Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya, birthday, kawen and such.

Omaigod, it's been too long.

Too long.

I just don't have the mood to do anything anymore :(

As (not) all of you know, I'm currently working on getting my visa (again, apakah, tak habis habis visa haha). Oklah, still acquiring info about my visa choices, and siapa tau, visa pon ada banyak banyak jenis!?!? Like waddehell..confusing ok!

It's a bitch to enter Amerikahh legally...patutlah ramai seludup masuk.

The whole thing just brings me down emotionally lah, nak fikir pasal itu lagi, pasal duit lagi, pasal I'm going to leave my family behind lagi. Banyak nak fikir.

Yeah sure, marriage is a wonderful thing, but to get on that level is super hardddddddddd. No, not convincing your partner yang susah tu, to get married is!

Some people just have no idea how lucky they are not having to deal with inter-culture, inter-religion, inter-continent marriages. They have no idea how much of a WASTE to spend thousands of ringgit just for a 1-2 day ceremony.

Aku nak fork out a few thousands pon dah berpeluh-peluh. A piece of paper je pon dah costs around RM5000. Tak campur dengan air tickets nak pergi sana lagi. It's not like Don tu tukang cop duit. Nak tanak, we have to berganding bahu menolong satu sama lain. haha..

Tensi laaaa :(

Sebab tu I rarely update nowadays. I'm emotionally unstable. Haha..

Work has never been such an issue to me lah. Sure I sometimes may have to work late, or stressed out pasal keja tak tau nak buat, but I actually like my work. Oklah, this is me trying to convince myself that I enjoy my work, tapi sebenarnya I enjoy the environment je pon. I like the people that I work with and I like the (some) people that I deal with.

Mak once told me, kalau nak kawen dengan orang bukan Malaysia, memang lah kena kerja kuat sikit, but if he's the one, it's all worth it.

Oh yeah, it's also frustrating when people just keep on asking me bila nak kawen because I am trying my best here!!!! It's like people keep on nudging you dah siap ke belum dah siap ke belum when they clearly see that you're in the middle of it!

So yeah...that's my story.


Anyhow, since it's Raya week and I know most of us are already in raya mood, SELAMAT HARI RAYA NANTI SAYA MAHU CLAIM DUIT RAYA RM50.


And also, happy 26th Birthday Murta!


This is the only gambar lama yang aku ada of you. Plus, aku mcm tak reti mcm mana nak blur kan muka perempuan belakang tu (I'm using MSPaint jokkk).

Tapi heyyy pedulik laaahh, perempuan itu pon suka mengejar glamor jugakk kann. Hahahaha..

I don't remember how old you were in this picture pon. But Shad, kau ingat kan incident kek cairrrrrr iniiiii hahahaha

Ok, aku mahu pulang rumah.

Entry apakah ini???


  1. Alia! Alia!

    You nak gi US lagi ka? Good. Work hard then and of course entering US is really a bitch. That's why there are a lot of illegal immigrants in the States. It's because their Immigration System sucks and to strict..*sweat*

    Btw, if you are getting married soon, congratulation in advance. Oh and Selamat Hari Raya to you! :)


    -Your avid-reader- ;)

  2. finally, woman! ko update jugak! owh i remembered that kek cair incident, bilik kau yg panas ituuuuuuu! haha. this was what, 2005? gila lama muda belia kita time tu.

    if you are getting married anywhere around next year please do tell me in advance so i can ponteng my weekend class and go to your wedding. bila lagi nak jumpa ko bila ko dah fly gi sana? :(

  3. nak migrate????? nak kawin???? yeay!!!! *doing cartwheel** best of luck ya!!!!!

  4. owh my god! owh my god! owh my god! owh my god! lol
    aku lak yg over kan hehehehe

    xyah ckp nak kawin dgn org luar susah, nak kawin dekat negara sendiri pun susah ok. nak kena buat jamuan la, nak tempah catering la, dgn duit nak buat majlis x cukup lagi. tension tau. eh tetiba aku lak emo. ok2. chill k alia.
    congrats anyway. hope everything goes well. =)

  5. I'm sure everything will go great :) I know the feeling of having to deal with the paperwork to get a visa - the painful thing is the waiting period. I'm already dreading it and we haven't even started filing yet haha

    good luck!

  6. Hi.Alia...i am one of your silent reader...i just love reading your blog because most of the time your stories reminds me of my LDR with my husband is a foreigner too...i know how it feels running up and downs to complete legal marriage procedures/documents..sigh..anyway,i sincerely hope all go well for you..keep blogging as you are an inspiration to all the girls out there ..and hope to read about your wedding bells soon...take care

    silent reader-salmah-


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