Thursday, January 3, 2013

Video/Audio: I've downloaded a karaoke app on my iPad, and this is what happens when you have a crazy partner! You oso turn crazy!

Poker face - Vote for my rendition!
HAHAHAHHAAHHA YES. We're crazy liddat. Please ignore my super sucky version of Gaga's rap. I was trying hard not to snort from laughter! (alah, alasan, sebenarnya memang tak pandai nyanyi Hahahaa!)

"This is for all the ladies" - Don M.


  1. Hoii sakit pinggang aku tahan gelak dlm opis nih. Paling tak tahan yg hujung2 tu BHAHAHAHAHHH!!

  2. hahahaha.....lady gagak!!u have sweet voice alia...

    no im not lesbo!lol

    btw, best kan bila leh gila2 with ur soulmate!


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