Thursday, January 31, 2013

Replying comments on Arianna Melissa

And also, Arianna (or whatever your name is), if you are reading this, please read this with an open heart. 

jb & Azurin,

You are right. Being tertipu bulat bulat memang menyakitkan hati. Especially when we supported her, gave our respect and prayers. Exactly what I said. Simpati orang bukan boleh di buat main main. Orang ikhlas memberi, dia boleh tipu kita pulak.

Tapi come to think about it, tak pe la, kita tak rugi apa apa. Kita ikhlas bagi dia doa, trust and all, kalau dia tipu, that's her loss. Kita rugi masa je tulis komen kat sana hikhikhik.

Tapi kalau dia innocent and this is just a hoax, kenapa tak keluar and bagi penjelasan? I don't see the point of closing/private her blog just to "run" away from this. She has a lot of readers, kawan kawan yang care about her, yang selalu mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagian dia, she could at least explain her situation that she has been victimized.

She owes that much to them (to us)

Running away is a selfish act. 

Sure maybe her justification is that itu hak dia; kenapa nak explain kat total strangers that she's actually the REAL ARIANNA (despite the evidences are against that claim - but lets be real, evidences yang dipamerkan tu pun bukannya kukuh, cuma it is such a coincidence that she privatized/closed her blog AS SOON as the story went viral, which raised our suspicion).

I would understand her predicament is that was the case. I wouldn't want to waste my time explaining my situation to strangers.

BUT, like I said before. There ARE some of my readers, friends, that have been there for me when I needed support, regardless whether they're just online or IRL, that DESERVE an explanation.

I owe that much to them.

So why can't she do the same?

Despite all these, my opinion on her writing skill still stands. She's a good writer, she managed to make her writings seem so...effortless. Bukan nampak macam yang direka (if that's the case)

Hence the reason why I am still her fan.

I don't condone on lying to your readers, but her stories amaze me.

I hope this explains MY opinion on this matter. Malas nak explain banyak kali dalam komen section tu. Tak semua orang scroll atas bawah kan. Hahahahah

p/s: I'm not in denial on her nonexistence, if she exists oklah, if she doesn't, I still love Arianna & Kevin, The Forbidden Love

Tiba tiba terfikir, korang pernah ke terfikir yang cerita aku dengan Don ni hanya rekaan semata-mata?
Haha..tapi kalau rekaan pon, I did a lousy job cause I don't have beribu followers pon.



  1. Omg! Your relationship with Don is real!! Cus' Im one of your family. Muahahahahah!! #(HASHTAG!)Silent reader..

  2. i feel connected to their love story sebab her background story is sabah..and i hv fren who has similar love conflict just like la..beza agama n all..sedih...xsangka...tapi betul la dia patut jadi penulis.......i want to know what happen next to her,kevin,clara,sidd,eddie...erghhh!

  3. Salam,
    I know next to nothing about this Arianna and Kev blog. Just wanted to share a true story about interracial marriage. My aunt married a british soldier about 40 years ago (who came to msia) and stayed in cornwall until now. After decades there she has reared pigs and dogs, though she didn't convert to other religion.

    Her daughter told me that she does not believe in any religion because people can turn evil because of them, though she celebrates Christmas as a holiday.

    Anuway all our family here are muslims and we accept my aunt's family and their lifestyle as is. Maybe with prayers, they'll be muslims one day but for now we are all one family :)

    Often when I read or hear about muslims converting, I always reflect on my aunt and her family, and I smile to myself. Being estranged is far worse than welcoming with a heavy heart for letting our dear moslens go astray.


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