Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hari tu kan aku ada pergi trailer park kan, ni mmg tempat rednecks membiak (membiak, apakah?). I mean there are some people yang tinggal dlm trailers yang pembersih, ada lawn yg menarik kalbu and nicely decorated lah. But most of them are either too lazy to clean their place, or too lazy to clean their place.

Seriously, there's no better EXCUSE for them to live in somesort of a slum. Maybe they don't have much money, but kalau takat sapu sampah keliling rumah tu ada guna duit ke??

Anyway, I took a few pictures to remind myself NOT to be like one of them..haha, tho it's one of the Millers family's trailer, and she kept it clean (seriously, her place isn't that horrible macam yang lain) but aku macam tak sampai hati nak tinggal kat situ. hhaha..

Saya hanya tangkap gambar dalm kereta la ye. Haha, ni tgh tunggu diorg bersiap. She has an adorable little son named Weston. Oh sungguh comel ok!

That's the trailer. Sanggup?? Sanggup??? Saya tidak sangguppp :(

Oh kepala blonde kecik kat corner tu ialah Weston si comel!

This is her lawn. Ni bersih gila ok!! Tak der compang camping dgn tanah merah, semua green je. Seriously! I should have taken a picture of her neighbor's and compare..gila jauh beza. Used cars and tractors everywhere, scrap metals and shacks..omg, horror.

ok bai. ahhaha

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