Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Love You

I met you 12 years ago
They said time changes things
......but I'm glad you're still the same!

You're still that witty, funny, easily-annoyed (lol) good looking person!

I am glad we can FINALLY share crazy moments with each other without having to worry about one of us leaving the next day!

You make me so happy, though sometimes I *may* look irritated, but that's just because of my bitch face LOL.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person, a wonderful best friend and a wonderful husband!

I couldn't have asked for anyone better.


I love you so much Don!
Here's to us!


When I was browsing the pictures on my iPad, he saw this:

Don: You look SUPER adorable in this picture!
Alia: Huh

Don: That's really not are GORGEOUS here!
Alia: LOL you're kidding right?
Don: No, I mean seriously, ignore the disproportions, but look at the overall picture....your plump lips, and your Asian're just one attractive Asian!

hahaha, apa apa la labu.
Sometimes I wonder, is his perception of beauty a little skewed?? 

Then I showed him this...

Alia: So do you think I'm still attractive now?


Saturday, August 30, 2014

COMIC: Rate yourself

So you know how Don and I enjoy rating other peoples assets right?
I mean c'mon, EVERYBODY looks at other people...especially pretty/handsome people.

I don't get it why some women get so upset at their men looking at other women, and yet, they do the same.

Don't be so hypocrite laa.

I'd rather have him look/ogle at other women WITH me, than main kenyit kenyit mata BEHIND my back.

Kalau main main mata je, ok la, still not bad, tapi kalau main lain?


Sometimes I STILL CAN get insecure (because I'm only human), especially if he points out to a GORGEOUS woman, but I've never been worried because I know, at the end of the day, he'd still come home with me and I'm the only Queen in his heart, cheeewah.

Anyway, we don't judge their faces, we only judge their asses and breasts lol. Because we believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....but size on the other a factual thing LOL.

It's just more exciting to do it over here, because:
  • 1) Sizes matter. Some even have OUTRAGEOUS asses and boobsies! I mean sampai terlondeh londeh mcm jiggly pudding lol
  • 2) The clothes that they wear....lets just say, we only need a little bit of imagination to imagine
  • 3) Since Don knows some Malay words, we can finally talk about it in public without feeling perverted or creepy, because they don't understand Malay LOL. 

But every time when we talk about it in public.............

....I'd always end up laughing out loud.
Because his Malay vocab could use a bit of improvement :p

But not bad for a mat salleh yeah?

Double Decker Couch

Breighlyn and her cheeky self.

She stumbles on certain words, but she'll get there!
Apparently "doubledecker couch" is a tongue twister for her.

Berbelit lidah kot nak cakap. haha

This girl makes me smile!

I'll try to post more videos, but it just takes a lot to upload them on blogger. :(

Urut batin, lelaki bogel dan amoi urut

I've been noticing the trend of keywords yg masuk ke blog ni.
Almost 99% of the keywords that directed to my blog, semua nya bertema kan seksual.

Sex-crazed/deprived Malaysians.

I dunno why I'm doing this, but I felt the need to menguulas a few points (LOL tak de keja)....

It took me a while to figure out that the hell "b2b massage" is...
Rupa rupanya body-to-body massage.

Ni nak tanya sikit, selalunya b2b massage ni will end with  a "happy ending" ke?

Sucky sucky five dolla?

Kalau amoi tu tetek londeh boleh selempang atas bahu, pun acceptable?
Eh ke owner massage parlor cuma hired amoi cun cun je?
And can you choose which one you'd like?
And can you choose what type of service you'd like?

Eh tanya macam interested pulak...

Rata-rata org org yg google benda alah ni, tak reti eja "VIDEO"

"Mak knk rogol..."

Ok I have 2 assumptions on this:

One: Mak KANAK (kanak) rogol oleh tukang urut
Which is ....aku tak tau nak cakap apa, Sbb aku tak paham. LOL

Two: Mak KENA rogol oleh tukang urut want to watch/read about a MOTHER kena rape?? What?

LOL apa aku merepek ni.

Apparently being raped is a famous sexual fantasy.

Because it's so repulsive?

Oh wait, I know, because you want to feel wanted really bad.

Also, if your fantasy is about RAPING someone, You have some seeeeerious issue.

Anyway, I'm sorry if you came into my blog and didn't find anything.....

Nah, I made you something, so that your effort for clicking my URL tak sia-sia.......

Seksi tak mak??


Eh, kata masuk my blog...ibu walrus la aku lukis!
Takkan nak lukis model slim melim kot?
Tak padan dgn environment blog gituuu


Anyway, thank you for coming in. I hope you didn't come too quickly!

Friday, August 29, 2014


I dunno whether to be mad at him for his lack-of-compassion or to smile at his honest mistake...

FYI, dia memang selalu konpius dgn perkataan "ada" "dan" "and" 

Dah empat ratus kali aku betulkan..tak pe la, at least hilang sakit perot tu utk seketika LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I was dragged away from my computer because he said "you gotta look at this!" all excited and shit. 

Cheh rupanya dia nak tunjuk the fact that he can play his PC games on his TV. Aku ingat apa. Penat penat je gapoh gapah update blog tadi.

Right now I'm updating this post using my iPad while aku baring sebelah dia because this is so boring lah!

Anyway sebagai balasan, I'm gonna upload these picture that I took 5 minutes ago.

Ha ah ha ha *ketawa evil*

Muka selebet!

This Blog Template (kinda) Sucks

I've spent the entire day (propa lebih) adjusting this template.

I still can't find how to display the comment section which is stupid.

Ok Don is really bugging me as I'm typing this, I can't even think of what to type because he's talking rubbish!

Ok going to pee.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Projek hari minggu

Hai eberibodi!

Eh tetiba hari ni mood ceria kan...mcm tak kena je
Sebab selalunya mood mcm naga sakti

Anyway, hari ni kitew ceria and I've finally decided to (re)paint my hat box!
Oleh disebabkan mood adalah begitu ceria, marilah kita melukis dgn ceria!

omg seriously, what's up with this ceria thingy today.

Alia = Ceria....kenot brain kenot brain

See lah for yourself, how ceria my hatbox is now!

Too bad I didn't take a picture of the box's original design.
Which was super lame.
Ada gambar-gambar surat, bunga, birds and shit. Ala ala love letter la.

Since I'm not into girly girly design (more like design orang tua har har har), I've decided to paint it in whimsical colors!


Anyway, that old wooden hat box tu I got from a thrift store for $3.23 (good bargain!)
And the glossy acrylic paints only cost me $1 for 2 bottles!

Yang mahal sikit tu are the paint brushes (about $4 for 3 big paint brushes)...which dah berkarat pun!

Oklah dah malas nak type (hahah typical Alia)

 I painted it white WEEKS before...hahahahah..dasar pemalas kan. Then aku biarkan dia tersadai dlm bilik for a couple of weeks. Ni gambar masa baru paint putih.

 Eh tetiba je dah siap kaler lid. HAHAHAHSHAS

Lupa tangkap gambar masa tengah lukis tu...
Bagus jugak la sbb I'm a messy painter (eh, ada ke painter yg tak messy?)
Siap dengan aksi tergonggek terguling terkangkang bagai la

 I had A LOT of designs in my mind...nak buat itu ini, lukis itu ini.....tapi last last otak beku. So I just let the brush guided me.

Serious tak de idea nak buat apa, so ended up jadi tribal design. Tribal pun tribal laaah labuuu

Ada at one point, I really hated it sampai terfikir nak repaint putih balik (start over). Tapi nasib baik la sel sel otak masih boleh berhubung to each other, I've decided to finish it and see how it looks like first. Kalau tak suka jugak baru repaint.

Tapi sekarang dah habis, tak suka pun lantak la labu. I'm bored and tired of it oredi.

 Saja je nak kasi tau ni...tapi sbb tak cukup newspaper sebagai alas...plastik bag pun jadiiii

Tapi bila nak lukis, berdebar debar jugak la jantung, sbb takut paint jatuh atas karpet kan..mau tak tido 4 malam sbb nak cuci karpet.

 Lepas dah lukis lid, masa utk lukis body nya pulak.

Masa ni dah tiba tahap kemalasan 40% (haha siap ada percentage uols) so I've decided I'm just gonna do some stripes lah. Ni teknik paling senang...letak sellotape then just paint it over.

 After kering, boleh bukak sellotape.

I have to admit, THIS was the ONLY part yg I enjoyed 300%
Satisfaction! Rasa mcm plucking bulu kaki



Hasil kerja for someone yg buat kerja secara half-assed.


Damn. Perangai keji betul. Mcm mana la nak jadi isteri orang.


 I love this. Patut buat semua hitam putih belang belang mcm ni jugak

Dah siap pun kotak ni.

Oh lupa nak kasi tau, ni kotak utk apa ye? Since I don't wear any hat....




Ni kotak isi BRA!


Geez, serius tak senonoh anak dara ni.