Saturday, August 30, 2014

COMIC: Rate yourself

So you know how Don and I enjoy rating other peoples assets right?
I mean c'mon, EVERYBODY looks at other people...especially pretty/handsome people.

I don't get it why some women get so upset at their men looking at other women, and yet, they do the same.

Don't be so hypocrite laa.

I'd rather have him look/ogle at other women WITH me, than main kenyit kenyit mata BEHIND my back.

Kalau main main mata je, ok la, still not bad, tapi kalau main lain?


Sometimes I STILL CAN get insecure (because I'm only human), especially if he points out to a GORGEOUS woman, but I've never been worried because I know, at the end of the day, he'd still come home with me and I'm the only Queen in his heart, cheeewah.

Anyway, we don't judge their faces, we only judge their asses and breasts lol. Because we believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....but size on the other a factual thing LOL.

It's just more exciting to do it over here, because:
  • 1) Sizes matter. Some even have OUTRAGEOUS asses and boobsies! I mean sampai terlondeh londeh mcm jiggly pudding lol
  • 2) The clothes that they wear....lets just say, we only need a little bit of imagination to imagine
  • 3) Since Don knows some Malay words, we can finally talk about it in public without feeling perverted or creepy, because they don't understand Malay LOL. 

But every time when we talk about it in public.............

....I'd always end up laughing out loud.
Because his Malay vocab could use a bit of improvement :p

But not bad for a mat salleh yeah?


Thanks! Here's a cookie. :)