Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alia needs your help!


Anyways, if you guys know any good designing services, pls drop me a line or 2!

Would appreciate your help!

Lap you gais!

Roger and out,
Alia the not so super awesome now cause her blog layout is ugly :(


  1. whooaa this is already ok what.. :D

  2. i really like urs. simple yet sweet. like this post too.

  3. this one is better than the prvs layout ;)

  4. kaudahgilekehapaalia?!!

    cantek jek your layout semua.
    neway maybe u can go ask peej. dia kn baru ubah layout page dia from someone. she made an entry of it. go check out.

  5. this ady nice

    go ask obefiend if u want some more

  6. Santekkkkkk the new layout!!! Me loike! :)

  7. Check out this guy He's a web designer, you can try and drop him a line. That's my hasben, btw. :) I let him read a couple of your comics. He laughed like a laughing thing.

    Also, hai! I just discovered your blog last week. Watch as my productivity at work decline as I make my way through all your entries. ;)

    Tak la..tak suka, sebab lembab load (matiler tanak mengaku mmg blog ni dah penuh gambar..haha)

    lilRed Farah,
    Thanks! Tapi ni pon aku cilok dari orang punya..hahahahahaha...

    Ya kaaa? Tapi aku mcm lagi suka yg previous punya..maybe sebab I"M A CHILD AT HEARTTT (motip nak tulis in caps?? haha)

    AdiHana ,
    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA funny that you're the only one noticed about that part! HAHAHAHAH
    Yah, I've checked that out, I'll think about it! (matiler mcm diva, nak fikir fikir pulokkk hahaha)

    Obefiend? Eh, segan lah ai..(hahaha sila tembak)

    Tapi ai no laikeeee :(:( Sila pass lelaki hot (hahahah tetiba nak laki hot waddehel)

    omggg he's your husbanddd!! i adoreeeee your husbands work!!! suka tgk his artwoksss, its somewhat an inspiration for me you knowww!! tapi i kenot draw like he does lah...i cuma lukis guna mouse and MS Paint...hahahahahah

  9. Aww... I used to do that with my now hubby-then bf all the time. it's nice :) *hugs* LC


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