Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random drawings of the week

I drew all these at work. Productive kan. Hahahahhahaha!

Anyway I'm posting these because I have no idea on what to write and also because I'm testing Blogger app ni via my phone.

Canggih weh. Aku tengah berak pon boleh blog.



  1. ya Allah alia..
    u sgt talented. suka bangat

  2. im looking a commercial painting!..sell it Alia...u r soooo talented....boleh guna for ur wedding soon!

  3. Your drawings actually give us a hints about what are you feel. Unfortunately, im not a therapist! LOL

  4. Akak (chewah perasan akak) suka your drawings. Yes, i like to doodle too especially during loooooong boring meetings ;)but it were nothing like yours *kagum*.

    anyway, keep up the good work. and btw, creative people ni memang lain dari yang lain. tak follow the norm. and i know that somehow u r like that too.

    i wish u all the best for your future w don. I like reading ur stories, it reminded of what i have to went through with my hubby during our LDR years (we dated for 10 years before we got married). And once we got married, i made a vow, that we are not to going be far from each other EVER AGAIN. :D could guess how clingy i am to him even after 5 yrs of marriage. but we deserve it!! ;)

    have fun, be happy and stay strong.



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