Sunday, December 9, 2012

ThoseGentlemenGamers (TGG): On computers

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I know they're a bunch of gamer nerds, but they don't talk about games all the time. Kadang kadang ada drama jantan. Kadang kadang ada sesi kaknam. Most of the time they are dicking around.

It's okay if you're not interested, tapi Don hensem, so please give him a thumbs up!

Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahajsahsjasdgajs batuk batuk batuk

Hoi gila ke apa kau ni Alia, kau ingat semua orang fikir Don kau tu hensem sangat ke.

Okok, anyway, thanks!

I'd probably gonna have to draw more about them sebab I've promised Don to help them out with their channel by finishing drawing their characters so he can put it on the title screen. Tapi aku adalah pemalas. Gila kau, ramai ok characters dia. So I hope orang orang lidi spastik macam ni will do! 

Ok nak berak. Bai

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  1. gila comel lukisan tu...
    Pandainya lukis...
    ni nak lukis orang lidi pun xcantek.... *sedih*


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