Saturday, May 9, 2020

Teringat Kisah Lampau - Masa Kena Buat Induksi

Best jugak ada blog ni. Time time bosan macam ni boleh baca old entries. Kadang kadang tu aku ketawa sorang sorang bila baca balik, kadang kadang tak sabar sabar nak suruh Don baca

Alia: SAYANG COME HERE READ THISSS *sambil ketawa*
Don: What. It's not like I can understand.....
Don: 😑

hahaha stress mamat tu aku paksa dia baca.

Anyway, I was reading my posts written about my TM induction camp kat Terengganu. I think it was 3 weeks. Macam taik kena pergi induction before report for duty.

I had a miserable time there. It's just the whole premise is stupid. I don't mind training for a job, but to put us away in a dormitory with scheduled meal times, being treated like children, for 3 weeks was NOT cool.

So before I delve into why I think that's such a BAD idea, let me tell you that I honestly do not remember being specifically told that we were going away for 3 weeks.

Maybe my memory is fading, but I couldn't remember the guy (whom I'm assumign the HR guy) telling us to pack our bags for 3 weeks because we were going to another state. All he said was "you're going to have a work trip" then started smirking.

I'm pretty sure the reason why people knew it was coming, because TM induction is apparently well-known? Like you are EXPECTED to spend weeks in a college campus before reporting for duty and this is something that everybody knew.

So on the day of departure, I obviously only had the clothes that I was wearing. I didn't bring any luggage at all! Because I thought we were just going for a day trip or a training at our training center!

babi tau. tak de spender, tak de berus gigi, tak de shampoo, tak de baju seluar bra. semua la tak de.

Terpaksa call mak and mak la yang tolong pack kan. Nasib baik mak memang terrer bab bab packing ni. Laju je dia packed, so she got to Menara rebung on time.

I asked the guy kalau tak sempat naik bas macam mana? because I had to wait for my luggage kan. He just said "kalau tak sempat ---- I dunno. You kena buat your own arrangement to get to Terenggau yourself lah"


Oklah - I admit, it was MY fault for not clarifying it from the beginning. I should have asked them what does the "work trip" entail.

But I'm also partly blaming the organizer/HR for not being clear on what they expect us to do and their intent.

Ok now back to the induction camp itself.

Like I said before - we were treated like school kids. I mean yeah sure some of us maybe just graduated from colleges, but that doesn't mean they are kids?? We were adults and entering the professional world. And to be treated like children certainly defeats the meaning of "professional adults"!!

I was not as vocal as I am today. Thinking back, if I were to travel back in time, I'd have probably told them to start seeing us as adults. I mean you have to remember, the participants were Executives and non Executives. We were definitely not some college kids doing our industrial training or whatever.

I'd have probably lose my job there too HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tak masuk kerja lagi dah kena fired

I also HATED that we had to stay in campus. It was the condition of the hostel itself - it was disgusting!! The rooms were dark and gloomy, the shared bathroom was urghhhhhh disgusting. I feel sorry for college kids that had to endure that.

Macam mana aku survived during my college years pun I dunno. hahahaha
Geli geleman aku nak tido dlm hostel.

I also don't know if I can handle having a roommate anymore. My roommate right now is my own husband, so kalau nak naked in front of him ke apa, it's not a big deal la kan hahaha. Tapi kalau ada someone else as your roommate, ehhhh susahnya. Kekok.

And now kalau pergi outstation ke apa, I'd have my own hotel room. Tak perlu kongsi bilik hotel.

Ohh the fanciest hotel room I've been was probably the hotel in India. 3 minggu beb duduk dlm hotel tu. It was a big room, toilet dia was to die for, ada balcony tapi you wouldn't want to open your balcony door. HAHAHAH.

Asap and honks every second. Pening kepala aku. My housekeeper pun bagus, dia asyik buat animal towels. So aku pun bagi la tips - ada dlm $1 - $3 je sehari. So all in all, I gave her/him dlm $40 kot. Untung kauu

Sebelah hotel ada mall - i think it's one of their fancy malls la kot sebab banyak medium to high end stores. Nak masuk mall kena security check point dulu. Oh nak mausk hotel pun kena security check point.

Macma biasa, aku suka off on a tangent. Kejap topic A, kejap topic B, tiba tiba selit topic F.

What Is This

Ada satu hari tu, I was on my computer, Don tiba tiba sapa aku dari belakang and asked me to stand up.

He pulled out a measurement tape and started to measure my waist and my hips. 

Aku ni mcm "wtf are you doing??"

Dia senyap je.
Lepas habis ukur He got back to his computer. 

Amende laki aku ni. Tetiba datang ukur pinggang aku kan. 

I did ask him what is he doing, but he wouldn't tell me. "It's a secret" bak katanya. 😂

Lantak la. 

So 2 days ago, ada package Amazon. Don dengan excitednya suruh aku unbox. 

Kau nak tau apa dia beli?? 


An extremely short shorts uols 🤣🤣
Then kat bontot tu memang purposely ada kedut kedut supaya nampak shape bontot 😂

Bila aku try, guysssss, memang sebijik shape bontot 🤣 It's also very short, sampai rasa mcm pakai seluar dalam je. In fact, seluar dalam aku pun lagi panjang dari seluar ni 😂😂

Aku tanya la dia where the hell does it expect me to wear this. He said "you can do yoga in it. In front of me"

I was like 😑😑😑😑 
Then went on rambling how he wasted money on this blah blah blah. 

Urghh. Rugi $15. 

Anyway, ok la. Update soon. Nak buat yoga. 


Friday, May 8, 2020

Ada Lagi Ke Orang Guna Blogger?

Ok ni first time aku update blogger guna phone app. I'm hoping it will be easier to upload pictures directly from my phone terus ke blog. 

Omg senang nak mati 😱😱

Anyway, yaaaaazzzzaaaa. It was our 6th anniversary yesterday uols! 

Ive been married for 6years, rasa macam baru je hari tu kawen kan? Korang ingat lagi tak post post lama aku wrote about him? How we met how I miss him la segala sappy notes ada 😂 Geli geleman aku baca balik. 

Sekarang dah matured sikit. Sikit je la. Perangai tu ke kadang mcm be budak ada lagi 😂 Tu dah sebati dengan diri, kenot be helped.

But yeah. Dah 6 tahun aku merempat di negara orang. Eh bukan merempat la, I've made a living here, I've settled down here. Kawan pun dah ramai. Tak perlu menagih simpati to kak ipar Or adik ipar. Im standing on my own two feet.

Walaupun hidup penuh dengan hutang piutang especially hutang Medical (US healthcare is expensive) that just means I'm living a normal life la kan 😂 Semua orang berhutang 😂

Wei korang perasan tak, dlm gambar tu aku dah tak de rambut 😂 If you've been following my FB or IG then it's not a surprise but for those yang tak follow, yesssssss I shaved my hair down to a crew cut 😂😂


ok la. Mula mula tu bibir dah terketar ketar bila First time tengok cermin 😂 but after a couple seconds and a couple deep breaths, ok dah. I could rationalize my reasoning. I've always wanted to cut my hair that short, then pakai subang gedabak. Rasa mcm dayummmm u sleeek.

Its also a testament to my own will. Sebab dah lama asyik contemplate nak potong pendek, and boom yeah I finally did it. 

Also kalau orang tanya kenapa botak, I'd just say "oh I had cancer" 😂

Eh betul la kan. Bukan tipu 😂

Hmm. Apa lagi aku nak merepek kat sini. It feels different writing karangan panjang panjang using my phone. Malas asyik kena backspace sebab silap eja.

Eh admit je la dah kau tu mmg pemalas Alia 😂

Anyway dah tulis panjang panjang ni, ada lagi ke orang guna blogger platform? Ramai guna IG and TikTok je aku tengok. 

I don't have TikTok je. Jangan tanya. 

Also, I noticed a surge of people trying to add me on IG. I believe I've approved most of them but kalau your profile tak de gambar or tak de activity, I don't approve. I don't need  surveillance camera ye. 

Chewah. Macam bajet celebrity kau ni Alia 😂 

But really, Ive toned down over the years, so my life is pretty ordinary. I'm in my mid 30s so I'm trying to live a normal life. 

Except for these. I have to take these amount of pills daily. 
Paling menyampah these pills make me nausea and bloated and asyik nak terberak berak je 😂

Dah la aku ni memang suka berak, but these pills just exacerbate that situation u know what I mean 😂😂 

As for my professional life - my company has extended our work from home until June 1st. I like it. Tak perlu nak drive to the office everyday. It takes about 40-45minutes to get to the office (without traffic) so WFH memang save duit minyak. Kereta pun tak perlu berjalan banyak. Don suka la sebab dia memang doesn't like the idea of me driving on the interstate sebab ramai drivers mcm taik kat sini. 

The only caveat is that he has to listen to me on Zoom calls multiple times a day daily. Aku pun tak tau mcm mana aku boleh kerja with all these meetings. Even before WFH order ni pun I get on calls like a gazillion times a day. That's why when I get home or after work, memang I don't want to talk to anyone. Penat wei bercakap 😂😂

OK la. My phone pun nak habis battery. Nanti ke besok ke lusa ke 3 tahun lagi ke aku sambung 🤣🤣

Tuesday, May 5, 2020



Lama gila tak tulis blog. Ada hari tu reader mentioned kat IG (hollaaaa chibimoruku) yang dia kadang kadang jenguk blog ni, samada ada update ke tak. Memang dah berabuk laaa, tadi nak log in pun tak ingat password 😂 Nasib baik aku ada tulis kat organizer.

Bagus jugak ada organizer ni kan. It organizes your life, chewahhh. Oleh itu, beli lah organizer, sekian. Ehhh 😂

Anyway, nampak tak blogger pun dah upgrade uolsss. Siap ada emoji bagai. Nampak sangat la aku ni memang outdated nak mati kan. Last update tahun 2017 weiii


Tahun tu......ntah, I don't remember
hahahahahahahaha baru je 3 tahun lalu kan, itu pun dah tak ingat.

Ntah la, banyak benda dah berlaku, so untuk mengimbasi (mengimbasi? is that a word??) masa lampau is not part of my agenda

I'm an open book - I talk about the things that happened in my life dalam Facebook and my IG. So kalau teringin nak tau perkembangan semasa, silalah add saya di IG.

So mari kita summarize what happened to me sejak 2017:


  • Dapat promotion
  • Dapat office
  • Dapat jalan merata-rata in the US
  • Ntah apa lagi tak ingat 😂😂

  • Pergi India for 3 weeks sebab kerja
  • Balik Malaysia for the weekend after 4 tahun tak balik (sebab dah kat India kan - alang alang separuh perjalanan dah)
  • Gosh apa lagi weiii 😂😂 Ntah apa apa kau ni Alia, baik tak payah update kalau tak ingat 

  • Don and I balik Malaysia for 2 weeks!! Holiday sakan uolsssss! The best time of my life!! Banyak dah bertukar wei. Banyak bangunan, banyak malls, banyak kereta, eh banyak semua lah! It's no longer the Malaysia that I used to know. Nak drive kereta pun kekok sebab kat sini drive the right side kan. So I had my sister la jadi drebar aku
  • I found out that I had breast cancer - actually dah jumpa lump sebelum pergi India, but had to wait until I get back to the US. 
  • Had lumpectomy to remove the lump. Ni ok je, tak sakit sangat pun. Aku cuti 2 hari je. After that dah boleh jalan jalan 
  • Had another surgery called Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy untuk ambil my lymph nodes bawah ketiak. Ni sakit gila weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Aku tak tau mcm mana nak explain, dia bukan sakit luka ke apa tau, ni mcm sakit ngilu. I couldn't lift up my arm. Kena kepit je. Nak basuh ketiak pun ngilu gila wei. I'd rather have my ketiak berkerak than to rasa the ngilu hahahaa. Tapi lagi gua tak kasi ketiak hangit, so dia la yang tolong dok bukak sikit sikit hahahahaha. Sampai sekarang (2020) pun masih ada limited movement and kadang kadang ada sharp shooting pain. Doctor cakap that's normal, it could take years for it to stop
  • Had radiation therapy. Ni it blasted radiation on my boob for 20 sessions. Setiap session tak sampai 5 minit pun. Datang hospital, sign in, tukar baju to hospital gown, baring atas platform, pew pew, dah siap. Tak rasa apa apa pun. Sampai la weeks later, baru la nampak tetek sebelah hitam, sebab it's a radiation treatment kan. Then it hits my stamina too, so i was fatigue most of the times. Asyik nak tido je, tapi apa beza dengan time biasa pun? hahahaha
  • Found out I have diabetes. So hari hari kena makan obat on top of my cancer pills
  • We bought a house. YAYYY achievement unlocked!! Rasa mcm adult uolssss

Eh banyak benda berlaku in 2019. It was a busy year for me and Don

  • I traded in my 2014 Chevrolet Sonic to a 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback
  • Same ol same ol

Eh ok la, aku nak muntah sebab makan M&Ms tak hingat dunia.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

COMIC: Denial

Welcome to my world, Mr. Husband.

Friday, December 22, 2017

COMIC: Not Even Kidding...

Bau ikan bilis tu mmg dah habis toxic la pada dia
Tau la kan bila goreng ikan bilis, mmg bau harum semerbak, so satu rumah lah mmg bau ikan bilis

Waktu menggoreng ikan bilis mmg saat saat genting la la to Don, tak boleh napas katanya, bau habis menusuk hidung katanya...dramatik habis la laki aku ni.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

COMIC: Rub Me the right way

Hey guys!

Don just got meself a new Wacom tablet! Woohooo!

So stay tuned for more webcomics!!