Friday, August 22, 2014

Charlotte and Alia

We had to go to Charlotte city for my stupid visa thingy.
We've decided to go to downtown since I've never been there (I've been AROUND the proximity, just never INSIDE)

The city girl in me was screaming "I AM HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" at the first glance of a skyscraper there.

You'd have to know, living and working in a big city like KL put a permanent dent in my mind. Since I moved here (a small down about 30 mins from Charlotte), everything is so...spaced out. Because America is so rich in land, the buildings were built spread out, and not upwards. And everything is so far from each other, no one is actually walking on the sidewalks (unless if you're homeless and car-less).

So learn how to appreciate your city coz you wouldn't know how much you're gonna miss it once it's gone.

Yay for blue hair! I think having blue hair makes me so calmed and collected...i think only la. Not necessarily true. Haha

 Before going downtown, you gotta go through the ghetto area first. Ha ha.



 Traffic wasn't bad at all!! I love this!

 It was lunch time so you get to see all of these working people having lunch.

 Most of area are for businesses. No one wants to live in the city. Though it'll be cool (and expensive)

 That's my bank's headquarters. Right in central Charlotte.

 It was not a busy city like KL or London or NYC. But it was definitely more populated from my small town. lol

 We've decided to stop by Don's grandparents' graves.

 He said it was weird having our pictures taken in the cemetery.Well it kinda was. lol

 That's how clean their memorial park is. Unlike our kubur in Malaysia, everything is so well taken care of. Why can't our kubur be like this?

Don's grandparents.

Don's great grandparents. (Anna Mae's parents)


  1. I love your hair color. Saya berangan jugak nak hair warna neon rainbow, tapi kerja bank terpaksa la rupa conservative. huhu.

    Btw, Charlotte looks like a a quaint small town. Obviously I’ve never been there since I’m a Northern girl. Phuek. Jauhla.. I’ve been to Austin Texas, tapi as far as by car, Virginia is the most southern state I’ve ever been to. Orang-orang area sini suka pergi Outerbanks for summer vacation though.

  2. Ha haha nanti once dah kerja dibidang profesional (chewah!) baru la kalerkan rambut kembali ke coklat (hahaaha perasan rambut ori coklat uols)

    Charlotte is bigger than KL and obviously smaller than big cities up north. Downtown area mcm setompok je on the whole area. Mcm tiba tiba je ada skyscrapers mencanang tengah tengah tu. Haha

    Maybe Raleigh is a bit bigger kot considering it's the capital of NC? Ntah! I need to get out from this town/city/state! Kena venture out more!

    I dunno la but over here ppl are so...southern. Hahaha but maybe isn't as bad as the ones in AL or MO or KY! (again, based on tv shows hahahahaha)

    Nanti i nak pergi up north I'll contact you! You kat PA kan??

  3. alia...boleh tak bagi info how much money to survive in US???i was thinking to study in united states next year...googling for was expensive...but that place is like 3 hours from NY...i thought NJ is kampung meh??i was thinking to study in new jersey/california...both place like super jauh from each i really need a car to survive there???kalau dkt aussie public transport super bout US???what your thought on cali/nj???

  4. Uhh I'm no expert on NJ/NYC/CA sbb tak pernah pergi sana. HAHAH

    Tapi most cities (even here in NC)living cost tinggi. Or if you want to live in a city for a cheaper price, terpaksa duduk dlm ghetto area...which I don't recommend lah.

    Usually kalau ada university kat area area tu, selalunya boleh dpt rumah via student housing. Cecuba google student housing around that area.

    And haha..yeah NJ is south of NY state. As for public transportation, I had a friend living in NYC without a car (a student) and she survived fine. Plus, kalau duduk dlm city limit you wouldn't want a car pun. BUT if you live outskirt of a city, then you'd might want to consider one. Because everything is sooo faaarrr (mcm my case I duduk in a small town, kalau nak pegi mana mana mesti kena guna kereta)

    As for money...errr that one I kenot tell la..because my case is different. It all depends on your necessities and your location.

  5. kenapa dorg gantung trafik light? aku tak paham...

    1. Ntah. Tu satu satunya persoalan yg masih tak terjawab. Hahaha. cecuba bayangkan kalau ada ribut taufan..mau bersepah sepah semua traffic lights tu


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