Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why you should stay at home if you're sick.

Wow I'm on a roll here.

Anyway this will be my last update for tonight (I have previous updates on schedule!) so here we go.

Flea Market
This was 2 weeks ago. It was fun, mcm pasar malam, albeit cleaner and nicer from pasar malam in Malaysia.

Macam carboot sale in the UK pun ada jugak. Where people would sell their used items in a very ridiculous price. Some are brand new items too. I'll have to say, I really like one of the sellers there. Dia jual wood work. Very nice ahhhh.

Don told me dia pernah jual his broken game here. Ha. jahat tau mamat tu. On his defense, he said, sapa suruh org yg beli tu tak check dulu.

Anyway, this is where I got my virus from. Flu, demam and sore throat. Terus kena quarantined for a week in the room. Even now as I'm typing this pun belum 100% recovered lagi.

I'm blaming all of those people at the flea market. But abam Don ckp "I told you not to touch your face without disinfecting it first"


Lupa nak kasi tau, they are so adamant on their "don't touch your face when you're in public" rule. And their "if you're sick, don't go near people" rule. And "if you cough, cover your mouth" rule. Which most Malaysians (including me) take so lightly.

There have been many cases where I was in my old office, hearing people coughing and stuff, and when I told them to go home and rest, they'd say something like "but I've got so much work to do".

yeah but when you're sick, you won't do much work anyway. And you're risking everyone elses health too. Nak tunjuk rajin depan boss, tapi spreading your virus everywhere. Pastu orang lain pulak yg infected. Some immune system isn't as strong as yours, nanti ada orang yg sakit lagi teruk.

Eh. Tersasar topik.

Anyway, back on flea market.

 Berenti kejap. Beli air.

Makayla and her cotton candy.

 I retouched my hair with blue dye cause it was fading. 

 We went to Goodwill (thrift store) and went to Walmart afterwards. 

Breighlyn's Birthday
We went to Kelly and Bobbys aftwerwards.
Fuh seriously mcm kejar kejar.

I didn't get to take a pic of Breighlyn wearing Princess Elsa and Anna's dresses, cause I forgot I had my camera with me.

Well, she's now bogel. ha ha ha. So not flattering.

Muka tahi sebab penat.

Don was doing the "duck face".


  1. i thought ppl cant post pic like this in US??sbb takut pedo..

  2. Uh tak tau pulak ada law on this. Society today is beyond sad.

  3. dah takde beza sangat you dengan orang kat sana kan. hmm


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