Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Tarikh keramat for those who are superstitious.
Tarikh cantik untuk dalam kad nikah.
Tarikh menarik untuk saja suka suka.

12/12/ just a number la gila, yang kau sebok buat entry pasal tarikh ni kenapa Alia?!

Anyway, I know a lot of people don't care about this, but I personally think that this date is so precious!

So precious because 12/12/12 is a very special day for a very special person!

My man turns 28 today! (Sorry, I'm in the US timezone, so it's still 12/12/12 for me..wahahaha)

Can you believe it? He's 28 already, and I met him when we were only 18! I know I've changed tremendously, size-wise LOL, but what makes me green with jealousy is that he HARDLY changed!

Oklah, he's not as skinny as before now that he has a pooch stomach, which I think is adorable but still cannot compare with MY pooch LOL.......wait I don't think mine is considered a "pooch"'s another stomach on top of my stomach! Aku ada 2 perot sebab gendut sangat Hahaha...

Ok saikosis la kau ni Alia.

Anyway, since I won't be able to celebrate his birthday again this year, I've decided to do something spontaneous and outrageously fun;

I went and bought 20 balloons and bunny ears, took extra deep breath of courage since I'm deathly scared of balloons, and blew these balloons up! Put on my bunny ears, sat in front of the computer (well it was an iPad cause my computer was preoccupied) and when he called my Skype, I went:


I loved every bit of his reaction because he was speechless! I'd like to think that he was so overjoyed that he forgot how to speak rather than:

"hoimaigod wat is this lady doin u look ugly pls get away"


Anyway, I know I've been getting all emoshit for the past few weeks cause I've been missing him terribly. It's just weird cause I know my visa application has been received, and it's just gonna be a couple more months, but the pain is just so overpowering it hurts so much.

Like Hani Blythe (I'd linked up her blog, but she deleted it) commented on Twitter:

"I know how you feel. The last few months were the toughest for me cos it was so near yet so far. No amount of consolation could make things seem or sound better...but it will :) hang in there!"

I guess it's true, it's so near yet so far.

I just can't wait to be with him and for once, not having to worrying about my return flight home.

Anyhow, for those who've read this on my Facebook, thank you for bearing with my crazy attitude and  thank you for not bitching (out loud) since I've practically raped your timeline with my crazy emotional status updates!

Here are more pictures from last night! Happy feasting!

Distance is never an option to stop you from doing something. I didn't let distance come in between us during his birthday. We celebrated his birthday even though we are across the world from each other! I love you Sayang! Here's to us!


  1. awww you guys are so sweet!! hope you guys get married soon *so xpayah long distance dah* ;) amiiiinn.

  2. sweet!!!!hidup jarak jauh!!tapi xlama lagi dah xjauh dah..sentiasa dekat d hati =P

  3. Babe... Ko mmg comel or what..???

    Seriously ko mmg comel. Cute gile.

    Don jugak.


    Hi don ;p

  4. u guys so comel alia. bestnye nanti dah tak jauh! :D

  5. I cant nvr be mo happier Alia!!! Wish you both the best in your life. The distance sucks but it is worth fighting for.

  6. I went and bought 20 balloons and bunny ears, took extra deep breath of courage since I'm deathly scared of balloons, and blew these balloons up!'s almost 2013. Pernah dengar perkataan pam basikal?


  7. @Syahmi

    Tu LAGIIIII takut!! Tak boleh control brapa byk angin nak masuk. Hahaha


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