Thursday, May 1, 2014


I know this is just an old post (dated: April 7), but I just had to share this.
I was at the airport in KL when I first read this. I cried my eyes out lol.
It was such a horrible day for me cause I was anxious, excited, scared, happy, sad, depressed, euphoric....just filled with emotions!
When I reached the US, mom said she was feeling the same cause she knew how my family felt having to let their daughter go to a different country....

I am just so lucky cause I have wonderful families on both sides of the world.

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  1. Alahai.. COmel ye bakal in law kau alia... Bertuah la kamu! Wish you good luck di bumi uncle sam. And have a forever & ever life dgn Mr Don :)

  2. That is super sweet Alia. Lucky you! Congratulations on your new life and family. :)

  3. totful MIL.

    lucky u.

    I is sooo jeles ah alia :')

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....
    dh update blog. nak lagi! nak lagi! suke bertenggek kt blog ko. best gileeeee...dulu aku penah selisih ngn ko dlm A&W dpn jalan TAR. aku takot nk say hi kat ko. sebab ko tak kenal aku. kang ko igt aku org gile.

  5. Hi! I'm Jane from singapore and i only chanced upon your blog because i was searching for entries on siem reap
    I don't usually comment (AT ALL) like for real but 7 years???? or was it 8??? of long distance??
    i just wanna tell you how inspirational that is!

    I've been in 2 failed long distance relationships and i absolutely give it up to you its so hard

    you're a really fun(ny) person and I'm glad i chanced upon your blog

    have a good day!!

  6. don't forget to post your wedding photos!! ^^

  7. do update. we miss updates from u aliaa. -mun

  8. Alia, i am so happy for you. Congratulations.


  9. Hampir nak terklik 'like' kat situ...cheit.

    Neway, congratulations, Alia! Happy sokmo bersama Don di sana :)

  10. Currently am reading your old blog posts. Damn, you are one hilarious lady! I have to tone down my laughs in case my boss hears it... :) Wish for you and your Don's happiness!


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