Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Everything has a reason

So I got lazy (again) hahahaha.
Anyway yeah, since I don't work and stuck in the house almost everyday, all I have is my iPad (and a little bit of a passion for drawing)

So Imma post all of the drawings that I've made until I get the mood to blog again.

 This is my FIRST doodle after I got to the United States lol. Yeah, I still remember cause I did this on the couch while waiting for Don to make me something to eat LOL.

Made this for TGG coz I felt they deserve more than what they're getting. I think I kinda nailed Royal's avatar. *thumbs up*

My first "realistic" kinda looking animal doodle, so I figured why not a unicorn? Yeah. That's the story. 

My second attempt of "realistic" animal doodling with a little more details. Made this for TGG as well. 

More animal stuff lol. This time I finally figured out the brushes so I started playing with 'em brushes and colors. I was also missing home. So I drew a koi, in remembrance of my parents' koi(s).  

 Brushes and colors play. At this point, my schedule was already fucked, I slept during the day and up during night. Nothing could describe it better than an owl. 

Was trying to prove to myself that I'm not all cute and cuddly, I'm also dark, dangerous and apparently has a heart for Mexican gangs. 

 Decided to roll with cute and cuddly.

My husband and I were talking about how overly powerful Superman is. He hates Superman. Me? I don't mind, as long as he's hot. 

I made this because my sister in law requested for it. Took me a while to figure out Deadpool's outfit and accessories. Also, I thought of going for Deadpool unmasked, but figured it'd too creepy (for me).

I made this for my other sister in law cause she loves dragonflies. And dragonflies remind her of her children.

 Drew on one of those late nights. Hoping for a miracle (to make me sleep).

This was after I read an article that someone wished Hitler was still alive so he could eradicate the Jewish people. I got so upset and angry for that person's idiocy so I've decided to draw Chaplin. Cause to draw Chaplin, you'd have to draw Hitler first. Ha ha ha.

I drew this cause I thought of my apak. Cause Apak loves the Beatles.

 My "Salam Di Perantauan" greetings card.
I figured it'd be too poyo for me to take a pic of us, so a pic of ketupat suffices.

Did this while I was waiting for my chicken wings to be done in the oven. The feeling of "YES I DID IT" as being a housewife. 

 Drew this for my husband, because he loves MSG so much. He tried explaining the story behind the man, but I was just never too interested in it (lol). So I did this to show my appreciation for his attempt (in explaining to me)

 I did this just because. No real reason. hmm

I wanted to know how does it feel of being rich and has your portrait framed on your huge mansion. Also, I was playing with watercolor.

My husband and I colored this while laying on the bed, being lazy. He said "hey, lets make her hair wild and her skin darker. She'd look good with a darker skin". Yeah my husband loves dark skinned women (duh)

 My husband hates Superman and LOVES Batman. I drew a smirk on Batman's face and he said "Batman doesn't smile. Batman doesn't smirk. He's a badass"

This is one of those things where I saw it somewhere (for this case, I saw it at my Sister in Law's place) and thought to myself "I GOTTA MAKE IT".

I drew Batman, now I must draw Joker. Also, my first attempt of "painting". It was meh. 

 I did V immediately after I drew the Joker (while laying on the couch waiting for Don to entertain me). Fairly easy, only took me about 10 minutes (cause I used nothing but black and red ink lol)

I drew Merida on a canvas before and decided to redraw her on my iPad, with less alien-like features. One of drawings that I enjoy doing. Especially the hair. It felt great (making her hair).

LOL. My second attempt of realistic sketches. Yeah. Never again. Nose is too big. Lips are too big. No shadings. Yeah nope. You should have seen my first attempt, it creeped Don out, coz it looked like a monkey lol.

Husband (left) and Wife (right) combo. 
Remember I drew Royal last time? Now I gotta draw the partner; my husband's avatar "Gabller". Don
decided to draw himself as well, and being a first timer, he did pretty good! We exchanged tips on how to draw (he drew the mouth and nose on my piece) 

 My husband's drawing. His SECOND piece ever! From someone who only knew how to draw stick figures only before, this is superbly good. I am impressed. 

My last art as of today. I've been down with flu, coughs and fever. So I've been quarantined at home and since I've all of the time in the world, why not. I picked Mad Hatter cause I'm fairly mad myself (from being away from civilization for a week lol)

That's all.
So now you see, that I don't just randomly draw stuff, everything must have a reason, cause that way, I can appreciate them much better. 
yeah I'm gay like that. 



  1. cantiknya! if only i have like 10% of that talent in me. blog more (or even doodles)! i got curious sometimes when you went MIA, been a reader for quite awhile! ;D

  2. Hehe sorry Anis! Been tooooo lazy to blog! usually tak de benda nak blog pon, it's alll the same story!

  3. hai alia...
    cantik drawing u..
    u guna apps ape eh?
    n xde instag?

  4. alia,
    these are fantastic!
    do u do template for blogs? if yes, i wanttttttt. i will pay for your service of course! hehe. tell me what u think of it and if u are okay, email me! hehe. tinazuriana.hussain@gmail.com

    love from KL!


  5. Alia, hope it's not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya. Cantik gilaaa lukisan you're very talented. Before this tengok comic lukis bulat-bulat je. hehe

  6. Jenny,
    I guna Procreate. One of the best drawing apps you can get on Apple Store! I think it costs about $6USD but it was the best 6 bucks I've spent on! Sbb boleh guna custom brushes. It's like a mobile Photoshop (a lot less heavy than PS)

    Hahaha I don't do blog templates..my CSS is rusty and my HTML is messy!

  7. Nadira,
    Thank you. Since I've got all of the time in the world, all I can do is draw..hahahah. Bagus jugak boleh prektis lukis hari hari. Sooner or later, I'll be able to draw my own face! Hahahah

    A ah, kalau I lukis comic for blogging, I usually lukis bulat bulat je. Senang dan cepat! Kalau tak nanti I lupa script. Hahaha

  8. Oh Lupa nak bagitau, Jenny, my Instagram is Allyrgy

    While I don't always update on blogspot, at least I'm always active on IG!

  9. Seriously cantik!!!

    Dari kecik saya suka melukis tapi lukisan tahap minta penampo..huhu

  10. Cantiknya, cantik sangat. Dah macam real punya. Dengki betul dengan orang yang pandai melukis.

  11. Norlyana,
    Hahaha most of my my sketches pun mmg mintak penampo jugak. it's just I don't upload them. Sebab kalau upload, mesti nak tampo diri sendiri. Hahaha

    Thank you! Mcm real tu mcm mana? Skrang ni kitewww tak reti nak lukis realistic lagii. Nanti jadi mcm lukis monyet. haha

  12. Kau tak kerja, duduk rumah je, becoming a couch potato (sebab mostly kau asyik ckp kau duduk kat couch huahua), tak tido malam, asyik melukis AND YET NO UPDATES FOR YOUR BLOG?!!

    Ini biadap ok *muka berang*

    Kami tak nak dengar alasan takde idea nak menulis ok. You've waited long enough to be with the love of your life and now that you are together, sila entertain kami dgn kisah kebahagiaan rumahtangga anda. Haha.


    Aku tgh berak sempat lagi gelak atas komen kau

  14. Hi Alia. Selamat hari raya. Nice drawing. Selalu tertunggu2 entri alia. Saya enjoy baca story2 awak. Keep writing hoccay! Ada ig tak?

  15. yeay.. tq Alia for replying my comment!!!

  16. mgs, not msg.... metal gear solid. yup! my husband spent sometimes to explain to me about mgs, but i was... 'meehhhh...'

    u're very talented!

    1. Oh yes hahahahah thank you for pointing it out, didn't realize I typed it as msg


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