Saturday, October 2, 2010

It got me!

This true (and VERY RECENT!!!) event happened at one of my friends' open house....


You literally jumped out from the chair!!


On his defense:

"A cat scratched me when I was a kid!" - Murta!

p/s: Don't be so hard on him la guys, he's still a good friend of mine....just a little cats-o-phobic. LOL! 
pp/s: Yes, the darn cat scratched me. 


  1. wuahahahaahhahaha!!! pathetic guy!

  2. hehehe, dah agak dah si murta..takpe murta..kita geng..akak pun kena gigit ngan kucen gak masa kecik2, so skrg mmg takut lah :D

    tapi tetap jugak gelak guling2 baca entry alia nih..sorry murta!

  3. HAHAHA this really made my day :)

    I have a friend (well two actually) similar to this as well. but they screamed & jumped on their chair instead >:D . which made us all laugh like hell and the cat startled. (but not enough to make it go away.) lol I love your posts. Gimme more! :D

  4. when I was in school, a girl in my class fainted ( pengsan for real ok!) when budak2 lelaki letak anak kucing dlm beg dia during april fool. Dia punya tkejut smpai mata jd putih naik atas ok!!!!! naseb baek x arwah anak org tu. hahahaha :p org2 yg phobia dgn cats ni bukan memain taw, dorg betul2 geli+takut+trauma gile2 dgn kucing. sama la kalau aku, dgn spiders. warghhhhh!!


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