Saturday, October 10, 2009

Children and parenting

Holy crap.

Gila apa.

I know that the mother could be a bad parent too (hence lah behavior anak macam celaka), most probably because she's a single parent and her daughter died recently. But holy shit. Anak liar gila, padahal umur baru 10.

Sori lah, I don't have the patience to raise that kind of monster. Kalau lah dia anak aku, mesti dah kena lempang sakti across the face. Pastu komen kat Dr. Phil "it was only a LIGHT slap!"


Honestly, I've been thinking of how HARD it is to raise children. Kudos to emak dan apak sebab hey, I turned out good (puji diri sendiri, apakah?? HAHA!!).

Anyway, but seriously, sejak kebelakangan ni, I've been worrying kalau aku tinggal sini, mesti anak kena sekolah kat sini. And I'm not too content of raising my children in this kind of society.

Though I LOVE the fact that people over here are more vocal than people in Malaysia, and they say things IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE RATHER THAN BEHIND YOUR BACK, but I dislike their arrogance and VERY opinionated attitude. That you're wrong and I'm always right kinda attitude la.

And also, I don't really fancy my children going to public school, be bullied and labeled. Yes I know this is bound to happen anywhere pon, but at least kat Malaysia, kes-kes buli tak der lah sampai bawak pistol to school kan. It's so rare lah kita dengar kes budak sekolah bawak pistol. Ntah-ntah pistol pon diorg tak pernah pegang kan.

Whenever I think about my future children, I fear of them succumbing into peer pressure.

Peer-pressure came from stupid kids that was raised by stupid parents.

And peer pressure is so great over here, I'm just afraid my children nanti jadi victim.

How do you raise a child WITHOUT kongkong? Cause I believe in freedom and I want my children to feel that they're not being (really) controlled, sebab kalau tak, nanti jadi macam budak sekolah agama baru masuk Uni (haha apa punya contoh la ni). But at the same time, I want to instill respect for elders and berbudi pekerti.

It's just so hard :(

Oh and by the way, kalau ada rezeki, we're planning to live in Japan someday. That way, we can be closer to both families, and yet, be away from both countries (cause we despise our countries so much haha!)

Eh membebel banyak Alia ni....kawen pon belum dah berangan nak anak.


I'm not planning to have any kids right after marriage anyway. Masih mahu berenjoy enjoy dulu. Haha.


  1. kalau i . dah kasi penyepak and penendang dah k .. kurang ajor punya anak .. ish ..

    i rasa the only way is .. u bagi freedom but with limit .. and mcm main layang2 .. rasa nk jauh skit .. tarik balik .. heheheheh

    but seriusly .. i rasa nak tempang je budak tuhs .. sumpah kurang ajar

  2. That is what happens when u bagi muka banyak sangat to the child. The kid needs to know his boundaries. He needs to learn right from wrong. In what household is it okay to be physically violent?

    Kalau anak aku dah kena bunuh agaknya. We Malaysians were mostly raised on the rotan. Yet we knew our bounds, learned to respect our elders. Takde pun kurang ajar macam budak ni.

    Mak dia pun satu. Dah la bagi muka banyak sangat, she can have the patience to sit down and listen to him make excuses for his behaviour. She needs to grow up and LEARN TO PARENT.

    Dr Phil is full of shit. I stopped watching his crappy show ages ago. Light slap my ass!

    Who wants to bet this kid will grow up and physically abuse his wife?

  3. i think abt this all the time. especially now with having my own child. gonna have to start from an early age. u know what they say, monkey see, monkey do.

  4. omg! i punya tangan yg dah nak naik. goodness me. im a mother and i do understand how does she feel. i tak de la nak cakap semua yg para ibu buat tu 101% betul. but this kid, totally rude! he slap her mom??!! what the heck. isk isk iskkk syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu nak oiiii.

    and honestly, nak besarkan anak dalam zaman skang ni memang mencabar u. anak i almost 4 years old. kalo i marah & say it is wrong, ada je dia menjawab balik. kekadang i terpaksa sabarkan diri supaya tak lebih2 marah dia. and i still remember time i kecik2. nak melawan balik cakap mak?? namanya carik nahas. cakap babi punnn dah kena cabai mulut. hamik ko, merasa kejap bibir tebal. tak yah botox!

    and yes, i do agree with emma.


  5. You never fail to make me smile with your interesting entries babe.

    PS: Balik KL nanti jom la berkeluaran ;)

  6. alia..being a parent is not me on this one..


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