Friday, August 14, 2015

COMIC: When my mother-in-law tried my Malaysian dish....

I think I have scarred her for life.

BTW, spiciness is not a flavor. It scientifically means pain. So if you like spicy food, that means you just like pain.

So you're a masochist. I'm a masochist. We're all masochists!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

COMIC: No matter what

He's so funny it hurts


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Riding on that nostalgic feeling...

I was cleaning up my PC today after I've upgraded to Windows 10. I was thinking of updating my blog on how sweet Windows 10 looks like, but I'm pretty sure most of you have upgraded yours a long time ago, so...there's really no reason for me to write about it. Plus, I suck at reviewing technology, everything is either sucks to the max, or pretty darn good.

...but I have something that you guys haven't seen before!!!

*drum rolls*


So apparently we've been married..errr...10 years ago!

"Cyberminister Doc Love" LOLOLOL oh my gooosssshhhhh, sooo fricking lame.

And the fact that I saved a copy of the "cert" is even more lame!
....wait, the fact that we even DID IT is BEYOND lame!!!


It was we were like.....20!

Holy shit.
I was super lame when I was 20, man.

Well, I was at the peak of  my teenage love at that point in life. Was beyond ecstatic that I had a boyfriend. I thought I was gonna grow old alone man.

I remember holding on to this "cert" as if it was an assurance that he belongs to me, and I belong to him or some shit like that. Since most teenage couples that time would receive a ring or some thing, I had my fricking virtual marriage certificate. HA take that you-normal-people!

Anyway c'mon guys, admit it, you've done this before as well! This was when this shit was famous, where everybody virtually (pun intended) married everyone.

Well not me though, apparently I only married this one guy virtually, and just (VERY) lucky enough that I get to marry the same guy physically & legally (phew!)

I also found this picture while I was cleaning.

It's a screencap of his screen.
With my humongous face taking over his whole screen.


I don't remember what year was this, but it should be around the same time 2004-2005 or something.
Cause his hair was still long.
And still using Windows XP.
And we were communicating via Yahoo Chat (and MSN)! Skype didn't exist before then.


He also said that this is his favorite picture of me.


Anywaayyy moving on,

I'm pretty sure I've uploaded the this picture a long time ago, but who cares.

This is MY favorite picture of him.

I think my husband looks hot here.


And also here.

I remember staring at this picture for hours. This was before we met each other in person. So imagine the feeling, butterflies went psychotic in my stomach. hahahahah

I know he's gonna kill me if he finds out that I've uploaded these pictures here. LOLOL

Oh well.

Cranky Don.

Look how skinny he was!!

What the hell happened to him now!

Speaking of now...

He grew up!

This was taken a few months ago durrr.

You know.... I've been with him for a decade, we spent ALL of our 20s together, we watched each other grew up, so I can honestly say.........dayum boi, u got fat.


Ok bai!

I changed it again


I've changed my theme again. I did the whole shebang around 7pm and now it's 4am. This is what we call, dedi-frickin-cation.

Or just a huge waste of time.


Either way, it works. Because I am now happy and contented with how my blog looks like.
For now.

In case if you wanna know (even if you don't, you're still gonna have to read this line LOL), I'm very particular about blog design. I can't stand super cluttered, shit-all-over-the-place design. I'm super anal about that. I get really annoyed and will end up not updating my blog (HAHA alasan). And when I'm blog surfing, and I get into a very cluttered blog with adverts all over the place, there's a high chance that I'll just exit it. HAHAHA I'm such a diva I know.

Anyway, back to me (LOL). People have been complaining that my posts are very rude (because I use vulgar words -- it's just sometimes it's hard to call an idiot other than "idiot", ya know what I'm saying?)

So to circumvent this popular opinion, I've decided to take the "flowery" approach.


Imma genius.

Now, you can't tell how horrible and rude this blog is because you have flowers and pink stuff all over your face!


Anyway, I change my blog theme often because I get bored often.

And to change a theme, it takes hours and I'm really starting to question my priorities here....

I mean it's the compiling of shit that makes it tedious, and resizing, and aligning. Just look at how cluttered my desktop was man....I mean I can't stand it when you open a ton of windows because I get confused most of the time, but when it comes to beautifying my blog, I actually don't mind.

I think it shows where my interest is leaning towards to.

Just sucks that my background is in IT engineering. What the fuck was I thinking.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

COMIC: "Baby, don't make yourself regret..."

I've been dutch-ovened.