Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When noble intention turned into a dramatic encounter...


So yeah, I wanted to do ONE NOBLE THING on my birthday, and since I've never donated blood before and I KNOW there are people out there that need it, and plus, there's a blood donation drive going on @ my office... so why not righttt??

Plus, it's the perfect gift for myself.

But I didn't know I'm just THAT FRICKING scared of blood, man! I mean I always knew I'm somewhat scared of the sight of it, but I didn't know it would be THAT BAD!!!

I mean when they first tested my "qualification and fitness", I even squirmed because I was SOOO SCARED!!! I mean it was ONLY A FEW DROPS RIGHT???

 I know I'm such a wuss! You can barely see where the needle poked through!!

SO I fainted WHILE donating, and the nurse had to stop the blood flow. LOLOLOL.

At first, all I felt was numbing sensation on my arm, and nausea, and dizziness.. but I was more concerned on the numb LOL. So I called the nurse over:

Me: numb arm normal in this procedure?
Nurse: *turns over to look at me* Oh My are sooo pale! We need to stop this. Alia?
Me: *fainted oredy*


The doctor even came and checked my pulse and did other shit that I seriously don't remember, and I had to be monitored FOR AN HOUR!! LOLOLOL I mean normally the whole process only takes for about 20 mins right! But not meee na uh!


Anyway, yeah, my family is very the kurang ajar for not believing in me, but whatever, they were right. LOL

I guess family knows best huh!

I seriously do NOT DARE to take this handyplas off YET!! I almost fainted again when the nurse took the cotton swab off to replace it with this handyplas!! LOLOLOL!


  1. ahahah pu3 cerita kat aku pg td aku gelak giler. tp sesungguhnya kisah tu agak kelakar ekekke n neway, happy (belated)birthday. gunalah bantal timet ko bg tu dgn sebaiknya heheh

  2. hehe.very funny! tp...i pun belum pernah derma darah.xtau la wt will happen to me if i do plak.hehe

  3. omg
    tolong la alia hahahaha

    satu hal ok nk menjaga donater yg pengsan :p

  4. alalala mana nak tau la kaaaaaaaan jadi camtu ^_^
    niat tu dah thoughtful enough insyaAllah.

    happy belated birthday anyways, dear.

  5. hahahaha
    ape la u nie syg
    penakot btul
    rase pening n lali je skit lah
    but maybe bcause u were too nervous thats y u smpai fainted
    lain kali xpayah derma2 darah dh

  6. padan muka!!!
    btw, aku dah post the interview between u n me a few days back,BZZTTTT>>>>Siri Berdialog Dengan Blogger #3: Awesome Alia

  7. LOL!.. siap pengsan lagi.. nasib baik tak derma darah dekat India.. klu tak masa pengsan tu habis semua organ ko kena curi..

    Teringat first time donate blood. mula2 ok je.. sebab dia ketip darah tu beberapa titik je kan. so no big fuss, lepas tu masa nak baring nurse cucuk guna jarum besau!!

  8. hahaha...abes darah yang dah derma wasted jer la??


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