Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have a problem..well, more like discomfort feeling, but I cannot say it here, because well guess why, EVERYBODY'S READING MY BLOG. Haha..yea yea, please smack some reality onto me. I so deserve it.


I deserve it pause NOT.

I like Borat, you like??

Alright, well it's 4 fricking am and I'm still awake. I just had my sahur and I'm wide awake. Thank you Sundrop. Thank you sugar rush.

*drops dead*


Oklah! Seriously la ye, I don't like lying bastards.

I seriously loathe it when you've gained someone's trust and you misuse it. You're a fucking idiot. What, you think it was easy to let you crawl back into my/his/her life? You fucked it up before and you repented, you fucked up again and you repented, and now you're screwing it AGAIN?

What makes you think that you have this Godly power that you can just walk out from someone's life and come back whenever you want? You deserve no forgiveness, you just need to GROW THE FUCK UP.

Wah...emo kau Alia.


Crap...this is such a shitty feeling.

I mean what's the use of a blog if I can't even vent on it???! I can't say what I REALLY want to say because I don't want certain people to know! I don't care if my friends know about it, but there are some strangers yang I seriously do not want them to know.

Eh, can I call them "strangers" since I only talked to them for like a line or two a couple of years ago? I don't consider them "acquaintances" let alone "friends".

But I am sooo tempted to write it here because I ADORE controversy topics. Har har har.

Ok ok bad Alia, Bad bad!

But seriously, this blog has lost its main purpose already. I can't exactly write about how I feel, I can't write bad things about certain people (hehe), I can't write about anything! Now it's just an entertainment blog. It's no longer a sanctuary, but merely a jukebox.

I mean c'mon lah, I don't generate any income, I have no fan base, I don't get anything from this blog and yet I have my hands tied.

Freedom of speech my ass.

Oklah, though I have to admit, I love my blog because of my useless and pointless entries. And it was/is generally fun to write and read (matiler pujik blog sendiri).

Maybe I should create another blog anonymously?

Dunnolah, nanti nanti lah.


What is up with these people and sikap menunjuk-nunjuk beg LV (or Coach or any other branded items) yang berharga ribu raban itu?

Oklah, fine, your HUSBAND bought you a RM7000+ handbag but is it really necessary to say (and I mean type it in BOLD AND COLORFUL FONT) over and over and over and over again.

"I went to pasar tani yesterday and boy, it was fun and my toes curled up when I found out akak-akak over there jeling jeling my new RM7000+ LV handbag!"
"Today I went to the gym and I felt sorry for my RM7000+ LV handbag kena crushed inside the locker room!!"
"Tomorrow I'm going to jog in the park with my newly bought RM7000+ LV handbag!!!"

Oh. My. God.

I get it already!!!


Eh, I just spelled handbang. haha, lantak kau la nok.

Is that your subliminal message trying to tell us yang you married a wealthy guy and he satiates your materialistic needs? Ok, good for you. But cakap sekali sudah lah, your blog is colorful not because of the content, but rather the repetitiveness of your arrogance!

Don't get me wrong, I'm materialistic too and I like attention, but I don't go around and repeat the same shit over and over again where it becomes the MAIN context of my blog! My blog is not cheap! It's...err...thrilling?

Kah kah kah!

Oklah, my blog is pathetic, it's stupid and silly.

But at least I don't go around parading about my (non-existence) RM7000+ LV handbang!

I go around parading about my $5 SHOES! and my $7 chic top!!

I'm a smart shopper. And you're a smart gold digger (hahah, sempat kutuk lagi)


Sebenarnya dah lama aku nak tulis pasal ni, but asyik lupa je. Anyway, what is up with Malaysian/Singaporean kids yg pakai hoodies siap dengan snowcap in the middle of bright day light???

Hello, Malaysia mempunyai iklim khatulistiwa (is that how you say it? I forgot).

Are you THAT into western 'hip hop' street style sampai tak sedar you're living in a hot country??

It's not stylish, it's ridiculous.

I'm sure you smell too from sweating alot.

And also, what's up with guys wearing sunglasses INSIDE a building (mostly shopping malls). Is that sunlight penetrating SO brightly into the roof and hit your precious eyes?

Or do you think it's just a style?

It's not stylish, it's ridiculous.

I guess it's perfectly fine if you have black eyes from being punched (haha you weak ass!) and you just want to cover it up, but c'mon lahhhhhhhhhhh, sungguh rempit.

I also don't get it why guys would want to carry their womens handbag. It's just so not...manly. Makes you look like pussy-whipped. Seriously.

You're a gentleman if you carry her shopping bags, but you're considered a wuss if you carry a woman's handbag.

You have been pussified or something? Grow some balls lah.

Alia the evil bitch over and out.


  1. hahaha.. part pakai spek dalam shopping mall and lelaki pegang handbag pompuan tu memang aku sokong la. aku pun menyampah wei tgk laki pakai handbag. apekejadahnya?

    muka rempit habissss konon sgt ganas dan rock la, sekali pakai handbagggggg.. wahahahah..

    jenaka betul lah

  2. weehooo....aku suka entry ini..
    aku pun menyampas org yg gila brand ni..x kira la baju, meinan, kopi, chcolate, kasut, handbag ke..
    siap kena tekankan jenama yg x tahan tu..

    ie : i love berbuka with evian n godiva chocolate while my niece playing with his thomas train at my sister place at marc residency...

    konon mcm ayat harmless xde bold colurful in between the line tu nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jugak berlagak..ok la..yg kaya or laki kaya tu kau boleh thn lagi la..yg nan ado tu..lg sakit jiwa kan..

    mak pengsan uolls..
    plus yes..aku menaympah gila lelaki yg pegang hbag perempuan..rasa nak tolong amik handbag itu dan sepuk lelaki2 itu..

    e eh..apesal aku yg emosi ni..

  3. betul tu. knape org pakai sunglasses inside a building? blerghh yuppiessssss.

  4. hahahah!!!this entry has said a lot! *smile*. I think people should give you individual space...suka hati la you nak tulis apa kan? ni blog you!

  5. wah amarahnya cik alia kali ni.haha right.sumhoe we cant vent out anger in the blog anymore, more into compromising the thoughts of others.shitty sangat kan?since i pun dun realy fancy nak private private blog.but then again..tu la freedom of speech is sumhow gone

  6. HAHAHA, aku suke. Tapi al, bf aku kadang2 suke tlg pegang my handbang sbb he said it's bigger than me, LARF. Die kesian kat i kot sbb tgk cam x larat nk angkat handbang sendiri. OK CAMNE TU?

  7. Oh aku sangat suka entry kau ni babeeee !!!
    Ada la sekali ni aku came across satu blog yang menjajakan dompet Prada dia, baju2 utk anak/suami dari Ralph Lauren dan her paycheck ke apa tak.

    So what if you earn a lot in a month? Tak payah la nak heboh satu dunia kan.. Like, ada aku kisah ke?

    (Sorry. Ter'emo' pulak..)

    And the last few para - I couldn't be more than agree.
    Well, wtf with guys carrying their gfs' handbag ni? Siap letak kat shoulder tu.. Me and my mom selalu ketawa2 bila nampak org mcm ni..

    In addition to org2 yang pakai hoodie. Imagine wearing knee-high boots dalam weather Khatulistiwa kita ni? Gila ke hape? :P

  8. alia,

    i have been a silent reader - tapi i make it a habit to read ur blog everyday. This is a nice entry.

    Kita jugak tak suka
    a) org berlagak dalam blog
    b) lelaki pegang handbag

    and I am not ashamed wearing baju beli murah dari Jusco and Tesco.

    ha ha ha....keep on writing kay...

  9. wah. aku suka jugak post kau kali ni.

    Couldn't agree more, the snowcap thing, guys who 'kelek' their girlfriend's handbag [i've wrote an entry about this], sunnies inside the mall [this one I feel like going up to their face and tanya, "Abang, abang ingat abang cool sangat ke?"

    the brand thing? for me tak kisah la tuan punya blog nak mention dia pakai what brand, but tak payah la highlight with colourful and bold fonts. Overrated.

    owh panjang pulak komen aku. Sekian.

  10. Hahahahaahaahaa...Aliaaa..
    aku respect ko..

    Semua topic pun besh.. tapi paling beshhhhh skali pasal henbag tu...
    Ya Ampun takkk, menyampah org yg blogging tulis2 mcm tu...
    Perlu ke mention harga kat situ.
    Like others care!!!!

  11. Iz,
    Hahahaha!! Imagine ni, lelaki bermisai tunjuk macho, pakai sunglasses dlm shopping mall, jalan jongkang-jongkit mmg macho abis laaaa, skali pakai handband warna pink..hahahahahah..kelakar ahhh!!

    Hahahaha example yg amat keji sekali!! hahaaha. Tapi ye la, menyampah bila diorg asyik emphasize kat label tu...pls lahhhh

    lea Shmea,
    Yuppies yang perasan "macho/in trend" je yang pakai sunnies dlm malls. Kenonon ikut fesyen semasa ahh tuu, tapi itu bukan fesyennn, itu fesyen victim namanyaaa

    Yes! Mmg suka hati la I nak tulis apa, tapi mmg kadang-kadang sakit hati jugak tengok manusia yang pendengki ni...dah tak suka jgn la baca, pergi la tulis kat blog sendiri kan!!

    Tu la, asyik nak kena fikir apa org lain fikir..sensitip ke, tak sensitip ke, ahhh, benci lahhh

    u mmg kurus gilossss =;=; benci!! (hahaha..tetiba nak benci). Beg u warna purple ke? Hahahaha...i'm trying to imagine raimi pegang beg purple..hjahahahaha

    I dont get their mentality yang nak jaja barang mahal mahal whatt, aku pon ada barang mahal tapi you dont see me menunjuk nunjuk kan!! aku letak gambar baju harga $6 lepas 80% ada lahh..hahaha

    Hahah, knee-high bootsss hahaahha berpeluh kaki okkkkk, bila bukak berasappp asappp

    YAY! kita sama!! I'm not ashamed pakai baju jusco, tesco, mydin mahupun giant! oklah, sini tak der jusco/tesco/mydin/giant, tapi ada wallmart dan target!! kira sama taraf la tu!! Superstore punya tarafff..hahaha

    Betul! I mean gila ramai aku tengok budak budak pakai hoodies (yang tebal ok!!!! omg!!!) pastu sluar bermuda, pegang skateboard..omgggggg, gila apa hang, panas ok, tak payah la nak berlagak "cool"'re not "cool" at all

    Syebi Burn,
    Exactly!! like others care!! Adakah sebab dia tayang harga sebab nak cakap "hey look, i'm rich and i can afford to pay this.....monthly..skim bayar bulan bulan nokkk, mcm courts mamothhh hahahaha"

  12. welcome to the club la cik alia, hehe (LV's bags)

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  14. pls dont mind the others as they do not have other interesting things in life to show off... but then, they just wanna show it off to their reader, and i u dont like em, u can always leave his/her blog... no harm done...


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