Saturday, May 9, 2020

Teringat Kisah Lampau - Masa Kena Buat Induksi

Best jugak ada blog ni. Time time bosan macam ni boleh baca old entries. Kadang kadang tu aku ketawa sorang sorang bila baca balik, kadang kadang tak sabar sabar nak suruh Don baca

Alia: SAYANG COME HERE READ THISSS *sambil ketawa*
Don: What. It's not like I can understand.....
Don: 😑

hahaha stress mamat tu aku paksa dia baca.

Anyway, I was reading my posts written about my TM induction camp kat Terengganu. I think it was 3 weeks. Macam taik kena pergi induction before report for duty.

I had a miserable time there. It's just the whole premise is stupid. I don't mind training for a job, but to put us away in a dormitory with scheduled meal times, being treated like children, for 3 weeks was NOT cool.

So before I delve into why I think that's such a BAD idea, let me tell you that I honestly do not remember being specifically told that we were going away for 3 weeks.

Maybe my memory is fading, but I couldn't remember the guy (whom I'm assumign the HR guy) telling us to pack our bags for 3 weeks because we were going to another state. All he said was "you're going to have a work trip" then started smirking.

I'm pretty sure the reason why people knew it was coming, because TM induction is apparently well-known? Like you are EXPECTED to spend weeks in a college campus before reporting for duty and this is something that everybody knew.

So on the day of departure, I obviously only had the clothes that I was wearing. I didn't bring any luggage at all! Because I thought we were just going for a day trip or a training at our training center!

babi tau. tak de spender, tak de berus gigi, tak de shampoo, tak de baju seluar bra. semua la tak de.

Terpaksa call mak and mak la yang tolong pack kan. Nasib baik mak memang terrer bab bab packing ni. Laju je dia packed, so she got to Menara rebung on time.

I asked the guy kalau tak sempat naik bas macam mana? because I had to wait for my luggage kan. He just said "kalau tak sempat ---- I dunno. You kena buat your own arrangement to get to Terenggau yourself lah"


Oklah - I admit, it was MY fault for not clarifying it from the beginning. I should have asked them what does the "work trip" entail.

But I'm also partly blaming the organizer/HR for not being clear on what they expect us to do and their intent.

Ok now back to the induction camp itself.

Like I said before - we were treated like school kids. I mean yeah sure some of us maybe just graduated from colleges, but that doesn't mean they are kids?? We were adults and entering the professional world. And to be treated like children certainly defeats the meaning of "professional adults"!!

I was not as vocal as I am today. Thinking back, if I were to travel back in time, I'd have probably told them to start seeing us as adults. I mean you have to remember, the participants were Executives and non Executives. We were definitely not some college kids doing our industrial training or whatever.

I'd have probably lose my job there too HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tak masuk kerja lagi dah kena fired

I also HATED that we had to stay in campus. It was the condition of the hostel itself - it was disgusting!! The rooms were dark and gloomy, the shared bathroom was urghhhhhh disgusting. I feel sorry for college kids that had to endure that.

Macam mana aku survived during my college years pun I dunno. hahahaha
Geli geleman aku nak tido dlm hostel.

I also don't know if I can handle having a roommate anymore. My roommate right now is my own husband, so kalau nak naked in front of him ke apa, it's not a big deal la kan hahaha. Tapi kalau ada someone else as your roommate, ehhhh susahnya. Kekok.

And now kalau pergi outstation ke apa, I'd have my own hotel room. Tak perlu kongsi bilik hotel.

Ohh the fanciest hotel room I've been was probably the hotel in India. 3 minggu beb duduk dlm hotel tu. It was a big room, toilet dia was to die for, ada balcony tapi you wouldn't want to open your balcony door. HAHAHAH.

Asap and honks every second. Pening kepala aku. My housekeeper pun bagus, dia asyik buat animal towels. So aku pun bagi la tips - ada dlm $1 - $3 je sehari. So all in all, I gave her/him dlm $40 kot. Untung kauu

Sebelah hotel ada mall - i think it's one of their fancy malls la kot sebab banyak medium to high end stores. Nak masuk mall kena security check point dulu. Oh nak mausk hotel pun kena security check point.

Macma biasa, aku suka off on a tangent. Kejap topic A, kejap topic B, tiba tiba selit topic F.


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