Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Box of crayons.

During a one fine evening, a man and a woman cuddling up with each other, enjoying the moment.

"Sayang, if you were a box of crayons, what color do you think you'd be?", she metaphorically asks her loved one.

"Why do women always ask stupid shit like this..", he replies in such annoyance.

"Just answer it. This type of stupid shit satiates me", her tone is bland, but her curiosity devours everything.

"Okay, I'll be a white crayon"

"...I mean what else would I be, I'm white, so I'm the white crayon, you're the brown crayon", continues the man, sniggers while trying to finish his sentence.

She laughs along with him.

"Realistically, there would only be 4 colors in this world, white, black, brown and yellow. There won't be any purple, or red or green or some shit like that. And if you combine all that together, we would be shit-colored. That's what the world is, it's full of shit", he responds in a vivid tone.


This true story might have been fabricated slightly to emphasize on the end point.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is a self declared off day. Har har har. I reached home at 4pm yesterday and went to sleep at 5pm until 9am today.

Heee :D

But I received a call (which I didn't pick up) from boss an hour ago about work. Alamak. Nevermindlah, I'll do my work tonight. Hey it's the weekend tomorrow.

About the business trip..it was tiring only because I had to drive. Other than that, it was awesome. Duduk kat 5-star hotel, mana tak best. :D

Muka tahan berak.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Donalia Miller

I'm thinking of making Vlogs. Or probably just audio. That should be fun, no? Then padan lah muka orang yang mendengarnya. Har har har.


I might be seconded to another project that deals in strategic management (while managing this current project). Apa ni, haritu cakap I'll be dealing with cybercities/centers sajaa, ni mau masuk strategic mgmt juga kaaa

(edited: Change Management. And it is confirmed that my name has been brought up to the attention and I'll be working closely under another manager's supervision. APA NI. MACAM MACAM LAH! Kot kot aku part time cybercenter, part time CM kot)


I've been listening to Collective Soul acoustic lately. Hey it helps for soul recollection. Har har har, ayat tak boleh blah. I own a 9 year old guitar and I STILL don't know how to play. I've been playing piano as well, naseb baik aku tak suruh mak bapak beli piano, tak de nya aku nak main dah. Haa haaa haaa


I just realized all my phrases started with "I". Syiok sendiri betul.


I'm having a bad hair day today. So I'm moody, pissy and nonproductive. Eh sejak bila aku productive. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


It's snowing in NC. Why the hell am I still not there

Picture cilok from Don's sis-in-law's myspace.


Wow, I'm really such a huge fan of Collective Soul.


I miss you lah busuk :(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don Miller

If I were given a choice, today would be my day off. And so is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that..and after that..okay lah, I'd take the whole year off lah. Hahaha

But I had no choice.

I've been enrolled into a new project and I'm fully responsible for the arrangement of the workshop. Al-maklumlah, kuli batak. The site visit (more like a state visit!) yesterday sucked out the energy in me. Penat gilos!

My weariness pulled my mood down today and I went to work like an undead minion (ni kes banyak sangat main game WoW lah ni). Nothing seemed interesting to me. Nothing attracted me.

Until this..

12th December 1984

I stared at this for such a long time. That was when my sayang was born! I can see his tiny feet and his tiny fingers!! What a beautiful baby who evolved into a handsome man, wow!

Haaa haaa haaa.

Ok ok second picture..

The Millers (minus his 2 brothers)

Aww, what a beautiful family. From left to right: That's him, his mom (edited: That's his aunt!) , his sister and his dad.


Wait a sec..why was he wearing a spaghetti strap top...



Next picture...

Anna and Don Miller

I beg to differ, that's Anna and Dawn Miller.

Har har har har harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhahahaha

Fourth picture!

Don Miller

He was sooo handsome..err...pretty..err..cute. Hahaha!

Alamak, sayang, don't marah lah, I love you you know..but seriously, what's up with the long hair? I guess the mullet has grown huh?


Front lawn

Now, that's the Don that I know! The blond mullet, the pose, the shoes..

OMG. The shoes. That's soooo 80's/90's!!!


Day care

I'm having a tough time figuring out which one's Don. It could either be the kid in the while shirt (with mullet, duh) or the kid in red with black shorts.

Sampai juling mata aku tengok.

But I'm guess it's the red shirt.

Right? Right? Right?...kan?

Alamak, matiler kena bamboo dengan Don sebab tak kenal mana satu.

(edited: YES! I was right! He's the kid in the red shirt!)


Smurf house

He still has the pose whenever he gets his pictures taken. Old habit dies hard huh? Haha

Look at the jeans man..so...rugged. Was this your Metallica era? (edited: Montly Crue era!)

His blondness has gone throughout the years. Now he's stuck with shit-colored hair. Har harhar!


Grandpa and Donnie

I'm not sure whether that was grandpa Petty or grandpa Miller. I'm guessing it was Petty...kot. (Edited: That's non-biological Grandpa Dennis Price)

You know I've been spending the last 30 mins trying to figure out who your grandpa reminds me of....you know who he reminds me of???

MY OWN GRANDPA!! Apak's dad.

Or probably old people look the same.

Last picture...


I purposely put this picture last because it's a perfect picture with a perfect ending (of this entry). He looks sooo adorable despite the bruise above his left eyebrow. (Edited: That's Donnie with his cousin, Bud Jr. or now known as Crow son of Hawk)

He still carries that adorable smile that could cure my bad days.

I love you sayang!

And say thanks to your mother for uploading these pictures!

Oh nvm, I'll tell her myself! Hehe!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Randomization cont.

Fact 7
I'm a procrastinator in denial. I would like to believe that I don't procrastinate too much, but we both know that I do. I dunno man, it's a mood wave for me, one minute I can't wait to get it done, the next minute "ah, fuck it, I'll do it later".

Fact 8
I like to draw, but not really. I like to write, but not really. I like to play, but not really.

I seriously do not have a hobby. I'm a multigoer. Aku main belasah je buat what I think I enjoy at that time. Dulu I loved to paint, and I considered that as my main hobby, but now nak angkat pensel pon tak nak.

Dah memang aku ni dasar pemalas.

Fact 9
I have a secret personality which only exists in a secret life.

Heh heh heh.

Bunyik macam mysterious je kan?

But the fact is, it's true lah. Only Donnie and I saja tauuu. Biarlah rahsiaaa hehe

Fact 10
I hate driving. Betul lah. It's such a sad case that I have to be my siblings' driver whenever they wanna go somewhere, and I HATE it. Why can't they leave this sexy flabby ass alone and pegi naik taxi lah!!!


Fact 11
I've been changing this blog's template so much lately and I'm starting to get real pissy. Yer lah, I was so attached to the previous template and tiba-tiba the host's photobucket dah exceeded the limit pulak. Babiks betul. So I had to change it AGAIN.

Fact 12
I bring my webcam to work because Don can't get enough looking at this pretty face..haaahaaa sila muntah sekarang.

Anyway, random conversations between me and him (with cam on while at work):

Random convo 1
Alia sitting on her cubicle, away from other colleagues with her cam on, drinking plain water, from an obvious looking non-alcoholic container.

Don: Whatcha drinking there baby?
Alia: Vodka
Don: *sniggers* Well I'm eating vodkaroni and cheese

Random convo 2
Don: Whatcha eating there baby?
Alia: Smarties yum yum yum
Don: *laughs out loud* Eating smarties to be smart at work huh? *gelak secara kejam*

Fact 13
I have a very kejam boyfriend. He's so kejam, I love it. Har har har.

He has a very potty mouth, very the laser and very the kelakar too. If you don't know him, you must have think he's a very arrogant sonnababitch. And if you don't know us well, you must have think we're very rude sebab excessive rude remarks; but the fact is that, we're a very loving couple, tender hearted and soft spoken.

HAHAHAHA. Eh biarlah aku berangan kejap.

Fact 14
I like to scratch my head. I used to cabut rambut, but since that incident where I was called "botak", so aku stopped lah. But I guess my tangan kembali menggedik, so instead of continuing that bad habit, I opted for something less damaging; iaitu menggaruk kepala.

Even Don noticed it dah, I thought I was being discreet enough so that my reputation won't be affected with a new nickname like "Monkey Ally" or "Alia si tangan gatal", tapi I guess my activity menggaruk kepala cannot hide anymore.

Maybe I'm so gatal (flirty) that my head is taking the blame. Har har har. eh kelakar lah. Tanak gelak sudah.

Fact 15
I used to chat in chat rooms using a fake picture. Well, plural, fake pictures. Yer lah, dulu kan low self esteem, malu lah mau tunjuk mukaku yang hodoh ini. The pictures that I used bertukar ganti according to the different names that I used. I was also multigendered. haha. Sekejap perempuan, sekejap lelaki, sekejap tranny. Sexual orientation jangan cakap lah, semua aku dah menyamar. It was so fun gaining friends this way.

But those friends semua aku campak keluar because it was obvious they only fell for the pictures.

Sekarang mana main lah chatting chatting ni. I have something real to focus.

Fact 16
I met Farah the biatch when I was 15 and we used to go to chat rooms and menyamar jadik omputehs. Haha. Masa tu I stopped using fake pictures dah, profile tak der picture. But we lied about our locations.

Hi, I'm Farah from Australia.
And I'm Ally from America.


We used to go to Malaysian chat rooms, sebab diorng ni senang nak kena tipu. Lurus bendul betol. We used voice chat so with our fake accents, memang senang lah mau tipu orang. Accent si Farah tu tak menjadik sangat, sebab susah lah oi nak nyamar jadi Aussie, but for me it was easy peasy cause Don has a big influence on me.

Tapi kekadang terkeluar lah jugak accent melayu tu.

Tapi yang paling lawaknya when we both were trying to speak Malay on mic, dua dua kenkonon tak pandai sangat, so we had that accent melayu campur omputehs. HAHAHA lawakkkkkk gilaaaa. Ni aku tengah type ni pon tengah sesengih ingatkan balik.

Kesian semua orang yg kami tipu. Mintak maap yaa.