Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Faith Fair 2014

I'm trying to get this out of the way as much as I can...tapi I dun remember the details :(
Tu la, delay lama sangat.

I've decided to blog my adventures here....
tho I'm gonna be here for a long time since I've moved here....hahaha...dun care la.

Faith Fair 2014 - July 6th
Every year Faith town NC (a small farmers town) ada fair sempena 4th of July celebration.
Because MIL had some promotional job for her band there, we've decided to tag along.
I was so excited about this fair...thinking it would be like one of those state fairs mcm dlm TV (pengaruh TV kuat sgt) with those ppl doing line dancing, cowboy boots, fun rides, fireworks, etc etc. You know.

But I was fairly disappointed (pun intended) coz it was laaaaaaaaaame.
The rides looked rusty and dangerous (and lame). The games looked super duper lame and expensive.
The only thing that entertained me the whole day was mom's band singing, and this bunch of old ladies line dancing. Lawak sial.

Line dancing is pretty much like poco-poco.

Don warned me about it, don't expect too much cause we are in the South, where everything goes south quickly lol.
But now I know, so when my families and friends get here, I will never bring them there. haahaha.

Don and I decided to go home early so we called Bobby to pick us up. So these pictures were taken while waiting for Bob.

Now, don't mistaken this fair for a state fair. This is just a small town fair, but for a state fair, it'll be a bigger one. Not sure if it's gonna be lame or not ...but we shall see. When the time comes!

I didn't get to take pics of the fair itself cause it was uh, too lame to even pull my camera out. LOL

 Main street of Faith town

This gas store saved our wallet. Since drinks from the fair were super expensive ($5 for a soft drink!?) We bought 4 drinks from store for $1 each. Ha. 

 We were waiting in front of the City Hall.

I swear all of his pics sucked. He just doesn't like cameras (or cameras don't like him!)

 He was posing but I took too long to snap. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......

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  1. Alia, i baru balik dari Ottawa, Canada and the geographical buildings, street are almost..almost like the place you posted. I rasa.. LUAS! hihihi..

    By the way, keep on posting up k. Especially bila kang dah banyak Wild Flowers bertumbuh. I yang dapat tengok tepi2 jalan pun rasa macam jakun tak hengat! :P

    Take care Alia. :)


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