Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I don't have the mood to update lately (sejak bila ada mood ha) cause I received a phone call from home yg my mom is warded suspected for swine flu.

So far her condition is okay, no vomiting, no diarrhea and fever has been reduced. Though she is quarantined, but at least she's been monitored 24/7 by the hospital staffs, which is a good thing.

We're still waiting for the swab test result to determine whether or not it's h1n1 (she's a confirmed case of strain A test). Can anyone explain this? Aku tak paham.

From what I gathered, in layman's term lah, there are 2 test: first test whether it's stain A, B or C. Second test is another swab test to confirm (or is it reconfirm) h1n1 or not.


Or am I just blowing things outta proportions?

Please pray for her ya! I know she's a strong woman cause she's been putting up with me for 25 years..haha.


  1. babe, ask your mum minum jus buah2an byk2..especially jus apple hijau...ramai yg cakap elok...minum byk air suam...yg penting nak turunkan suhu demam dia tuh....cuba lah..

  2. yeap...u got that right...those who has the symptoms of swine flu, will first go through the Influenza A & B test. If it turns out +ve, then only do the throat swab test to test whether is it H1N1 or not...anyway, hopefully everything will be fine

  3. InsyaALlah tade pape.. i pun suspected jg..
    just like shasha said, u bitau ur mum suh minum jus apple plus makan kurma jg..
    She'll be okie. InsyaAllah...

  4. hi alia. hope yr mom will recover soon.


  5. I agree with Syebi Burn & Shasha.
    Don't worry - it'll be okay. Kau kat sana nun jaga diri elok elok :)

  6. hi alia.... i hope everything goes well for ur mom. and yes, green apple should be good for her.

    be strong ok? dont worry so much or else it'll affect ur own health.


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