Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Quick F.A.Q. err yeah.

Q: Are your comics based on real life events?
A: Yes, though some have been fabricated A LITTLE to show current expressions and whatnot.

Q: Who are your main characters?
A: Depends on the event/incident itself. Or whoever I think that's funny (or annoying).

Q: What happened to Carbonated Boredom?
A: Oh, it's still there...it takes too much to draw CB using a mouse you know...

Q: What tools did you use to draw these comics?
A: A mouse and MSPaint. Classic.

Because most of the time I'll be drawing @ the office, but when I'm @ home, I'll be using the standard tools of course; a tablet and Photoshop.

Q: The quality of your comics blows.
A: I'm left handed and I'm using a standard mouse. So yes, if I'm not drawing using my tablet, I'll be using my right-handed-mouse with my right hand.

Yeah, I'm cool like that. Haha. And plus, I'm no pro.

Q: Yeah...well even if you use your left hand, the quality still blows..
A: Whatevaaaa, talk to the hand!

Q: Are you planning to publish a book?
A: Not in the current plan

Q: What is your current plan then?
A: Dudeeee, this should be just a "quick faq" not some elaborated shit..

Q: Your blog is a mixture of comics and long ass posts..
A: Uhh...so what??? It's a personal blog what! *defensive*

Q: How often do you update?
A: How often do YOU update your blog!? That's how long it takes me to update :D ....ok, kinda....err..not really...whatevaa!