Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don: The kid he was

Hahahah! Comel je aku baca komen komen korang.

Tapi most of you pandai gilakk!
Aku pon masa mula mula tengok gambar tu still blur blur, which one is he??
I was confused between budak muka cengih tu or the one with red shirt/black shorts.

Lepas tu kena marah dengan Don sbb laki sendiri pon tak kenal.
I mean helloo! Masa tu kau umur 5 tahun kot! Mana aku kenal!

Haha..tetiba nak emo.

Anyway, here it is! Kudos for those of you yang terrer gilak! I salute you! Korang je la kawen dengan Don.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok aku tengah mood saikosis. Sila abaikan.


This is still my favorite picture of him. 
Ai oso want a child that looks like him!
Tapi maybe kulit warna cokelat sikit kot.
And hidung penyet dan kembang sikit.
And telinga besar sikit.
And rambut kaler dark brown (HAHAH dark brown kau, tanak ngaku kalah! Cakap je la itam)

Muka notty sungguh! Rambut pon senteng sebelah. Mesti kepala jenis cakcibur tak reti duduk diam.

I'm just so glad that kid grew up to be as crazy as me.
Otak sama sama gegila, baru boleh kamceng.

Anyway, nite nite people. Tomorrow is another day.

Roger and out,
Alia & Don, the crazy geniuses. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A post that has no point

Teka yang mana satu pakcik Don!
Kalau betul, saya kasi gula gula duaposen! Hahahahahahaahah

Ok nite nite everibodi. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

COMIC: Apply cold water to burned area

Kurang ajaq.

p/s: I know I've posted this a long time ago, but, who cares la kan.

Some clarification

Tadi tengah browse blog sambil berak (HAHAHA KANTOI) I saw this comment...

Aku memula macam tak paham, kenapa si Alis ni dok mention Don......bila gua scroll down lagi, baruuuuu lahh perasaaannn.................



Comel la mu ni Alis. Nama Don sebenar bukan Gordon atau Donald atau Armageddon ke apa...nama dia just Don je....

First name Don memang "DON" sajakkk. Ala ala The Don Italian mafiaaa tuu lerrr

Anyway, Gordon ni is my friend's friend whom I just met that day. Aku tak kenal sangat pon mamat ni. Tapi he needed to do a visa run, and the first thing that popped in our heads, heyyy Angkot Wat!

Ok tu je. Nak makan breakfast (at 1:04pm) sebab aku baru bangun.

HAHAHAHAHA damn. What kind of anak dara am I.

Friday, February 22, 2013


This is the most craziest thing I've done so a flight ticket for a weekend gateaway WITHOUT planning it first!

Hahah...yea well I'm very attentive (read: worrywort) when it comes to ...well, everything lol.

I always, ALWAYS plan my trip properly from booking a flight, accommodations, and travel itineraries!

I HAVE to know which hotel to book, what's around the hotel, what kind of city-transportation do we need to get...etc etc, THEN I'll book the flight ticket. Flight ticket is always the last thing I'll get cause..I dunno. It's just me.

But not today! It's the other way around it seems! Buy tiket dulu! Nasib baik my friend can get a discount on accommodation cause apparently dia dapat staffs discounts or something..ntah. Aku pon tak tau.

Ok bai. Nak apply cuti pulak! Hahahha...
Eh, trip Penang pon aku tak apply cuti lagi...dem.

PS: Oh lupa nak mention, I've only met my travel partner yesterday and he needed to do his visa run (cause Americans boleh masuk Malaysia only for a maximum or 3 months). Haaaaa..jeng jeng Jeng! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

COMIC: So that explains it...

(a continuation from previous post)



Lesson learned Alia. Next time please don't buy pirated copies.
Almost ALL pirated copies have BAD BAD BAD subtitles!

Doesn't do you good when the other half is in the process of learning BM. 


COMIC: Don's attempt on speaking Malay fluently

Hamboi hamboi!
This is how abam Don speaks BM though. Sebijik sebijik.

I told him that he's good in Malay (being a foreigner who doesn't live in Malaysia) ..............

.....but I suppose he needs to brush up a little bit more  :p

I lapp uuu nevertheless! I think you're so adorable!

COMIC: Don's 42345th attempt to count...

Hahaha.....kurang aja kan pakcik ni?
Suka tanak ngaku dah buat silap! Lempang laju laju kang! Haha..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why people like you (and you and you!) deserve a big round of applause!

*wipes tears*

I'm so proud to call you my friends!
Thank you for looking at this issue the CORRECT and NOT in a biased way!

This is how EVERYBODY should think! Then perhaps this country wouldn't be as shitty as it is now!

I love your comments. Makes me feel like I'm not alone in this world. I always felt like I'm surrounded by bigots, hypocrites and ignorant people.

That's why most of the times I'll always try to avoid either political or religious arguments.

Most of the time.

Sometimes I just can't help it anymore. Like for example in this case.

And because I wanted my friends on Facebook to see this, since not all of them read my blog, and at the same time, giving them some awareness on how NOT TO THINK LIKE THIS GUY.

Also it's some sort of a subliminal warning to them as well;



Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook drama. We all have them

//////UPDATED 1: 
(if this is the first time you're reading this, please scroll and read the ORIGINAL post first! Thank you!)

The douche replied and I couldn't help it (AGAIN!!)

Fucking idiot!!

Don told me to never stoop down to his level, but urghhh!!! 
Idiot needs to be educated!!


Ada ke dia suruh aku "go figure"?!?! How about you go figure yourself on how much of an idiot you sound!!

//////UPDATE 2:


Ok. He explained the depths of  ignorance and idiocy!
He dug a hole for himself man.

I'm sooooo done. Enough entertainment for tonight.

/////UPDATE 3:

aaaaaaannnnd ta-da!!

Which brings back to my ORIGINAL post (see below snapshot!)

I'M DONE. LOLOL. I don't need to justify myself to him anymore!!

Mati aku gelak sorang sorang tengah malam ni!



I just had to post this.
I get so riled up when it comes to prejudice's comments and races discrimination.

I don't really know the true intention of Mrs. Black's status, maybe she was being sarcastic, maybe she was being honest. I'd like to think the latter.

There are more comments above mine which I didn't even bother to dwell.
But what I said was simple.


We live in a fucking melting pot, of course there are gonna be differences. And what we do is that we ADAPT.

We adapt (or adopt, which is entirely up to you) to our surroundings.

My neighbors celebrate Xmas, they have carols from house to house. It doesn't bother us.
We have Eids, or hari raya, and we have bom buluh, bom katak, bom lipan or whatever bom, it doesn't bother them.

And kita main mercun for the whole 1 month. Some dah start main masa bulan Ramadan lagi.

So kenapa kita nak bising bila the Chinese main mercun semalam (and a few days before?)

Last night was their (Hokkiens) celebration of the Jade Emperor.
So why can't we tolerate?

It's fucking mutual understanding.

Mr. Green's comment was so offensive I felt the need of calling him a child.
It's so offensive to the point of being stupid.

We Malays are so arrogant that we discriminate others (and NOT subliminally!)
Bila orang lain kutuk Melayu, melenting sampai nak bertumbuk.
How much of a hypocrite can we be?

There would not be "Malaysia" if not for other races too.

Please lah. Be more considerate when opening your mouth.
Or in this case, replying on Facebook.

And no, I don't know Mr. Green. He's a friend of Mrs. Black.
Kalau dia jadi kawan aku, dah lama aku un-friend.

Aku tak kawan dengan orang bodoh macam ni.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Doodles: Nothing interesting

Showcasing my work.

Hahah..showcasing la sangat. 
Lesson learned Alia, ALWAYS, ALWAYS no matter how selebet your art is, watermark it. Some people are just downright assholes. 


"I love You THIS much!"

"Made with Love"

"School Kills Creativity"

On the last drawing, it speaks my heart. I personally think schools don't shape us to what we are now. Schools (well at least mine) limit my creativity. My school taught me to be just like everybody else. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

VIDEO: My Mother-In-Law

That's my mother-in-law.

Gila rock kan?
Now you know why it was so comfortable of me to tiba-tiba quit my job and traveled there to stay for half a year PRIOR of meeting her.

I've chatted with her jugak dulu dalam MSN yearrrsssss years before! Siap bukak conference call dgn Don haha.
Lawak pulak tiba tiba teringat.

She's also my mata-mata (spy) haha. Bila ada betina call carik Don, mom will report to me. Lepas tu siap la Don *cracks knuckles*

His mom is so supportive on our LDR. Dia la yang tolong post kan barang on behalf of Don. Don memang pemalas gila bab bab nak post barang ni. Dapat pompuan mcm aku yang nak itu nak ini.

BTW, if you think her southern accent is so pekat, wait until you hear dad's.
Otak berbuih nak compute apa dia cakap.

Dad is so like my atok. Suka sergah sergah. Aku saspek dia imagine aku ni umur 13 tahun kot. Pendek dah sama.


And yes, she calls Don "baby boy" and I'm her "baby girl"

Ok sila muntah.

p/s: Dalam keta tu Bobby

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

VIDEO: When my little sister and my cousin meet....

This is how crazy my family is!

That's my sister and my cousin Alisha dancing to Gangnam Style.

Video recorded over Skype while I was in the US.

Sila abaikan suara nyaring saya itu. Eksaited sangat sebab dapat record adik buat perkara gila.

My house (finally! an entry)

I know I know, this is a super delayed post. But at least ada jugak la kaannnn. Shhh. Tamau bising bising dah kenapa aku tak update update. :p

Anyway, a long long long time ago, I posted an entry about my parents' house (the house that I'm currently staying now) and how mak designed this house entirely by herself (and translated into architectural blueprint)

(side note: also on this entry)

This is our FIRST rumah seketul and our FIRST rumah where we built from scratch.

Eh tipu, bukan "we built". Contractors lah bina, kitaorg kasi idea.

Eh tipu, bukan "kita kasi idea". Mak kasi idea.

Oklahh, this is mak's house. And apak provided the moolah.

Kitaorg anak-anak lenggang kangkung. Haha

Since I'm in a very rajin mood, mari lah kita melihat gambar gambar yang menarik kalbu iniwwww! Hahahahaha...

Oh before that, I did google my house on Google map, nggak ada siot.
Understandable la since our house is fairly new (about 1+year je baru). Tapak rumah masih virgin. kau kata.

LOL tak tahaannnn. Perangai macam budak budak, siap marked "jiran jahat" Hahahah

I have some story mori to tell uols about my neighbors, tapi nanti la. Malas nak tulis. Tunggukan kisahnya setahun akan datang.


All these pictures are unaltered, and my house is a mess. Dan aku malas nak kemas. Eh sejak bila rajin kemas? HAHAH.

Saksikan lah.....(Wahahaha, rasa nak lempang secara otomatik)


2 ketul pokok kelapa tu tamau tumbuh tumbuh. Macam hidup segan mati tak mau je.

Garage yang boleh memuatkan 4 bijik kereta je. Alaaahhhh, 4 ketul je??? *bercakap dengan nada riak*  Hahahaha PANG. Lempangan sakti

Permandangan (yang tak beberapa indah) di sebelah rumah. Tiba tiba ada gerbang uols. Mak aku la ni. Konon konon masuk alam fantasi. HAHAHAHahahahahahahah ok.

Ini gambar di dalam rumah. Living room pertama. Selalunya untuk tetamu je. Kitaorg malas lepas situ sebab tak de TV dan panas. HAHah..kipas jauh keatas uols. Mak walrus ni memerlukan angin ribut taufan untuk menyejukkan diri.
Sila abaikan semak samun kat hujung bawah gambar tu.

Kalau korang datang, most probably akan di jamu di sini. Aku akan cabut lari sebab kat situ tak de kipas. Panassss. Naseb la korang. Sapa suruh datang. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHaHahahahahaha eh..tak tak, aku bukak la AC tuuu..jgn la larii..

Ni family hall/meja makan/dry kitchen. Kan aku cakap bersepaaaahhhh. Pintu tertutup tu ialah pintu bilik sayaa hehwhehwhewhehwh (motip nak gelak kuda??)

Ini dry kitchen. Barang bersepah sebab kitaorg baru amik barang barang dari rumah lama. Tak sort out lagi. Hahahah..dah setahun baru nak clearkan rumah lama kan. Bagusssssss. 


Dulu kolam tu ada ikan talapia. Ada dalam 30 ekor mcm tu. Selebet la ikan ikan tu. Busuk gilaaaa. Konon konon nak bela ikan untuk bila rasa nak makan ikan tilapia, tangkap dalam kolam je. Tapiiiii huhhh. Setiap minggu kena bersihkan kolam. So mak and apak malas, diorg sedekah kan je ikan ikan tu. Now ada ikan koi je. Sonaaanggg sikit. Tapi tu pon aku malas nak basuh. HAHAHAHAA

Another view of the porch. Tetiba ada eksersais machine kat tengah tengah porch kan? Hahahah...mcm focal point pulakk.

Walkway di tepi parents and brother's room (his room kat depan sana tuu) Yang pokok depan ni pokok lemonnnn. Rimbun gila buah. Hari hari buat cuci ketiak. Hahahah motip cuci ketiak??

Ini gazebo yang tak der kegunaan rasmi. Hahaha..seriously. Tak de orang guna pon. Naseb baik free..yg "gazebo" kecik belakang tu tempat BBQ. Sebab rumah kitaorg semua peminat tegar daging daging bakar niii, so kena ada tempat khas utk membakar. Yang lazimnya bukan aku la tukang bakar kan. Hahahahaha

Back entrance. Kitaorg selalu lepak kat sini. Sebab tu bila orang tengok dari main road, rumah macam tak de orang....diorg tak tau..kitaorg kat belakang tu tengah berjimba jimba (eh boleh berjimba kat rumah sendiri?? haha)

Another view of the family area/dry kitchen/wet kitchen

Part of the wet kitchen. and my maid's room. 

Tempat Hotspot bila time raya. Kat sini la siang ikan, potong daging, masak kawah, etc etc. ....lepas tu baju yang tengah basuh tu pon bau ikan. HAhahahahahaha

On the side of my sisters' rooms. Terussss pergi balik ke garage.

Tu je la yang aku mampu nak tangkap gambar.

Jalan ke bilik bilik my other family members memang tersorok sikit. So bila orang datang, the first thing they'll ask is "how many rooms?". Pastu lepas diorg ronda ronda dlm rumah, mesti diorg akan tanya "ehh, mana all the rooms??"

Hahhaa...bilik bilik memang tersorok sikit..kena lalu maze dulu baru sampai bilik.


Ohhh last time I did ask for a house's name kan?

Cuba teka nama rumah ni apa?!??

Jangan memain. Rumah pon ada nama uols.