Friday, November 13, 2015

Alia Talks Business about Edra Energy and TNB

.....or tries to.


Have you ever heard me talking in business lingo?! Nope? Neither do I! Hahaha

But I was browsing the Internet today and stumbled onto this news about 1MDB.

Yadda yadda yadda, yeah we all know the controversial issues on that, but what REALLY caught my attention was the possibility that our PM may waive the cap that prevents foreigners from owning 100% of 1MBD's Edra Energy assets! (means foreign investors can definitely WINS the bid by providing extra $$$ - which also means TNB is outbid!)

That's not fair lah, because foreign contenders may have an edge over this state-controlled TNB due to the current foreign exchange rates.

I don't know about you, but to me it looks like it's a desperation move to cover 1MBD debts! Sell it to the highest bidder regardless of their national interest! (or lack thereof).

Some of you might say, "so what if a foreign company has total control over the power equities in 1MBD, that doesn't affect me none"  *read this in a very southern accent as possible*

"doesn't affect me"

Yeah ok.
Foreign companies usually don't give a shit about your mom's and pop's business or whether or not you'll have the power to switch your lights on tomorrow! Have fun with that!

Well for me, I certainly don't want foreigners to control our energy sectors.

Secondly, wasn't there like some sort of a rule that if any foreign bidder that's going for FULL ownership should have been rejected from the beginning?? (this is a serious question - is there??)

And thirdly, desperate times call for desperate measures. Or maybe I should put this eloquently: a desperate MAN will do anything to cover his tracks.


Okay okay, I know by now you guys are like "wtf is Alia talking about, I'm not here to read about economics, I want to read about life gossips and pictures of Alia's boots"

hahahahah don't worry, I only have 1 last thing before this Business Alia signs off, an informant (who wishes to remain anonymous) who works for TNB informed me that TNB has gone to the full length of trying to secure this bid, they've released and internal circulation asking for the WHOLE EMPLOYEES to pray (according to their own beliefs) so that they can get the best out of this bid.

Now that sounds a lot like a last resort, don't you think?!

I mean helloo Mr. PM, Mr. 1MBD, just give the equities to TNB lahh. Actually, now that I've thought about it, ALL OF MALAYSIANS are in the same rhythm!

We all know TNB has local interests and not about to cop out if anything goes wrong! Also, I've read somewhere that by having Edra under TNB, it will definitely helps TNB's power generation capacity to 70%!

So what say you?

If the business-savvy in you in interested to know more about this, you can read here on 15 WELL RESEARCHED reasons Edra Energy should be awarded to TNB!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Update penuh gambar sebab Alia is pemalas giloss

Tak de apa apa update kali ni, but I've decided not to leave my blog bersawang. Lagipun ramai je antara korang-korang ni suka baca gosip kan.

Haaaaa baik ngaku skrang. 

Anyway,aku ada banyak nak membebel, tapi macam malas nak type.

Malas nak fikir sebenarnya.
Malas nak marah-marah.
Malas nak kena translate English - BM sebab tanak keluarga omputeh saya ni paham.



Ok la, aku cuma tak suka akakipar je. Keluarga yang lain tu no hal.
Pompuan ni je yg gedik tak bertempat.

Boleh dapat darah tinggi kalau cakap pasal dia ni hokeh. hahahahahahahahaha

Damn oklah, tanak marah marah. Hari ni mari la kita bergembira. Marilah melihat gambar gambar yg merepek merapu yg dah tersadai lama dlm PC gua ini.

Timeline seperti biasa, tunggang langgang.

Don is picking up on card tricks. He's actually pretty good at it, and no I'm not being biased. He's actually decently good. Au natural gituw.

Skirt bought from thrift store. Harga tak ingat. Definitely less than $4.

Homegrown cabbage. This head is as small as my palm! Super cool. Used it in my nasi goreng kampung. Had it all by myself (sebab Alia is pentamak)

 Dehydrating homegrown herbs and chili peppers (on the bottom rack). Buat cili kering y'alls.

Diet Dinner. We're watching our calories intake these days. Gotta consume less than 1500cal per day. Turkey patties, roasted cauliflower florets seasoned with Monterey chicken spices, garlic and onion powder, cracked black peppers and salt. With roasted onion rings of course. Mmmmm dapnyaaaa.

 Don, being the good uncle he is. He loves these kids. 

A whole box of tomatoes. This was definitely taken a couple of months ago during spring. Sebab skrang bukan musim tomato dahhh. Skrang musim pumpkin y'all. Makan labu sampai muakkkk. Anyway, these tomatoes dah selamat dah di-canned kan. Tang-tang malas nak masak, bukak je setin, tabur atas spaghetti.

Because it's fall. 

Mak is right. Fall is the prettiest season. 

I dared him to eat that pepper. He wouldn't do it. Booo

Ni rambut dah togel kiri kanan. Terkezut beruk ahkak bila dia first time keluar toilet dgn rambut sekontot kat atas tu je. Nak nangis rasa mcm over pulak, bukan rambut aku. Nasib baikla rambut dia ni jenis yg tumbuh dgn pesat. 

Gambar ntah brapa bulan yg lalu. Kan gua dah kata, timeline tak boleh pakai.

Ni gambar masa lepas beli skirt thrifted. 

Ha, ni gambar a couple of days ago. Saja nak tangkap gambar sebab nak tunjuk hasil pembelian 5 helai baju berharga $1 satu. No kidding. Walmart ada clearance sale sebab nak masuk winter. So all barang barang yg summer/spring diorg kasi harga runtuh. This fishtail skirt = $1. 

The only thing I'd complain is that, pinggangku masih lagi tak cukup ramping sebab skirt ni agak kecik. Hahah, gua bajet pinggang gua ni mcm Nicki Minaj punya pinggang, tapi jauh sama sekali. Tetap lagi ibu walrus.

TMNT tank top - $1. 

Mengenang zaman silau. My favorite is Donatello. Nampak tak? Dari kecik lagi memang jodoh gua dgn lelaki bernama "Don" ha ha ha. 

Princess Aurora tank top - $1. 

Favorite masa kecik jugak. Tapi ai lagi minat Maleficient actually.

Marvel tank top - $1. 

This will probably be my favorite top. Sebab rasa olskool betul. Heuhuehuehue

LOVE tank top - $1.

Pose bajet model. Pls la Alia. Ibu Walrus tak patut pose cenggini.

Ha, pose cenggini baru boleh.


Ok dah. 
Tu je. 


ahahahahahahahaha taik tak ending mcm ni.


Dari Alia dan Don (sebenarnya dari Alia je, Don tak de kena mengena dgn post kali ni hahahah. Dia cuma mangsa keadaan).

Gambar Halloween 2015. Kitaorg tak dress up tahun ni. Dedua pemalas. hahahah

Friday, October 30, 2015


Thursday, October 29, 2015

EDITED: Amukan di Amerikah

//EDITED: sebab nak tambah addendum kat bawah

Oklah, kali ni mari lah kita membuat sesi membaca Alia menaga ok??

Malas nak upload gambar (tak de gambar nak upload pun), so nasib korang la kena baca sampai juling-juling.


Anyway, nak kena cakap BM sebab tanak family seberang paham, so korang jangan komen dalam Inggeris pulak.

Alkisahnya, laki aku ni baik sangat orangnya, memang pemurah hati betul. Aku tak de problem pun dengan sifat tu, actually I'm glad sebab sifat murni tuuu, tapi sometimes aku rasa kebaikkan dia tak berbaloi.

Oklah, maybe I'm just being sour (eh I am being sour) tapi most of the times orang tak appreciate apa yang dia buat.

Aku kasi contoh ya: dia tak pernah lupa hari jadi semua ahli keluarga dia (with exception of keluarga abang pertama dia - sebab diorg tak pernah datang visit walaupun diorg tinggal 20 minit je dari kami).

So setiap hari jadi, dia akan berusaha nak kasi hadiah, walaupun kitaorg ni bukan lah tukang cop duit. Ada a couple of times jugak la yang aku cakap "tak payah bazir duit - kita ni bukannya kaya raya pun" tapi dia akan cuba sedaya upaya jugak nak kasi hadiah, usually kalau kitaorg tanak guna duit, kitaorg kasi things that we've own before. Kira second hand la. Or I'd make something crafty.

Aku ni memang kedekut, ok, bukan kedekut lah, I'd like to think I manage my finances well. So aku tak suka beli benda yang kita tak boleh benefit. Especially kalau nak kasi benda kat bebudak, tau lah bebudak kan, main kejap, pastu buang. Aku paling tak suka tengok my hard-earned money being wasted just like that.

So usually aku akan go against dia bab-bab nak beli hadiah remeh temeh ni.

So anyway, laki aku ni selalu lah kasi hadiah untuk anak sedara, or even adik beradik dia sendiri. Tapi tak pernah pun aku tengok diorg balas balik.

Tu yang aku sakit hati tu.

I mean dia told me that you should not expect anything from charity, because if you do, then it's not charity.

I know he's right, but still, if kitaorg managed to scrape every little things that we had, takkan diorg tak boleh do the same?

Laki aku bersusah payah getting something for their asses, tapi diorg tak pernah balas. As if macam he gives and they take and take and take.

Lagi satu contoh, time Christmas. Christmas kan diorg selalu exchange gifts. Tapi yang aku tengok, it's just kitaorg giving gifts and diorg receive, receive, and receive.

Aku bukanlah expect diorg beli hadiah ke apa, But I'd expect even the smallest gesture will do.

Nak cakap diorg ni tak de duit tak boleh jugak. Aku tengok diorg ni beli benda yang tak berfaedah macam macam. Macam last year, abang dia dapat pembayaran balik cukai (matiler tak tau nak translate) so instead of guna that duit untuk masa depan, or even bayar bills, diorg guna untuk beli peti ais kedua.

Aku dgn laki mcm "haaaaaaa?? apa ke bangang diorg ni???" Kalau nak bayar necessities pun merangkak, ni ada hati nak beli something yg akan buat bil elektrik kau naik lagi???

Ni memang pemikiran orang miskin. Dapat duit sikit je, terus joli.
Lepas dah joli, merangkak balik nak beli/bayar necessities.

Diorg tak boleh fikir masa depan.

Lepas tu lagi sakit hati, kalau poket diorg kering, tak de duit nak bayar bil ke apa, diorg akan mintak duit mak mertua.

For those yang tak tau, laki aku dgn mak mertua kan ada bukak company sendiri. So laki aku memang full time kerja  dgn dia la. Company kecik je, tapi enough to get by lah. So kalau malaun-malaun ni tetiba mintak duit, mak mertua sebagai mak, tak sanggup tgk anak cucu dia merana (merana tang mana pun aku tak tau - padahal makan minum semua kerajaan tanggung) so dia akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk bayarkan bil/belikan barang untuk diorg. Which sometimes akan efek laki aku punya funds.

Eh? Abis tu dah dapat duit extra, dok pergi beli benda benda sampah apasal!??! Kan dah tak de duit nak bayar bil!

Bakar je la peti aisr kau tu jadi heater!!

Tu yang aku mengamuk.

Ok, tak de la aku mengamuk depan diorg kan...aku mengamuk depan laki aku je la. haha

Kau nak tau apa dia cakap lepas aku mengamuk??

"It's okay..I know...but we'll be fine.."

Sakit hati pulak aku dengar sebab dia ni terlampau calm dan positive


I kenot brainnnn
orang seluk poket, kau boleh terima dengan seadanya lagi???
Kalau aku memang dah perang dunia ketiga

Fuhhhh. Nasib baik aku dapat laki penyabar, dapatnya laki yg mcm aku, memang lah World War III okkkk

Ok tarik napas dalam dalam

Kau tau tak betapa tensi nya aku sebab segala stupid shit yang diorg buat in their lives, ada chain effects to mine!

Kalau diorg nak kebulur ke, kesejukan ke, kepanasan ke apa sebab their own stupidity, AND tak de efek laki aku, lantak korang la! Dah pandai sangat buat budgeting (or lack of), padan muka korang la to whatever efek yg jadi kan!

I know I sound heartless, tapi I kenot bring myself to actually bersimpati to them.
Just because of their selfishness.

Kalau kau tak kacau laki aku (which evidently effects me) in the first place, tak de la aku jadi macam ni. Maybe la aku akan tolong kau samada dari segi duit ke apa.

Oh speaking of which, pernah je aku belikan barang or tong duit minyak untuk diorg. Aku tak pernah, I repeat, TAK PERNAH berkira sebelum ni. Sekarang je yg aku bring this up sebab tak tahannnnnnnn

The only sebab kenapa aku timbulkan isu ni sekarang sebab:

1) Dah lama terbuku di hati, rasa mcm nak meletup mcm bom atom
2) Tadi laki aku mentioned yg hari jadi akak ipar dia is coming soon, apa yang patut kita get untuk dia

eh helo, bday aku baru je 2 hari lepas, aku tak dpt apa apa pun dari dia, so buat apa aku nak beli something untuk dia

hahahahahahahahahahha sial punya ayat kan. Berkira betul aku ni

I told laki aku about all this, dia ckp "we're the nice ones, we do charity because we want to, not because we expect any payment. If they don't appreciate it, it's okay, as long as we ourselves are happy with our actions"

Penampar hebat di pipi Alia.


A day lepas aku tulis entry ni, si akak ipar ni mula buat taik balik.
Laki aku baru dpt gaji hari ni, pastu dia dah bising bising kat mak mertua tanya mana utang dia (sebab dia pernah tolong company ni).

Tu aku sabar lagi, pastu dia dok pushing it, laki aku cuba bagi reason yg financial situation isn't as good now, so sabar je la dulu, lagipun betina tu dah dpt kerja lain, so dia ada other means utk dpt duit.

Pastu kau tau apa dia jawab balik?

"Oh so mak bayo gaji kau so that kau boleh beli mainan elektronik?" dgn pernuh sarsaktiknya.


That drew the line.

Dia fikir yg sebab yg dia pumped out enam org anak dia dpt priorities over laki aku?!?

Hello babi, tak de sapa suruh kau bukak kilang anak! Kau pandai pandai bukak pepek, pandai pandai la kau cari duit utk tanggung diorg. Tu kau punya responsibilities!

Tapi jgn gunakan anak-anak kau utk jadi bullet for you to get priorities!

Ada pernah kau jumpa malaun-malaun kat opis ckp kat bos "bos, saya ada 8 org anak...kasi la saya gaji dulu..." over the rest of the employees?


Pompuan ni memang selfish betul, laki aku baik baik je ckp dgn dia yg utang dia nanti akan dibayar lepas dpt next client's check, pastu dia boleh pulak buat komen taik.

Betina tu bukannya desperate sgt nak duit pun, kalau dia desperate, kenapa hari tu aku pergi rumah dia, aku nampak dia dok beli hairdyes la, pastu dia siap pergi kedai gunting rambut nak potong dan kaler rambut lagi.

Kata tak de duit?

Kalau tak de duit, buat la cara tak de duit.

Kalau dah miskin, buat lah cara miskin!

Takpayah nak buat drama taik kau depan orang ramai ckp kau tak de duit bagai lepas kau berjoli sakan buat rambut kat salon!

Dia ni suka victimizekan diri sendiri, as if dia soranggg lahhh mangsa segala keadaan, Semua org suka buli dia dan tolak dia into a corner. Dia sorang lahhhh yg susah. Dia sorang lahhhh yg pikir dia sgt prihatin kat semua org tapi tak de org appreciate apa dia dah buat.

Bitch pls.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH babi aku dah tak tahan

Tadi ingatkan nak tulis entry pasal Sephora, tapi sebab si taik ni buat taik, terus mood jadi taik.

Aku ada banyak tak puas hati dgn betina ni. Ada pernah dia buat taik yg paling extreme kat aku, tp I don't think I want to tulis here. Aku masih cuba sedaya upaya nak lupakan ketaikkan tu. Tapi mcm susah je, especially lepas dia buat taik mcm ni.

It's like adding salt to the wound.

Again, harijadi dia dah nak dekat, kau rasa apa aku patut kasi kat dia?

Note: Dia bini abg kepada laki aku. So xde sangkut paut dgn laki aku.

Aku nak cuba tenangkan fikiran.
Hati masih membara.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I know I know, I haven't been updating.
I'm just downright lazyyyy. Nanti nanti la aku update (via writing)

I think I'm just gonna do vlog from now on. Amacam? ok?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

PTPTN contact person: Pertanyaan status, penarikan senarai hitam, CCRIS, etc


Hai adik adik,

Kali ni ahkak nak tulis dlm BM la, senang sikit nak mengadu damba. Letih jari nak type English. HAHAH

Anyway, this is gonna be a sticky post (eh? Tadi kata nak cakap BM, buruk siku betul (Eh? Buruk siku ke? LOL Aku tak tau apa nak panggil - I thought buruk siku tu mcm Indian giver? Dah kasi then amik balik? - Eh dah melalut ok whatever))

Anyway, I'm doing the world (or at least PTPTN loan holders a favor today)

My sister works in PTPTN and she's having this mid-life crisis and wants to help you on your loan status.


"mid-life crisis" katanya.

I mean why in the world would you wanna advertise that you wanna help people.......Ok nvm. That's just me.


No lah, she's just doing her job, so if you have any question on your loan status, applying for PTPTN, removal of blacklisted status, repaying your loan (cause it's a fricking loan, not a scholarship), or ANYTHING about PTPTN, you can contact her directly!

And I mean this, it's a direct communication to her.

Anyway, do share this info around with your friends and families ya! And do keep her contact info for your future reference!

You can download this flyer here

Phone call/Whatsapp: 017 - 221 9894 



Saya yang menurut perintah.
Majulah sukan untuk negara.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Cerita pasal rambut pulak kali ni

I miss this.

I miss my long bangs.
I miss my purple hair.

Rasa macam menyesal pulak potong rambut. I could have simpan rambut sampai bontot! At least boleh la kibas kibas rambut bajet supermodel.

Eh angan-angan je ni. Sebab bila rambut panjang sikit je, mula la gatal nak potong.

Honestly, I can't stand rambut panjang tutup leher.
Dah la memang leher aku ni diselaputi dengan lemak lemak tepu, bila rambut panjang je, mesti ada neck sweat. Yucksss gelii ahkakkkkk

Lagipun, mak selalu cakap, I look better with short hair. Rambut panjang nampak macam kitew niw 40taun.

Kitew muda lagiw lewwww

Kah kah kah. Tetiba saiko bajet nak type kitew kitew kan. Berjiwa muda katanyaaa.
Lempang plis.

Anyywaayyyy, semenjak duduk Ahmerikah ni, macam macam feshen rambut ahkak dah buat. Undercut? Sidecut? Mohawk? Faux hawk? Blonde? Pink? Purple? Red? Blue? Been there done that.

Gila cemerlang.

Nasib baik ler dapat laki jenis supportive. Dia la yang tukang gunting rambut.
Dia tak suka pompuan rambut panjang. Very old fashioned katanya.
Dia suka rambut pendek, funky dan modern.
Nasib la dapat isteri macam beta, memang suka rambut pendek. Memang padan betul kan!

Hair journey:

I know I've posted this a long time ago.
But this is PART of my hair journey. Ada banyak lagi yg tak documented. Malassss wehh

Gambar gambar yg di upload, semua bajet cun lah. Kenkonon candid gelak ketawa, padahal gelak sensorang depan camera.


Nak upload gambar selfie, image itu penting. Angle kena betul. Lighting kena bagus. Emosi muka pun kena terrer.

But oleh di sebabkan this is my blog and I'm feeling blah-whatever-I don't care hari ni, mari la ahkak belanja selfie that has never been uploaded anywhere before, an unadulterated version of me. Tiada unsur unsur photoshop, makeup mahupun bedak johnson&johnson sekalipun.


Sila tutup mata!

Ok tujuan ahkak nak tunjuk gambar ni is to show the IN BETWEEN process of changing my hair color.

Setiap kali nak tukar kaler, I have to strip off the current color before putting on another color. Process tu dinamakan bleaching.

Dan oleh disebabkan rambut ahkak ni pure Asian punya rambut, punyalah degil nak buang kaler, so process bleaching ni terpaksa di buat berulang kali. So that's why la rambut lama-lama jadi menggerutu, dan automatically akan menjadi sabut kelapa.

Oleh disebabkan rambut dah tak serupa rambut, so sebab tu I had to cut it short.

But that picture was taken last year. Sebab tu muka masih serupa donut gergasi (sekarang macam donut regular je hahahahaha)

For now, I'm contented with my pixie cut. Setiap kali tengok cermin, rasa mcm "damnnnnnn I look goooood - patutlah si Don berkenan"

Konfiden bebbb.

Pixie cut ni walaupun pendek, tapi nak style leceh sikit. Ni gambar lepas basuh rambut.

But whatever lah, it doesn't matter how leper it gets after being washed, sebab when I style it:

....gua rasa stylo gila babeng.