Saturday, February 20, 2016

Be a Responsible Adult.

Hai uols

Hari ni kita take a break from talking about myself ya? Kita cakap pasal kisah dunia pulak.

I'm sure for those of you yang added/followed me on Facebook have seen this post a while ago, but I just feel like talking about it again.

Because I can, and I want to. *muka bengis*

I've seen a lot of my family members especially and my younger siblings' friends got married at such an early age. There's nothing wrong with getting married, but what I think is wrong is that they have their priorities wrong. Their first order of business after graduation is to get married. Some even tak sempat tunggu graduate dah kawen. Angan-angan sejak kecik, nak pakai wedding dress, nak majlis kawen grand, instead of setting up a bigger goal, like securing for a better future.

Getting married isn't a guarantee that you'll find eternal happiness you know.  There are many reasons for a divorce, and one of the culprits is finances. Kalau you don't have a good job, macam mana nak support your family? I can't help but imagine that I'm a fresh grad, kerja pun belum tentu dapat, pastu terus kawen , and kalau dah kawen, of course lah dah beranak pinak, then I'm being forced to either stay at home and jaga anak, or shove my kids to my parents which IS NOT their responsibility anyway.

Oh and before I forget, I know this might offend some of you, but I really don't get it why it's unusual for a (recently) married couple NOT planning to have a child as soon as possible.

Call me crazy or whatever (I'd prefer "RESPONSIBLE" thank you very much) but I don't believe in cepat-cepat buat anak lepas kawen. Dah la kawen muda, your salary/your spouse's salary barely make ends meet, then tiba-tiba perut boyot.

Having kids aren't always financially feasible. Banyak duit kena guna untuk anak. If you can't even commit to pay your house rent/or whatever religiously, then how are you going to commit to the lifetime of financial expenses? Kalau your PTPTN loan pun terbengkalai, kau expect nak tanggung 4 orang anak? If you can hardly afford to live well now based on your income, then how can you be expected to give a child the life that they deserve??

Takkan susu diapers pun your parents nak kena belikan?

I personally think it's SELFISH of you if you can't even provide the basic necessities for your household and yet you're planning of having another mouth to feed in the house.

I'm sick and tired of hearing people saying shit like "oh your biological clock is ticking!" or "You're missing out on one of the best things in life"

like dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

First of all, I'm not bringing a child into this world when I can barely afford to own a goddamn house because I'm a responsible fucking person, and secondly, "the best thing in life"? Says who? You? I might say that owning a dog is the best thing in life, would you agree?


Anyway, as I was saying, marriage isn't a measurement of success. I wish people would just stop and think about this for a second. There are so many people in this world use their marriage as a success story in life (I know I'm guilty of it - I've realized that's not the case. I've hit a milestone yes, but that doesn't mean I should just kick my feet up and call it done). I want to make a million bucks. I want to own 10,000 cars. I want to own a multi-billion dollars worth of a company. I want to travel the whole world. I want to move to Africa. The list is endless. I'm not stopping at "OH I GOT MARRIED. PHEW. I'M DONE." 

I also personally think that you should get to know your significant other well before committing. You might not share the same vision of success. You might have different priorities and interests. I think I've said this in my earlier posts that having a common interest is essential in a relationship. Kalau you have nothing in common, then why are you together? You'll just inevitable grow apart.

So if you're 17 and you're getting married long have you ACTUALLY known your spouse?? I hate to say this, but if you're still in your teens or even early 20s, it's quite possible that your pemikiran masih tak matang lagi. You only think of what's fun now, not the lifetime commitment ahead.

Statistics cakap, those yg kawen muda ni are likely to get divorced, because they aren't prepared for what comes next.

Masa you muda, you don't know yourself. You change a lot. Sebab tu when you're older, you're more stable because you know where you're going. You've also matured and ready for whatever. You're more likely to have set yourself up career and financial wise.

Anyway, there's always an exception to everything. It's not fair for me to say that age alone is a deciding factor for longevity of a marriage.

So if you got married young and your marriage is still going strong, kudos to you.

Gahhh. There are so much shit I want to say about this, but I'm extremely tired uols. Mata dah kuyu-kuyu.

Ok bai.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kerja Kerja dan Kerja!

Hai ahkak ahkak mokcik mokcik dan pokcik pokcik sekalian!

I've been sooo bizi lately sampai tak sempat nak hapdet blog. Almaklumlah, kerja keras. Balik opis je, terus pengsan. Esok bangun pagi, pergi kerja, balik, pengsan. It's a vicious cycle.

My body is still adapting to my new schedule. Ye la kan, dah 2 tahun aku dok relaks goyang kaki bangun tido pukul 5 petang pun who cares kan. Skrang ni kena bangun pukul 5 pagi, tak ke huru hara.

And to those yang left comments on my previous post, ahkak mintak maap sangat-sangat kalau tak reply. I did read them! Thank youuu for your encouragement and kind words! Terharu sangat-sangat sebab aku rasa my blog is full of hate posts and sifat menaga sakti ni memang tak boleh di selindung lagi, tapi masih lagi korang baca dengan gigihnya! hahahaha. And to that, you guys deserve my highest respect!

Anyway, now that I have a job, laki aku cakap ahkak ipar kesayangan aku tu mcm dengki on my situation. Kah kah kah. Don ckp cara dia acknowledged on my new career bunyik mcm jeles. I didn't tell her about it, I only told selected few je yg aku dpt kerja. Laki aku je yg excited mengalahkan aku mencanang satu dunia. Aku tak bagitau org sebab it's really not their business kan. Lagipun bukannya gaji $10 juta a month untuk brag around. 

Aku pun tak tau tang mana yg dia jelesnya. Work culture? gaji-wise? I mean if work culture, maybbbbe la lain sikit because that totally depends on the people there. Not my fault if co-workers dia macam taik or something. And if it's payroll-wise, then that's something reeaaaallly stupid to be dengki at considering our credentials are vastly different (bachelor's vs high school diploma). Maybe dia ingat sebab aku ni pendatang so I deserve a low-paying job kot? Hahahahhahaha. Ok I'm speculating, but whatever, sapa suruh membuat musuh dgn aku.

Kah kah kah.

Annyyywaaayyys, since I have a steady income now, so mari lah kita menabung untuk masa hadapan. Sebijik rumah here we comeeee! Tak sabar rasanya nak hidup berdikari.

The thing that I'm excited about is that people will no longer have ammunition to talk shit behind our backs. People can't say that we're mooching anymore. Kita tunggu dan lihat nanti sapa yg akan datang crawling mintak tolong.


Damn. Talking like this makes me no better than ahkak ipar.

Do better Alia. Don't be a piece of shit.


Anyway! Speaking of tempat kerja, I know some of you have been asking for pictures. Sorry guys, tak sempat nak tangkap gambar on everything! Sempat tangkap a couple je! Ni pun guna phone, which has a very very very shitty camera (I had to get a new phone, sebab we were switching phone plans. Dari Verizon to Family mobile/T-Mobile. Difference in harga memang almost 50%! and so far phone service lebih kurang sama je! Buat apa aku bayar mahal mahal kalau dapat service lagi murah with the same service kan!?) Anyway, eh, tersasul banyak pulak pasal phone plans. Hahahah. but if you guys are in the US, you know how ridiculously stupid phone carriers can get. Verizon and AT&T are the major careers and they have the most expensive package. Lebih kurang mcm Celcom & Maxis la compare dgn line Sim Ah Tek (hahaha contohnya!)

Aaaaannnywaaaayyys, nah gambar!

I remember I mentioned about kiosk machines in my office's kitchen kan? Haaa, ni la dia. You choose your drink/meal and scan sendiri and bayar. The whole process really depends on your honesty. Kalau kau amik 3 botol sodas tapi kau bayar 2 botol je, then you're a piece of shit. Or if you want to just curi and not bayar anything. It's possible, but you're a piece of shit. Oh the kitchen area is secured by several security cameras, so I'm pretty sure you'd get caught if you did that.

This is part of the kitchen area as well. Kan aku ckp ada oven bagai. hahahhaha. Sapa ntah nak masak I oso don't know. But they provided everything for your convenience lah.

Oh and you guys remember that I said Don has been making me lunchboxes religiously ever since I started working?? Hahaha..ya. Memang gigih betul dia ni pack my lunch. Bangun awal-awal pagi just to prepare food for me. I didn't take pictures for ALL of my lunchboxes, sebab rasa mcm tak perlu kot hari hari nak tangkap gambar, nanti ada orang dengki pulak (ehem ehem ahkak ipar. Hahahahahasjahjahdajhd). But I found these in my phone's gallery. Also, I just think it's hilarious that my colleagues siap bagitau yg diorg look forward for lunch sebab nak baca apa Don's notes. hahahahahahah. Bongok. One of them even bagitau her boyfriend what laki aku buat, and the next morning, bf dia pun tulis notes on lunch dia. hahahahah kelakar betul.


"Orange sticks" 
"Chilli again! Weeee!!"

just in case if some of you can't read his handwriting. Hahahahahaha

"other stuff"
"Fried ricuuu (rice) with speshul soz"
"Care-ots. lols" 

 "just a turkey sandwich"
"joking. It's fried ricuuu"



Babi tau. I really didn't get this at first until my colleague pointed it out. Hahahahahaha

Every break time (brunch, lunch, hi-tea) some of the workers main four squares to get active. I think this is a good prektis that Malaysians should adopt. Sebab kita kerja depan PC all the time, we need to move around. I posted a picture of us playing four squares in my FB and makcik aku commented "kat opiss???" as if terkejut beruk yg people main game kat opis. Kenapa ntah dia komen mcm tu pun I oso don't know. It's not like this is something that only people over here do. Kampeni aku kat Malaysia pun diorg main ping-pong sesama or main bola or pergi gym. Maybe sebab dia kerja kerajaan and people in gomen sectors don't do that? hahahaha

This was taken last Friday.

It started to snow (albeit not heavily) so I got excited hahahahah. Jakun mak. But it didn't stick because the roads were still warm from previous days. Kalau jalan tu sejuk, maybe la snow akan lekat.

Now that I work, I realllllyyy dread snow. Sebab it gets in the way. Office closes kalau it's snow day. Sebab roads are not accessible. And kalau cuti, kerja backlog uols. Kalau kat Malaysia, cuti je enjoice. Sini kalau cuti, damnnnnnnn kerja lagi banyak. hahahahaha. Eh, ciri-ciri pekerja cemerlang ke ni?? Hahahahahahaha!!

People up north don't really get cuti if it's snow day because it literally snows every day during winter. HAHAHAHAHAHA. So takkan nak cuti 2-3 bulan kot? haha. Sini je yg mengada-ngada sikit because our vehicles are not equipped with snow/ice driving.

Speaking of which, the weather channel says there's a high chance it's gonna ice this Monday, soooooooooooooooo. Boss aku ckp pun she'll texts us kalau cuti. Tapi weather channel ckp it's gonna start to iced pukul 9 really don't know how that works. Sebab kalau pergi kerja tak ice, tapi balik kerja ice. Mcm mana nak balik uols. Maybe diorg akan send us home early? Which how they usually do kalau it starts to snow/ice during the day.

See??? Leceh kan kalau ada snow ni!?!?? Kan senang je kalau mcm kat Malaysia. Tak de nak fikir semua ni. Ni yg membuatkan Malaysia lagi best walaupun hari hari ketiak basah! Laki aku asyik la ckp "kan bagus kalau weather Malaysia tapi tak sehumid Malaysia" Aku mcm "huh, then that's not Malaysian weather then duh".

Anyway, apa-apa pun, Malaysian tropical weather is da bomb! I really appreciate it now! I want some sun pls!!

Anyway, tamat lah entry untuk kali ini. jumpa lagi!


(ending kali ni tak beberapa taik la kan?)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Alia: The Busy Woman

Hai everibodi!

Aduh, lamanya tak update. Mak bizi la uols.
Hari ni pulak tetiba rajin nak update, bagus la kan?? Kalau tak memang bersawang-sawang la blog ni.

Anyway, pada sesiapa yang tak tahu, I finally got a job.
After 2 years aku dok goyang kaki menambahkan lemak, finally aku kembali ke alam nyata. Hahahahah

Payah jugak weh nak dapat kerja.
Mainly because my area kat sini tak banyak job opportunities for my credentials. Plus, my experience ni kira mid-level career, so tak banyak demand. It's always either I'm overqualified, or under-qualified. Tak de yg tengah-tengah.

Lagipun kalau boleh, I'd prefer NOT to work in the IT field sebab memang tak de hati langsung. I know I wouldn't be able to deliver it, so buat apa aku apply kan.

Eh, memang picky betul Alia ni, patut la susah dpt kerja. Hhahahahaahahah

Anyway, I work in a company that represents 95% of top 1 and top 2 packaged goods (think Nestle, Coca-cola, Clorox, etc) and I work with claims. I analyze, validate and resolve conflicts on claims.

Memang tak de kena mengena dengan apa yang I did previously kan.
100% different industry.

Dulu aku kerja dengan networks and servers, skrang aku kerja dgn invoices, POs and bills. Banyak guna math pulak tu.

Pening kepala aku kena belajar business finance.

Anyway, skrang ni masih dalam process training lagi. So memang tengah sebok belajar. Gila wehhh, otak IT aku lembab betul nak pick up all the financial terms.

Walaupun learning curve is SUPPERRR DUPERRRRR steep, tapi aku amatlah suka the environment. It's a professional environment, so tak de la orang pakai t-shirt selipar jepun je pergi kerja, but I guess it's the people that makes it enjoyable.

I dunno about you la, but from where I was working previously in Malaysia, some people were just.....sombong? People hardly smile, let alone nak ucapkan selamat datang to the company or whatever. I mean I wouldn't really call them sombong, maybe reserved probably? I guess it's just our culture to be reserved and senyap and just do our own thing? I dunno la. But the acceptance wasn't as warm as what I've received here.

Kat sini, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY (we have a bout 100+ employees in Charlotte hub. We have other hubs in different states) kalau terserempak and they'll wish you welcome. Tak kisah la pangkat diorg apa, diorg tetap akan welcome you. Dari janitor ke director. They'll stop and have a chat with you.

Also, every morning mulut aku akan penat ucap selamat pagi, sebab everybody wishes everybody, so I have to get on the trend as well.

They're just so friendly lah!

Berbeza betul dgn tempat kerja lama aku dulu. Kat Malaysia kalau kau senyum to strangers, you're considered lucky lah kalau orang tu senyum balik, tapi usually people will pandang tempat lain and act as if diorg tak nampak.

Aku pun tak tau kenapa orang Malaysia get so awkward bila kau senyum kat dia. Bukannya aku nak ngorat kau pun.

Anyway, kesimpulannya, aku adalah happy. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Jarak opis-rumah dlm 30miles/50km uols. Tu mcm jarak Subang Jaya - Zoo negara. Office hours 7:30-4:30 so I have to wake up at 5am, and be on the road by 6am. It takes about 40mins to get there. Tapi oleh disebabkan traffic kekadang ni memang tahik, so don't want to risk it. Baiklah sampai awal dari lambat. Have to make that good impression uols.

Charlotte traffic serupa macam KL traffic. Kalau kau keluar opis pukul 5pm, memang sangkut la kau kat parking lot tu.

But there's one thing that I want to stress here, walaupun jarak mcm Subang Jaya - Zoo negara, tapi iols kat sini tak der toll.


Cuma kena bayar minyak and wear&tear kereta sajok.


Oh also, kat sini, the men are gentlemen. They will hold the door for you, they will pick up things for you kalau ada benda terjatuh, and they will offer to help you carry things.

These qualities are rare on Malaysian men!

Laki kat Malaysia pedulik apa.


Speaking about men.....laki aku setakat ni tak pernah fail lagi in preparing lunch boxes for me. Aku adalah amat kagum on his effort in waking up early in the morning just to make me lunch! (I wake up at 5 in the morning remember?? So he wakes up earlier than that!) Bertungkus-lumus dia masak utk aku okkk. Ada satu hari tu dia siap masak nasik goreng uolssssss. Kagggummm. Sedap pulak tuuu.

Every morning my lunch boxes will be ready for me on the kitchen counter. Siap ada little notes lagi on my boxes!

I've agreed not to peek on the notes until lunch time. So setiap kali lunch, my colleagues and I tak sabar nak baca notes dia apa. hahahahaha.

Sweet pulak abe ai ni.

Selama ni aku asyik la dok terfikir, mcm mana canteen/kitchen kat opis negara orang yek. So now I know. We don't have orang jual makanan, or buffet line mcm kat cafe Malaysia. We have kiosks instead. Imagine peti sejuk la. You pick whatever food you want, ada microwave dinners, burgers, sandwiches, pies, chocolates, etc, then pay using a machine. Semua self-service. They also have like a bunch of machines in the kitchen. Kau nak goreng ikan, goreng ayam, goreng nasi, buat pizza, buat donut, eh, semua ada la. Microwave/oven jgn ckp la, ada dlm 10 ketul kot. Siap ada grill bagai.

Aku tak pasti samada ada orang masak ke tak. Rata-rata aku tengok semua guna microwave je.

Annnywaaaayyy, ok bai.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha ending macam taik.