Thursday, August 21, 2014

Movies Weekend

Just one of those weekends where we've decided to spend our money on movies. Cause going to a cinema is super expensive here. Especially if it's in Concord Mills, as compared to a smaller mall around here.

Each ticket costs $10 without tax.

Dayum son. That's like RM30.

It was our treat for Johnny and Anna. So 4 tickets = $40 inclusive of tax.

Anyway, it was a good day for X-Men.

For those who has me on their FB/IG, then you'd know these were taken months ago! Cause my hair was still pink.

I change my hair color like how I change my underwear.

 End credit. Dunno why I took a picture of this. Oh I probably wanted to take a pic on how EMPTY the room was. And there were no seat numbers. So if you get separated with your group, then you're fucked.

 Wow gambar tunggang langgang. This was taken when we were on our way to Concord Mills.

 Or probably on our way back. Hm. Dun care la.

Since Johnny doesn't like to take the freeway, he likes to use this country road instead. Nice scenery so I'm not complaining. Tho it takes longer to reach to our destination.

 Yeah..theres gonna be a bunch of our pictures as you scroll down...

Don: Mmmmm cotton candy
Alia: Hoi! Saikosis!

 I really do love this boy!

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