Friday, December 7, 2012

COMIC: One of the (biggest) highlights during my recent USA trip...

After years and years and years of long distance relationship, less than 1 year of being together physically (counting my 6 months and 3 weeks visits + his 3 months visit) while the remaining years consist of us being an "online" couple, after countless of unofficial proposals, struggles after struggles......

......he finally proposed in front of my family!

He had no ring and I didn't care.

He held my hands, looked me in the eyes, and asked me to marry him, witnessed by my loving family.

I love every part of him and I think I have found my other half.

Please wish us tons of luck, because it is not over yet. It's still a long way to go til we can finally settle down! Need my visa first!

I know this is selfish, but please pray for us. I don't want to be apart anymore. I think I've reached my limit lol.

There were people asking for my engagement pictures. I'm sorry..there was no picture, it was a spur of the moment! Plus, we didn't get engage the (Malay) cultural way. There was no ceremony, no money wasted, no food wasted, no people invited, no bands no everything lah. 

Plus, I personally think all engagement ceremonies are useless. You only need to meet both families and discuss. No need to invite unnecessary people with unnecessary budget. 

I personally think you become engaged when he said he wants to spend his lifetime with you.


  1. Omedeto Alia..hope you guys will be together forever...

  2. Congrats alia!! i'm happy for u and di doakan sumenya berjalan lancar..

    P/s : don ada cousin yg awesome cam dia tak?? Kenalkan please!! ;)

  3. congratsssss beb!

    i so agree with your very last paragraph. even in Islam pun dah dinyatakan bertunang tu kalau kita dah sepakat nak idup bersama; nothing is mentioned about majlis yang gah dan membazir.

    wuuuuhuuuuuu so happy for you babe!

  4. Congrats Alia. 10 years bkn jangka masa yg pendek.but you deserve each other Alia. Happy for you. I dh bce blog you lme dah! Maybe blh bg petua n nasihat since I'm in a LDR too <3

  5. Yep agree with you. Tak payah majlis tunang invite unnecessary people siap pelamin mcm reception kawin bagai. Sangat membazir and totally opposite dari apa yg Islam ajar, jgn membazir. Anyway, congratulation on your engagement! Really happy for you :)

  6. i setuju with all of ur pendapat!!! if only semua org kt msia pk camtu kn sng? heee

    anyway..congraaaattttsss!!! so happy for u!!(walaupun u xknl i, i knl u ;p)
    i wish u luck bebeh!! hope to c u more in instagram, fb n blog!! ;)


  7. dem..


    *tikam diri sendiri..~


  8. congratulations! :D

    rasa macam kos tunang now dah boleh cover half budget untuk kahwin. urgh kalau boleh kahwin tu nak buat nikah je sudah lah. hihi

  9. Congratulations!! 10 years is a damn long time....wish you guys be bless by Allah...amin...

  10. Congrats Alia, just read this and soooo happy for you. pls update more on the progress until u get married ok :)cant wait

  11. I mean wow wow wow!

    Thank you guys!

    Now I'm suffering macam orang gila...rindu dia :(


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