Thursday, January 14, 2010

List of improvement

During my hiatus, I've thought about something, why not reinvent myself? I mean hey, it's a new year, I'm jobless and I have too much time in my hands, why not make a list of what I want to accomplish (read: TRY) before my age has the number "3" on it.

Despite the fact that I'm only (or already, however you want to see it) 25 years old. So that just makes things more interesting; I only have 5 years to go.

Since I'm not bullshitting you nor myself, I'm going to make this list more interesting; everything in the list must not be something that's extra hard to aim or doesn't make sense. It has to be achievable, realistic and err.. bombastic? (uh, ok, itu saja nak rhyme kan, sila ignore).

30 THINGS THAT I WANT (not necessarily need) TO DO BEFORE I TURN 30.

Be more polite to siblings. Yes I am very garang and sometimes they just piss me off, what to do? But I SHALL try to be more baik and sister-ly.

Keep myself cool when driving and don't let retards on the road get me...too much. I fucking hate idiots on the wheels. If you don't know how to fucking drive, go kill yourself. Thanks.
Wah, baru cakap nak keep it cool, tiba-tiba dah mengamok. Haha

Use less foul language in every content. Yes sir.

Blog more often. I KNOW YOU WOULD LIKE THAT WOULDN'T YOU?! (wah, perasan bagus si Alia ni)

Stop hating too much on fellow countrymen. Not all of them are bigots and idiots.

Stop hating too much on Malaysia in general, after all, this IS my country. Though sometimes I feel it's best for me to be countryless....haha..ok sila abaikan, emosi terganggu.

Get married, and stop procrastinating too much, despite his constant proposals and whatnot, he's a guy and guys have little patience.

Get healthy. No, losing weight is NOT the main focus here, sebab someone can lose weight from unhealthy dieting lepas tu masuk hospital sebab bulimic. I want to have a healthy heart, paru-paru dan segala so that I can see my grandchildren get married and my gene pool recycles. Haha..Eh seriously.

Play less video games. I KNOW I'm gonna have withdrawal syndrome but hopefully si abe will be there and support shoving another game to my face. Curse you pakcik!

Be less needy. He put this curse on me lah, like when he's around I get more lazier and hope he can do everything for me. But I'm so independent when he's not here. You get me? Ok nevermind...

Learn how to play the piano. No seriously. I've been thinking ever since I came back. Oleh disebabkan I'm not working so I thought I could have the time to belajar, but then, I don't have a piano or have the semangat anymore. LOL. Someday, when I have my own house, and earn millions, I want to have a piano (or the keyboard, whatever) in my living room so I can impress my guests, and they'll be like "HOLY SHIT ALIA YOU CAN PLAY GOOD HERES ANOTHER MILLION FOR YOU". Haha...ok.

Learn another language..preferably Chinese/Mandarin. It'll look good on my resume and oso, I can riak takbur depan Don's family. I'm already awesome because I can speak 2 languages. Haha.

Buy a house. I want a small house for 2. Really. Then I want to decorate it macam dalam majalah Interior. I want white furnitures. I like minimal. Wah, berangan sampai ke matahari.

I want to meet Don's friends and smack the shit outta them and say "ITS BECAUSE OF YOU DON NEGLECTS ME ALWAYS" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH...ok I know one of them reading this. HELLO YOU WHOM I SHALL NOT NAME. LOL.

Start drawing again. It's a healthy hobby. Even more healthier if I draw someone nude. Macam ala-ala Titanic. HAHA. Nanti aku suruh Don bugil then draw him, boleh?

Get a spouse visa. This goes hand in hand with marriage. This one can do punyaaa. And it's definitely in my top priority list currently.

Shower more often. lawl. I stink.

Clean up my room and make it less prominent to remarks like "Your room reminds me of tongkang pecah".

Go out with friends more often. 

Wait, go and expand my circle of friends first. So anyone want to hang out? Sila belanja. HAHAH

Have a cliche romantic vacation with Don with NO ONE ELSE tagging along. After marriage of course. Apa mau mati?

Learn how to drive...the American way. Because they're gay and drive on the other side of the road.

Re-tie that lost friendship with certain people.

Stop acting so miserable. My life isn't that bad after all.

Get a goldfish as a pet and name it Jeff Goldblum. What? Have you not seen Jurassic Park? He's so awesome.

Smile more often. Smile is a gift and people like gifts. So when it's your birthday, I'll just give you a fricking smile and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I JUST GAVE YOU YOUR GIFT. WHERE'S THE FOOD?"

Don't be so stubborn. People don't like hell with them! I'll be stubborn as much as I want to. SO THERE.

Seize the day, Carpe diem. Live life to the fullest. It's short.

Love more. It's not a bad idea to tell them that I love them. Hey you handsome, I love you wink wink. Wahaha..tiba tiba aura gatal datang kan.


Stop moping around when things get tough. I just have to crack my knuckles and go through with it.

    So there you go. My 30s. Not all of them are tangible. See, I'm so not materialistic. BOO.


    1. Kawen2!!! itu part paling besh tu.. :P

    2. I like Nombor 19 :)
      Sila berjumpa jumpi..

    3. HAHA apee nari gendutgendutt ?
      pigi tiruu shiinchan laa :DD

      yeah , my 2010 starter gilaa full with anger ,HAHA
      nak buat macam mana , manusia macam2 perangai , selalu nyusahkan orang lain jee kadangkadang .

      btw , your blog pun comel laa gamba monster mende alah itu , hee


    Thanks! Here's a cookie. :)