Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December in North Carolina

This is going to be a very short update because:

1) I am hungry as fuck to the point of being angry. Hungry + angry = hangry.

2) I am hungry as fuck to the point of shaking. My fingers are shaking yo. Boleh jadi parkinson's.

3) I'm lazy.

4) I don't want to type anymore.

5) and yet I'm still typing.....waddehel

6) I don't know what else to type

7) It was a boring day

8) I'm hungry.

Goddddddddddddddddddddddddaaamnnnitt I'm so hungryyy mannnnnnnnnnn.

Ok nah sila tengok gambar.


Everywhere else is already snowing, but not NC. It's still hot as bawls over here.
Extreme cold cuma during Jan and Feb saja. December ni, weather mcm main acah-acah je.
Kejap sejuk, kejap panas.
Eventhough malam kat sini boleh tahan jugakla sejuknya, tapi bila siang je, boleh pakai singlet je uols.
Mak walrus Asia ni dah tak sabar nak tunggu suhu yg boleh pakai baju berlapis lapis. (lepas tu complain sejuk bedi hahaha)

People here are like "but you wouldn't stand the cold!" I'm like  "excuse me, don't underestimate the fat layers on my body"


ok whatever la kan. Korang nak tengok gambar je. Ok nah.

We went walking with this girl.

"Lets hold hands" katanya.

Both houses are the Millers because next door is uncle Wayne and aunt Melody's house.
Kata duduk kampung kan, so sebelah sebelah memang keluarga la.

Kah. kah kah.

 I love how the trees look like during winter time.
Ranting ranting je tinggal.

Artistik la katakan.

Budak ni belasah je. Lawn rumah orang pun dia main selamba katak je main-main depan tu.

Ok tu je entry kali ni.

I told you I'm hungry as hell. Nak pergi makan. Ok bai.

from us.

Sila abaikan muka selebet saya itu. Tu muka tak mandi. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahsjahajs Ok bai.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The day after Christmas


"What's Boxing day?" tanya laki aku.

I was like "huh, Boxing day la. The commercialized sale-day after Christmas!"

"Then why wouldn't you just call it The Day After Christmas, like normal people do?!"

hahahahah babi tau Don ni. 
"normal people". 

But yeah, Boxing Day is UK's equivalent to US Black Friday.
Except Black Friday occurs after Thanksgiving and Boxing Day occurs after Christmas.

And Boxing Day is the term that only the UK uses. 
The Americans call it The Day After Christmas. (Why I capitalized each letter pun I dunno, it's not like a real term pun)

Anyway, enough lesson for today. (Bagus kan, setiap post gua kasi lesson)

So the day after Christmas (which was Saturday), we went out with the nieces to do some shopping. Have I ever mentioned that Don and I are the girls' Godparents? yeah dude. We so cool we the godparents. 



We went to several different places that day. 
I think this is the norm on how they go shopping. Different places on the same day. I mean it's not really different from our Malaysian people la. But I just think it's odd, sebab they just seem like it's not a big deal to park your car, look around for a little bit, then drive and go to another store and do the same cycle again. 

Tak penat ke?
Kalau aku, memang leceh gilos. 

But again, I'm known for my laziness tahap cipan. 


I'll let the pictures do the talking, sebab I really have no other things to talk about.
Lagi aku membebel, lagi laju korang scroll down kan.


Damn, I know my readers well.

Damnnn laki gua memang saikosis tahap gaban.


If you look closely, Breighlyn kat belakang tu oso keluarkan lidah dia!

Budak ni blonde gila sampai bulu kening pun tak nampak!

She also really loves her uncle Don.

One of the many hospitals.

Eh. Baru sedar.
I don't have any pictures while we were in the thrift store. Lupa la tu.

I bought 2 dresses for like $3 each and a wooden tray which I'll paint later on. I'll blog about this soon.

This is when we're going to the Carolina mall.

Mall belakang rumah is what I call it.

Don putting Paislee's shoes on.

I know that he's gonna be a good father.

Ni bukan nak cakap besar sebab he's my husband ke apa, but he really loves kids. He'd do anything for these kids.

Usually this mall only ada beberapa kerat je kereta. Boleh kira sebelah tangan.
But since this is the day after Christmas, mak oiiiiiii. Macam Mydin Subang Jaya uolsssss

Haha, tetiba Mydin Subang Jaya kan.

Their mozzarella stuffed pretzel balls were super amazing.
Sedap nak mati, aku rasa berbaloi jadi gemok as long as dpt makan pretzel balls diorg ni.


Breighlyn showing me "LOOK AUNT ALLY I HAVE DIRT ON MY FOOT"

hahahah bunguks betul budak ni.

Laki aku mencari sepasang boots.

He tried on this.
maybe sebab I love those buckles.

I mean it looks really good on him

Kau tau apa alasan dia?

"The heels aren't high enough"


Berapa inci kau nak ni?! 3 inci?!??!

I dunno about your husband, but my husband is REALLY picky when it comes to shoes, jackets, pants, shirts. Eh everything la.

He's reallllllly choosy!!

Nak yg ni, tapi tanak butang tu. Tanak yg tu, tapi nak pattern ni.

Stress makkkk

So far I've only nailed his taste for t-shirts. He likes geeky t-shirts. So all of t-shirts that you see him wearing, semua tu aku pilih. Nasib baik dia pakai uols.

I know my sisters will go nuts over Claire's. Especially time time ni, ada sale $1

Manusia manusia di mall ni.

Uh. Idung berkerak.

Banyak betul gambar diorg berdua ni.
Breighlyn mmg suka camera.

Haaa. Finally, gambar Paislee.

Eh. Going back to Breighlyn.



Random people.

Random people again.


Abis tu dah korang suka tengok gambar. Aku main tangkap je la gambar ntah apa-apa kan!

We went to kedai sewa movies (yes, these still exist here!)
I remember the first time I visited America, the in-laws brought me here and rented movies.

Time tu Netflix tak wujud lagi.

Now? I can watch binge watching shows and movies on Netflix AND HBONow. Tak cukup dgn tu, boleh rent movies on PS4.

Everything at the convenience of your own home.

Regardless, we went here sebab ahkak ipa mau sewa movies.


Pastu dia buat muka mcm tu.

hahahahaha kelakar betul la budak ni.




It's a little corner at the end of the store. Ada swing door and walled-in.

Don was too embarrassed to go in with me. Ntah apa apa da!!

Aku yg selama katak masuk. 

But mehhhh. 
Everything looks old!!!

Like old pornstars!!!

Ye la, nowadays, you can get porn at your fingertips je! Tak perlu nak menempuhi time time embarrassment nak sewa DVD/BLURAY lucah kan!

Ok tu je.

Sila la menikmati gambar lucah tersebut. 
Nanti aku letak keywords tetek dan sewaktu dengannya since most of the people that came to my blog semua masuk dgn keywords lucah lucah.