Thursday, September 18, 2014

Live update from Las Vegas

Live update from 4Queen's room 804 punya toilet.

Har har har.

Time berak adalah time yang paling sesuai untuk update blog.

Anyway, I'm still here in Vegas, only this time instead of being outside roaming the street of Vegas' nightlife, I'm here updating this blog. 

Sumpah tak de life. 

But the truth is, I'm just excited sebab baru dapat internet, kena bayar $8.90 for 24 hours. Mula Mula tanak beli, tp Don ckp I can use his credit card, hooray! 

Today was our last day of business meetings. Bagus. Now boleh berjoli sakan. 

Though I don't know what else to do here in Vegas. 
The hype is just because gambling and prostitution are legal here. Tu je. 
That's why aku tak paham kenapa org nak bawak children here. Bukannya Ada apa apa yg menarik for the kids pun.

Lepas tu aku tgk muka org kat sini masing masing monyok je.
Kalah judi la tu. 
Har har har. 

Anyway, I just wanna mention something about my experience in berbisnes with mat Sallehs. I find them very easy to warm to! Maybe la because they're in the advertising field, so they need to have an approachable personality, but maybe jugak they are not so rigid like most Malaysians that I worked with! 

I've had a guy talked about the only reason why he watches a Project Runaway is because he likes Heidi Klums' legs! 

I can say that most veterans, the ppl who has been in the business for a long time, are more casual and relaxed as compared to the new young ppl. All of the young ppl wanna talk about is business. That's it. They'd prefer to skip the small talk.

Chewah. Macam la aku ni tua sgt kan.

It's a huge leap for me to switch from an engineering background to advertising. So far it's less stressful (lol) but we never know in the future right?! 

Anyway, aku ni membebel pasal kerja buat apa. Bukannya korang baca pun. Hahahahah

Don ni sebok la. Siap ckp "you've been in there for a long time!"
Hey biar lah! 


Omg disgusting nya aku ni. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Hoovers Dam.
Yayayaayya excited

Ok lah. Dah habis berak. Now nak pergi turun bawah beli makanan. Isi balik perut.



  1. don tunggu turn nak berak. hahahah -v

  2. busukkkkkk laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahha

  3. walaupun update dalam jamban, tapi message sgt penting! org2 lama takes their time and make effort to warm up before they talk about business, that's so true. perlu skill di situ!

    Feel free to visit my BLOG . I write mostly about my 2 growing kids and my home business.

  4. woah, engineering to advertising? That's a world away! So cool to have fields to jump're such a fun person XD


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