Monday, January 25, 2010

Why white men love Asian women

I've been wanting to write about this for the longest time, tapi tak pernahnya rajin. Haha.

Before I proceed, do take note that this post is strictly (for) "fun"-ctional and I do not condone racism. Nor it is the place for me to brag about my ever-so-charming boyfriend, myself or our relationship.......wait, it IS the place for me to brag about us. HAHAHHAHAHAH.

Suck it up people.


WHY WHITE MEN (specifically Don) LOVE ASIAN WOMEN (specifically me)

In order for me to write this post, I have to write it in a white man's POV kan (duh), otherwise it'd just sound like me trying to write a bogus story (which prominently leads to me being a huge liar who wants to credit myself hahah).

All these points came from him. His view and his thoughts. Though it is in his morale not to sound too judgmental, but he's an ass...soo.....pahem pahemmm la yeee.

I had to put on my reporter hat and interviewed him...while he was busy. So bayangkan aku kena ulang soalan beribu-ribu kali.


Oh well, anything for my beloved blog...hahahahahaha. Wah, aku telah menunjukkan ciri-ciri orang tidak ada life!

So here goes; a white man's reasons for liking us Asians:

Cultural differences. Perhaps this is the main reason why they're so infatuated with Asians. They don't have much of a culture (to be proud of ) as much as ours. All Asians, namely the Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, etc share similar culture in the way they do things with families. We've shown strong family values and family bonds.

Asian parents don't practice the 18-years-old-and-you're-out policy. Though this goes hand in hand with the young adults wanting to taste "freedom", but it is NOT required for them to leave home at such early age.

While over there in America you're considered a "loser" for still living under the same roof with the parents, it is quite the norm over here in Asia. We like to be basic-necessities-supported until we're either married or the situation requires us to be away from home.

Most American/white women are generally rude (he said "bitches" but I believe I should make it politically corrected). Since this came from a man who prefers Asian women, so this can be considered somewhat biased.

To his defense, majority of American/white women expect things to be thrown at them instantaneously just because they think they deserve everything....and yet they don't return the favor. The fingers are pointing at their parents, for raising them this way. They're most probably been raised in the "Yourself first, second and third, THEN you can consider others" way.

A relationship is a partnership, what good does it make if you're the only one that's pulling? Having these said, (most) Asian women avoid these key white women characteristics. It is rare to find Asian women with mid life crisis, prone to getting divorced (or have the infatuation with divorce) and they don't neglect their children.

Subconsciously, this is one of the key reasons why white men adore Asian women; Asian women are petite. Towering and lanky women don't turn (most) men on that much. Being big and tall represent dominance and men would still like to remain being the Alpha one.

I'd like to be able to pick you up and not having to look up to kiss you - Don M.
Though Don doesn't have a preference in sizes (duh, look at me), so this particular point is talking about the general white men's adoration towards Asian women.

Asian women age well. A lot of older Asian women don't look too terribly bad, as compared to old white women. A 70+ year old Asian woman could be mistaken for being 60+ while a 50+ year old white woman could be mistaken for being 60+. Asian women retain our young looks without the help of botox, yoga or trendy diet, we just have a hearty appetite for ulam-ulam kampung.

Ugly Asians are as rare as beautiful white people - Don M.

Since video games made its' first debut in Japan and most games reflect Asian girls (Japanese specifically), it has been instilled in the lives of these young American boys the thoughts of having one Asian partner. And when they finally saw one in real life, they'd be thinking "OH SHE'S LIKE THE HEROINE IN THE FINAL FANTASY GAME. I GOTTA HAVE HER".

Now who says video games bring bad influence? Hahaha....

Asian women are faithful, hard working, honorable, feminine and can kick asses with kung fu. 

Hahhahahah....ok this one is self-added. He didn't say this, but I'm sure he'd agree! (Or I'll make him agree) Hahaha!

So there you go, Don's 5 points on why he likes Asian women.

After having all these said, I take back my point about this being a racist entry. This is not racism, this is dating preferences.


  1. yeh?

    err... Don ade member yg still single-and-available tak? hikhik.

  2. Having enjoyed your entry (and your blog, really) I recall of an MBA colleague who has a fascination with Asian women. By Asian I mean of either Chinese or Indian descent. However I find his demeanour towards Asian women are deplorable as although he likes them and want to make them his life partner, he prefers them to be submissive. He cannot handle those who have independent thoughts and are strong enough to speak up and voice their opinions. Which probably then points to him having the sort of antiquated stereotype Asian woman image in his boorish head.

    Such a shame.

    Doesn't seem like Don's the type though. Kudos on you for bagging him, babe!


  3. nak jugak mcm ituw...!!!

    Tp i notice la kan.. diorg budak2 umur 13-14 g klas muka bertampok ngan make-up...

    Then bila umur dah 50-60 dah xley nk jln dah.. kulit kedut seribu..
    *sedap kutuk org*

  4. Wahey~! I think my partner will agree with most of those points too. ;)

  5. chung yee hu chow fung? Ching chow?? Hi yu chi foo unga boo kaka woo!!

  6. hye alia

    bestnya tis entry..i'm so glad tht u hv found a great guy like Don..u two r really great together :)

  7. OMG.sgt la benar. Been hearing this statement dari my friends those mat salleh la.


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