Thursday, December 27, 2012

Replying an overdue comment

So I was feeling particularly rajin and was reading my old blog entries.
And I found this lovely comment from a reader.

She (well I'm assuming that's a she considering the name) had a point in her comment, but I never got the chance to reply to her.

So here's to you deann.

The black fatty ugly creature from the sea. I even took the liberty to add awesome teyteks since I have an awesome pair.


  1. Alia, I am glad this didn't bother you, you are much better than that!Please post more stuff on you and Don, I love it that you guys are not the usually 'elegant' mixed couple!

  2. Anon,

    When you're a celebrity, you can't let minor things like this bother you..(LOLOLOLOLOLOL omg, I'm dying from laughter!!)

    That's my plan though! it's just, updating about us isn't an easy task though..needs preparation. LOL!

    And what you mean by "elegant" mixed couple?

  3. Salam Alia..

    I read your blogposts and I think i like reading your blog because your writing brings this one unique feeling for me. And that is ur energy and how you see things from other pov. Eventhough im 24, but i feel like 28. people see me like late twenties or early thirties. haha. im losing my sense of humour by hvg to be serious all the time at work.
    I never met u in person, but i salute your cheerful personality and i know u are really an outgoing person. Thumbs ub and high5!
    To the people who see u as only a matsalleh gf, hello ppl. this girl is awesome bcz she made other ppl laugh and she does it brilliantly!

  4. who are these people that judging God's creation in such a superficial way?! everyone is pretty and awesome in their own ways and shallow comment like that should be thrown away to the sea.. kasi jaws makan. haha sorry emo, i just loathe shallow people :P cheers!

  5. i like your blog sebab cartoon2 yang seriously sangat best! the comic yang sangat best best best! hehehe..

    dah lama tak baca blog ni sampai terlupa..hehe :) nasib baik u still update lagi.. yeay!

  6. Hi alia I'm the 1st anon. 'elegant' mixed couple-slightly arrogant looking couple. Can see them at malls what..But there are nice ones too though they are a rare breed..

  7. alia, aku rasa hang mmg patut kawen dgn don ni cepat2 la.. hang asik carut f*** ja! LOL

    pi kumpul duit nikah cepat!!


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