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11 Responses to “Heartbreak..”

Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

Not gonna say anything, but I know just what you need.


Virtually pon jadi lah ek? Take care beb! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm so sad for u, takde cara ke to be together? migrate la =(

insyallah nnt i harap u'll get a chance to see him again

Nanie M. Ali said...

I perfectly understand. Been there, done that.
But I'm sure you and Don will be able to figure something out.

* HUGS *

si G.E.D.I.K.S said...

kitorg pun jarak jauh but still boleh jumpe once balik Malaysia..
tp I can feel what u feel right now..

I pray for both of u ok??

Anonymous said...

agree with 2nd anonymous tu, alia migrate la =( akak plak sedih baca entry ni

=kak anna=

Leechian said...

I think you should look into fiance visa. I'm going there with that, without exactly knowing how my future will be like. You already know you want to be with him, I think you should go ahead with it. *hugs*

zie said...


Be strong okay - I sedey la....*hugs*

ladyhermanas said...

i feel u girl.just go n do what ur heart says okay..that even considering migrating.i know i wont mind:)

kak wos said...

aku pon sedih!
betoi wei..
sayu jer aku tengok muka dak don tuh..
ko migrate je la alia..
tak pon ko hasot don soh dok mesia!
(boley? main hasot2 lak? )

arina irana said...

u inspiring me alots.

Addy! said...

I felt the same last week, though he was the one who left.

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