Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stockholm Syndrome

Hangat betul isu anjing kat Facebook sekarang ni.

I don't want to dwell on it here, sebab buat apa? Rugi masa je. Kalau aku tulis essay 10 pages on why touching dogs won't make you less of a Muslim pun, I will NEVER change their mind.

People have their own opinions.

I have mine.

Aku akui, sometimes my opinions don't cross path with yours, tapi tak de la pulak aku nak kecam, ugut your safety.

Aku tak de la nak category kan diri ni sebagai "dog lover" ke "cat lover" ke "animal lover".
In fact, I don't like pets at all.


Leceh nak basuh taik suma.

Anyway, my point here is that, I have no qualms if you don't like dogs, but what gets me the most is that how much of a hypocrite these people are!

Their whole idea of "protesting" the campaign was because they think it was a deliberate move from the "liberal Muslims" to...I dunno...liberalize Islam? And that was an insult to the clerics. And while chanting "I am the true Muslim, I am a pious Muslim" they have the audacity to threaten/insult anyone who has a different view from them!

Hoi kata alim sangat, siap nak menegakkan Islam bagai, tapi mulut macam najis!

Sikit sikit nak bunuh.
Sikit sikit nak bakar.
Sikit sikit "kecik-kecik tanak mati".

Please lah.

If you think you're so pious (mesti la bajet alim ye tak? Kalau tak, takkan la asyik copy paste petikan ostad A, ostazah B kan?) then why the hell would you wish someone to die?!

Because that someone likes dogs?


Not quite huh?
Kau mati ke kalau dia suka anjing?

I admit, I've been so upset over this and I've been ranting on my FB.
Marah sangat dengan sesetengah individu kat Malaysia ni.

And tang-tang tu jugak la ada malaun yg wished me dead.

I mean who the hell cares la kan apa dia nak cakap, aku bukannya kenal dia pun. Mutual friends pun jiran masa duduk kampung dulu.

Her comment didn't upset me, but what upset me the most is when my OWN FRIENDS liked that comment.

Aku tak tau la apa motif diorg nak liked that comment, maybe sebab they think it was an absurd remark, or maybe........they just agreed with her.

But regardless, thank you for showing me your true colors.
Now I know whom I should consider as real friends and back-stabbing friends.

It also upsets me because I get that feeling that my family thinks I'm ignorant, or corrupted, or whatever just because I think like a progressive Muslim does.....rather than an orthodox Muslim.

Which apparently they are.

It upsets me because I think humans should do good to each other, and not trying to convert, or kill each other.

It upsets me because I think we should embrace knowledge and technology, rather than being cocooned in a dogmatic conservative ideology.

It also upsets me that, from this recent event, I know Malaysia WILL NEVER progress. Malaysia needs more thinking Muslims, instead of mindless obedient zombies. We need to liberate ourselves from the chains of the religious authorities.

People keep on saying "guna akal untuk tentukan yg mana baik dan yang mana buruk"

Then why won't you use the same akal to ACTUALLY think for yourself, instead of being told what to think.

I know I have a lot of haters, and I'm gonna get even more after this post.
Because these "holier-than-thou" people, will never change.

Stockholm Syndrome at it's best.

Monday, October 20, 2014


"You're messing with your blog's layout again? How many times has it been since you got here?!"

"Eh, sukahati la"


Ok mestilah la aku tak jawab macam tu kan...
Haippp. Dosa.

But yeah, I've changed it again. Sebab I wanted a 2-column layout. 
Senang nak tepek widget kat situ.

And I wanted a layout yg tak de jump links/summary.
Ala, yg kena tekan "read more" baru dapat baca the whole entry.
Cause kalau aku jumpa blog yg ada read more tu, mmg aku tak read more lah kan.
Aku terus blah.


Eee jahatnya aku ni.

But seriously, I mean sure they look nicer/neat, tapi aku ni gelojoh. Nak baca sambil scroll scroll.
Tak nak tekan tekan. 

Banyak songeh.

Anyway, aku ada tepek a few links kat tepi tu. I usually don't tepek links sebab I have my own bookmarks, tapi ntah, I just felt like doing it. 

Tetiba rasa rajin.

So kalau ada muka korang kat tepi tu..........hahahahahahahaha too bad!


Hmmmm, bila tengok balik layout ni, rasa cluttered pulak.


Nothing satisfies me. 

Except for.......................dot dot dot.

HAHAHAHAHAHA tempting rasa nak tulis pasal 18SX (sebab dah kawen kan! HAHASJHAHSAJ) tapi rasa mcm tak appropriate pulak.

Kot kot ler, ada antara korang yg umur 18 ke bawah ke....

Eh tak mungkin.
Teenagers zaman sekarang mana main blogging.

Semua stock intagram dengan Facebook je.

Patut ler bila tulis karangan, essay hancus.


Ok bai.


"Commissioned" art

Hai guys

Not gonna be long, because my stomach is unsettled.
Tadi berebut toilet dengan laki.

Tengah syiok syiok berak, dia asyik la ketuk pintu.
Terus tak smooth process pembuangan.


Sat lagi nak ketuk pintu toilet, sebab aktiviti terbantut!

Jijik betul kau ni Alia.

On another non-disgusting note, I've received a few requests from people to make/draw them something, tapi I always decline, sebab rasa tak competent.

I mean I have no prior experience in illustration.
Aku background IT engineering. Last amik art masa Form 3. Ha ha ha.
So I have NO IDEA how things work in the creative department.
Takut hasil kerja tak menepati criteria/citarasa.

Kalau korang tanya pasal network performance utilization, aku tau ler...
(eh, jgn tanya, sebab dah lupa. HAHAHA)

Anyway, I draw pun sebab I enjoy doing it. I don't know whether I can afford to make it as a career.

I mean don't get me wrong, I WOULD LOVE to draw you something, but I guess I'm just scared of rejection.


Saiko. Macam mana nak maju kalau tak boleh terima kritikan

Anyway, my sister just opened a new small online business, and since I can't do anything physically cause I'm half way across the world from her, I figured I could draw her something!

She needed a logo for her FB page, so I made her this:

As well as her cover photo:

I'm no expert in Photoshop, so I drew everything on my iPad LOL

Rasa-rasanya boleh masuk portfolio tak?

Anyway, please do support her page ok! Dia jual childrens goods.
She will have more products once she has established a market!

If you could be so kind, you can just click "LIKE"!
I've also linked her page on my sidebar there!

Thank you so mucho yaaaa!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Videos of Las Vegas (Hari tu lupa nak upload)

Wow lamanya tak update.

Nah, video seketul dua

In front of our hotel.
Ada orang main music guna tong plastik je uols.
Mak impressed.

Sila abaikan suara iols yg annoying tahap gaban tu.
I dunno la, bila dgr suara sendiri je, rasa nak tampar diri sendiri. Hahaha

Hoover Dam.
Panas gilosssss
Rasa mcm tak boleh napas

Remember that I said canopy tu jadi TV gabak bila malam?
Ha ni la yg aku maksudkan tu

Anyway, sila enjoice dgn videos ini sementara aku nak korek otak for another ilmiah entry.

LOL. pernah ke blog entry aku ni berilmiah

Monday, September 22, 2014

5 years ago vs. 5 days ago

This is us.
5 years ago and 5 days ago

No matter how different we look, how much we've grown, I'm just thankful that our love is still the same!

How is this possible that my love for you hasn't even change one bit??

I still get that butterflies feeling in my stomach every time I see you smile
My heart still skips a beat every time you say "I love you"
And my mind gets a little giddyish every time you touch me!

I really hope that you know how much I love you
Because the words "I Love You" can barely even define on how much I love you!

I loved you then

I love you still

I always have
I always will!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

People are mean

Tiba tiba hari ni rasa sedih.
Bukan sedih apa, sedih sebab tadi tengah compile gambar gambar lama, badan masih serupa walrus.

haha saikosis ke apa kau ni Alia.
Sendiri malas exercise, lagi mau bertakung air mata kan.

Actually what I'm feeling now is not really sedih lah, it's more...I dunno...nangis kesyukuran? Haha
I'm just really grateful that I found someone in my life that wants to spend his life with ME.

I've never thought that someone as dark as me, as fat as me, as ugly as me has a man that loves me for everything that I am. I know I shouldn't have put myself so low because he said I'm the most beautiful person he has ever seen.

But that's probably because he's biased. LOL

Of course la he think I'm pretty, I'm his wife!

But he taught me to love myself over all of these years.
And he gets really upset if I start talking bad about myself! Sampai aku yg stress sebab kena sound balik. haha

Don't get me wrong, I love myself now. I think I'm a strong woman, with a strong heart and a strong stomach (cause I could practically eat anything LOL).
But there are times where I'd look up on the mirror and I see this, fragile woman, whose heart has been broken up to pieces one too many times.

I've been rejected, called ugly and fat throughout all of my younger years.

People are mean.
And there's no way in hell I can make them happy.
There's always something wrong, or something incomplete with me.

Kalau aku single, oh that's because I'm fat and ugly.
Kalau aku dah kawen, oh that's because he's blind or a chubby chaser.

People talk shit when I'm single.
People still talk shit when I'm married.

I've had people telling me that they're glad that I'm married so I can "fix" my keturunan.

Like it's any of their concern on how ugly I am, or how my kids are gonna look like!

We are NOT related, so why so concern about "fixing" my keturunan?
How about YOU fix your own damn family tree first before opening your mouth

Tetiba ter emosi pulak.

Oh! Have I ever mention that I found my old crush/fling (I really don't know what to categorize him as cause he wasn't really a boyfriend, but like a boyfriend) on FB?

He was this guy whom I had a crush on, but never met in person.
I was friends with his brother and somehow he got into the picture.
We talked on the phone almost everyday and to be honest, never felt like we needed to meet up.

I didn't know he was such a douchebag in person cause his brother was the nicest human being I've met!
So when we first met, he immediately rejected me, obviously because I'm not up to his expectations.
He started ignoring my calls and texts, or had his friend telling me that he wasn't there, which was bullshit cause I could hear him, telling his friend that over the phone.

Anyway, he broke my heart so bad that I couldn't sleep or eat for weeks! I was so dumb to let him control my life! I lost ALL of my confidence (I had very little of it) and I didn't think I could recover from him. (dramatik habisss ni)

He didn't really tell me that I'm ugly or fat (for that I'll give him credits for) but rejecting me right AFTER we met is enough of an evidence of him saying/thinking that. As if all of those months (I think it was a year) of talking and laughing with each other didn't matter.

Anywaaay, back to my point, I saw his name on FB several weeks ago after raya and I've decided to add him!

I mean I'm obviously over him, and I figured we could actually try to be friends for real this time.
Making amends la kata kan.

I may look tough, but my heart is as soft as a cotton candy.
I may get mad easily, but I forgive easily as well.
I'm a nice person. So I don't know why people cannot be nice to me. :(

Oh turns out he's still not married
Guess I beat him for that one.

Masih competitive! Please grow up Alia!

Anyway, I try not to get these little things get inside my head, but I'm only human.
Words sometimes get to me.

But it's okay, cause whenever I'm feeling ugly, I'll just go and hug my husband.
Cause he absolutely thinks I'm beautiful and his opinion is the only one that matters!

I love you Don Miller!


The Underdog:
Silly Lady In Town

Las(t) Vegas (Day 5)


Day 1 & 2: Here
Day 3: Here
Day 4: Here & Here

Last kopek!

I know I know, you guys are tired of reading about this already
Trust me, I AM too!
Asyik delete, upload, delete, upload

Upload beratus gambar sampai I broke my blog template!

I just wanna get this done ASAP so that I don't have to blog about this anymore.

Macam la kena paksa.

Anyway, this will be a short update, cause this was the day we were coming home!

Las Vegas ---> Salt Lake City, Utah = 1jam 20mins
Salt Lake City ----> Charlotte = 4jam

We had a 4-hour layover in Salt Lake City

Serious la laki aku ni saikosis.

Bye bye Las Vegas!
See you again next year!

Gunung ganang pun semua dirt!

coming up
Salt Lake City

I believe those circular things are farms!

 And that's why it's called Salt LAKE City!
Sebab lake sebesar alam!

AAAAAAND we're home!

It feels good to be in your home state!
The weather feels nice, there are greens and trees everywhere!

It was 19C when we got home!
Where in Las Vegas, it was 35C!



Now I can berak dengan hati riang gembira


Sifat masih tak senonoh.

It's 4am.
Patut la otak mcm ala ala mereng sikit.

Bukan memang sentiasa mereng ke.

Las Vegas (Day 4 cont.)


Day 1 & 2 : Here
Day 3: Here
Day 4: Here & Here

A continuation from previous post

After Hoover Dam, we've decided to go back to the city
There was nothing else to do!

We wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but it turns out it's gonna be about 6 hours of driving!

Taken in one of the shopping malls.
Best sebab ada Aircond. hahaha

Ketiak masam.

Laki aku ni saikosis sikit.
Tak reti nak senonoh bila tangkap gambar

Flamingo Hotel

Paris Hotel.
We've already been there last time
So kali ni tak nak masuk

New York New York Hotel.
Hotel ni ada roller coaster, dan chocolate factory :(
Rugi nya tak masuk!

Excalibur Hotel
Bleh. Bosan

The Luxor Hotel.
Ala ala Egyptian.
Bosan nak mati.

Treasure Island.
Kitaorg duduk situ last time

This is when the fun starts.
At night.

Di mana boleh tengok org naked.

See la for yourself.
Depa pakai pasties je nak tutup nips tu.

Kalau aku pakai mcm tu.....sure dpt beribu ribu dollars semalam kan.

I dig humor.
This pakcik nailed it.

Dia siap buat aksi "seducing" ok.
Tgk la muka dia tu.

And I'll end this post with this picture.