Saturday, August 23, 2014

Home and Away

Random pictures. Not quite sure where to put them.

I think I'm gonna have to start calling this small town my home. Cause it's where I am right now. Home.

 In front of our bank. lol

Downtown Kannapolis

On our way home.

Police Station. Very quaint isn't it? Yeah most buildings look like this.

One of the many churches here.

 A very familiar road. Road to home.

 A very shitty burger joint. Only go here for milkshakes and witch doctor (a mixture of cheerwine/dr pepper with pickle juice)

 Getting my weekly sustenance of witch doctor. 

Captain America. Cause I'm now in America biotchesss hahahaha.

Lunch Date with the Husband, the Sis in law, the Bro in law, and the friend.

They hate the only Asian in the car.
Ha. Joking. They love me, the only Asian in the car.

 See I told you they love me.

 Maybe not Anna tho....


 But this guy feels no difference.

Didn't take any pic of us in the restaurant. But here's a summary.

Food was great. I am living my life as a shrimps lover. 

We went to the mall afterwards, didn't take any pic cause I dunno. Damnit.


  1. you know what, sekarang ada banyak jual nice and decent blouse for ladies like you kat stores. just saying

  2. Anon said "you know what, sekarang ada banyak jual nice and decent blouse for ladies like you kat stores. just saying". And what do you MEAN by saying THAT? At first I read Anon comment, I thought oh this person trying to sell/promote nice blouse for ladies at a cheap price kot. Then I read the second time.......

    I think Alia's clothing is perfectly just fine. Anon ni mcm nak try cakap apa? Alia punya clothing not appropriate/tak sesuai dengan bentuk badan kah? I honestly think Alia really dress well to her shape here in this post! :)
    I paling tak suka bila people kritik baju-baju ni. Ok, sure, memang banyak nice & decent blouse out there in the stores, so, Anon nak tolong BELIKAN kerrrr?

    1. Hahahahahah sabar sabar Anna! Don't feed the troll, nanti kepala dia lagi kembang


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