Tuesday, January 15, 2013

COMIC: Apak (secretly) loves it

Eh, Bapak aku tetiba suka pulak jadi limelight in my blog. Dulu paranoid paranoid. Skrang ber-diva uols.

Kalau mention pasal "blog" je, mesti he'd assume I'm drawing/writing (or as he calls it "doodling") about him.

Diva sesangat!


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  2. agreed with you all the way alia..

    i remember when i was in uni tuutt..me and my friend both were carrying a fridge from 4th floor to another 4th floor building. there were many men and instead of helping, they just being a pathetic and said "hai berat nampak" sambil gelak setan.

    i was like " go mati la korang semua" tolong taknak.

    up untill now i still remember that incident.

    DOn awesome guy. bravo!

  3. i agree. but i rasa our surrounding has a huge influence la. most of us experienced segregation between boys and girls since primary school, kindergarten even.. so we became shy in some way to interact with the opposite gender. mostly for boys la.. nanti kalau buat baik or tolong other girls, kadang2 kene ejek lah kena pulau lah, kena buli lah. sampai besar lah budaya ni tersemat dalam diri..

  4. Hahahahahahahahah kemain mendivaaaa

  5. Hi, I'm a guy, this coming to you from across the ocean.....very interesting posting. And yes, its very true about chivalry today a dying breed.
    I guess schools, parents have to play their part....

    Bukan senang jumpa a true gentleman...when I was young, would joke with my friends, "perumpuan punya pasal, mati pun tapa", ha ha ha...

    There is nothing wrong showing courtesy to women, be it on a bus or anywhere, or even coming to their aid whatever. Especially those with young babies in tow.
    I believe you, Sir...are a gentleman.
    My compliments to you.
    Best regards, and may the Force be with you.

  6. sebab malu nak buat baik kat public, takot orang kata poyo. Padahal kalo buat perangai teruk , tak pikir pulak..

  7. dude, i found your blog on a forum and its so frigging hillarious! keep up the good work. and about you and don, i pray the best for both of you. im also having a long distance relationship atm for about a month and a half, and its only been 6 days. surprise him dude! alrighty bye bye.

  8. Travelled by train everyday to work to London. Never been offered seats by any men/ women! So no.. When it comes to rush hour seats on the train - it's not Asian thing. No one here offers you their seat, unless you're pregnant. Even if you're pregnant , you have to look really pregnant for people to notice. But holding the door, everyone here (men and women ) will hold the door for you. So don't be too hard on Asian men, it's here and everywhere for everyone.

    -Asian but not a man-


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