam makanan mamak kot (eh, mamak pon mahal ok).

So now I know where to go next time kalau mulut nak merasa makanan asing..tak der lah balik balik western, balik balik italian, balik balik sushi...sekali pekena Arab pon sedap jugak kannn.

Balik balik rumah je, dah pukul 11pm, balik terus terbongkang macam ular sawa. HAHAH.

Oh lepas makan tu, mak tengok receipt:

Mak: Eh, ada makanan nama Maria lahh. Femesnya nama mak, sampai makanan pon diorg letakk *nada ala-ala bangga*
Me and Sis: A ah, memang lah ada, pizza kambing tu tadi.
Mak: HA?? Kambingg??? Mak ni umpama kambing?? cheit!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I don't like (the people on my) Facebook. LOL.

I like Facebook, for the fact that it reconnects me with old friends and keeps me updated. I can also play games when I'm bored with WoW. I can post pictures so that my family and friends can see how fat I've become. You know, there are a lot of reasons why I like Facebook.

But there are also reasons why I DON'T like Facebook. More of an annoyance, really.

News Feed Spam. 
I don't know whether it's your connection or you're just too fucking stupid to remove duplicate entries.

I'm sorry, I am not interested in whether you just beat your top friend record or not! So why the hell would you post it THREE TIMES IN A ROW? (there are actually more down the row).

Once is fine, but THREE TIMES???

I mean sure sometimes my connection is gay like that too where it automatically duplicates my entries, but then I'd have the decency to remove the fucking thing.

Easy right?

Try it next time. It's fun.

The Let-Me-Tell-You-About-My-Life type of people. Sure I love my friends, but oh come on. I don't fucking need to know what you had for breakfast or what you're doing now.

How fascinating! I've never tasted ANY of those. You sure are lucky.

If you had a maggot in your food and you fucking loved it or anything that DEEMED necessary to update, then sure, the pleasure's all yours. Otherwise, if you're just repeating your breakfast/lunch/dinner menu, who gives a shit. You might as well just take a picture of the damn menu.

 Invitations. Invitations. Invitations.

Before I get into this, lemme clarify something, it's fine if you invite me to your wedding/birthday/house warming/kenduri/your circumcision party (in fact, I welcome them). I get it, you're optimizing the usage of today's technology, kudos to you.

But I am talking about these kinda invitations (you know damn well which kind of invitations I'm talking about don't you):

And these too:

Um, how about a BIG FAT NO?

No, I am not interested to join and be your little groupie. No, I don't want to play another shitty game.

And why this shit bothers me so much is that, people won't stop fucking invite me if I don't accept them.

Of all the hundreds invitations that I received (trust me, I've ignored hundreds before), I believe there are only less than 10 which are LEGIT invitations (weddings and birthdays). The rest are either SPAM, or well, SPAM.

Pillows war.

Like seriously.

I am getting more and more annoyed at this. No, not because you've hit me with an intangible-non existence pillows several times, but the fact that you're drowning my wall with your annoying notifications!

Over and over and over.

Fine, I'll play along too.

I win.

Advertising, promoting, seeking for your MLM/Insurance victims. I have to say, this is perhaps the most annoying thing about Facebook.

I like my Facebook to be strictly personal/fun. It's a taint in the eyes to see all these people SPAMMING THE SHIT outta Facebook (like literally, spamming).

It's even more annoying when you get something like this:

No I will not call you because I am not interested. But thanks for tagging me, and half of your friends list. We truly appreciate having a fricking non-constructive award picture that has nothing to do with us in our photo albums.

Unnecessary photo-tag. I don't get it, why would you tag me if I'm not in the picture?

Just look at this picture. Are you subliminally saying I'm a millipede (or whatthefuck ever that is)? Do I look like a millipede? Do I smell like a millipede?


Or how about this one:

Yeah, you know it. You've played this before. I know I have (but removed it a minute after this screen popped - no kidding). So what is your point exactly? This application is by far the most pointless time waster out there.

You know, you could at least delete it once you've seen the result.

It's annoying.

Super annoying.

But I must say, this is rather funny.

But I still wouldn't want this in my fricking album.

Facebook drama. Let it be couples arguments or friends drama.

Couples arguing back and forth publicly. I've thought of several possibilities on why they are not being discreet about their domestic problems:

1. They've got no other means of communication. Their phones have been barred or probably they smashed their phones when they threw at each other.

2. They can't see each other because they've been crying non stop for the past 2 weeks so they look super ugly now

3. They want to share their problems with other friends/the internet world so that they can get a pat on the back saying "You'll be fine, it was his/her fault in the first place".

4. They want people to feel sorry for them. Ehem, attention seekers.

5. They're just plain ignorant not caring about what other people has to go through upon seeing their silly quarrels

And this is even more laughable, someone who went apeshit when she/he was removed from her/his friends Top List.


You're kidding right?

Tell me, if I remove you from my list completely, would you go insane? No? Good. Done.

Friends of friends (of friends of friends) trying to add you. 

Er, who are you again?

Look just because you're a friend of my friend doesn't mean I AM your friend. I don't know you. So why the hell would you add me.

Oh, you wanna add me because I look hot in my avatar, why thank you, but you're still not getting any brownie point for that.

Massive notifications. One comment on one photo/status/wall and you will be notified for subsequent comments, FOREVER. And EVER.

It only takes 2 people to make it into a lifetime annoyance; once they start chatting. About something else that has nothing to do with the picture/status. And you gotta live with it. FOREVER. And EVER.

People who think Facebook is an open channel for them to talk about politics.

I don't like it when politics interfere with my personal life. Or with anything, really. I despise politics and I think politics are just a bunch of crap that people made up to get money and to control our lives.

But that's just what I think.

Facebook is for fun. So why in the world would you talk about politics? Do you discuss politics while making out? No. So shut the fuck up.

What is up lately with these womens' conspiracy against the men? We are suddenly talking in codes.

lawl. You are not wearing any bra.

How does THIS support the victims of breast cancer? By shoving it to their faces saying "HEY LOOK I AM WEARING A BRA CAUSE I'VE GOT BOOBS LOL".

That's stupid.

But I suppose that can't top this:

Frequent updates about your kids growth.

I understand that you're a proud new parent. I enjoy your child's pictures, updates, videos and such, but that doesn't mean I (or we) want to know every little step that your baby takes.

I am certainly not interested in reading your updates EVERY TIME your baby eats, walks, plays, yawns, poops, pees or talks.

Make a personal blog and share it to your immediate family. Just not on Facebook.

Ok. It's 2:26am and I am tired and my stomach is killing me. So I guess I'm gonna have to stop at the 12th reason.

Grumpy granny over and out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why white men love Asian women

I've been wanting to write about this for the longest time, tapi tak pernahnya rajin. Haha.

Before I proceed, do take note that this post is strictly (for) "fun"-ctional and I do not condone racism. Nor it is the place for me to brag about my ever-so-charming boyfriend, myself or our relationship.......wait, it IS the place for me to brag about us. HAHAHHAHAHAH.

Suck it up people.


WHY WHITE MEN (specifically Don) LOVE ASIAN WOMEN (specifically me)

In order for me to write this post, I have to write it in a white man's POV kan (duh), otherwise it'd just sound like me trying to write a bogus story (which prominently leads to me being a huge liar who wants to credit myself hahah).

All these points came from him. His view and his thoughts. Though it is in his morale not to sound too judgmental, but he's an ass...soo.....pahem pahemmm la yeee.

I had to put on my reporter hat and interviewed him...while he was busy. So bayangkan aku kena ulang soalan beribu-ribu kali.


Oh well, anything for my beloved blog...hahahahahaha. Wah, aku telah menunjukkan ciri-ciri orang tidak ada life!

So here goes; a white man's reasons for liking us Asians:

Cultural differences. Perhaps this is the main reason why they're so infatuated with Asians. They don't have much of a culture (to be proud of ) as much as ours. All Asians, namely the Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, etc share similar culture in the way they do things with families. We've shown strong family values and family bonds.

Asian parents don't practice the 18-years-old-and-you're-out policy. Though this goes hand in hand with the young adults wanting to taste "freedom", but it is NOT required for them to leave home at such early age.

While over there in America you're considered a "loser" for still living under the same roof with the parents, it is quite the norm over here in Asia. We like to be basic-necessities-supported until we're either married or the situation requires us to be away from home.

Most American/white women are generally rude (he said "bitches" but I believe I should make it politically corrected). Since this came from a man who prefers Asian women, so this can be considered somewhat biased.

To his defense, majority of American/white women expect things to be thrown at them instantaneously just because they think they deserve everything....and yet they don't return the favor. The fingers are pointing at their parents, for raising them this way. They're most probably been raised in the "Yourself first, second and third, THEN you can consider others" way.

A relationship is a partnership, what good does it make if you're the only one that's pulling? Having these said, (most) Asian women avoid these key white women characteristics. It is rare to find Asian women with mid life crisis, prone to getting divorced (or have the infatuation with divorce) and they don't neglect their children.

Subconsciously, this is one of the key reasons why white men adore Asian women; Asian women are petite. Towering and lanky women don't turn (most) men on that much. Being big and tall represent dominance and men would still like to remain being the Alpha one.

I'd like to be able to pick you up and not having to look up to kiss you - Don M.
Though Don doesn't have a preference in sizes (duh, look at me), so this particular point is talking about the general white men's adoration towards Asian women.

Asian women age well. A lot of older Asian women don't look too terribly bad, as compared to old white women. A 70+ year old Asian woman could be mistaken for being 60+ while a 50+ year old white woman could be mistaken for being 60+. Asian women retain our young looks without the help of botox, yoga or trendy diet, we just have a hearty appetite for ulam-ulam kampung.

Ugly Asians are as rare as beautiful white people - Don M.

Since video games made its' first debut in Japan and most games reflect Asian girls (Japanese specifically), it has been instilled in the lives of these young American boys the thoughts of having one Asian partner. And when they finally saw one in real life, they'd be thinking "OH SHE'S LIKE THE HEROINE IN THE FINAL FANTASY GAME. I GOTTA HAVE HER".

Now who says video games bring bad influence? Hahaha....

Asian women are faithful, hard working, honorable, feminine and can kick asses with kung fu. 

Hahhahahah....ok this one is self-added. He didn't say this, but I'm sure he'd agree! (Or I'll make him agree) Hahaha!

So there you go, Don's 5 points on why he likes Asian women.

After having all these said, I take back my point about this being a racist entry. This is not racism, this is dating preferences.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cara - cara memikat lelaki kacak tanpa baju.....kali ni tak tipu!

Hahahaha..tergelak kat tajuk sendiri sekali lagi.

Oklah, hari tu dah tipu, title je bombastik (eh, bombastik ke setakat lelaki tak berbaju? hahaha), tapi entry macam sampah.

Kali ni betul betul punya, sebab saya kan baik hati lagi pemurah...(hahah tak de kena mengena).

Anyway, sebelum saya tersasar topik lagi, nah, amik ni.



Kata mau lelaki kacak tanpa baju...tu haaaaa. HAHAHAHAHAH

OK memang aku biased, sebab pada pandangan saya, Don amatlah kacak.

Dreamy dreamy dreamy.


Wah, aku ketawa tak hingat dunia okkk. HAHAHAH

See, I wasn't lying.

Ok dah tu je. BAI.

Eh, sori, memang kali ni entry sampah jugak, dan tak der tips untuk memikat lelaki kacak tanpa baju, sebab aku sendiri pon tak tau macam mana nak pikat lelaki kacak tanpa baju!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cara - cara memikat lelaki kacak tanpa baju.

 LOL@Title sendiri.

Ok memang entry kali ni tak der kena mengena langsung dengan lelaki kacak. Siapa suruh klik! Haaaa, gatal. Hahahahaha...

Anyywaayysss, I do have a lot of pictures nak kena upload, tapi malas. Cause I know Streamyx won't be able to support my massive upload. Bongok gila. Bayar je mahal mahal, tapi service macam taik.

Anyway, dah lama aku tak lukis comic kan? Tu lah...sebab mastermind dia tak der (ehem, Don), so tak der event yang kelakar berlaku. I'm not funny enough to create comic sendiri. Aku tukang lukis boleh lah.

Oh speaking about lukisan, I showed mak my doodle, ok, sebenarnya dia tanya, and she requested me to lukiskan dia wallpaper untuk PC rumah tu..alamak. Pastu siap demand lagi...dia nak yang bunga bunga atau permandangan.

Tapi disebabkan saya sungguh malas...hahahaha, dan tak reti lukis, nah:

Hahaha, ni baru buat 10 mins tadi. Semua guna auto shape dari Photoshop (except castle tu..sebab tu bengkang bengkok)..hahaha

Hahahaha, memang tak ikhlas betul. Ok lah mak, nanti lah Alia lukis lain.

But I don't know how to lukis permandangan ah...katun katun tau lahhh.

Akhir kata, sila lah ambil gambar ini sebagai pengganti wallpaper permandangan/bunga-bunga...

"Zug the Zombie"

 Muka monster ni pon boleh la kannn. Permandangan jugakkk.. hahaha


Ok, update kali ni memang tak der point. What the hell, perlu ke update jugak kalau cakap merepek..hahaha.
Cacat gila perempuan ni.

Friday, January 22, 2010

They don't want me because I'm too good. WTF.

Ok, seperti yang tak semua orang tahu, I went for an interview with this company (where my parents are/used to work - so kepada sesiapa yang tahu, shush shush ye).

Sure lah I was called for an interview because my parents ada kenalan (sebab nak masuk kena ada cable besar). But it doesn't matter how besar and panjang your cable is, but once you're in the meeting room, it's all up to you lah kan.

So payah lah sikit kalau anak anak Dato' ni di "recommended" kan but bila kena gertak sikit dlm interview, terus meleleh/do not perform well during the interview.

So anyway, back to my point, I was called. Tapi bila dalam meeting room ni, it was all up to how I conduct myself lah kan. Since I'm technically an experienced professional, I treated these panel professionally lah kan. I treated them on par with me lah. Tak de lah aku anggap diorg ni sungguh superior sampai kena sujud. You get what I mean tak?

It was a group interview; 5 orang sekali gus.

Sure thing, not a problem for me.

I really did my best tau. I asked a lot of questions because they didn't tell us/me enough. Sebab pada pandangan aku, a job interview is for the employer to know you and for you to know the employer/position as well kan?

I made the whole session more interactive, rather than just one sided. 

In my group tu, aku sorang je yang bersuara lantang, spik gud inggeris (sampai kena puji on the spot okkk, jangan memainnn haha) and aku berani bertanya. Yang lain macam takut takut, terketar ketar. I admit lah, aku pon terketar ketar jugak, but alhamdulillah, I managed to control it. Tahap confidence level tinggi beb. Hahaha

They didn't ask me a lot of questions...actually the only question they asked was "Tell us about yourself". Tu je.

What the hell.

Apahal diorg tanya candidates lain lebih-lebih?

Oleh disebabkan they didn't ask me, I had to ask them lah.

Logik lah kan!! Soalan yang aku tanya tu pon logik ok!! Bukan lah soalan bimbo macam "Encik dah makan??". 

It's to be expected lah kalau candidates tanya soalan kan. Lagi banyak soalan lagi bagus kan!

So to cut the story short (sebenarnya banyak lagi yang berlaku masa dalam meeting tu), a day after the interview, one of the panels jumpa bapak aku. Haha, rupa rupanya sebelum interview tu, my dad dah kenalkan dgn his friend ni, and his friend ni pulak jadi one of my interview panels.

Sungguh aku tak perasan. I have a bad memory btw.

Anyways, so si panel ni pon jumpa my dad. He told my dad yang he interviewed me and he said I am one of the best candidates (see I wasn't lying when I said I was good..hahaha). He even told my dad yang they (meaning the whole panels) were intimidated by me!!

Because I asked questions!!


Wait, the word he used was "challenged".

I did not challenge them. I simply ASKED them. Politely, and PROFESSIONALLY.

So bapak aku pon terkejut (cause I oredy told him everything - what went on during the interview), and apak pon tanya lah lagi, in what sense yang aku challenged diorang.

So si panel ni pon bagitau lah yang among all the candidates yang diorg interviewed, tak der sorang pon tanya soalan soalan bombastik yang required them to think. And selama ni, tak der sorang pon candidate yang treated them on par - selama ni semua orang anggap diorg superior, angguk angguk kepala walaupon tak paham/tak agree.

But not me.

Yer lah, kalau aku tak paham ke, tak agree ke, need more clarification ke, buat apa aku angguk kepala macam orang dungu. Mesti lah tanya balik kan!!

I mean aku treated diorg as a professional lah. From a professional to another professional. I didn't let them make me feel small, I had self-control and though I respect them as a future employer, but I didn't let them make me feel intimidated.

And because of that, they felt "challenged"!!


Oh jadi selama ni diorg interview candidates macam main belasah je lah?

Unstructured betul.

I mean what I asked them tak der lah bombastik mana pon, I asked because I didn't know, betul tak.

Sakit hati ok! I mean he admitted it, yg the rest of the panels cakap I'm a good candidate!! Abis tuuu, what's the fricking problem?!?!?

Wah wah wah, gila mengamok ok.

Ye lah, sapa tak mengamok, just because I posed a managerial trait, diorg dah gelabah. Pastu tanak hire me.

Tell me lah, company mana yang tanak employees dia menyerlah. Company ni macam nak orang yang jenis kepala-angguk jee. Diorg nak yes-sir man je ke??

Apa takut aku nanti masuk fast-track then terus jadi boss diorg ke??

I have proved myself that I can conduct myself well, I know my subject matter, I am confident, I can communicate, I'm professional and I can retain self-control under pressure.


p/s: This is a HUGE GLC company.

p/ss: Oh, I'm now in the recommended list btw and I shall hear from the HR in 3 months. Tapi takut jugak babe, anything can happen kan! PLEASE DOA KAN UNTUK SAYA. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :(

Siapa bilang gadis Melayu tak menawan?

I know I've made a post about this a long, long, long, long, long time ago. Tapi kali ni rasa nak mengeluarkan unsur unsur naga sakti lagi sekali.

What is it with us dengan keindahan paras rupa? Physically speaking lah ni.

You know lah I have this picture of Don and I as my phone's wallpaper.

Padahal dua-dua muka tonyok....oklah, I looked good, but he looked ridiculous! Hahahahaha...(sempat kutuk, what the hell.. hahaha)

And iPhone kan screen dia gabak, so bila aku letak atas meja (after used - so screen masih belum gelap) orang keliling agaknya akan tertengok jugak phone aku, maybe diorg nak fikir "Wah, berlagak sial si Alia ni, nak menunjuk-nunjuk lah iPhone dia tu", tapi agaknya fikiran keji diorg tu terbantut bila ternampak our picture.

Pastu mesti lah tanya "Ehh, who's that guy???" dengan nada eksaited.

And of course lah I replied "Oh, tu my boyfriend, soon to be my husband". Hahah..ok memang keji jawapan aku, abis tu, dah tanya, aku jawab lah dengan sepenuh hati kan.

Tapi I noticed, setiap kali je lepas aku cakap he's my bf, terus muka diorg berubah, macam terkejut.

"Your bf??? Wahh, you have a mat salleh bf ahh??"

Tersentap okayyy.

No, bukan sebab aku jeles sebab diorg cakap dia hensem ke cute ke apa., but sentap cause I know at the back of their mind, diorg tak expect si gemok hodoh ni ada bf.

I don't like ok. From their reactions je aku boleh speculate macam macam.

Do I have to be berkulit putih??
Do I have to be berhidung mancung??
Do I have to be super skinny macam super model??
Do I have to be pretty??

I admit, aku ni bukannya lawa mana pon, but it doesn't give you to rights to judge me incapable of attracting a guy.

Cara diorg jawab tu serupa jugak macam aku cakap "Wah, itu kereta kau ke?? Kau mampu jugak ye beli kereta??? Kagum"

You get it now?

Subliminally, I'm saying you're poor.

Sama jugak in this context, subliminally you're saying I'm ugly.

Kenapa kita pentingkan paras rupa instead of hati seseorang itu? We take pride on their good looks, and ignore their perwatakkan.

I might have an unattractive appearance, but you don't know what's inside me do you? Obviously I'm beautiful inside since I have someone to share his life with me.

Lagi satu, why is it kalau perempuan Melayu yang bercouple dengan non-Melayu/Malaysian orang akan expect you to have a sexy/whorish appearance or you're somewhat a mixed (races) product?

Kenapa, you think orang orang yang muka separa-Angelina Jolie-separa-Sharifah Aini je ke yang mampu attract partner berlainan kaum? (motif Sharifah Aini?? Haha)

Memang lah muka aku Melayu tulen, memang lah aku tak pakai mini skirt nampak panties, but just because I don't have all these 'traits' doesn't mean I can't have an international partner (International gituuu hahaha)...or any guy.

It's how you conduct yourself. Kalau muka kau orang boleh mati tengok sebab lawa sangat, tapi perangai macam taik, apa guna.

Beauty deteriorates.

Nanti kau dah tua, dah lah perangai hodoh, muka pon hodoh.

If you're with someone because for that one reason; their beauty, then you're a fricking idiot.

Ok memang hari ini perasaan membara-bara. Sila abaikan. Now I'm hungry.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Accent, Art and Colors. Wah, tiga topik berlainan.

Oklah, lately ni saya rasa teramat malas nak update blog....ok, tipulah, memang selama ni tak pernah rajin....unless lah kalau hari tu aku jumpa lelaki hensem tanpa baju kenyit kenyit mata kat aku, tu mesti laju je aku update. Haha...

Anyway, this is going to be a short update, sebab I want to nap before I have to wake up in the middle of the night and study for my upcoming interview. Alone. Haha, mesti parents aku ingat anak dia gila ke, cakap sensorang malam malam hari.

Ok tipu, memang selalunya diorg dengar aku cakap sensorang on mic, sebab they cannot hear Don on the other side. If I put him on speakers, mesti bergegar Malaysia sebab semua orang berlari ke rumah aku nak tau siapa punya suara yang lunak dan kacak ituuuu.


I know I should be studying dan prektis my Inggeris (and lose the accent tipu). Speaking about accent, how ahhh. Ni bebetul mintak pandangan, bukan aku sengaja nak buat menggedik kenkonon nak cakap dengan accent habuk, but everytime bila perkataan keluar, mesti terkeluar dengan accent habuk tu sekali. I don't want my "future" employers to anggap me sebagai perempuan yang berlagak gila cakap berabuk tapi kerja pemalas. You know what I mean. Dah lah accent berterabur, sekejap American, sekejap Malaysian, sekejap British...hahah.

I know lah some of you manusia dogol memang dengki, cakap aku mengada-ngada nak cakap dengan "fake accent". You know what, you boleh pergi mati. Kau tak suka sebab kau tak boleh buat. HAR HAR HAR.

Wah, tiba tiba emo si gedik ni.

Anyway, I know Don dah banyak influenced me sebab hari hari cakap dengan dia. And everytime aku cakap contohnya "can't" dengan accent Brit (sebab kita kan ikut British syllabus), dia perbetulkan cara aku. He said if I cakap "can't" dengan accent British depan family dia, nanti diorg ingat aku cakap "cunt". Hhaha...

Bayangkan bila adik dia cakap dengan aku:

Her: Alia, can I have your iPod?
Me: You CUNT....

PANG. Kena pelempang sakti di muka.


Ok, memang aku merepek dah. Whatever.

These few days instead of belajar bersungguh-sungguh (wah, bersungguh-sungguh lagi tu), I spent my days doodling benda yang ntah bukan bukan. But hey, ehem *clears throat*, this is ART.

Art means rubbish. Random things that you put together that doesn't make sense but people still appreciate it (or pretend to) because they don't want to look like an idiot.

I'm sorry, though I am art-inclined, but I just can't appreciate stupid things macam contengan hingus. What the fuck is that. I can do the same with my right foot (I'm left handed).

Anyway, ye, ini bukan contengan hingus ok, ni memang sah-sah doodle. I did this for my sister cause she loves colors macam badut antarabangsa.

"Sea, Ground and Sky"

"Our World"

Adik aku cakap, macam dalam kedai punya quality. Wah, itu ialah satu pujian ikhlas dari dia sebab dia tu memang ngok sikit, kedekut pujian. HHAHA.

Ok, nak tidur kejap.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Alia sesat di lautan

I just came back from Johor malam semalam. Kepenatan masih tak hilang, sebab tu sekarang rasa nak mengamok. (ok tak de kena mengena, tapi seriously rasa nak lempang orang).

On our way home, I (re)told a story about my experience masa naik kayak. Ntah macam mana boleh terselit topik pasak kayak pon tak tau. Maybe sebelum tu cakap pasal berak, pastu otak geliga sangat sampai terfikir kayak...kan 'rak' 'yak' tu macam nak dekat sama bunyi dia...hahahaha. Cacat.

Anyway aku dah kasitau my family empat ribu kali kot pasal cerita ni, but for me, it still sounds so fricking awesome sebab ianya melibatkan diri aku yang sangat best ini. (haha, motif nak puji diri sendiri lebih lebih?)

Ok, ceritanya begini.

Masa tu I was doing my pre-U. And I had a lot of free time (sebenarnya tak de, tapi dah dasar pemalas....) so me and 2 of my friends registered lah untuk camping trip ni in Johor. Ok, sebelum tu, take note, I'm not a nature loving hippy who loves outdoor (obviously) I don't like extreme sports tapi suka tengok lelaki hensem tak pakai baju buat extreme sports. I don't enjoy camping sebab tak der proper toilet dan I hate kencing belakang bushes. You get what I mean lah kan. Basically I'm a city girl who acts so kampung. Hahah boleh?

So to cut the story short, the whole group (there were around 80 of us kot) was divided into 2 major satu group 40 orang lah kan. And our objective on that day was to reach that tanjung ke pulau ke apa ntah, lupa lah.

And there were only 2 means of getting there; walking for god knows how many kilometers or kayaking. Of course lah the idea of kayaking lagi gempak kan. So berebut lah 2 groups ni nak kayak. But the authorities (lecturers and tour guides) oredy made their mind up - my group was to kayak to get there.

Wah seksaited ok.

Ok mula mula they taught us the basic of kayaking. Biasa lah. Macam mana nak pusing, macam mana nak kayuh guna paddle tu and all that crap lah. Satu kayak 2 orang. I was partnered with ntah lupa nama mamat ni, so lets call him John Doe ok. Aku ingat kalau duduk depan tu kerja senang lah, sebab they told us, sapa yang ada experience kayak duduk belakang, sebab orang kat belakang tu lah yang kena navigate kalau nak pusing ke corner ke apa. So don't care lah, aku duduk depan.

Hotak kau kerja senang.

I was doing most of the paddling. Babi. Boleh tumbuh muscles muscles ok. PENAT GILA

So anyway, it was all fine and dandy, siap nyanyi lagi ok. Senang hati betul, pastu gelak gelak kat group satu lagi yang kena jalan kaki tu. Kah kah kah.

It was already 6pm, hari masih terang dan siang. Pantai nampak cantik, angin tiup sepoi sepoi.

Macam romantik gila ok.

Sekali tiba tiba, hujan renyai renyai. We were hardly even half way, so kami pon decided untuk pulang ke pantai. Baik jalan kaki macam ni, spoil gila nak kayak.

Ok so all 20 of our kayaks pon bermula lah berlumba-lumba nak ke pantai. Penat ok. Dah lah hujan. Then hujan makin lama makin kuat, hari makin lama makin gelap. Mula lah semua orang panic.

Paddle punya paddle..tak sampai sampai ke pantai. Paddle lagi. Paddle lagi.

What the hell.

Apasal nampak pantai tu macam sama je distance dia dari tadi. Makin kuat kitaorg paddle, makin jauh dari pantai.

Rupa rupanya current tarik kitaorg ke tengah laut ok!!



We were struggling to get to the beach, tapi tak sampai sampai. We spent for about a few hours jugak lah. Hari dah malam, I still remember the lights from the beach, and I was trying so hard to get there.

Bayangkan you were only on a fricking kayak tengah tengah laut in the dark!! You definitely don't know what's INSIDE the sea kan. And plus, hujan makin lama makin kuat. Ombak besar gila.

Then 2 safety boats came to rescue us.

Oh cerita belum habis.

Because there were 20 kayaks all together, so satu safety boat responsible for 10 kayaks la kan. 10 kayaks = 20 people.

And since the ombak was so damn kuat, we were scared that one of us will get lost in the middle of the fricking sea. So we had to group up.

Safety boat tengah tengah, 5 kayaks on its left, and the other 5 on its right. And all these kayak kayak kena berpaut ke kayak kat sebelah to create a long chain of kayaks. And you have to berpaut guna tangan ok. AND IMAGINE ALL THE TIDES AND CURRENT yang keep you separated. Rasa macam nak tercabut tangan.

Oklah, ni aku lukis.

Hahah  siap ada muka masam....menunjukkan betapa penat dan takutnya kitaorg. HAHA

Lebih kurang macam tu lah, tapi panjang lagi chain tu.

I remember aku jerit kat pakcik boat tu, "Pakcik, tak boleh naik boat ke?? Kitaorg penat ni nak berpaut!!" Pastu pakcik tu marah aku balik, bodo punya pakcik. Dia cakap kalau semua orang naik boat tu, tenggelam lah, sebab kitaorg ramai.

Ok lah, logik jugak la.

Dah lah hujan tak berhenti henti, ombak kuat, sejuk gila babi. Masa tu dah pukul brapa malam aku pon tak ingat, tapi kau bayangkan dari pukul 6 petang tadi kitaorg kat laut!

Masa aku tengah bertungkus lumus berpaut kat kayak sebelah, tiba tiba aku rasa macam kayak aku dah menjunam ke depan.

What the hell.

Air masuk kayak ok!! Kayak aku nak tenggelam!!

Panic gila masa tu. Takut gila.

So aku jerit lagi kat pakcik tu " PAKCIK!! AIR MASUK KAYAK!! NAK TENGGELAM!!"

Pastu kau tau apa pakcik tu cakap? "Buang lah air tu!"

Hotak lu. Macam mana nak buang.

So I told John Doe kat belakang tu, suruh dia pegang kuat kuat, cause I'm gonna try to buang air. Kau tau aku mula mula buang air guna tangan, tapi air kept on coming. Tak boleh jadi ni, so I took off my shoe, and kaut air keluar. Haha, macam dalam movie.

Holy shit, tak working ok. Bila aku kaut air keluar, ombak masuk balik.

Makin lama makin tenggelam kayak. I still remember air dah paras pinggang!!! Meaning memang kayak tu dah separuh tenggelam!!

So I yelled at pakcik tu lagi, "PAKCIK SAYA NAK NAIK BOAT JUGAK, KAYAK SAYA DAH TENGGELAM" or something like that. But I remember aku betul betul bangun dari kayak tu, then lompat ke kayak sebelah, hahahaha.

Pastu pakcik tu pon nak cakap apa kan, so dia pon agree je lah.

Untuk sampai ke boat, I had to lompat atas kayak kayak lain. Rasa macam James Bond ok..berdiri atas tengah tengah laut..hahaha

Finally sampai jugak atas boat. Lega gila okkkkkk. Tangan dah longlai sebab penat berpaut. But John Doe tu masih atas kayak tu. He was still struggling sebab pakcik tu cakap "Don't lose the kayak"

Bongok punya pakcik. Nyawa lagi penting.

Tapi nasib baik lah John Doe tu still ada kat kayak tu, cause kasut aku masih kat dalam kayak tu..hahshaha. Siap boleh jerit kat John Doe suruh pass kasut. HAHAHAHAH

But anyway, he couldn't hold much longer, dia pon bangun and lompat onto the safety boat. But you know, pakcik tu pentingkan kayak dia lagi, so sebelum John Doe bangun, he asked John to ikat kayak tu guna tali rafia supaya tak hilang.

And kitaorg yang dalam boat ni lah kena pegang. What the hell.

Mula mula kayak aku je yang tenggelam kan, sebab aku ingat wah, gemok sangat ke aku sampai boleh tenggelam...hahaha, pastu ada dua tiga kayak lagi yang tenggelam. Haha...

So semua kayak kayak yang tenggelam ni, we had to tie them and pegang hujung tali tu from atas boat. Bodoh.

Dia pentingkan kayak dia lagi.

But masa tu memang I was sooooo tired and cold and basah (STILL HUJAN!!) so aku memang tak pegang pon tali kayak tu. Aku lagi sanggup pegang kayak yang masih ada orang. My friend siap nangis nangis ok. ye lah, takut gila ok.

I think someone mentioned to pakcik tu yang kayak tak penting, so pakcik tu pon finally decided to let of his fucking beloved kayaks go. Lantak kau lah kayak tu jadi apa kan.

Lama lama, safety boat tu dah macam boat bawak pendatang haram...sebab ramai sangat. Haha

Yeah...aku masih ingat, boat tu dah penuh orang, I think about 10 of us la, sebab I remember ada 5 kayak tenggelam. And I was sitting kat belakang (depan pakcik boat). Time panic panic macam ni lah aku boleh tertidur. HAHAHAHAHA

Dasar pemalas gila.

Time critical macam ni pon aku boleh siap tidur ok!! What the hell is wrong with meee

Hahaha....sedar sedar kitaorg dah nak sampai ke darat. HAHAH. I thought no one notice la kan, sekali my friend nampak..hahahah, but nasib baik he didn't say anything, but lepas incident ni, dia ada lah buat lawak pasal aku tertidur. Haha

So alhamdulillah...finally sampai darat. OMG, masa tu jugak lah I felt like kissing the ground ok..sebab bersyukur sangat.

A rescue team was already there waiting for us, we were given a blanket (sebijik macam MERCY tolong mangsa-mangsa okay -- my heart goes to Haiti ppl)

I remember I was queuing behind this guy friend of mine lah untuk amik blanket. And time aku nak amik blanket, my friend tu dpt the last one. And I asked him nicely lah, can you give it to me, be a gentleman lah kan.

Ada ke dia replied "but I was on the boat too, and Im cold too".

Babi. Tak gentleman langsung.

Aku pulak yang jadi gentlewoman.

But our lecturer overheard our conversation and he told my friend off, gila apa tak gentleman langsung. It doesn't take a genius lah to be one.

He finally gave his blanket to me...unwillingly.

HAHA. Lantak kau lah kan.

Oh yeah, we finally reached the ground pukul 12 tengah malam.

We were in the middle of the sea from 6pm - 12am. 

Holy shit.

Now siapa cakap Alia ni budak gemok tak adventurous??

I have another adventurous (kes antara hidup dan mati punya!!) story! But I'm too lazy now. HAHA.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Ugly picture REVEALED.

Remember when I said I was an ugly kid?

I kid you not.

I seriously was. Oklah, bukan lah masa bayi/toddler cause I think I looked super adorable masa tu..haha, but during my teenage years.

Recently I found kad library sekolah dalam laci yang penuh dengan sampah-sarap ni. Bila nampak je, terus macam kembali ke alam silam..haha.

Seriously hodoh gila.

OMG. Gila hodoh, nak upload pon rasa macam nak tampar diri sendiri.

Boleh mati terkejut.

Holy shit. Patut lah semua lelaki lari from me. Mereka pon confused NI LAKI KE POMPUAN?? Haha. Siap ada misai tebal.


Look at the fricking glasses. Ni sebab dengar cakap mak lah ni, mak suruh pakai spec ni sebab it 'looks good' on me. OH GOD. NEVER EVER EVER EVER consult your mother about fashion. Haha. So she thought I looked "adorable" with those huge glasses on. Mothers are biased.


The hair...jangan cakap lah. I made myself believe I was Nick Carter versi Malaysia. The hair was the in thing masa zaman tu ok....untuk budak lelaki lah.

Eyebrows....macam bulu vajayjay. I knew nothing about threading, cukur, tweezing, etc. And I thought I had perfect brows....

Paling tak tahan, misai tu lah. Though you can't really see the misai, but my upper lip was darker...sebab banyak bulu lah ngok. (tiba tiba kena ngok, apahal kau Alia).

I still remember the EXACT situation I was in, where the picture was taken. So bayangkan impact it has on me.

This IS the Alia that my high school friends remember me.

Before this I've got a lot of comments saying I've changed yadda yadda tak kenal mula mula yadda yadda. Yeah sure lah my appearance dah tukar and all, but muka aku still stamp sama kan. Cuma now aku less hitam, less facial hair and glasses lain dan berambut panjang.

I showed Don this picture, because I felt it was only appropriate to show it to him, cause he'd do the same (and already did). And boleh dia cakap "you still look like that".

Lepas tu gelak gelak.


Marah gila ni.

Suka dia buat aku sakit hati kan.

He knows how I've hated myself dulu, lagi mau kasi kecoh.

Tapi kan, sometimes aku wonder, kenapa dia boleh terpikat? Tak payah lah tanya dia, dia pon biased. Mesti lah cakap yang elok-elok sahaja (sebab kalau tak, nanti kena jeritan agung si Alia..hahahah)

Anyway, I've seen his teenage pictures jugak..alah, lebih kurang sama jeeee. HAHAH. Siap ada rantai besi jadah lagi ok. Kenkonon skater lah. Poodah. (wah, tak puas hati)

But tak kisah lah kan. We've grown out from those horrible years and I personally think we look better now.

Though this picture doesn't do justice, sebab aku tak der gambar masa dia teenager...nanti aku suruh Mommy Miller tolong scan kan lah. HAHAH mesti mengamok sakan si pakcik tu.

But he looked soooooo adorable rasa nak gigit gigit. Now pon sangat adorable dan dah digigit gigit..hahahahahahahahaha.

Out of topic, I want a kid macam ni boleh? Tho I am planning to have a kid with the same boy in the picture, but bila dah campur dengan genetic perempuan gambar di atas tu, nanti jadi macam beruk putih berambut coklat.

Imagine macam mana rupa anak kepada pasangan cacat ni?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

List of improvement

During my hiatus, I've thought about something, why not reinvent myself? I mean hey, it's a new year, I'm jobless and I have too much time in my hands, why not make a list of what I want to accomplish (read: TRY) before my age has the number "3" on it.

Despite the fact that I'm only (or already, however you want to see it) 25 years old. So that just makes things more interesting; I only have 5 years to go.

Since I'm not bullshitting you nor myself, I'm going to make this list more interesting; everything in the list must not be something that's extra hard to aim or doesn't make sense. It has to be achievable, realistic and err.. bombastic? (uh, ok, itu saja nak rhyme kan, sila ignore).

30 THINGS THAT I WANT (not necessarily need) TO DO BEFORE I TURN 30.

Be more polite to siblings. Yes I am very garang and sometimes they just piss me off, what to do? But I SHALL try to be more baik and sister-ly.

Keep myself cool when driving and don't let retards on the road get me...too much. I fucking hate idiots on the wheels. If you don't know how to fucking drive, go kill yourself. Thanks.
Wah, baru cakap nak keep it cool, tiba-tiba dah mengamok. Haha

Use less foul language in every content. Yes sir.

Blog more often. I KNOW YOU WOULD LIKE THAT WOULDN'T YOU?! (wah, perasan bagus si Alia ni)

Stop hating too much on fellow countrymen. Not all of them are bigots and idiots.

Stop hating too much on Malaysia in general, after all, this IS my country. Though sometimes I feel it's best for me to be countryless....haha..ok sila abaikan, emosi terganggu.

Get married, and stop procrastinating too much, despite his constant proposals and whatnot, he's a guy and guys have little patience.

Get healthy. No, losing weight is NOT the main focus here, sebab someone can lose weight from unhealthy dieting lepas tu masuk hospital sebab bulimic. I want to have a healthy heart, paru-paru dan segala so that I can see my grandchildren get married and my gene pool recycles. Haha..Eh seriously.

Play less video games. I KNOW I'm gonna have withdrawal syndrome but hopefully si abe will be there and support shoving another game to my face. Curse you pakcik!

Be less needy. He put this curse on me lah, like when he's around I get more lazier and hope he can do everything for me. But I'm so independent when he's not here. You get me? Ok nevermind...

Learn how to play the piano. No seriously. I've been thinking ever since I came back. Oleh disebabkan I'm not working so I thought I could have the time to belajar, but then, I don't have a piano or have the semangat anymore. LOL. Someday, when I have my own house, and earn millions, I want to have a piano (or the keyboard, whatever) in my living room so I can impress my guests, and they'll be like "HOLY SHIT ALIA YOU CAN PLAY GOOD HERES ANOTHER MILLION FOR YOU". Haha...ok.

Learn another language..preferably Chinese/Mandarin. It'll look good on my resume and oso, I can riak takbur depan Don's family. I'm already awesome because I can speak 2 languages. Haha.

Buy a house. I want a small house for 2. Really. Then I want to decorate it macam dalam majalah Interior. I want white furnitures. I like minimal. Wah, berangan sampai ke matahari.

I want to meet Don's friends and smack the shit outta them and say "ITS BECAUSE OF YOU DON NEGLECTS ME ALWAYS" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH...ok I know one of them reading this. HELLO YOU WHOM I SHALL NOT NAME. LOL.

Start drawing again. It's a healthy hobby. Even more healthier if I draw someone nude. Macam ala-ala Titanic. HAHA. Nanti aku suruh Don bugil then draw him, boleh?

Get a spouse visa. This goes hand in hand with marriage. This one can do punyaaa. And it's definitely in my top priority list currently.

Shower more often. lawl. I stink.

Clean up my room and make it less prominent to remarks like "Your room reminds me of tongkang pecah".

Go out with friends more often. 

Wait, go and expand my circle of friends first. So anyone want to hang out? Sila belanja. HAHAH

Have a cliche romantic vacation with Don with NO ONE ELSE tagging along. After marriage of course. Apa mau mati?

Learn how to drive...the American way. Because they're gay and drive on the other side of the road.

Re-tie that lost friendship with certain people.

Stop acting so miserable. My life isn't that bad after all.

Get a goldfish as a pet and name it Jeff Goldblum. What? Have you not seen Jurassic Park? He's so awesome.

Smile more often. Smile is a gift and people like gifts. So when it's your birthday, I'll just give you a fricking smile and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I JUST GAVE YOU YOUR GIFT. WHERE'S THE FOOD?"

Don't be so stubborn. People don't like hell with them! I'll be stubborn as much as I want to. SO THERE.

Seize the day, Carpe diem. Live life to the fullest. It's short.

Love more. It's not a bad idea to tell them that I love them. Hey you handsome, I love you wink wink. Wahaha..tiba tiba aura gatal datang kan.


Stop moping around when things get tough. I just have to crack my knuckles and go through with it.

    So there you go. My 30s. Not all of them are tangible. See, I'm so not materialistic. BOO.

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Cara-cara untuk menjana wang dengan pantas

    Wah. Title saya kali ini sungguh skema. Ada bunyi macam MLM punya marketing gimmick tak?

    I swear kalau ada sekor lagi tulis status about their MLM punya product/services dalam Facebook, I'm gonna fucking delete them.


    Tekak sakit, rasa nak menaga. Semua tak betul. These 2 days, bila bangun pagi je, terus rasa macam tekak separuh terbakar. Agaknya tuhan nak kasi warning kot.."pakai tudung Alia"....


    Ok memang tak de kena mengena dengan tekak, tapi aku saja nak kasitau korang yang aku ni sebenarnya seorang yang baik..hahahah...

    Ok lagi lah tak de kena mengena.

    Anywaayysss, hidup tanpa responsibilities a.k.a work ini adalah sungguh heaven. Boleh tidur pukul berapa dan bangun pukul berapa nak. Sukahati.

    Suka suka suka!

    You boleh? *bercakap dengan nada bongkak*


    Sekarang ni I'm on Skpe dengan Don (ok, bila je tak?) and he's membebeling pasal apa ntah, Ziggurat jadah geometric algebra blah blah...bosan. So every 10 secs, kena cakap "really?" ataupon "oh yeah? I didn't know that" lepas tu sambung main facebook ataupon memblogging..hahhahaha...

    Kenalah tunjuk interested uolls, kasi dia support sikit..walaupon separuh hati..Hahahaha

    Tak boleh ke dia explain pasal Hollywood gossip ke...pasal movies ke...aku ni kalau nak dengar speeches berunsurkan pengajaran/ilmu pengetahuan ni...susah sikit nak pay attention. Unless lah kalau he explains it tanpa baju dan seluar...

    Hmm...maybe I should ask him that..

    hahahaha!!! ok kidding. Sila jangan buat muka jijik.

    I want to talk about the current issue, tapi blog ini adalah untuk isu isu happy belaka. Mak cakap..religions and politics are a no-no conversation topic.

    So marilah kita bercakap pasal lelaki kacak tanpa baju.


    Oh speaking of mak, this happened a while ago lah when we were watching Twigaylight kat cinema. Lupa nak blog about it.

    Ni dah throughout the middle/end of the movie...bila Edward the lembik bukak baju and exposed himself to the sun..nampak lah sparkle sparkle tu.. tengah budak budak lain ternganga (including my sister yawn), tiba tiba mak bersuara....I was eavesdropping obviously...

    Mak: Eh badan si Edward tu ada panau ke?


    I mean that was the BEST insult ever! Even tho she didn't mean it that way. But it was so damn perfect because it came from someone who didn't even KNOW about this Twilight hype! Her question was genuinely out of honesty and innocence.

    Ok, now I want to main WoW.

    Inilah life saya sekarang.

    *peluk laptop*

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Though the day has ended, but my battle hasn't! Oh crap.

    Alhamdullilah..habis jugak interview aku hari ni. Walaupon jantung rasa macam nak berhenti.
    Eh gabra beb.

    Overall..I think I did good, walaupon ada beberapa saat aku terhenti bercakap sebab otak tengah geliga nak goreng ayat. Haha. Eh, self assessment pulak si Alia ni.

    My interviewer was a mat salleh and I personally do not enjoy being interrogated by these people (wah, tiba tiba ayat bunyi macam racism pulak). I mean bukan sebab apa lah, but they tend to be very serious dan I kenot act so selamba kacang.

    Rasa macam tak der umphh kalau nak bergurau senda dengan diorng.

    Eh, korang tak bergurau senda masa job interview ke? Ke aku sorang je yang mereng sebab ingat aku ni best sangat so boleh berjenaka sakan?

    Anyway, it's a different thing kalau you're socializing with them, sebab diorg ni mulut jahanam (matiler kutuk) and they say what they want, but when it comes to work, they take shit seriously. And I mean very seriously.

    Like by-the-book serious.

    And that scares the crap outta me.

    I mean kalau Malaysians yang interview, they tend to be more...hmm, down-to-earth, more forgiving and not so serious. Oklah, maybe the people yang aku pernah pergi interviews tu baik baik.

    In another words, these mat salleh are so skema when it comes to hiring.

    Skema = follow the guidelines = less chance for this mulut becok girl!! (wah, mengaku diri sendiri girl...wahaha, saya masih muda terima kasih!)

    I know lah all agencies should praktis this, tapi kita kan sama-sama Malaysians...kasi chance lah sikit. Hahaaa

    But anyhow, this mat salleh guy was actually pretty comforting, I mean he made me feel at ease lah, tak der lah macam my previous interviewer @ company minyak tersohor di dunia...haha kenot cakap nama company..(di mana she purposely flew from UK semata-mata nak conduct about interviewing for a job!)

    Oklah, maybe jugak masa she interviewed me I could hardly understand her accent..tapi tak mungkin jugak, sebab she spoke like a true Queens brit.
    Maybe jugak lah I came unprepared...but tak mungkin jugak, sebab aku siap bukak buku depan dia ok, semata-mata nak tunjuk depan dia yang I have done my homework.

    Tapi mak cakap, kebarangkalian besar I felt like I did bad during the interview, was because I'm/wasn't not really interested in the offered position..haha..maybe lah kot.

    But I went for the interview jugak sebab orang kata, untuk masuk company minyak tersohor itu amatlah susah, sebab banyak procedures. I came for the interview so bila orang tanya I can jawab dengan muka bongkak "I have experienced [company minyak]'s job interview. Have you?"

    Wah, tetiba nak beriak-riak..apahal..hahahaha

    Anyway, back to today's yeah, I think I did pretty okay...I mean I am among the selected 7 out of 200+ applicants...kalau dia tak suka (resume aku), buat apa dia panggil kan? Wah...ayat self comforting..

    OKlah, ini semua belum tau lagi, cause this is only the first stage...ada lagi 2nd interview...tapi sebelum itu, I have to buat powerpointjadah ni pulak...belum dapat kerja lagi dah ada homework..waddehel lah...


    Doakan yang terbaik untuk saya ok!!

    Peace and out.
    (wah wah wah...tiba tiba perasan westernized lah pulak si gedik ni)

    p/s: Waddehel lah...I noticed makin lama makin banyak spam comments..

    I'm so against comments moderation cause I feel like I shouldn't be the judge on what type of komen yang dtg to my blog...I mean if people kasi comments yang memberansangkan...then thank you very much, I appreciate it, tapi kalau dia nak kutuk kutuk aku, hidung besar lah, riak, gemok dan hitam ke apa, I don't care, it's their rights. Lantak kau lah labu kau nak cakap apa, I welcome all comments.

    I'm not a fan of word verification jugak...cause pada pendapat aku, kalau blog blog yang ada word verification ni..leceh lahhhh, padahal personal blog jeee, lain lah kalau website tu mendatangkan apa apa benefit untuk aku kan...(wah memilih haha). 

    Tapi di sebabkan SPAM SPAM celaka ni dah masuk...what to do...penat lah asyik nak delete je hari terpaksa lah saya enable word verification :(

    So kawan-kawan, jangan lah terasa segan malu tersipu sipu ke apa..don't stop commenting!! Wah cara cakap macam lah aku dapat 1000 comments setiap hari...hahahahaha..saiko badang betul.

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Alia is preparing, believe it or not!

    Less than 24 hours before the interview...

    Alia is busy doing her homework by researching and trying to fricking understand the economy-specific jargons.

    Her necessities?

    A pen, a notepad and an iPod.

    A fricking iPod, say whaaaa-?

    Who the hell uses an iPod to study (especially when you can clearly see the keyboard of a laptop there!)??!

    Gila apa budak ni...dasar riak takbur kah??

    No no...

    Little did you know...she has a different agenda with her laptop....

    Untuk bermain game!

    Sambil belajar. Sungguh multitasking bukan??

    Har har har.


    Ok, saya mahu sambung bermain...err, I mean belajar...err I mean tidur. Yes, saya mahu tidur. WISH ME LUCK EVERYBODI.

    Nanti saya kasi ciuman virtual. Wink wink wink.
    Haha, gila kodokmu Alia, apa kau ingat kau celebriti terkini?

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Desperation comes initiative..or just simply hoping for a fricking miracle.